Friday, June 24, 2011

The 29-34 Sales Event! The Biggest Ever!

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope that, if you’re a Dad, you had a terrific Father’s Day. And, if you’re a son or daughter, I hope you remembered your Dad on the big day last Sunday. For me, it was nothing short of fabulous. Lucas was already home. And, a surprise visit from Aron, who just happened to have Sunday and Monday off this week, made the family complete, and the day perfect. Bonnie decided to get lobster rolls for dinner from a place she had heard about. Supposed to be the biggest lobster rolls in the world. For the sake of this story, let’s call it Belle Isle Seafood and let’s says it’s a real New England Seafood Shack located about 40 minutes from home. Since we were a large-ish group (9 people), Bonnie checked on Friday about the lobster rolls. “We never run out of lobster!” she was told.  Guess what? They did on Sunday. But, they had other stuff, so it was not a real problem. We ended up having a very fun time, and really isn’t that what counts?

The week has been mighty rainy.  But, not rainy enough to keep the Red Sox from playing. Too bad, because they have not had the best week of the season. I know, they can’t win every game. I just want to know why not?

In the back-order department, all of the Angry Sponges have gone out. All of the Sidewinders have gone out. We are told that we will finally have the Night Shades Coin Sets in 10 days. A long wait for that one, but I am sure it will be worth it.
There are a few more items that we are waiting for, but, the second they are released we get them off to you.

This week, the big magic news is about our friends at Creative Magic have basically discontinued their entire line. It’s really too bad, because they had some very good items. I have checked our stock of their items, and we have the following items available: Victory Cubes, Invisible Paint, Change Caps and Flash Cards. Once these are gone, there will be no more. So, act quickly!

And, that’s it from here. Make sure and check this week’s excitement! It looks like last week’s big event, but it’s even better

29-34 Sales Event - We love getting your orders online. Our Online Catalog is super easy to use, and makes ordering a breeze. The only downside is that we don’t get to talk to you! Frankly, the elves, and me too, are missing that personal touch. We want to talk to you. We want to know how nice and warm it is in Florida while we are freezing up here. We want to hear how much colder it is in Washington state than it is here in Boston. We want to know how the kids are. And, it’s hard to do that online. So, we want you to give us a call and place your order. And, we want to make it worth your while. So, for the next 5 days, from the very moment you receive this email until Tuesday, June 28th at midnight, we are having our very first 29-34 Sales Event.
There are two ways you can save.
* Call your order in to our toll free order line at 800 874 7400 or 781 391 8749 and mention the special code, 29-34, you will save a huge 34% on all discountable items. If you live in a foreign country and can’t call in, you can place your order by email to and mention the 29-34 code and we will give you the 34%. Just make sure you include your credit card number and expirations date (do it in two emails for security)
* Place your order online and enter the special code 29-34 in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct 29% from your order total.

Here are the rules:
• The minimum order to get the discount is $30.00.
• The discount is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs and Videos, the discount is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
• We cannot combine offers.
• Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Colin Rose items, Mike Caveney Books, Johnson Products items, theory11 items, MagicSmith items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
• If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before processing your order.
• Coupons and Reward Points may not be used as part of this sales event.
• As the discount is automatically generated, you must put the special code 29-34 in the Discount Coupon Box. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the box, but it is there.
 If you are not sure how to do this, please phone your order in to our toll-free order line at 800 874 7400, and we will take care of you. We cannot offer discounts retroactively.
And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. The sale positively ends Tuesday, June 28tht at midnight, Eastern Time, which is 9:00 PM Pacific Time.
Have fun!

Now, to this week’s Hotlist.

