Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Magic Extended!

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope you all had a very Happy Easter, a very pleasant Passover and are ready for Spring! Looking out my window, it is most definitely Spring. The grass is looking very green. The trees are in bud. The forsythia is already in bloom. The tulips are peeking their heads up. There have been lots of robin sightings. The Red Sox are finally winning. Yup, it’s Spring. Pretty soon, it’ll be time for shorts and summer shirts. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Spring, the new SPRING EXTRA is online. For those of you new to Hank Lee Nation, we produce an EXTRA four times a year. It contains a collection of the best new magic over the past few months. Considering the amount of new magic that comes in the door each week, it is a really big job to pick the very best. For some reason, this time it was even harder for me, because there was so much magic and so much of it was really good. Folks always ask, “Is this item really good or is that item really good?” Believe me, if it makes it into the EXTRA, it is the cream of the crop. In olden days, we would print and mail the EXTRA to all. Ah, those were the days. Honestly, the cost of printing and postage has become so high that we no longer do mass mailings. However, the very same EXTRA that you used to get in the mailbox, is now available to you online! You can look at it by clicking on the EXTRA Button on the front page of or you can download the EXTRA as a pdf file and print it on your very own computer! It’s even better than the old version, because all of the photos and graphics are in full color. To get the pdf, just Click Here:
And, there is still another way to get the EXTRA. Got to the Hotlist at You will see the SPRING EXTRA is the first item on the list. You can download it from there, or you can add it to your order and we will deliver it in the printed version.
Bottom line, we want you all to get the SPRING EXTRA, and we will deliver it any way you wish!

Speaking of great new magic, this has been a week for it! We have new items from Tommy James, Keith Fields, Bob Cassidy, Puck & Scott Alexander, Paul Osborne and more and more! Some really fine new items. You will want to pay close attention to this week’s Hotlist. But first, this week’s excitement!

FREE MAGIC EXTENDED! This “excitement” has proven so popular, that we are extending it for another week! Absolutey Free Magic! And, all you have to do is a little bit of math. Here’s the way it works: Until Wednesday, May 4th at midnight, put all the items you want to order in your Shopping Cart in the Online Catalog at Check the total (not including the shipping). Now, take 30% of the total (Hint: Just multiply the total by .30) and we will give you Free Magic up to that amount. All you need to do is let us know what Free Magic you want by listing it in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. No special codes. Nothing to remember. It’s easy as pie. And, it’s free!
For example, let’s say your order total before shipping comes to $500.00. 30% of that amount is $150.00. You have earned $150.00 in Free Magic. Just list the additional items you’d like in the Customer Notes Box, up to $150.00, and we will ship them along with your order, absolutely free. This is an amazing deal, and you should really take advantage of it!
If you are placing your order by phone at 800 874 7400, just let the order taker know what Free Magic you would like. Same if you are placing your order by FAX at 781 395 2034.
The only rule is that your order total must be at least $30.00 to take advantage of this promotion. Remember, this sales event ends on Wednesday, May 4th at midnight, so don’t delay. Enjoy!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

(1) Stitch – David Gabbay : The ultimate street magic effect! A Hank Lee’s Magic Factory Exclusive!
Imagine being able to visibly move the logo on your polo shirt from its original location to a completely different spot, only to reveal it is permanently stitched in! This is a trans-location that people will remember for the rest of their lives.
Comes complete with special gimmicks that allow you to use almost any polo shirt.
* Seemingly Impromptu
* Self-Contained
* 100% Organic
* Ends Clean
* Stylish
Bonus Effect: Nailed!
$39.95 (60.1743)

