Friday, December 02, 2011

Hank Lee's Presents Free Shipping & A Free Gift!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. And welcome to the summer that has been November in these parts. This week, I had to break out the shorts and t-shirts because the temperatures were in the 60s for most of the week. I know we will pay the price for this delightful weather. I’d say by January we’ll be up to our ears in snow.

The Holiday Season is really gearing up around here. Both online and in the shop. It’s looking like this will be a very busy season. Fingers crossed all around. As you know, we do not send the quarterly EXTRAs out by snail mail, but you can download your very own right here.
If you would prefer us to print one out and send it to you, let me know and I will take care of it.

If you are thinking ahead to Spring, and really who isn’t, the 2012 Cape Cod Magic Conclave is surely on your mind. We have already booked some fine acts, and right now we are in negotiation with Jeff McBride! Jeff has been with us at the Conclave before, and he is always just plain wonderful. I am sure we will work out the details, and he will be here for the 2012 edition. Remember, the dates are April 13-15, 2012. You can register online. Just click on the Conclave Button at A registration makes such a great holiday gift!

While we do not run any major sales event during the Holiday Season, we are offering Free Shipping to all of you, our very favorite customers. Just put the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at
And, for the first 50 people who order over the weekend, we have a special Free Gift in addition to the Free Shipping. It’s a very nice gift, and, most importantly, it’s free! So. Put the words FREE GIFT in the Customer Notes Box when you checkout online, and we’ll make sure you get one.

And, that’s all the news from here.

**** magic1: ****
Your chance to acquire the very best in magic at the very best price. Every Monday, we will offer a modern magic miracle. You'll have only one week to order it. 10,080 minutes to make up your mind. 604,800 seconds to decide to get your own reputation maker. Then what happens? Then, we will offer another special, enabling you to build your show of shows, one week at a time.
This week’s magic1 is Phuzed. Regularly priced at $30.00, yours until next Monday for $21.00!
To learn more about magic1, go right here

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Candy Cane Surprise: It’s a Candy Cane Card Sword! Without the sword, so it is totally family friendly!
Have a spectator select a card and return it to the deck. The deck is then shuffled by the spectator.
Explain that Santa Claus taught you how to find the spectator’s card using a large Candy Cane.
Take the cards from the spectator and throw them into the air. Then, thrust your Candy Cane into the falling cards and you find one card sticking to the end of the Candy Cane and it is the spectator’s card.
If you don’t want to throw the cards into the air, we supply a Christmas Stocking that you can place the cards into and have the spectator shake the stocking mixing up the cards inside. Then, have the spectator or assistant hold the stocking open and you place the end of the Candy Cane into the stocking. When you pull it out, to the spectator’s surprise, his card is stuck to the bottom of the Candy Cane.
Great magic, just in time for you holiday shows!
$45.00 (60.1801)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(2) Victorian Balloon To Dove Chest – Remote Controlled – Dave Powell: The Remote Controlled Victorian Balloon to Dove Chest is as beautiful to look at as it is to perform. Completely electronicand handcrafted out of solid walnut with gold trim and solid brass accents, it looks more like something you would find in a museum.
The magician's assistant enters carrying a thin looking walnut tray with a Lucite case resting on it. The magician inflates a large round balloon and attaches it to the center of a thin tray and replaces the case on it. At his command, BANG, the balloon suddenly bursts and a live dove appears, seemingly right out of the balloon!
The release mechanism on this tray is a joy to use and is invisible from all sides and the top.
Tray measures 13 inches square by 2 inches tall with a super fast-action release and a manual override safety feature.
Solid walnut lacquered molding design is very deceptive.
Perform completely surrounded !
Limited to just 50 pieces, and then they are gone!
Available for delivery on the 5th of December; pre-order now to make sure you are not left out.
$495.00 (60.1800)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(3) Special Effects – Harry Lorayne: More than 50 impromptu, any deck, effects that you will love. Harry guarantees it!
Contents include: About Face, Triple Take, About Face – And Collect!, Two Between, The Hopless Hop, A Much Better Chance (strong poker demo.), Nine To Twelve, Don’t Blink, Tantalizer Treatise, Royalt(ra)y, Your Favorite Card, Magic Jacks, Collect Again, Side To Side, Universal Triumph, Devilish Switch, Royal Impossibility, Sandwich Ramblings, Choices!, About Counts, andso manymore. These are are items you’ll use for the rest of your magic life!
Over 241 photos of Harry’s hands and cards make it easy for you to learn them all quickly. Harry doesn’t use or teach difficult sleights. He says he can’t do them!
202 pages. Hardbound. $84.95 (BK01825)

