Friday, December 16, 2011

Down The Home Stretch With Hank Lee

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Or should I say Season’s Greetings?

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by since my last birthday. But, it has. This Saturday, the 17th of December, I will turn the Big 6-1. From now on, all of my birthdays will be designated as the “big” whatever. Because after 60, they’re all big! My Facebook Wall has already begun filling with birthday greetings. I thank you all. I’m sure that Bonnie has some very exciting stuff planned for Saturday. She always comes through on birthdays and such. An excellent wifely elf.

For all of our Jewish friends, Hanukkah starts on the evening of the 20th. We all wish you the happiest of holidays. Now, go and spin that dreidel! I Hope you win all of the chocolate coins.

For those of you who may have gotten a late start on your holiday shopping, fear not. We can still get your orders out and to you in time, courtesy of those fine folks in brown, UPS. If you order by UPS 3 DAY Service, you will be assured of getting your order in time. But, now is the time to place the order, or you will never get it!

As I announced last week, we are no longer going to repeat the Friday eMail Newsletter on Monday. Monday will be reserved for announcing the week’s Excitement. So, if you usually wait for the Monday Newsletter, don’t. Read the one that gets to you on Friday. You can read it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, even Monday. But, don’t forget to read the Monday Excitement, or you will miss out, especially this coming Monday.

On the home front, and I knew you were oh, so curious, things are good. Aron is gainfully employed and working his tail off during this busy season. Lucas was just accepted to the St. Louis Opera Company’s Young Artist Program for the summer. Of course, he’ll be staying with Ickle Pickle’s Steve Bender. Steve really needs a kid around the house. Only kidding.

And, that’s all from here. Check out this week’s magic1. It’s a good one!

**** magic1: ****
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This week’s magic1 is Cinch. Regularly priced at $24.95, yours until next Monday for $17.50!
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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) 7-7-7- The 21 Card Trick – Jon Racherbaumer: Published by Harry Anderson’s Spade & Archer Press. OK. The 21 Card Trick.
Jon Racherbaumer has juiced up the 21 Card Trick into a modern-day amazement.
He didn’t do it alone, mind you. Here’s the list of those “tinkerers” who helped with the juicing, as it were: Bert Allerton, Harry Anderson, Simon Aronson, Steve Beam, Tomas Blomberg, Brent Braun, Gene Castillon, Bruce Cervon, Doug Conn, Jim Craig, Steve Draun, Peter Duffie, Bruce Elliott, James A. Fowler, Lee Freed, H.G. Cleveland, Martin Gardner, Phil Goldstein, Paul Gordon, Lewis Jones, Chris Kenner, Gerald Kosky, L. Vosburgh Lyons, Edward Marlo, Reihard Mueller, Jack Parker, Mike Powers, Ramon Rioboo, Chuck Smith, David Solomon, David Stahl and Michael Weber.
All names you should recognize. All men outstanding in their field. Expect maybe Weber. He doesn’t like standing in fields. Kenner either.
Within these 198 pages, you will find more than 45 variations on this classic theme. Variations that you will use!
$40.00 (BK01827)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

A gigantic “thank you” to my very dear friend Harry Anderson for giving us the exclusive on this fine book. There are now only two places you can get this: Here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory or from Harry himself. We are here all the time answering the phone and taking your orders. Harry, on the other hand, has an unlisted number and never answers the phone anyway.

(2) Pirate Monte – Tim Sonefelt: The classic gambler's story has been updated into a unique pirate routine.
Show three cards with treasure map backs. Two of the cards are shown to have Jolly Roger flags on the front and the third has a treasure chest.
As you shuffle through the cards slowly, making it obvious where the treasure is, ye tells the story of an encounter with a pirate who gave you a chance to win the treasure.
No matter how fair and slowly the cards were moved the treasure was never where it should be! "Arrrrh . . . you kidding me?”
“Where does the treasure hide," is all they can say. But the reason the treasure can't be found is because it's being protected by the scurvy pirate Loose Tooth Louie! Louie's picture is revealed and the game is brought to a surprising conclusion!
Pirate Monte is fun for all ages, but it's more than the classic gambler's game. Four other performance ideas and other bonuses have been added making this a real treasury of tricks.
Comes with specially printed cards, card wallet and instructional DVD.
$20.00 (30.1648)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming in stock very soon. Pre-order now and we’ll pay the shipping!

(3) Empty – Marcus Eddie: Well, fool me! I have watched the video demo a lot. And, I am clueless as to where the deck of cards comes from!
Marcus Eddie's ingenious Empty is more than a device for producing a full deck of cards from an empty card box.
Empty allows the performer to produce any object that will fit inside the card box. You can also use Empty to transform one item into another.
Comes complete with gimmicked card box and instructional DVD.
$35.00 (30.1646)
Note: this is a non-discountable item.