(1) Wishes: Scott Alexander & Puck present Wishes, the ultimate closing effect!
This is a new routine that is sure to become a beloved closer in many professional magicians’ programs.
It is a perfect closer that has not only amazing magic, audience interaction, comedy, and beautiful visuals, but also a heart warming storyline that will engage your audience and have them standing in the aisles.
Comes with special Bubble Container and Wand, Solid Bubble, Stainless Pail, Sound Gimmick, Tray, and the worlds smallest Invertible Bubble Machine with a patented design. 
This machine was created and fabricated to our specifications just for this routine by a master model maker.
Here are some of the reviews:
"Bloody Brilliant! Really well crafted routine from beginning to end.” - Paul Romhany
"You have a beautiful routine on your hands that I think will find it's way into a lot of pro's acts. Congrats!" - Bill Abbott
"I think it's a winner! SOB why didn't I think of that?” -Ken Scott
"I like your routine, best of luck!”! -Kevin James
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Shipping September 15, 2011. Special pre-order price is only $1,595.00. After August 7th, the price will be $1795.00 (60.1758)

(2) Ultra Gum – Richard Sanders: An impossible transposition between a borrowed bill and a factory sealed package of gum!
A amazing piece of WOW from the fertile minds of Spidey, Deven Ye and Richard Sanders!
A corner is slowly torn from a borrowed bill. The corner is rubbed between the fingertips where it very slowly and eerily vanishes! You are clean. No pulls. No TT's, No ditching. It’s just gone!
The spectator opens a package of gum that has been sitting on the table throughout. (It can even be in the spectator's hands) Miraculously, inside one of the see-through plastic bubbles of the unopened package of gum, is the corner of a bill!
There are no breaks or tears in the plastic or the foil.
This is a modern day impossibility!
The only way to get at the bill is to break open the foil seal, which the spectator does himself to discover the missing corner from the bill he loaned to you just seconds ago!
This amazing concept allows for transpositions, vanishes, appearances and more!
Note: Gimmicks are reusable, nothing to replace!
On This DVD, You Will Learn:
How to transform an ordinary package of gum into a secret weapon.
How to perform 6 extraordinary routines with borrowed bills and ordinary playing cards.
Every nuance of the method, technique and presentations are laid out clearly and concisely on this DVD. Learning couldn't be easier.
Featuring Six Killer Routines:
Cash Flow: A corner torn for a spectator's bill appears, seconds later, sealed in a pack of gum in the spectator's own hands.
Inside: A selected card vanishes from the deck and appears inside a pack of gum in the spectator's hand. The effect is repeated but this time with a torn corner from the selected card. The corner vanishes completely...a few moments later, a piece of gum is impossibly extracted from the unopened gum pack. The spectator opens the gum to find the corner from their selected card trapped inside one of the see through bubbles of the unopened, sealed pack of gum. An impossible ending to a killer effect!
Organic Transpo: A killer in-your-face transpo handling! Tear a corner from a borrowed bill and put it into your mouth. Slowly begin to chew the corner in your mouth whereupon it suddenly transforms into a piece of gum. The spectator opens the gum pack to find the corner from their bill impossibly sealed inside the gum pack.
Full On: A practical full bill handling for the effect!
Spidey's Time Travel Routine: Think Neo from "The Matrix" performing a mind bending effect with a piece of gum and a selected card. The spectator is actually convinced that you traveled back in time to perform an impossible torn corner in gum pack effect. An incredible presentation with a devious handling!
The Visual Appearance: An amazing piece of eye candy to add to your already impossible effect! A wave of the hand, or a snap of the fingers, etc will cause the bill to visibly appear inside the sealed pack of gum.
Live performances, interview segments with Richard Sanders, Spidey and Deven Ye, tips, psychology, extra handlings and more!
Over 2.5 hours of magic on DVD, plus gimmicks!
* 6 devastating routines.
* Gimmicks included. Gimmicks are reusable, nothing to replace.
* Use any pack of gum.
* Bills or cards.
* Hand out the gum for examinable.
$29.95 (10.1645)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(3) Photosynthesis – Andrew Mayne: A spectator signs a card. They're given an undeveloped photograph to hold. The card is lost back in the deck. Before their astonished eyes they watch as the photograph develops into an image of a hand holding their signed card.
Photosynthesis is a powerful way to reveal a word, an image or a signed card.
No camera required!
No refills needed!
Comes complete with the Photosynthesis gimmick and a 24 minute instructional DVD including several routines.
Photosynthesis is a utility prop you can use to make startling revelations. It looks like an ordinary undeveloped instant photograph but will reveal anything you like including words, cards, images and even signatures.
Photosynthesis gives you the magic of instant photography revelations without the need for film or an instant camera. Completely reusable; it's heat activated and can be held in a spectator's hands.
$24.95 (30.1596)

