Friday, July 29, 2011

Hank Lee's Free DVDs Again!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. A beautiful summer week here in New England. Just the kind I like!

Many of you seem concerned that there’s been no mention of Frog World this summer. For the uninitiated, Frog World is actually our little pond on Martha’s Vineyard which has been loaded with frogs forever. Unfortunately, this year, not a frog to be seen. Until last weekend, when a teeny tiny frog appeared in the pond. Sitting on a lily pad, which is what they are supposed to do, right? As the saying goes, “When there’s one frog, there are bound to be more.” I believe I coined that saying. In any case, we are just waiting for the frogs to multiply (sounds like a good name for a trick). Once the pond is loaded, I will take some photos and include one or two in this blog.

In the magic world, an unexpected little surprise for us. There is a really nice article about our pal Bill Abbott in the August MAGIC Magazine. And, there are some photos of Bill performing at the Cape Cod Conclave. And, who is that unsuspecting spectator along with Bill? Why it’s my darling wife Bonnie. And, she looks as beautiful as ever. She also reads this blog every week.

From our good news department, the Night Shades Coin Set finally arrived in stock. It feels like we have been waiting for this to come in since I was just a boy. All of the back orders are out the door, and we have some left for new orders. So, if you want to get one of these fine items, now is the time!

More news on the Cape Cod Conclave front. Scott Land, who is featured in the new Genii Magazine with his Carl Ballantine puppet, will be with us for next year’s Conclave. I think seeing Ballantine’s act done in puppet form will be a real treat! Want to register now? Just go right to and press the Conclave Button.

And, that’s it for this week. Check out this week’s excitement, which may feel a lot like deja vu!

DVD GIVEAWAY REDUX: Again One of our most popular excitements! Folks really love this one. What could be better than an old-fashioned DVD Giveaway! For the next five days, from right now until Tuesday, August 2nd, at midnight, you have the opportunity to get DVDs for free! But, you have to get them the old fashioned way. You must earn them.
Here's the way it works: For every order of $100 or more, you get one free DVD (your choice of any single DVD that sells for $35.00 or less). If you spend $200 or more, you get two free DVDs (again, your choice). $300 or more gets you three free DVDs. And on it goes. The more you buy, the more you get for free! It's an incredible deal when you figure that the average price of a DVD is $35.00! In order to claim your free DVD, just put the name of the DVD in the Customer Notes Box at the bottom of the second page of the online checkout (after you fill in your name, address, etc.) at If you phone your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, just let the order-person know what free DVD(s) you want. If you FAX the order to us at 781 395 2034, same thing. Just let us know which ones you want. Remember, the giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 2nd, at midnight!

Now, let’s take a peek at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Jump DVD – Frank Zheng: The producers were extremely lucky to have been able to capture Frank Zheng’s  magic on DVD. Frank is from Shanghai, China and managing to get this project shot no easy task.
The DVD features seven routines, including the amazing Balloon Burst effect that everyone is talking about. Also featured are some stunning routines using both coins and cards, material that Frank uses every night in his professional work.
Contents Include:
Balloon Burst - This is the effect that everyone is talking about. The perfect routine to get the attention of everyone in the room. Imagine asking the spectator to choose anyballoon, which can then be examined. The balloon is blown up and held by the spectator. The magician now asks that they check his hands to make sure they don't have sharp objects or chemicals concealed anywhere. The magician now moves his hands slowly towards the balloon and without touching it, the balloon bursts in the spectators hands! This is a brilliant idea that uses a gimmick already in most magicians' arsenals. Best of all it re-sets almost instantly!
!CR - Frank's mainstay coin routine that builds and builds to a superb 3-fly piece that will leave your audiences stunned.
Birthday Card Magic - Frank's handling of the birthday card packet trick. A brilliant routine using just four cards and one very strong emotional hook!
Coin Matrix With Hands - Using your bare hands, make four coins jump from place to place in this amazing piece of magic.
CCD - A brilliant multi-phase routine for all card magicians.
3 Coin Routine - Using three regular, ungimmicked coins and one card, you'll be able perform amazing feats of magic that will blow your audience away.
Hearts - A performance only of Frank's Hearts Routine that shows how to make your magic different and memorable.
Matrix With Cards - A stunning four card matrix routine that you will use!
Coin Transpo - A super clean transposition of a coin into a Chinese coin, after which you can show your hands clean!
$29.99 (DVD01276)

