Friday, November 25, 2011

Hank Lee's Black Friday Excitement!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope that everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Mine was absolutely perfect. The best part was that the big feast was at our house this year. So, the only traveling I had to do was between the dinner table and the couch! In the morning, I got up bright and early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Say what you will, I love the parade. Especially the giant balloons. After the parade, I sat down at my computer and did a bunch of work. What, do you think the email Newsletter writes itself? Then, Bonnie beckoned, so, along with my two strapping sons, we set the table in preparation for the onslaught of guests. After dinner and the ceremonial washing of the dishes, it was time for some football. And then, it was off to bed, with dreams of magic tricks swirling through my head. Today is Black Friday, so it’s off to the office earlier than usual. Awaiting the start of the official Holiday Season.

The big news around here this week is that the Holiday EXTRA is up online. It seems like I was just putting the September edition to bed, as they say in the publishing business, when it was time for the Holiday EXTRA. As you know, for the past few years we have not sent the EXTRAs out by snail mail. You can check out the EXTRA online at Just click on the EXTRA Button. Or, you can download the new EXTRA by going here:
If you would prefer a printed copy without doing it yourself, just drop me a note at and ask for one. I’d be happy to put an EXTRA in the mail to you.

I hope you have been enjoying our Midweek Excitement. This week, we have been running our annual Black Friday event. It doesn’t end until tonight, Friday, at midnight. Just enter the special code BLACKFRIDAY in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout and you will save like crazy. It’s the last major sales event of this year, so act before it ends at midnight!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Small Business Saturday, a day set aside for folks to support their local small businesses. As a brick and mortar shop, we totally appreciate our local customers, and those of you who stop in when you are in the Boston area. Saturday is a perfect day to come by and visit. Just mention to Don that it’s Small Business Saturday, and you will get a very special gift. You don’t even need to buy anything. But, we won’t complain if you do!

And, that’s everything that’s happening here.

**** magic1: ****
Your chance to acquire the very best in magic at the very best price. Every Monday, we will offer a modern magic miracle. You'll have only one week to order it. 10,080 minutes to make up your mind. 604,800 seconds to decide to get your own reputation maker. Then what happens? Then, we will offer another special, enabling you to build your show of shows, one week at a time.
This week’s magic1 is Bill In Egg. Regularly priced at $47.95, yours until next Monday for $33.50!
To learn more about magic1, go right here: (

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Utopia – 4 DVD Set – Dani DaOrtiz: Incredible magic from one the world's most astonishing magicians.
Everyone is talking about him. His methods are unique, his presentations brilliantly entertaining. Now he reveals all on this incredible DVD box set. Four discs of wonderful magic plus an interview with Luis de Matos.
Dani DaOrtiz Utopia is an English language DVD, subtitled in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese.
Disc One - 100% Daortiz
Contains Dani's live performance. A full close-up show filmed in Portugal featuring some of his strongest card effects including Numerical Match, I Don't Remember, Mathmagic, Mini Oil and Water, Why Aces? Horizontal Open Triumph, The One and Triple Intuition. Killer effects explained in full detail.
Disc Two - Fascinations
Dani reveals some of his favorite card plots and methods from his handling of the double card to his fascination with Hofzinser. Tricks include Time Travel, Torn & Restored Chink a Chink, Flash Restoration, Twice Ahead, Mentalism by Elimination, Four Fly, Aces Production, Chink a Chink Cards, Hofzinser's Number Problem, I.E.N., Chosen Suit, 2 Deck Trick and Remember & Forget. Plus Dani's ideas for applying optical principles to card magic as demonstrated in Aces on the Deck and the amazing Imaginary Pendulum.
Disc Three -  Psychology
Dani explains his mind blowing handling of the psychological force. Dani accomplishes miracles using these methods. So can you. These are 100% practical methods for forcing cards. You will see them used in the live performance footage. A complete treatise on forcing cards in the most convincing manner. Includes Dani's work on the Imaginary Deck, an incredible technique for forcing thought-of cards that makes it possible to do the Invisible Deck without gimmicked cards. Plus Dani's 100% practical handling of ACAAN as used in his professional shows.
Disc Four - Semi.automatic
Self-working tricks that will fry you. Easy to do. Big on plot and entertainment and completely baffling. Twin Prediction, Imaginary Dice, Business Card Collector, Missing Player, Card and Number, Abracadabra, 3 Opportunities and Chaotic 21 Card Trick. Commercial magic from Dani's own repertoire.
$150.00 (DVD01299)
Note: This is a non-discountable item

"Simply super strong magic" - Juan Tamariz

"Dani DaOrtiz performs real miracles" - David Williamson

(2) Holiday Illusions – Paul Osborne: It’s not too late for this year’s shows! This collection of 22 illusion plans taken from the pages of Genii Magazine and themed to the holiday season is a great resource for the performer who wants to add some seasonal flavor to their presentation. Featured are illusions that produce Santa Claus, create a classic Dickens scene, make Frosty come alive, make Christmas trees and elves appear and even a beautiful Snow Queen.
There are seasonal twists on the Fraidy Cat Rabbit, Slick Post and the Enchanted Doorway as well as Hippity Hop Rabbits, 20th Century Silks, Run Rabbit Run and the Card Castle, all drawn and described by Paul Osborne. Many illusions are easy to build and we give you full scale drawings, painting guides and scripting ideas.
Illusions contained in this one-of-a-kind publication are:
Here Comes Santa Claus, 5 Days of Christmas, Santa Screens, Home for the Holidays, Santazamm!, That Fabulous Frosty Guy, A Tiny Christmas Miracle, Kris Kringle Quiz, Santa Shack, Yule Tied, Christmas Castle, North Pole Kit, Mix-Up in Santa Land, Santa's Seat, The Snow Queen, Santa Silks, Santa Claus Came to Town, Up The Chimney He Rose, Santa's Little Helper, The Great Santa Switch, Santa Surprise, Candy Castle.
4 pages. 8.5" x 11."  Black and white illustrations
$35.00 (BK01824)

