Friday, November 18, 2011

Hank Lee's - Best Hotlist Ever?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. This has been the warmest November I can remember, and it might be the wettest. All I can say is that every day without snow is truly a gift.

The Holiday Season is gearing up. The sign at the mall told me to beat the rush. So I ran right in and had my picture taken with Santa Claus. I whispered in his ear exactly what I wanted this year. I hope upon hope that he delivers. I will let you know.

Speaking of the Holiday Season, next Thursday is Thanksgiving. I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever. Make sure to eat lots of Turkey, watch a lot of football and place a big order with us at Hank Lee’s. You should make it a tradition!

And, speaking of the Holiday Season again, we have our annual Holiday Shop up online. All kinds of great magic for your holiday shows, plus a really nice selection of gifts for those on your Magical Holiday List. You can visit the Holiday Shop by Clicking Here! Watch out for the snow!

Later today, Bonnie the Birthday Girl and I will be heading off to the ever exciting Oberlin, Ohio. Lucas the Singing Son has the lead in the fall opera at Oberlin College. For those of you who are counting, Lucas is now 22, and a senior at Oberlin. I know. I remember when he was in diapers as well.

This is the first time that the weekly Excitement does not appear in the Friday email Newsletter. This week’s Excitement came to you in a separate email notice on Wednesday. I hope you got it. If not, let me know and I will personally take care of you. And, I do mean personally.

That’s all for this week. Make sure you check out what has replaced the weekly Excitement!

Your chance to acquire the very best in magic at the very best price. Every Monday, we will offer a modern magic miracle. You'll have only one week to order it. 10,080 minutes to make up your mind. 604,800 seconds to decide to get your own reputation maker. Then what happens? Then, we will offer another special, enabling you to build your show of shows, one week at a time.
This week’s magic1 is Quarter Magic. Regularly priced at $35.00, yours until next Monday for $24.50!
To learn more about magic1, Click Here.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Timeless – Liam Montier: Timeless is an extraordinary and unusual effect with your wrist watch.
Imagine being able to predict a spectator's freely-chosen time, and then being able to cause the hands of the watch to disappear completely. More than a trick, Timeless is a special watch (included) that can force any time you desire and allow you to vanish the hands.
Every package includes a luxury wristwatch which has been individually prepared for use with Timeless. Also included is a DVD demonstrating Timeless performances on stage and up close by Joshua Jay, as well as step-by-step DVD instruction by Andi Gladwin. This is a complete package with everything you need to know to perform this great effect.
Created by Liam Montier, with Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, Timeless is a truly original effect with an incredibly clever method that makes it easy to perform. You can force any time and then reveal that the hands have vanished with this special watch.
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
$45.00 (40.808)

(2) Quarter Magic: Two of the best effects with Quarters, now combined into one package!
Quizzical Quarter: Show a small set of wooden plaques, connected at one corner to form a coin holder. Open up the holder and remove a quarter. Close it up and hand it to a spectator. Vanish the quarter. The spectator opens the holder and, there inside, is the missing quarter.
What happens next leaves 'em amazed. First the quarter vanishes from your hands and reappears in the holder. Then it vanishes from the holder and reappears in your pocket. Then it's gone again and found back in the holder. It vanishes again ... back and forth, and forth and back. It's great.
Finally, the little case even vanishes! It's a beautiful prop, made of hand rubbed walnut.
Quarter Match: A fantastic close-up coin penetration!
Bring out a small solid walnut holder. The holder measures 2" across by 3" long. There is a slot that runs the length of the holder and three small holes that go from the front to the back of the holder.
Drop a quarter into the slot at the top of the holder. Of course it slides right through and out the bottom.
Now, place three small wooden matches into the holes in the front of the holder. They go through and come out the back.
The matches effectively keep anything from passing through the slot in the holder.
Now, drop the quarter into the slot. A little magic, and, the quarter passes through the matches and out the bottom of the slot!! Amazing!
Remove the matches and hand everything out for immediate examination. They will find nothing! Great close up magic. Easy to do. Very well made props.You get the necessary props to perform both effects, for a very low price!
$34.95 (20.473)

(3) Alpha Wave: Card Shark presents a Brainwave type effect using a Phoenix Parlor Size Alphabet Deck.
Show the red deck in a spread. The spectator selects the cards to make up a name, word, or product
Those cards are set on the table to form the selected word or name.
The selected cards are then turned face down. The backs are seen to be all blue!
The rest of the deck is still red.
The Alpha Wave deck contains two sets of 26 cards. The only restriction is that words cannot use more than two of the same letter.
Great effect for kids as well as adults. Use it as a teaching tool or a mental effect. $30.00 (30.1639)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(4) Bill In Egg: The ultimate ”Bill To…” effect!
An egg is chosen is inspected by a spectator (no stooges). The egg can be thoroughly examined. There is nothing to find.
Ask the spectator to write their initials on the egg. The egg can remain in the spectator's possession the entire time.
You never touch the egg.
Next, borrow a bill from a member of the audience. Have a member of the audience write the serial number of the bill on a large piece of paper. Like magic, the bill vanishes!
Ask the spectator to crack the egg into an ordinary glass.
The spectator’s bill is found inside! Of course, the serial number is the same.
No stooges
No switching
No sleight of hand
Works with any currency
Close - up
Includes: DVD and Gimmick
$47.95 (60.1799)