"Empty is more than a mere trick. It is a utility device that is as devious as its creator." - Eric Jones

(4) Mentalism For Young Minds – Paul Romhany: The most comprehensive collection of material for the performer who wants to add mentalism to their show, from pre-schoolers to high school students. Everything from walk-around routines to birthday party routines to parlor and even stage routines for the family entertainer. Over 265 pages which include a collection of essays on how to perform mentalism for children, plus over forty effects from performers around the world including:
Mark Strivings, David Kaye, Tim Mannix, Paul Romhany, Richard Webster, Andrew Gerard, Wayne Rogers, Tony Binarelli,Bev Bergeron, Him Kleefeild, Keith Field, Danny Archer, Andrew Gerard, Jack Dean, Greg Arce, Anthony Lindan, E. Raymond Carlyle, Professor Spellbinder, Matthew Johnson, Tony Chris, Cris Johnson, Reg Blackwood, Ken Ring, ChristopherTaylor, Chrisotpher Berry, TC Tahoe, Ozzy D, Magical Michael, Magic George, Ken Dyne, Jasper Blakeley, Ray Roch.
Even adults will be fooled and entertained by the routines in this book. A treasure trove of effects, essays and advice from real world performers who make their living by entertaining family audiences. This book is destined to become a classic in both the magic and mentalism field. If you ever wondered if mentalism can be performed for young minds, this book will show you it can, and how to do it.
Preface by Richard Webster
Introduction by Paul Romhany
Performing for Children: An essay by Paul Romhany
Parade of Children Prediction Trick by Tim Mannix
World Cup Routine by Paul Romhany
Cereal Box Prediction by Larry Mahan and Robert D. LaRue, Jr.
Slide Thru Card Switch by Wayne Rogers
Perform For The Children! by Kyle Peron
A Trip Round the World In Eight Minutes by Tony Binarelli and "Jules Verne"
Phantom Artist Halloween Card Routine by Professor Spellbinder
Bonus Effects:
Clip-Lit Sports by Jim Kleefeld
Psychic Santa by Matthew Johnson
Judge, Jury and Executioner by Reg Blackwood
The Mental Corridor by Cris Johnson
Teaching Someone to Read Minds by Cris Johnson
Mental Monopoly by Danny Archer
Time Warp by Paul Romhany
Mind Reading to Africa by Ken Ring
The News in Total by Ken Ring
ESPompoms by Ken Ring
King Book Test by Christopher Berry
Guessin' Gumballs by Jack Dean
Child's Play by Bev Bergeron
Emoti- Con by TC Tahoe
BIRTHDAY PRESENT by Richard Webster
Pointilism by Greg Arce
Cookies Fortune by TC Tahoe and Paul Romhany
Safety Mentalism Routine by Paul Romhany
Younger Persons Version Reverse Q & A by Anthony Lindan
Prized Balloon by Ozzy D
The Fortune Teller by Paul Romhany
Puzzled by Magical Michael
Pin the Tail on the Donkey by Andrew Gerard
Mystery Ball by Paul Romhany & Hal Spear
Spot the Pole by Wayne Rogers
The Mind Reading Hat Routine by Magic George
The Magic Square by Dal Sanders
Gift Wrapped By Kennedy
Magicians Choice By Keith Fields
P.S.I Fari by Tony Chris
Scrabbled by Jasper Blakeley
Balloon Bank Night by Wayne Rogers
Last One Standing by Anonymous
Drawing On The Imagination by Christopher Taylor
Mentalism for Preschool Kids by Mark Strivings
Performing Mentalism for Children by David Kaye
The Precognitive Phinger Puppet by Mark Strivings
265 pages. 8.5” x 8.5.” Softbound. Black and White photos.
$40.00 (BK01828)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"When magicians and mentalists think of 'kids' they think of kids 3-4 years old. This is rarely the case, even for regular kids entertainers. People do not give kids enough credit for being smart. They get mentalism and mindreading, even at the age of five and six. It can be done, and I have done it. They certainly understand when Harry Potter gets a psychic image."
- Banachek

(5) Pandora Bags: Just received from our friends at Creative Magic. We have only four of these and then they are gone forever!
It is a mesh force bag that looks like something you would wash your delicates in or put your watch and wallet in and tie to a canoe.
What makes this bag so different from most force bags is the bag starts out completely empty. The audience drops the contents into the bag and without you touching a single item in the bag, it becomes a force bag with you in 100% control of what item will be selected every single time!
Comes complete with two different sized Pandora Bags and a comprehensive DVD packed with routines and ideas such as:
Super Clue
Choose Your Own Adventure
Birthday Bingo
Show Biz Cards
Candy Mix-Up
And many more...
Plus, as an added bonus, the DVD has pdfs for many of the tricks like printable bingo cards and two special coloring book templates, pre-designed business cards you can print and the artwork for Super Clue. Just pop the disc into your computer and you will have access to all those files.
Once you get going, you will quickly see that the routine options are endless. Just think of all the things you can put in a mesh bag and the creative ideas will start flowing: fall leaves, bugs, soda caps, bar codes, mattress tags, tickets, shopping receipts, spitballs, fortune cookie fortunes, puzzle pieces, and on and on.
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
$65.00 60.1635)

