Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday With Hank Lee - Get Your Free Magic!

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. A very Happy Passover and a very Happy Easter to all of our friends. Passover is such a wonderful holiday. Just ask my kids. Eight days of eating Matzo, then a week of trying to get the Matzo through your system. I think that’s why they invented MetaMatzoCil. Oh, what fun! Easter seems like a much more funner holiday. Chocolate Easter Eggs. Marshmallow Peeps, Jelly Beans. Bunnies delivering baskets. Can’t go wrong with that! No matter which way you celebrate, enjoy!

On the magic front, we have added a ton of Streaming Videos. This is the 21st Century way to purchase videos. And, with almost 100 new videos added this week, there is so much to choose from. Remember, you must first be registered for the Online Catalog at Then, yhou can purchase videos, and watch them seconds later. Instant gratification to the max! To get all the information on this amazing service, Click Here.

I hope you enjoyed last week’s excitement. Based on the sheer volume of orders that we processed, a lot of people totally enjoyed the event. As you might imagine, we can’t do it all the time, but once in a while is good for everyone.

This week was the Milbourne Christopher Auction in New York. According to our magical ephemera expert, some most amazing items were sold, most at equally amazing prices. Sadly, none of them to me.

And, that’s all I know this week. Stay tuned for this week’s excitement!

FREE MAGIC - YOUR CHOICE! That’s right, absolutely Free Magic! And, all you have to do is a little bit of math. Here’s the way it works: Until Wednesday, April 27th at midnight, put all the items you want to order in your Shopping Cart in the Online Catalog at Check the total (not including the shipping). Now, take 30% of the total (Hint: Just multiply the total by .30) and we will give you Free Magic up to that amount. All you need to do is let us know what Free Magic you want by listing it in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. No special codes. Nothing to remember. It’s easy as pie. And, it’s free!
For example, let’s say your order total before shipping comes to $500.00. 30% of that amount is $150.00. You have earned $150.00 in Free Magic. Just list the additional items you’d like in the Customer Notes Box, up to $150.00, and we will ship them along with your order, absolutely free. This is an amazing deal, and you should really take advantage of it!
If you are placing your order by phone at 800 874 7400, just let the order taker know what Free Magic you would like. Same if you are placing your order by FAX at 781 395 2034.
The only rule is that your order total must be at least $30.00 to take advantage of this promotion. Remember, this sales event ends on Wednesday, April 27th at midnight, so don’t delay. Enjoy!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

(1) Close-Up Magic For Children Two DVD Set: Starring Ethan Leeds, Russell Leeds and Jeremy Le Poidevin with a guest appearance by Craig Petty.
Children's magicians normally shy away from close up magic for a variety of reasons. This DVD aims to show how you can vastly increase your income by adding close up magic to the list of services you offer your clients. Weddings, close up shows, festivals, restaurants and more - there are dozens of different ways close up magic can be used to increase your business.
Ethan Leeds co-runs one of the most successful children's entertainment companies in the UK. Kids Love Magic books over 1000 shows a year. Russell Leeds is one of the busiest children's entertainers in the UK, regularly performing at over 15 shows a week. Both Russell and Ethan are also experienced close up workers with close up bookings specifically for children accounting for at least half their business.
Although close up magic is normally considered difficult, on this DVD Russell and Ethan show you how you can perform close up magic without needing lots of technical skill. Twelve routines are included and many of these would work as well in a full show as they would in close up, making the content of this DVD even more valuable.
Russell and Ethan also take part in a 20 minute discussion about how to get close up work as a children's magician, and how close up magic can change your business model. Finally, special guest Craig Petty tips three of his most closely guarded creations designed specifically for children.
The routines:
Mr Slime - a tub of slime is given life and turned into a little man that children love.
Psychic Paper - Ethan tips one of his favorite routines which mixes strong visuals and an engaging presentation that mystifies and entertains children.
• Balloon-A-Bike - The perfect routine to perform for the birthday child which ends with a very magical giveaway.
• The Business Of Coloring - A close up coloring routine that has the added advantage of giving away your business card with every performance.
• Bob's Got Talent - A presentation for the classic Salt Pour that you will use!
• Cutting A Lady In Half - The classic illusion performed close up that is as strong for adults as it is for children.
• Keeping It Real - This routine is based around the popular Toy Story series of films and engrosses kids from the very start!
• Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Who says children don't like card tricks? Craig tips his favorite card trick designed especially for children.
• Instant Popcorn - Magically pop corn in your bare hand!
• You’ll Never Guess! - A trick that also doubles as a great game where the children win every time!
• Planet Skittle - A torn and restored Skittles pack? You bet!
• Mini Rabbit From Hat - Learn how to make a rabbit appear in a hat - close up!
• As a bonus, there is also Kellar’s Cut and Restored Cord, which is easy to perform but a little masterpiece of close up magic!
Comes complete with two Stretchy Men, which are used in a couple of the routines.
$45.00 (DVD01256)

