Friday, August 10, 2012

Hank Lee's Magic Factory - Call Us And Be Happy You Did!

Greetings from all of your friends here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory.

If you live in Massachusetts, this is your lucky week! The Commonwealth has declared August 11th and 12th a Sales Tax Holiday. Which means that there will be no sales tax charged on any orders sold to Massachusetts customers over the weekend. No matter how you look at it, it’s a savings of 6.25.%
Of course, the rest of country, in fact the world, pays no sales tax, ever. Just our Massachusetts customers. So, you all save that amount on every order you place with us. Our Massachusetts customers will save this weekend.

Last weekend, we loaded up the station wagon and headed to Stowe, Vermont for a Cousins’ Reunion from Bonnie’s side of the family. The weekend was held at a lovely inn in Stowe. It was a very fun weekend, and we had the chance to see a lot of folks that we see only rarely. Back to reality on Sunday afternoon.

I have hardly mentioned the Red Sox all Spring and Summer. Seems that every year I give my heart to the home team, only to have it broken. This year, the team was so awful right from the start that watching re-runs of the Big Bang Theory was more exciting that watching the ball game. Sez me.

45% Discount!
Steve continues to stroll through the warehouse and has found a bunch of items that are seriously overstocked. These are all good items that we bought a ton of, and we will now offer them at what can only be called a bargain basement price. All of these items are being sold at a 45% discount!
Here’s the list:
Modern Con Man – $9.35 (BK01579)
Stanyon’s Magic - $68.75 (BK00968)
Rice’s Encyclopedia Of Silk Magic Volume 4 - $22.00 (BK00851)
Pabular – Book One - $27.50 (BK01209)
Magic Of Edward Victor’s Hands - $22.00 (BK00920)
Street Cups And Balls - $16.50 (BK01347)
Laughter Legacy - $13.75 (BK01044)
Professional Magic For Children - $11.00 (BK01333)
Houdini: A Pictorial Life - $20.00 (BK01746)
Diversions - $35.75 (BK00981)

You just can’t beat the price! Get a few and sell them at your local club auction or give them to magical friends.

This week’s Excitement is a fun one. It involves picking up the telephone (you remember those, right?) and giving us a call!

Call Us And Get A Free Gift: We love getting your orders online. Our Online Catalog is super easy to use, and makes ordering a breeze. The only downside is that we don’t get to talk to you! Frankly, Aron and The Elves are missing that personal touch. We want to talk to you. We want to know how cool it is in Alaska while we are roasting here. We want to know how the kids are. And, it’s hard to do that online. So, we want you to give us a call and place your order. And, we want to make it worth your while. So, from now until the Wednesday, the 15th of August, everyone who calls in an order will get a really nice free gift. No matter how big or small your order is, you will get a gift. Just mention that you would like the free gift and you will get it. And, we are not talking about some little junkie item, we are talking about a gift with at least a $45.00 value, maybe more! Plus, the call is free! Use our toll-free Order Line at 800 874 7400 and we’ll pay for the call!
Now, I know what you are thinking. I live in Norway and I can’t call my order in. I work during the day and can’t call in. I get it. But, don’t sweat it. Place your order as always in the Online Catalog, and just put the Secret Phrase I Tried To Call in the Customer Notes Box, and we will still send you the free gift! Because, as we all know, it’s the thought that counts.
So, call us or try to call us, because Elves are standing by!

Now, to this week’s Hotlist.

(1) Power Levitation: One of the most visual and mind blowing illusions ever. It could very well make you a star!
And, there is virtually nothing to carry. No boxes. Nothing heavy. Truth is, you can actually wear the gimmick, from home. You can easily walk, sit or stand. No problem at all.
And, Power Levitation allows you to perform four different effects! All using the same gimmick. While it may sound impossible, it is not!
Effects Possible With Power Levitation:
* Float a member of the audience (up to 210 pounds). No special “bed” and no specially trained assistant.
* Sit on an “invisible chair.” This looks very cool!
* Rotate the floating spectator 360 degrees!
* Do a 180 degree backward lean!
You can perform Power Levitation just about anywhere: Stage, Street, Mall, Meeting Rooms, Television. Even open areas, surrounded.
Can be done with men, women, even children!
Packs small; very light.
Sets up in one minute
A genuine reputation maker! Comes with instructional DVD.
$2100.00 (60.1868)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(2) Word Book Test – David Stone: A member of the audience is given a "Word-Search Puzzles" book, opens it at any page, finds a word in the puzzle and visualizes it in his mind. The mentalist concentrates for a moment and reveals the thought-of word!
This effect can be repeated as many times as you wish, always with a different word. As a bonus, you also divine the first letter that comes after the chosen word.
For the Grand Finale, the performer replicates the complete puzzle as quickly as possible without a single mistake!
Includes 3 books.
$100.00 (40.844)