(2) New Generation Zombie: This is the next generation of Zombie! Over two years in the making, this Zombie Ball can be inspected before and after your performance. Your spectators will see only a beautiful silver sphere.
As a matter of fact, with this new approach to the Zombie you will not be limited to only floating a sphere. You can also float a cell phone, a cup, a can, etc. This will leave you open for a wide variety of presentation possibilities.
Everything you need to get started is included in the package.
Unlike most zombie balls on the market, this beautiful sphere
* Does not come apart
* Does not have an unattractive seam
* Does not have a hole in it
* Does not  use magnets or sticky stuff
* Does not use thread or string
* Is not a balloon of any kind
* Zombie Ball
* Gimmick
* Foulard
$69.95 (60.1766)

(3) Looking For A House: Based on Sid Lorraine’s Magic Manor, Looking for A House is an updated, full color version of the grand old effect.
Begin by showing a picture of large mansion, while telling the story about house shopping with your wife (or husband).
After each fold, the house gets smaller, changing from a Grand Mansion to a Ranch House to an Outhouse!
Very easy to do, and will get a big laugh at the end!
Printed in full color on No Tear paper, so it will last forever!
$29.95 (60.1765)

(4) Transcendence - Leon Deo Scott:
This one has all of us baffled! A super visual coin across that happens in the spectator’s open palm, with no cover. That’s right! No cover, the extra coin just pops into view with no explanation as to where it came from! This must be seen to be believed!
A coin is placed on the open palm of a spectator and another coin is used to demonstrate the fact that the coin can jump up and down through the spectator's other hand. Having demonstrated this, the coin is then vanished and it visually reappears on the spectator's hand that is holding the original coin.
This has been the holy grail of coin magic for a long time, to be able to make a coin visually appear with no cover on a spectator's hand. Leon Deo Scott has developed a solution that is not only amazingly visual, easy to do and simple to set up but resets instantly and can be performed again at a moments notice.
Transcendence transcends the barriers of regular coin magic. Whether you are a working professional or an amateur, you will find yourself having great fun performing this effect. You will find it simply stuns people as it looks like pure magic.
Easy to do
Resets in seconds
Immediately repeatable
Super visual
Can be performed in the hands
Perfect for walk around and street magic conditions
$30.00 (20.463)

(5) Rameses – The Forgotten Star – Chris Woodward: Rameses the Egyptian Wonderworker was an illusionist of the Edwardian era. Born Albert Marchinski in Poland in 1876, he grew up in London in a distinctly middle class home. But as Rameses, he achieved financial and artistic successes beyond the dreams of most entertainers.
His fast moving, exciting and colorful illusions took him to the stage of London’s prestigious Palladium eight times. In addition, he played England’s top theaters and made triumphant tours of America South Africa and Europe. The highlight of his career was perhaps an appearance on the very first Royal Variety Performance attended by The King & Queen of England. Yet despite his theatrical triumphs, it was the stage that proved Rameses undoing.
Little has been written about Rameses’ life and magic despite his singular approach to illusions and a career most magicians would envy. Thanks to Chris Woodward’s diligent research, his story can now be told. The book tells a rags to riches story that ends back in rags that was heretofore unknown. Along the way, readers learn the secrets behind Rameses’ illusions (including his spectacular levitation), thrill at his theatrical conquests, and see how quickly that success slipped away.
A 132 page deluxe clothbound edition, illustrated with rare photographs and memorabilia, color plates, and a satin bookmark ribbon.
$45.00 (BK01803)

(6) My (Almost) 50 Years In Magic – Tom Craven:
From Tom Craven's Introduction:
"What you'll find in this book covers a lifetime of my magic. I tried to put everything I'd come up with in here, but obviously, I know there are some missing items. Just about everything that has been in print before is here, but there are some that were never in print that have been lost or forgotten."
Over 160 effects spanning almost 50 years of Tom Craven's magic career which includes such accomplishments as:
* First person to receive the "Spirit Of Magi-Fest" Award, Columbus Ohio
* One of only 2 people to have attended all 40 of the FFFF Conventions
* Guest Of Honor FFFF
* 10 time winner of the IBM Ring 2 Magician Of The Year
* Full time trade show performer, 1977-1984
* Worked the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle 1981, 1985, 1989, 2009, 2010
* Worked the Parlor at the Magic Castle 2011
190 pages. Hardcover. Black and white illustration. 8.5" x 11"
$75.00 (BK01802)