(2) Extreme Intuition – Henry Evans: Perfect for any gambling routine.
Best quality materials. It looks like a premium wood casino sabot.
The spectator shuffles and deals the cards from the sabot himself.
The magician's intuition helps him to stop the spectator each time he deals a winning card.
The magician does not touch the cards to find them.
No need to see the cards at any time.
The magician can perform blindfolded.
The magician can stop the spectator at two separate cards to make a Black Jack, or at four Aces to make a 4-of-a-kind, or at five cards to make a Royal Flush!
An electronic piece of art designed to achieve a miracle.
You receive a special sabot, electronic devices, DVD and 13 special cards.
The sabot can be examined!
All cards are also fully examinable!
A practical prop, no special tables needed.
Completely automatic. No skill required
Long distance reception
Easy to pack and travel.
Idea and effect by Henry Evans; Manufactured by Cerebro Magico
$790.00 (30.1583)

(3) Secrets Of Wild Card DVD: World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians - In 1962, British magician Peter Kane invented a trick that he named Watch the Ace! The effect was reworked and subsequently renamed Wild Card by Frank Garcia and very quickly became a sensation in the magic world. In fact, the Magic Dealers Association named it as the best-selling card trick for 1963, and with good reason. Very few effects in card magic are as visual as Wild Card, where several different cards successively change to match one odd card.
On this DVD, you'll find seven master magicians each with their own interpretation of this classic small packet trick. Steve Dacri begins with a highly commercial version where the magician's signature appears on a number of cards that have previously been shown blank.
Up next, Tommy Wonder's version is a tour-de-force of routining that also makes it perfect for strolling magic situations.
In Harry Allen's performance, blank cards all change to match the one odd card while Eric DeCamps changes a packet of Jokers into seven Threes of Hearts to show, in a highly visual finale, why 21 gets the big money.
Boris Wild changes several double-backed cards, and eventually the entire deck, to match a free selection while Darwin Ortiz performs and teaches what has become a modern-day classic version of the Wild Card effect.
Finally, Scotty York gets behind the bar and shows off his very dramatic version of Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse.
Wild Card belongs on the very short list of tricks that look like real magic to laypeople and on this DVD, you'll find seven of the very best versions of this effect ever created.
$19.95 (DVD01253)

(4) Card Magic USA – Peter Duffie: This new book contains mostly unpublished card magic from some of America's finest magicians. 49 contributors from the USA share 80 routines and moves in over 280, fully illustrated pages! Includes a fantastic bonus section including material from past masters Gene Maze, Frank Thompson, Michael Skinner, Paul Swinford and Roger Klause.
There's so much magic within these 280 pages!
Contributors to Card Magic USA:
Jon Armstrong, Lee Asher, John Bannon, Steve Beam, John B. Born, Steve Bryant, Antonio Cabral, Jack Carpenter, Steve Dacri, Marc DeSouza, Steve Draun, Steve Dusheck, Steve Ehlers, Tom Frame, Cameron Francis, JK Hartman, Wesley James, Joshua Jay, Marty Kane, Bob King, Nathan Kranzo, Chad Long, Bill Malone, Ryan Matney, Harry Lorayne, Max Maven, Steve Mayhew, Stephen Minch, James Patton, Jeff Pierce, Gary Plants, Mike Powers, Jon Racherbaumer, Steve Reynolds, Robi, Robertson, Harvey Rosenthal, Steve Shufton, Bob Solari, Ryan Swigert, Dan Tong, Diamond Jim Tyler, Mike Vance, Michael Weber, Caleb Wiles, Roger Klause, Gene Maze, Michael Skinner, Paul Swinford, Frank Thompson
280 pages. 8.5" x 11." Perfectbound. Black and white photos.
$29.95 (BK01775)

(5) Wizard PK Pens: PK Pens to use with the Wizard PK Ring.
You are supplied with 2 pens that have both been gimmicked.
One pen is round; the other pen has flat sides.
You receive two different types of pens as each pen works best in different situations. These pens also write so you can use them as a normal pen.
Spinning Pen (using the pen with flat sides)
Taking the lid off a bottle, you place the pen with the flat sides on top of the bottle. Using both hands to do some passing gestures your spectator will see the pen spin around on top of the bottle, stopping at your command.
Rolling pen (using the pen with round sides)
After placing the pen on a smooth surface you bring your hands towards the pen and you will find that the pen will roll over and stopping at your command.
Once you start experimenting with these pens, you will come up with many other routines and tricks that can be done with the PK Pens utilizing the Wizard PK Ring.
Includes two gimmicked pens (one with flat sides, one with round sides) and instruction sheet. Also available as a Sharpie Pen.
$12.00 (10.1632)