(4) Houdini Ropes – Jim Steinmeyer: An astonishing one-man illusion, Houdini’s Rope fills the stage with action and mystery. It’s the perfect small illusion, a practical effect for almost any show.
Jim Steinmeyer’s popular effect involves a hank of rope — supposedly an artifact from one of Houdini’s famous escapes.
“Many people thought that he could actually dematerialize and pass through the rope. It sounds incredible, but I’d like to show you.”
Stretch the rope across the stage and have it examined by two spectators from the audience.
The spectators hold the ends of the rope as a small upright stand is rolled to the center of the rope.
“This is the spot where I’m going to try to pass through the rope.”
Step up onto the stand, framed by the wooden uprights.
Pause behind the taut rope, then cover the center of the rope with a square of cloth.
Dramatically, you step forward, until the audience can see that you’ve passed completely through Houdini’s Rope!
Houdini’s Rope is not only a perfect “first illusion,” but an entertaining, mystifying routine for experienced illusionists.
Our friends at MAK Magic have developed a beautiful, practical prop for magicians, finished in natural wood and mounted on casters. You’ll marvel at how efficiently it works.
The stand breaks down for packing and is small enough to use on almost any platform or stage, but the effect is large enough to be seen by any audience.
The effect comes with Jim Steinmeyer’s presentation from his book, Device and Illusion.
$995.00 (60.1802)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(5) SpeakEasy – Dan Harlan: SpeakEasy is Dan Harlan's elegant modern solution to the Two-Person Code. Imagine, speaking in your natural voice in a relaxed, seemingly unrehearsed way, yet communicating numbers, symbols, colors, dates, names and other information to your partner.
No more difficult memorization! Learn the basics in less than 5 minutes!
Master the system in mere hours!
Simple and fun to teach your partner!
Completely customizable to suit your needs!
May be performed anywhere, anytime!
Easy to learn! Impossible to forget!
This comprehensive DVD contains over two hours of performances, explanations & variations of the SpeakEasy System.
Also included on the DVD are practice flash cards and artwork for Drawing Duplication routines.
$100.00 (40.810)

(6) The Needles – Scott Alexander & Puck:
Scott Alexander and Puck have teamed up to create what is best described as the most direct, safest and most easily reset version of the classic Needles From the Mouth presentation ever. Scott is best known for creating the safest renditions of the Bullet Catch, Russian Roulette and Razorblade routines on the market, and this offering is no exception. The routine is flexible enough that you can even customize the number of needles used to suit your personal preference.
Road tested by both Scott and Puck, over countless performances for all types of audiences on land and sea, this routine packs small and plays huge! The Needles is so deviously simple to execute, that you can devote most of your focus where it should be, on presentation.
Those who have peeked behind the curtain have been amazed at the super quick reset time, and the tremendous level of safety this method offers. And if all this weren't enough, the most incredible part is, that you start clean and end clean!
The Needles package comes complete with the detailed training DVD, featuring live performance footage, needles, thread, wine glass, pincushion and the devious gaffs that make this routine a guilty pleasure to perform.
$295.00  (60.1804)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(7) Black Box – John Kennedy Magic:
Make things move, jump, and fly around anywhere in the room!
Black Box is an advanced RF remote control device designed and engineered for magicians. The electronics are custom manufactured exclusively for John Kennedy Magic, enabling the unit to operate in four different modes: manual, timer, remote, and hands-free remote. There are no toe switches or body wires of any kind!
It’s sleek, only 4.8" L x 1.4" W x 1.1" H (12.1 x 3.5 x 2.9 cm). Small enough to carry in your pocket and hide just about anywhere in the room you’re working.
A standard 9V battery powers the unit. The automatic sleep mode circuitry makes it literally impossible to drain the battery, even if you leave the unit turned on for weeks!
You will receive the Black Box, transmitter, and instructions. Several applications are explained, and once you start playing with it you willbe inspired!
$350.00 (60.1805)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(8) Bet Your Bucks – Cody Fisher:
The Routine:
This is a very commercial routine, to say the least The routine begins with some very funny custom music (CD included) as the volunteer walks on stage. The effect is presented like a "game show" called Bet Your Bucks. After the volunteer "loans" the magician some money he gets a chance to try and win it back! Finally at the end of the game, after losing their money, the volunteer is awarded a consolation prize...The Bag Of Mystery!
The volunteer opens the bag to find a lemon and a small knife! You never touched the bag, the lemon, or the knife! The volunteer actually cuts the lemon open to discover their signed bill!
Remember, the sealed bag was handed out to a member of the audience before the game even started!