(4) Sugar Rush – Mike and Brian Platt: Perform absolutely impossible-looking miracles, anytime, anywhere. And, all with everyday objects: a couple of mini chocolate bars.
The possibilities are endless, but listed below are a handful of favorites taught on the DVD. Sugar Rush includes two custom machined gimmicks, one 30 minute instructional DVD and a few SR Pro Accessories as a complimentary bonus.
Hershey Mini Across - Cleanly and fairly display that you have just two Hershey Minis in your hands. Let’s say a Krackel and a Hershey's Dark. Ask your spectator to name one of them. For example, the Hershey's Dark. Close your fingers around the two bars. With absolutely no moves, the Hershey's Dark vanishes from your hand and instantly appears in your other hand. Or have it appear in nearly any 'impossible location.' Brian teaches many other variations on this basic usage including an open-handed 'invisible toss.' Carry two Hershey's minis with you and you're ready to fry anybody, anytime, anywhere. Even surrounded! When you're done, celebrate the moment by handing them a chocolate and enjoying one for yourself.
Candy Thru Mug/Table/Tablecloth - So simple. Yet, so utterly impossible. With rolled up sleeves, completely empty hands and absolutely nothing more than a Krackel, a Mr. Goodbar and an empty coffee cup you're ready to perform miracles. The empty cup is turned over (and yes, it really is empty.) And yes, the two candies are really resting on your hand. Close your fingers around them and tap the upside down cup. Instantly the Goodbar goes through the bottom of the cup is found inside. The spectators can even lift the cup themselves. Next, you fairly place both candies under the cup. With no moves one of the candies appears outside the cup. You can then make the candy go through napkins, tablecloths, and even the table itself!
Ziplock Penetration - A combination of principles that makes for pure visual magic with apparently no explanation. Show a clear, Ziplock bag filled with Mini Mr. Goodbars nothing else. Pick up 3 other candies and explain that you're going to make your favorite candy, say the Krackel, magically penetrate through the baggie. Proceed to knead it right through the plastic! It doesn't get any fairer looking than this. Remove the Krackel while showing it truly is in the bag with the Goodbars! The spectators will immediately reach for the bag. Let them, as the bag and all the candies inside are 100% examinable. You've got absolutely nothing to hide.
Web Updates - As with nearly everything at Platt Magic, Brian will continue to provide free password protected videos containing his own additional ideas & handlings as well as ideas submitted from the public.
$35.00 (10.1642)

(5) Premium Vanishing & Appearing Bottle: Imagine taking out a wine bottle, pulling out the cork, pouring a glass of wine and toasting your audience. Next, you place the bottle into a paper bag and make the bottle vanish! Or, imagine, producing a bottle of wine from thin air!
All of this is possible with the Premium Vanishing and Appearing Wine Bottle!
Different than other vanishing bottles currently on the market. This is a very realistic looking bottle! Every detail has been thought out, right down to the cork.
The premium Vanishing Wine Bottle contains silicone and semi-permanent Beca. This causes the bottle to fold flatter and snap back into shape much faster and last much longer than previous marketed models. Also, you can pour liquid (wine, juice, etc.) from the bottle before vanishing it due to a removable bladder (included).
Vanishing /Appearing Wine Bottle
Form fitting bladder
Set of large labels (front of Bottle)
Set of small labels (neck of Bottle)
Sturdy storage tube
$47.00 (60.1755)