(6) The Prodigy – Alex Geiser: If you’ve seen Alex Geiser’s magic with coins, odds are you’ve been impressed. After you witness The Prodigy, you’ll be blown away. This is Alex’s most closely-guarded routine, crafted and refined over a number of years, and shown only to a select group of people. By watch this DVD, you become one of the chosen.
With a wave of your hand, 4 coins instantly and silently appear on your outstretched palm.
You then slowly and carefully make the coins vanish one-at-a-time. Finally, the coins reappear in an equally miraculous manner.
There are no gimmicks, no extra coins, no smoke and no mirrors. Just four coins and two hands. The Prodigy involves advanced sleight-of-hand techniques that you can use at any time in any venue. While this is not an easy routine to achieve, once mastered you will have a true gem in your magical arsenal. Every sleight you need is taught in crystal-clear detail from multiple angles. In addition to the mechanics and choreography, Alex teaches you the psychology, drama and timing that go into the routine. He even covers valuable practice tips and real-world experience so you can learn The Prodigy as easily as possible. Polish your coins and stretch your fingers, it’s time to get to work!
$29.95 (20.475)

(7) Houdini Deck: A brand new deck from the U.S. Playing Card Co. The Houdini Deck. The idea came from Anthony Gift and the images and original artwork were created by graphic designer Steve Mitchell.
The handling of these cards is like no other. Includes the world-famouse trick, "The Trick that Fooled Houdini." Both Richard Kaufman and Stephen Minch consulted on the instructions to the effect.
$6.95 (30.1647)

(8) Candyman – The Enchantment: A fully loaded montage of misdirection, magic, and surprises, self-contained and ready for a multitude of performances.
Candyman is an innocent pack of candy or gum that holds numerous eye-popping tricks, routines, and performance sets.
This isn't a one trick DVD or a 2-3 phase routine. Candyman holds more than 15 routining phases. Each phase contains one to three effects. This allows you to use the sequences provided, or pull together phases and assemble targeted routine sets for your specific audience and situation. With Candyman you are ready for anything.
Within Candyman you will find many self-working, impromptu, gimmicked and advanced magic effects.
Although candy and gum are used, the methods and principles used in Candyman can be adapted to many other items that suit your style. You will find that candy/gum is a very common and natural everyday item to carry with you wherever you go.
It’s a lot of magic in one little pack of candy!
Highly practical
Loaded with magic
Self-contained; just pull out of your pocket and perform
$19.95 (DVD01306)

(9) The Attic Is In My Trunk – 2 DVD Set - Dominique Duvivier: What is the impact of these routines on a real audience? See for yourself: Everything has been shot in front of a real audience. And the reactions leave no doubt: It's a bombshell! Only cards? Yes, but so spectacular.
Dominique Duvivier reveals routines that made his success through hundreds of performances at the Double Fond.
And if you like secrets, you will not be disappointed. Some creations shared until now with only a rare few are disclosed here for your eyes only.
The Devilish Cut
The Garcia/Duvivier 4 Aces
Music of The Fingers
Tripartite Conference
Happy Hands
The Triple Facer
"Like Hamman"
The Fingerprint
Bicycle Open Prediction
"Double" Open Prediction
"Fruit d'Or" Wild Card
$60.00 (DVD01307)

"One of the most creative thinkers and performers in magic."
- Paul Gertner

"Duvivier is in my opinion one of the greatest artist-magicians of the world."
- Jean-Jacques Sanvert

"His magic is an incredible collection of masterpieces and unending source of inspiration for close-up men all over the world."
- Boris Wild

(10) Kidshow Rockstar – Eric Knaus: For the first time, The Great Zucchini (a.k.a. Eric Knaus) shares the secrets of his success. Revealing his branding strategies and marketing tips, as well as silly routines and kid-tested gags, you'll discover how Eric quickly became - and remains - the top Pre-K entertainer in the Washington, DC area.
Build your celebrity status
Eliminate distractions
Empower shy kids
Handle chatty parents
Ensure repeat bookings
Create word-of-mouth buzz
... and much, much more!
Kidshow Rockstar is Eric Knaus' lecture from the Kapital Kidvention 2011, and was voted the #1 lecture of the convention! The DVD is over 90 minutes in length, and features his full live lecture, as well as bonus footage from actual performances with kids.
$34.99 (DVD01305)

"In the world of local kid's entertainment, there is no bigger name than The Great Zucchini!" - Fox Morning News, Washington, DC

And that’s this week’s Down The Home Stretch Hotlist. The holidays are getting closer by the day, and that’s for sure. But, there’s still time to get your order in and have it in time. Please don’t forget to read Monday’s Excitement. It’s going to be a good one!
As always, thank you, all of you, for find the time to spend with us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.
The Birthday Boy