The Details:
The effect is killer and the method is completely self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate entirely on presentation! Cody's version has solved many of the standard problems that are normally associated with this effect. Cody has solved the "lemon loading" process. This is normally the most difficult part of any Bill to Lemon routine. Leave it to Cody to make it this easy! This is the diabolical method that even fools magicians who are familiar with the trick! When the lemon is produced it is actually examinable! The lemon is completely sealed at both ends just like mother-nature intended it to be! The volunteer can actually cut the lemon open and remove their signed bill themselves!
Along with the instructional DVD and PDF, Cody is including a CD with his custom game show introduction for Bet Your Bucks. It's a very funny and commercial way to present this effect.
One of the advantages of this gimmick is that you are not limited to any single routine. If you already have a routine that you use, you can simply incorporate Cody's loading and sealing gimmicks into your existing routine!

What You Get:
You are supplied with the necessary instruction you will need to add this miracle to your show:
PDF Instructions / DVD instructions on how to make the Bet Your Bucks loading device
PDF of custom "lemon sealing" gimmicks
Audience tested routines and ideas for stand up, stage, & formal close up shows.
Custom CD with professionally recorded introduction for Cody's game show presentation for Bet Your Bucks.
Over three hours of DVD instructions with several additional tips and ideas.

Note: This product is not the original "Bet Your Bucks" package that sold for $350.00. Bet Your Bucks Version II only includes a CD, instructional DVD, and written PDF instructions. You will have to build your own loading device and print out your sealing gimmicks (included in the PDF). Concerning 'difficulty' of construction: If you can cut a hole into a plastic jar you should have no trouble making your gimmick for less than $15.00.
$99.00 (60.1803)

(9) Rising Card Miracle: The Rising Cards is one of the real classics of magic. There are as many methods as there are drops of water in the ocean. Well, maybe a few less.
Dr. Martin Schwartz has created one of the most clever methods for the Rising Cards I have ever seen. It is totally mechanical. The cards rise while the deck is in the spectator's hands. It truly is a Rising Card Miracle!
The gimmick makes use of a special miniature motor concealed in the deck. What makes this version so different is the special weighted gravity switch that gives you complete control over the motor! The motor can be switched on and off simply by changing the position of the deck. Built into a Bicycle poker-size deck, this is a beautiful piece of work. Comes complete with deck with built in gimmick and a full routine by Mark DeSouza.
$95.00 (30.839)

 (10) Any Card Called For – Dennis Loomis:Dennis Loomis' insight and design for magic has impressed the minds of David Copperfield, Doug Henning and Charles Reynolds just to name a few. Dennis' Any Card Called For is a professional piece of card magic that has been perfected by many years of performance.
Imagine having a shuffled deck of cards setting on the palm of your hand. A spectator from the audience calls out the name of any card. You instantly cut the cards to the exact location of the named selection. This can be repeated over and over with different cards. Then as a kicker, you perform the same effect blindfolded!
Dennis has finally lifted the veil on this classic effect, teaching all of the major points and subtleties as well as his blindfold technique which make his version of Any Card Called For a true reputation maker.
The roots of this effect go back to Billy O'Connor's "Instanto" deck (made famous by the great Cardini). But no method to date can produce the blinding speed or ease of use which can be achieved with the Any Card Called For deck.
No Stooges - No Equivoque
Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle Deck and 9 page instruction booklet.
$36.00 (30.1643)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(11) Pentad Deck – JC Sum: Pentad is a Pythagorean term for the quantity of five and also refers to a period of five years.
The Limited Edition Pentad Deck commemorates J C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning's five year milestone as "Asia's Most Lethal Combination in Magic."
Designed & hand-drawn by an Japanese artist, the gorgeous full-colored back design is a "manga"-inspired potpourri of artistic imagery featuring signature elements of the magic duo.
The casino quality poker-sized cards are printed in the U.S.. on fine European paper stock and feature regular faces. Each deck also includes an extra blank-face card. The deck is encased in an all-silver tuck case with a clear front window that shows off the playing card back design.
$10.00 (30.1642)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. Something for everyone. Whether it’s for yourself or for gifts for others, this is the place you want to be!
As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out from your busy schedules to visit with us.
Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love the company!
Hank Lee