(2) Shoe Business – Puck & Scott Alexander: This is a well thought out routine that's been worked over and over on real world stages. Just combine a bottle of water with a borrowed shoe and you now have six minutes of hilarious comedy without skimping on the magic!
Scott Alexander and Puck have been performing Shoe Business on cruise ships all around the world and it never ceases to generate big laughs while still getting great reactions to the magic!
You call the "Practical Joke Hotline" on speaker phone to teach the audience a funny gag. You make a mistake following the instructions and inadvertently fill a spectators shoe with a bottle of liquid.
The six minutes of comedy is virtually self working as all you do is follow the audio instructions like the old Vanishing Bandanna Trick. What makes this routine so great is the tremendous amount of built in laughs as well as a surprise magical finish that really fools the audience. This is a fresh and modern take on the "Magician in Trouble" premise.
Shoe Business comes complete with written script that includes director’s notes, audio CD, performance DVD, special glass, and mock cell phone.
$85.00 (60.1740)

(3) Automatic Fire Cage: Incredible visual magic from the folks at Tora Magic!
A bang-bang-bang one, two, three effect!
One, produce a cage, which fills with fire!
Two, a live dove appears in the cage!
Remove the dove from the cage and,
Three, a real rabbit appears in the cage!
Beautifully made. A fabulous effect for any time in your show.
$420.00 (60.1741)

(4) If Ever A Wiz There Was - Keith Fields:A great new book on entertaining children. Keith offers a dozen practical routines for the professional kid show performer, with the real work on making youngsters laugh. All these unique pieces are time tested from his act. He blends his UK style with modern US style children’s magic. Highly visual effects for families and young people. His Human Xylophone routine is an act all by itself.
108 pages with photos. $35.00 (BK01779)

(5) Flash Appearing Birthday Banner: From our pal Tommy James, it’s the perfect way to open your birthday party magic show! A 20th Century production for the 21st Century! Includes two 18" silks and a Happy Birthday Banner, 30" long by 8" high.
Show two 18" silks, a red and a blue.
"Boys and girls, the magic words for today will not be the regular magic words like Abracadabra or Alakazam! I am going to spell out the magic words using these two handkerchiefs."
"A yellow one [the magician holds up the blue] and a green one! [hold up the red]"
The kids will quickly tell you that you got the colors wrong!
"Oh I'm sorry, a green one [hold up the blue] and a yellow one! [Hold up the red]"
The kids will let you know they are red and blue.
"Oh I'm terribly sorry. A blue one [hold up the red] and a red one! [hold up the blue]"
The kids will be screaming that you are wrong again!
Finally hold up the red one and say, "This one is red?" [Kids will shout YES!]
Hold up the blue one and say, "What color is this one?" (Kids will shout blue, but you pretend they just booed you.)
"Hey! That was rude! Oh! Blue! Yes of course! I thought you booed me! Now I will tie these two handkerchiefs into a knot."
Finish tying the two silks together, then put the ends into your coat pocket, a glass or if you're like Tommy James , into your mouth!
Quickly pull the silks apart and a colorful banner 30" long by 8" high appears between the two silks that says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
"The magic words for the show are Happy Birthday [insert child's name] !"
Use the magic words throughout the show and score some brownie points with the Mom and Dad!
You can use the routine as outlined or make the banner appear using a vanishing cane. $40.00  (60.1742)

(6) Artful Mentalism – An Evening With Bob Cassidy CD: Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy pulls his "reclusive" curtain aside and alongside host Michael Weber reveals powerful performance and routining information every mentalist should hear.
In this recording and lecture notes of his sold-out tele-event Bob reveals:
* The Secrets To Creating An Effecting Presentation
* How To Handle Your Audience
* The Trick To Using Humor To Make Your Act More Effective
* Tips On Developing A Memorable And Consistent Personae
* How To Select The Right Material And Build Powerful Routines?
* And Much More...
Bob has been performing and creating mentalism for decades. He is a founding member of the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA) and author of "The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy", as well as dozens of highly acclaimed books, e-books, and DVDs. He has influenced just about every major mentalist working today.
Included in this special package:
The Complete 2-Hour MP3 Recording Of Bob's Live Tele-event
Event Lecture Notes
Three New Works By Bob Cassidy:
- Instant Impressions And Magic Mirrors
- The Modern Knights Tour
- The New Atlas Test
Post Lecture Notes With Even More Information!
$47.00 (CD0072)