(6) Kodell – Do Something Different – Jack Kodell:
For a lifetime, Kodell traveled the world with his unique creativity, and a flight of birds. Headlining long running shows around the world in five-star venues such as The Moulin Rouge and The Lido in Paris, The London Hippodrome, The Savoy Hotel and The London Palladium in the United Kingdom, and the Ed Sullivan Show, New York’s Copacabana and The Latin Quarter in the United States. He also accomplished a number of firsts in his career including being the first magician to perform in Las Vegas. Kodell always strived to be different with his magic and his life. From flying an airplane at the age of nine to doubling at the Moulin Rouge and the Lido for one year in his early thirties. To quote the legendary magician Channing Pollock, "Thanks, Kodell for paving the way for me and other magicians to follow."
When he retired from show business at the young age of thirty-three, he had five years of contracts sitting on his manager’s desk. So why would someone walk away from show business at such a young age?
Kodell had the best of both worlds, a privileged life, and his wildest dreams coming true. All thanks to Doing Something Different in the world of magic.
Hardbound with Dustjacket. 330 pages. 220 photographs.
$59.95 (BK01791)

(7) AmaZeRING: Joe Porper's new AmaZeRING will revolutionize the Himber Ring routine. The ease of use with AmaZeRING is astounding; the gimmick opens and closes automatically without any fumbling or looking.
It's a great new tool for the working performer.
Three rings are borrowed from the audience and are linked together in a chain. One ring is unlinked and returned, the other two are displayed on a mechanical pencil with one ring hanging below the other. On your command, without touching the rings or going near them with your hands, one ring visibly unlinks from the other and drops into your waiting, cupped hand below!
It can also be used in a ring on/off stick or cord, and other effects, only limited by your imagination.
The first, and simplest routine is called the "Ghost Link and Unlink." This was created originally by Earl Nelson with full-size linking rings, but is easily adapted to the AmaZeRING.
The cleanup/switch routine is easy to do; it is based on Dai Vernon's display of balls in the beginning of his cups & balls routine.
Comes with gimmicked ring and ungimmicked ring with photo-illustrated instructions and DVD with performances and routines by Dean Dill and Joe Porper.
$350.00 (10.1644)

(8) Aleph Wallet – Vernet Magic: The perfect tool for the working magician
A multipurpose wallet that will allow you to perform many stage, parlor and close-up audience tested miracles.
An arsenal of magic in your back pocket.
Aleph Wallet is more that a wallet:
* Magnetic Add-A-Number Wallet
* Always ready Card in Wallet (in spectator's pocket).
* Switch Wallet
* Index Wallet for billets
* Secret Writing Wallet
* Peek Wallet (two peeks internal and external)
Comes with an instructional DVD with performances, full descriptions and more than 15 gimmicks and accessories. You'll learn 14 professional routines and many ideas and all the tiny details about the wallet.
Some routines explained step by step in the DVD:
Money In Your Pocket (Marc Paul)
A great routine to perform at any venue. The magician can accurately guess, via "body language", which pocket has the different bills he has secretly hidden. That's not all, as a great climax when you show a prediction that was in full view throughout.
Smart Room Service
Ultra practical and updated version of the classic Room Service.
Psychic Birthday
You'll get into the mind of a spectator and reveal not only the month but also the exact day and the weather of a birthday he has in mind
"Hands Off" Dictionary Test
A true "hands off" book test. The magician never touches the regular huge dictionary; he never asks the number of the freely chosen page but he can accurately divine the word the spectator has in mind
Sweet Ring
Michel reveals for the first time this closely guarded routine from his professional repertoire. This is a devastating routine: a spectator's finger ring magically travels to a selected and sealed sugar bag.
$160.00 (10.1643)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(9) Harlequin Lemon Box – Dave Powell: The Harlequin Lemon Box is another beautifully crafted piece of classic magic from Dave Powell.
The performer places a wine glass on the table and borrows a finger ring from any spectator. The ring is placed in the folds of a handkerchief and given to the spectator to hold over the mouth of the wine glass. She can actually feel the ring through the handkerchief and is told to hold it tightly.
The performer produces a small locked wooden box and sets it in full view of the audience. The spectator is asked to drop the ring into the glass. The spectator lets go of the ring and it is heard to clink as it drops into the glass. The performer immediately whisks the handkerchief away from the glass and the ring has vanished!
The spectator is then handed a key, and she unlocks and opens the box herself. Inside, she finds a lemon. The magician produces a knife, which is thrust into the top of the lemon as the impaled lemon is removed from the box. The lemon is cut open to reveal the spectator’s ring in the center!
The beautifully hand-crafted walnut box with inlay measures 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch.
And, the method is nothing you would expect!
$269.00 (60.1756)
Available for shipping on the 10th of July. Pre-order now and don’t be left out.