(3) Lexican Experiment - Cosmo Solano: A book test for humans!
3 Common Puzzle books
49 puzzles each
147 puzzles total
Over 3,675 possible "Answers"
Completely free choice
Puzzles are legitimate
Puzzles are proven to all be different from each other.
The Effect: Three common Crossword Puzzle Books are shown.
Two books are chosen. The third is used to show examples to the audience.
Each spectator freely opens to any page.
The first spectator reads over the clues and chooses any "answer" they wish.
The audience is asked to choose "across or down" and a number.
The second spectator silently reads the clue at that number.
The puzzle clues are closely scrutinized. Puzzles on the other pages are compared and it's made very clear that all the puzzles are different. All of the clues are different. All of the answers are different.
With no fishing, no "cues" and no impression devices, you reveal the word the second spectator is thinking of.
The first spectator takes the bookmark out of the book they’ve been holding onto the whole time, and it is has the exact word they chose written on it!
No impression devices
No memorization
No fishing
No formulas or word association
No stooges
Hundreds of actual choices of puzzles, clues and answers which are closely examined to show no duplicate choices!
$139.00 (40.809)
Note: this is a non-discountable item.


(4) Phuzed – David Loosley: A Torn and Restored Card/Scratch Card that has to be seen to be believed!
There is nothing better than a visual impossibility and Phuzed provides just that. Piece by piece you restore a spectator’s card right in front of their eyes! Phuzed is a true piece of astonishment that your spectators will talk about for a very long time! 
Even If you have never performed a torn and restored card before, you can perform Phuzed
David's deviously clever gimmick allows you to perform the classic effect with ease.
Phuzed is easy to do, quick to reset & totally visual.
$30.00 (30.1641)

“Phuzed is like a camera trick but plays in the real world…Quite simply the slickest torn and restored I’ve seen in years!” - Richard Bellars

(5) Ultimate Reel – Tango Magic: Throughout the years top quality Reels have been expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. The people at Tango Magic have worked for years to examine the best attributes of past reels and combine those with brand new ideas and technology to bring you one of the best reels ever created for the magic market.
The Tango Ultimate Reel, designed for working professionals, is high quality, affordable, dependable and designed for quick and easy adjustment or replacement of the thread. Never again will you have to get rid of your reel because the thread was cut, and it will take only minutes to repair.
The Tango Ultimate Reel comes with a DVD that explains how to quickly and easily take apart the reel to replace the thread as well as instructions for visual and very commercial routines that you can perform in close up, parlor or stage magic.
If you are looking for a precision tooled, high quality, dependable yet affordable Reel, this is the one you want!
$89.00 (60.017)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming in stock very soon; pre-order now and we will include a free 18” silk with your  Ultimate Reel!

(6) Impossible Box – Ray Roch: The perfect walk-around and close-up effect. Never throw away your old playing cards again. Use them for this amazing routine by Ray Roch.
Bring out six cards and quickly make a box. The box can then animates in the spectator’s hand or on the table. The lid is then taken off and an object, such as a lemon is produced.
This 60 minute DVD goes into detail with step-by-step instructions explaining how to produce different loads, including a large die, a lemon, signed selected card, a small bottle of whiskey, and golf balls. Ray also shares two methods he uses to make the box animate and float, then produce a ball from the box that floats up into his hand.
This DVD is filled with gems from years of performing and perfecting this signature routine.
The perfect routine for the magician who wants to leave his audience with a gift. Not only can they keep the contents but they also get to keep the box itself.
Ideal for trade shows, walk around, restaurant magicians and promotions.
Ray also shares his complete award winning five minute box routine. This includes all four routines taught on the DVD, put together to form a single five minute close-up show. One box with a lot of magic.  
$24.95 (30.1640)

(7) Reel Magic - Episode 25Craig Petty & David Penn:
Feature Interview - Dave Penn & Craig Petty:
Kozmo talks with David Penn and Craig Petty about their show as well as the failed "magic-off" with Justin Miller.
Jon Armstrong - Sessions, Orlando Part. 3
Michael Eaton shows us a better way to do card on ceiling.
Simon Lovell - Ask Simey!
Simon answers your questions, this issue - bizarre magic.
Silly Billy - Kid Show FUNdamentals
Silly Billy asks famous magicians, what have you learned from doing kid shows?
David Roth - ROTH!
Roth explains his freely chosen fugitive coins.
David Regal - Tricks of the Trade
Says he's not buying it! Literally! Tricks not worth the money.
Wayne Kawamoto - Choice Cuts
Movies and magic with The Minotaur and Deceptions Vol. 1
Shawn Farquhar "S.T.E.P. Project Vol. 1"
A Reel Magic exclusive!
Dan Harlan "Glass Backwards"
Dave Forrest "One More Thing"
Move Monkeys:
Blake Vogt "Dakota Fanning control"
Marcus Eddie "Nevermore"
Noah Greene "Trap Change"
Also includes the downloadable .pdf file Magicseen, a European publication.
$10.00 (DVD01300)

And that’s this week’s Thanksgiving Hotlist. Short but sweet. Just like me! All of the items in this week’s Hotlist really are the cream of the crop, if I do say so myself. Well worth checking out!
As always, and especially during this holiday time, I am very thankful that you have chosen to spend some time with us. Whether you visit us online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford (don’t forget to tell Don that you want your special gift on Small Business Saturday!), we do love the company.