(7) Behind The Curtain – 2 DVD Set – Thom Peterson: Over three and a half hours of tried and tested commercial magic routines! Feature magic for both close-up and stage
One of the world's busiest magicians captured at his very best. A unique blend of comedy, magic and commercial entertainment, Thom Peterson is giving away all his trade secrets so you too can now have the repertoire to entertain audiences everywhere.
Filmed in the summer 2010, this DVD has been eagerly awaited by many magicians and when you see the routines you know why!
Here are just a few of the routines included on this DVD set:
Stand Up Show
Lemonade Racket
A killer opener and visual magic at its best. Telling a story about starting your own lemonade stand, you produce a lemon. This gets a great reaction but the kicker will floor your audience as you now produce a full glass of Lemonade!
One of the most visual spoon bends ever, and the best part is you can give the bent spoon away afterwards!
Revenge of the Spoon
A great follow up to Spooning. You draw a picture of a straight spoon (which your spectator signs) and you now make the drawing of the spoon bend!
Ring In Kinder Egg
One the most commercial versions of ring to impossible location we have ever seen and it make perfect sense!
Pit Boss
A fantastic triple prediction routine that takes your audience on an imaginary trip to a Las Vegas casino.
Close Up effects taught include: Pool Ball, Card Stab and Fish Tales
All performances are filmed in a real world environment with studio explanations in detail. If you are already a working pro or wanting to become one, then this is the DVD set for you.
$49.00 (DVD01258)

(8) Classic Illusions Volume Two – Paul Osborne: This all new edition features details on two versions of the Disembodied Princess, two versions of the Guillotine, two versions of the Choppers, the Costume Trunk, the Blade Box, the Sword Suspension, the Broom Suspension, two versions of the Buzz Saw, two versions of Burned Alive, Hindu Basket, Temple of Benares and the Mismade Girl.
This book also features information on how to cast a realistic looking face, how to make your burned skeleton, and a hilarious Guillotine script plus many building tips and pictures of illusions that you won't find anywhere else. Includes a foreword by illusion expert Dennis Phillips plus photos of many of his creations. This is a must for your illusion library!
90 pages. 8.5" x 11." Comb Binding - Black and White illustrations and photos
$37.50 (BK01777)

(9) Gecko Extreme: Based on the bestselling trick of 2008, comes Gecko Extreme by RosenGadgets and Andy Amyx. With the Gecko Extreme upgrade, not only can you accomplish those same incredible vanishes as with the original Gecko, you can transform their item in full view. The Gecko Extreme is designed to work with your original Gecko.
Comes with all new gimmicks, new training and performance material straight from the creators.
* The Gecko Tail: Allows you to transform those objects as well as vanish them. To have the ability to make an object vanish is an unbelievable piece of magic. But, to change the molecular structure of an object that your spectator just handed you... now that's the type of magic you have only dreamed of.
* The Gecko Quick - A new "holster" for the Gecko, so you can hook up even faster and cleaner than before. Use the Gecko Quick to hook up on-the-fly and keep your performance as natural as possible.
* A New Full-featured training DVD by Andy Amyx that goes into even more detail about what is possible with the Gecko using the Gecko Extreme:
GT Sugar Transformation
GT Dollar Bill Exchange
Back Hand Vanish
Thumb Palm Exchanges
Rub-Away Vanish
Pick Up Vanish
Crystal Ball Revelation
Ring Vanish
Arm Band
T-Shirt Vanish
Quad Transposition
$45.00 (10.1633)
NOTE: You must own the original Gecko to be able to use the Gecko Extreme