(10) Platt Pad – Mike and Brian Platt: Gives you the power to perform mentalism and magic that is so clean, so pure, there is absolutely nowhere for your spectators' minds to go. If you could really make accurate predictions, it would look exactly like this.
Here is just one of the squeaky clean effects possible with the Platt Pad.
Plattwave: This is the 8 Card Brainwave you've always dreamed of - with a clean ending. The performer places eight cards face down in a row on the table and writes down a bold prediction for all to see. He predicts that the spectator will pick the one card that is different from all the rest. The spectator freely chooses one of the eight cards (if you'd like, he can even sign his name on the back) and it's placed to the side in full view. The seven cards that were not selected are flipped over to reveal they have a scary green Mr. Yuk sticker on their face. The chosen card, as predicted, is the odd card out - it's the only one with a yellow smiley face sticker on the face. The cards are all left on the table for immediate examination! This not only satisfies the toughest of skeptics but it also leaves the spectator with a very pretty and stunning picture as she sees, plain as day, the stark contrast between her chosen card and the seven others. Brian teaches numerous variations including an identical version of the Nick Trost original using 8 different playing cards. The difference? Here, all of the cards can be fairly (and yes, instantly) flipped over and left out for examination. Endless possibilities.
Perform standing, seated or even surrounded. This is pure, clean, straightforward mentalism and magic at its best.  Comes complete with a compact (5” x 8”), completely innocent looking pad of paper, 2 instructional DVD's (totaling 2 ½ hours), access to additional 'Tips & Tricks' videos, a packet of cards to get you started and replacement paper.
$99.00 (40.791)

"I cannot remember the last time I opened a new magic item and just played with it over and over again. I think this will become a standard mentalism tool." - David Regal

"The Platt Pad represents old world craftsmanship combined with modern mentalism! When I first opened the package I couldn't believe how well thought out and well built this device is. At first it looks just like a common pad, but man, there is so much more! Every bit of the apparatus looks and works flawlessly. Basically, it is a switching device. But what a device! I love it! I love how it is made, how it works and what you can do with it. When I watched the video it was apparent how good this plays and how brilliant the moves are. The DVD included gives you all types of tips and ideas, but I can see how many will come up with even more. This is not something you want to pass by. This is good ... REAL GOOD!" - Richard Osterlind

(11) Silk 2 Egg – Cody Fisher: A two-person Silk To Egg routine with a surprise double climax!
Take a silk and place it into your hand. A magical gesture and the silk is now an egg!
Show the silk to have magically transported to your pocket!
Proceed to let the audience in on the secret by exposing the fact that the egg is hollow and you were using two silks.
Now that the audience completely understands, a volunteer is brought on-stage, given two silks and a gimmicked egg and told to copy your every action.
This is done and both you and the volunteer have magically transformed their silk into an egg.
Explain that this is the easy way to do the trick; the more advanced version is to remove the silk (sticker) and crack the egg to show that it is actually a real egg!
Further explain that you feel that the on-stage volunteer is a quick learner and they are instructed to do the same with their gimmicked egg.
To the amazement of the on-stage volunteer they do just that! They pull off the silk; it is actually a sticker now! They crack their egg into the glass!
Their egg is 100% real, too, and they have no idea how they did it!
A professional routine straight from Cody's stand up act!
20 pages. Saddle stitched.
$39.95 (60.1757)

And that’s this week’s best of the best Hotlist. Every one of this week’s items gets an A+ in my book. No kidding, it’s really great magic. And, well worth your looking over.
As always, we thank you for finding time to spend with us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!