(5) Ultimate Dancing Cane: What more can I say? These are the lightest, most beautiful Dancing Canes ever made.
Michael Mosher made a first edition of these over ten years ago, and sold hundreds in just a few months. A second improved edition sold out five years later as well.
The new edition is so light, about two ounces! That’s one-third the weight of a Creekmore Dancing Cane. This means that the “stuff” that holds it up can be almost invisible! The cane has to be seen to be believed. It looks exactly like a weathered, antique cane. It is just plain beautiful!
The price is just $89.95. (60.1798)

(6) Essential Magic Classics – 2 DVD Set - Danny Archer: Danny Archer is a total magic genius. He has performed more magic shows than most people have eaten dinners, and he has a fabulous relaxed performing style that people love.
This new 2 DVD set is Danny's take on both the Classics of Magic, and the tricks that he considers the cream of his own creations. It's the material that he would unleash at any event. From coins to sponge bunnies to dye tubes to cards - this DVD set will give you an entire crowd pleasing act.
And it's not just an incredible amount of magic you're learning. You also get the benefit of Danny's decades of experience and detailed teaching approach.
Contents Include:
Beginners - Covers loads of classic magic - sponge bunnies, color changing balls, 3 fly, memorized deck, etc, and teaches all the moves/psychology necessary.
Workers- Danny's highly refined working set. On top of the routines he also details his working patter, methodology and techniques for managing both audiences and props.
Hobbyists - Danny has worked hard to make these routines as streamlined as possible. For hobbyists, the handlings will be workable and very attainable.
Disc One:
Eye Exam
Pick a Coin... Any Coin...
Eight the Hard Way
There it is Again
Disc Two:
Illegitimate Sponge Bunnies
Anniversary Waltz My Way
Dye and Dye Again
MemDeck Trifecta (including The Archer Shuffle)
$35.00 (DVD01297)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(7) ShiNAG DVD - Shin Lim: A simple, powerful and impromptu way to reveal a selected signed card.
Have you ever wanted the perfect ending to a Sandwich Routine, Ambitious Card, or Four Card Production?
This is it.
ShiNAG is a completely impromptu way to reveal selected cards with just your fingertips, allowing you to incorporate this into any of your current routines.
Over 60 minutes of crystal clear HD, Shin goes over 7 of his favorite variations in intricate detail.
$20.00 (30.1638)

(8) Corner & Exposure DVD – Cameron Francis:
An impossible transposition
A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. The magician claims he can magically make the signed card jump to the top of the pack. He snaps his fingers over the deck and turns over the top card, which is... a Joker. He buries the Joker in the middle of the deck and snaps and snaps again. He turns over the top card, which proves to be... the Joker again.
This time he folds the Joker into quarters and staples it shut. The spectators can clearly see that it is indeed the Joker, which is folded and stapled. The stapled card is placed on the table where it never leaves the spectator's sight. The magician clicks his fingers yet again. This time he spreads through the cards revealing one card reversed in the middle of the deck, which turns out to be... the Joker again!
The spectator then picks up the stapled card and unfolds it. It is now the signed card!
This effect is amazing and very easy to do. The clever gimmick does most of the work for you!
Important points to consider:
There is no switch! Only one card is folded and tabled.
Once the card is folded, it never leaves the spectator's sight! In fact, once it's on the table, you never touch it again!
The signed card is completely examinable at the end of the effect!
The gimmick is very easy to make. Just a spare card, some scissors and tape and you will have it done in no time.

A practically self working card to card box effect
The magician explains that he will show the spectators how to do a stunning mentalism effect. A card is selected, signed and placed inside the card case. The magician waves his hand over the card case and is able to immediately divine the selection! Amazing! Until he reveals that there is a big hole in the back of the card case.
He then claims there is an even more deceptive way to do the trick. The spectator's signed card is fairly cut into the deck. The magician snaps his fingers over the deck, which causes the card to rise to the top. He snaps again. The card is now invisible. He picks up the invisible card and slips it inside the card case. He then snaps over the hole in the card case and the signed selection visibly appears inside the box!
Not only is effect complete stunning but it's also ridiculously easy to do!
There is no sleight of hand required! The simple gimmick does all of the work.
And the best part is, the card case may be completely examined after the effect!
$24.95 (DVD01298)

(9) Vectra X2 Stage Line – Steve Fearson: Incredibly strong yet remarkably hard to detect, Vectra X2 Stage Line is some of the most useful thread you'll ever own. Don't be fooled by the name. Even if you've never set foot on a stage you're bound to find a use for this amazing and versatile thread!
X2 is a very strong, dead black monofilament that goes completely invisible from just a few feet away under proper conditions. Twice as strong as the original Vectra Line, Vectra X2 is the best choice when you need something even stronger but still highly invisible.
On stage, it's a dream. It's strong enough to lift large objects like floating balls, magic wands, soda cans. You name it. It's also strong enough to do other things like slam doors, make things move and knock over heavy objects.
Breathe some new life into old effects and devices that use an easy to spot monofilament or string by replacing it with X2. You won't believe the difference!
X2 does not need to be separated or stripped down, it arrives ready to use.
You receive over 500 feet of Vectra X2 Line on a convenient spool.
BONUS! You'll also receive a sample of Stealth Black Master Wax. The wax can support the entire weight of two decks! Fearson's Master Wax is the strongest magician's wax available, a must for high-end thread work.
$15.00 (70.1018)

(10) Dollar Size Copper Penny: Our best quality Giant Coin.
Cast in copper, it has the "right weight" and a finish that is forever.
1.5” in diameter.
$10.00 (20.083)

And that’s this week’s Holy, Moly can Thanksgiving really be next week? Hotlist. Yes it can, and it is. You will find all kinds of great new magic in this week’s list, and not a single turkey among them!
As always, I want to personally thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us. Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love the company!