(10) The Invisible Billet CD – Bob Cassidy: What if you could have a powerful technique that makes billets virtually invisible in your hands?
Or an impression device hidden in an innocent item that no one would think twice about, yet it becomes a deadly information gathering tool in your mentalism arsenal?
Even better yet, taking Dr. Seuss' beloved book "Green Eggs & Ham" and using it to present a dynamic book test your audience will enjoy?
Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy has done it again. In his new ebook and MP3 audio commentary, he not only reveals those three items but also goes deeper into other tools, techniques and ideas you can use right away.
Bob has always explored new and cutting edge techniques in the world of mentalism, but now he's presenting some brand new ideas and reworked several old ones and put them together just for you.
Material Included:
* How to turn matchbooks into powerful tools deisgned to deliver information to you quickly and effectively.
* An ingenious new card deck for Bob’s Card Memory Routine.
* How to turn an innocent children’s book into a fun-to-do mental routine that audiences love.
* Bob revisits & reinvents Syl Reilly's "Brain Echo" and brings it up to date.
* How to use Frixion Pens in a spooky and amazing routine called “The Eye.”
* The Secret to making your own Post-It Note type billet board impression device.
* Plus much more!
This power-packed package is filled with Bob's insights, experience and sage advice; information that has made him a legend of mentalism.
Included in this package:
"The Invisible Billet" Ebook
Exclusive 56-Minute MP3 Audio Commentary
$47.00 (CD0073)

(11) Classic Illusions Volume Three – Paul Osborne: The newest, largest and final volume of Paul Osborne's popular "Classic Illusion" books!
Volume three features plans for The Princess of Thebes, The Tabouret, The Girls in Drums, The Cannons, The Aga levitation, The Palanquin, The Head Chests, The Stack Box, The Chests of Mystery, The Mignon, Cutting in 6ths and The Shadow Boxes. 19 plans in all, plus building tips and comments from experienced performers who have presented these illusions.
Also featured is a chapter on crating and 25 things to consider before building or buying an illusion. Many never-before-seen photos of these illusions are also featured. Vince Carmen adds a foreword and we give you a list of what tools should always travel with your illusions. This last in the series is not to be missed if you are interested in magic's greatest illusions: building, buying, performing and maintaining the world's greatest magic props.
100 pages. 8.5" x 11." Comb Binding - Black and white illustrations and photos.
$37.50 (BK01778)

(12) Building Blocks Extended – Luke Jermay: One of the best selling mentalism books of recent times is now back and better than ever!
Luke Jermay has done it again! He has decided to release more of his awesome material, the routines which he uses to stun audiences around the world. In this important new volume, Luke has tipped the real work on using Suggestion Techniques. Luke covers the Definition = Creation theory along with several other techniques and teachings. This, coupled with his groundbreaking applications of the four Convincers, is enough to transform and amplify your performances right away. But that’s just for starters! Wait until you see some of the effects he teaches.
Imagine yourself performing these routines:
* A plucked rose visibly wilts and dies as you talk about the fragility of life
* An aura reading routine, which climaxes with the spectator genuinely seeing your aura - and you can provide proof!
* You cause the spectator’s sense of time to physically slow down (we don’t just mean their watch, although of course that happens as well!). They are almost unable to physically move as they are stuck in a single moment of time.
* You perform a version of Out Of This World, with a borrowed deck, with no set-up, no sleights or switches. In fact the spectator’s intuition can even be shown as correct for each individual card as it is dealt! This is the real work on the verbal control of a spectator.
* Despite being blindfolded, you can read a selected sentence chosen at random from a borrowed book, with your fingertips! You can even scan through the whole book with your fingertips and comment on the story and characters. The blindfold is real and you genuinely can’t see a thing.
* Imagine having your spectator actually feel their thought leave their mind and enter yours - imagine no more! With the Burst Bubble suggestion, your spectator will believe they felt the moment of magic happen inside their own mind!
This new extended edition now includes Luke’s fantastic routines Room 101 and Central Reservation!!
$49.95 (BK01776)

And, that’s this week’s Hotlist. I told you there was lot a great new magic this week, right? I hope you found some stuff that totally tickled your fancy!
As always, I thank you personally for taking time out to spend some with us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love the company!