(7) Cannibal – Kevin Reylek: A King takes a bite out of a signed selection. When the King is torn open, the missing piece is found inside the layers of the King! Bringing the classic Lin Searles plot to a new level, Cannibal is one of Kevin's most-used closing effects. It involves a theatrical premise, a surprising revelation, and a kicker ending that audiences never see coming. It also leaves spectators with a memorable souvenir!
The Cannibal DVD features live performances of the effect and detailed explanations from multiple angles. Several handlings are taught so that anyone can perform a version of Cannibal, regardless of skill level. Custom artwork is also included on the DVD, which you can use to enhance your presentation.
* Easy-to-do
* Live Performances
* Multiple Handlings for All Skill Levels
* Impossible Ending and Souvenir
* Bonus DVD-ROM Artwork Files Included
$19.95 (DVD01277)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(8) Tranz Deck – Bob Solari: Bob Solari has been holed up in his air conditioned house creating some really great magic. We are happy to present Tranz Deck.
The spectator selects a card from a regular deck of cards and is asked to remember their card.
The card is returned to the deck, and the entire deck placed in your jacket pocket.
Explain that you will reveal the spectator’s card in a unique way.
Reach into your jacket pocket and remove a single card. Show the spectator the card, but they say, “That’s not my card!”
In a wink, the single card transforms into a mini deck of cards!
Remove the mini cards from the box and spread them face down. In the middle of the spread is a single face down red card. Turn the card face up, and it’s the spectator’s selected card.
Comes with the specially gimmicked card and the mini deck.
Solid magic that you will love to perform!
$10.95 (30.1603)

(9) Memoirs of an Elusive Moth - Adele Friel Rhindress: Harry Blackstone presented a full-evening production called the "Show of 1001 Wonders." It lived up to that billing, as a stage-filling spectacle combining spectacular illusions, magnificent costumes, gorgeous girls, a corps of assistants, humor, dancing, and intimate conjuring, into a magnificent stage production.
Blackstone toured North America ceaselessly and by 1947, after over four decades entertaining the public, was unquestionably one of America’s greatest and best-known magicians.
It was in that year, at the age of 17, that Adele Friel was swept into Blackstone’s world of magic. She joined the ranks of his show unexpectedly, making the transition from solo song-and-dance act to one of “Mr. B’s” “gorgeous girls” in the blink of an eye. It was a decision that would change her life. For the next three seasons, she trouped with Blackstone, playing an integral role in his show, both onstage and backstage.
This book gives readers a rare and intimate first-person account of one of America’s greatest touring magic shows. Laid bare in its pages are many of the secrets behind Blackstone’s magic, as well as details of life in the theater, behind the scenes, on the road, and more — all told here for the first time.
Hardbound with dust jacket, 6” x 9", illustrated with photographs and memorabilia. Introduction by Dick Cavett.
$35.00 (BK01801)

(10) Jumbo Power Aces – Aldo Colombini: A card is selected from a regular deck. Let’s say it’s the Eight of Spades. A prediction envelope is displayed and four jumbo cards (7"x4.5") are removed in a stack. The face card is the Ace of Hearts. The spectator is asked if he selected the Ace of Hearts. When he answers, “No,” the cards are fanned as you say, "How about the Ace of Spades?, Ace of Diamonds?, Ace of Clubs?," showing all four aces in a fan.
The fan is closed as you say, "But the suit of one of these Aces does match your card, right?" When the cards are re-spread in a fan one of the aces has suddenly turned face down. It is seen to be the Ace of Spades.
The spectator agrees that his card was a Spade. "…Now for the first time, name your card." When the spectator exclaims the Eight of Spades you pretend that you heard the Ace of Spades. "…The Ace of Spades? I thought you said that you did not pick an ace.... Oh! The Eight of Spades."
The fan is turned over to show that the Ace has changed into the selected Eight of Spades. All four cards can be shown on both sides at the end.
Comes with custom printed Jumbo cards and illustrated instructions.
Can be performed up-close or on stage.
A quick, visual and entertaining routine that is ideal for Emcees.
No extra cards. No sleight-of-hand. Packs flat and plays big.
$25.00 (60.740)

And that’s this week’s fabulous Hotlist. I know, I say that every week. But, honestly, this week’s list is, well, fabulous. I am 100% sure you’ll find something you absolutely must have among this week’s offerings. And, if not, there’s a whole catalog with over 7000 items waiting for you online!
As always, I thank you so very much for find the time to spend with us. Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we do love the company.