(3) Cardwarp Tour - Jeff Pierce:
Contents Include:
* The original Cardwarp routine created by Roy Walton.
* An unpublished Cardwarp idea by Roy Walton.
* Two essays on routining and what not to do.
* Ten scripts to adapt to your Cardwarp routine.
* Twenty Five routines using cards, bills and business cards.
Over 400 illustrations guide you through the routines.
A reference section to help you find other ideas in print.
192 pages - 8.5" x 11" - Hardcover - Black and white illustrations
$45.00 (BK01863)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"I'd buy two books so you can fold one in half lengthwise and one in half get the idea!" - David Acer, Magician and Author

"Few concepts in card magic are this simple or robust. The possibilities that arise from simply folding a card has created its own genre of visual, topological impossibilities. Beautifully researched and presented; surely something here will become a personal favorite." - Michael Ammar, Magician and Author

(4) Antique Haunted Timber:The magician displays an old-looking block of wood and hands it out for thorough examination. As the solid oak block is being examined the magician explains that this particular piece of wood was removed from a house that was said to be haunted. He leans the block against a bottle and stands back several feet from the bottle. As he concentrates and focuses all of his psychic energy on the block, in about thirty seconds, the block starts to move and falls over, away from the bottle!
Completely self-working. No wires, thread or magnets. An absolutely beautiful piece of work.
$79.50 (40.846)

(5) Unmemorized Deck -  Marcelo Insua: Imagine being able to do the same types of miracles as the Memorized Deck with no memory and a shuffled deck! Marcelo Insúa of Tango Magic has been developing and professionally performing his Unmemorized Deck for the past ten years, delighting and fooling both laymen and experienced magicians worldwide. In over 100 lectures in 20 countries in the most prestigious magic clubs and venues, he has dazzled audiences with his stress-free card system. Even the most knowledgeable magicians are baffled by how the effects are done.
Amazingly, there is no sleight of hand, no special cards, no memorization, no work, and no stress. It is as close to real magic as you can get.
Now you, too, can share in the remarkable secrets of the Unmemorized Deck.
Includes instructional DVD.
$25.00 (30.1716)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(6) Tarot Sight – Devin Knight: An ungimmicked deck of 78 Tarot cards is shuffled by a participant. He ensures that the cards are genuine, and all different. After the cards are shuffled, three more participants are asked to come forward and join him. One of the participants removes the top five cards from the shuffled Tarot deck. He places the cards face up on a table so the cards are concealed from the performer's sight, but visible to all the participants.
The participants are then asked to mentally select a card.
The participants write nothing down, they just think of a tarot card.
There are no restrictions. Each participant could be thinking of a different card, or they all could be thinking of the same card.
They do not share their thoughts with each other. They are to give no outward sign of choosing a card - but just to keep it in their visual imaginations.
The performer never sees the five selected Tarot cards ay anytime during the performance.
Once the selections have been made, the performer begins the process of reading four minds at once.
The incredible thing is that the performer does this without the participants saying a single word and without seeing the five Tarot cards! The participants merely close their eyes and visualize. Despite the impossible conditions, the performer is always 100% correct.
This is about as close to real mind reading as you will get.
Can be adapted to most any Tarot deck on the market.
$20.00 (40.845)

(7) Sneaky Snake Wand: The Sneaky Snake Wand is a great comedy gag that will keep your audience of kids in stitches.
The magician introduces the jumbo wand and explains that when using it, you must be very careful. “Once when I waved the wand, a snake appeared, and I don’t like snakes!”
Suddenly a snake slowly slides out of the end of the magic wand.
The kids scream and point but before the magician looks, it quickly slides back into the wand.
The magician starts to talk again, and the snake slowly makes an appearance.
The kids start screaming again, but the snake slips back inside.
This is repeated and the excitement builds until the magician finally becomes startled by the snake!
$25.00 (60.1867)

And that’s this week’s Look What Else We’ve Found In the Warehouse Hotlist. Something for all. All for one. One for all. You get the idea.
As we tell you every week (you’d think we wouldn’t have to keep telling you!), we are so very thankful that you find some time to spend with us.
Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we do love your company!
Aron, Bonnie & The Elves