(6) Secrets Of Out Of This World DVD: World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians - In 1942, magician Paul Curry invented a card trick that would take the world of pasteboard sorcery by storm. Dubbed Out of This World, this effect, where a spectator separates the red cards from the black ones without looking at them, featured a very rare combination of an extremely powerful effect with an almost self-working methodology and quickly became the most talked-about card trick of its time. On this DVD, you'll meet five different performers who each has a singular take on this classic trick.
Michael Ammar is first with an easy-to-perform version that echoes Curry's original method.
Steve Draun is next with a streamlined version that eliminates any packet switches in the middle of the effect while David Regal takes the Curry methodology a step further, with the spectator not only separating the cards by color but by suit, also!
Glenn Falkenstein uses a classic Triumph-like effect to set the deck up for his version of Curry's miracle while, finally, Eugene Burger offers some thoughts, not just on the methodology, but more so on the presentational aspects of the trick.
Curry later recalled that the concept of the trick came to him in about 15 minutes and he didn't understand why it would fool magicians. But, fool them it did! Curry's brainchild has become one of the most famous card tricks of all time and in fact, in the famous Genii-Orben poll, was voted as one of the greatest tricks in magic history. What's more, it can now be a part of your own repertoire as an anytime, anywhere, any deck miracle.
$19.95 (DVD01254)

(7) A Cut Above – Msgr. Vincent Foy: A joyful exploration of one-handed cuts created or documented by Msgr. Vincent Foy, a pioneer of the modern movement of card flourishes. His contributions on this subject that appeared initially in The Linking Ring and in Bertram on Sleight of Hand inspired a new generation of finger-flingers.
At the urging of his friends David Ben and Nick Sacco, Msgr. Foy, now 95 years young, deciphered his decades old notes on over 100 one-handed cuts, most of which were of his own invention. Ron van Someren then photographed Msgr. Foy performing the very best. Renowned designer Michael Albright has married the text and images into an artful display that enables the one-hand cut or card flourish enthusiast to master the material with greater ease.
Comes complete with an insightful introduction that examines the history and place for card cuts and flourishes in the modern repertoire and an annotated bibliography of other books and DVDs that the reader may want to explore.
240 pages. Hardbound (color dustjacket). 8.75" x 11.75" (22cm x 30cm) and contains 500 photo images.
$45.00 (BK01774)

(8) Concept 7: Borrow a dollar bill from a spectator and place it on a table. Then, back away from the table approximately 10 feet. Suddenly, using the power of your mind, the dollar bill begins to levitate upward, becomes momentarily suspended above the table, then gently glides back down to the table surface. Immediately take the dollar bill from the table and hand it to the spectator for a complete inspection.
Concept 7 is a brand new concept in pre-set web levitations. Concept 7 can easily be made portable and sets up in only a few minutes. Concept 7 allows you the opportunity to completely walk around the performance table and also gives you the option of either levitating the object directly at the table or from up to 20 feet way. Whichever way you choose to perform Concept 7, you will "fry" your spectators! You can even instruct the spectator to place the dollar bill directly on the table themselves, showing that you never touched the dollar bill.
Comes with fully illustrated instructions, instructional DVD, and everything you need to immediately begin your pre-set web levitations. You also receive a clever Bonus Routine that will open doors to other possible effects using the methods of Concept 7. A new era of pre-set levitations is finally here
$30.00 (60.1739)

(9) Moonspinner – Tenyo Elite: One of our favorite Tenyo effecst, now made in gorgeous anodized aluminum. Tenyo Elite!
A metal paddle is shown which has a hypnotic pattern on it. The performer moves the paddle slowly in a circular motion, and that movement combined with the pattern causes an eerie illusion of a coin appearing on the disc.
The performer stops the movement, which makes the coin instantly vanish, and again causes the coin to appear by moving the paddle once more.
But illusion turns into reality as this imaginary coin instantaneously changes into a real coin! At the end, everything can be examined.
* Constructed  of anodized aluminum.
* Hypnotic pattern is laser-etched and not a decal.
* Made for performers and collectors alike.
Each Moonspinner is handsomely boxed and comes with a hand-crafted carrying case, and photo illustrated instructions in English and Japanese.
$100.00 (20.458)

(10) Secrets Of Tenkai Pennies and Milliken’s Transposition: Of the many varied plots in coin magic, the ones that seem to most intrigue creators and performers the most involve coins that travel invisibly from one hand to the other. In some tricks, the coins gather and in others they completely transpose, but the basic effect involves coins traveling invisibly through the air. Two of the most popular variations of the plot are the fabled Tenkai Pennies, the creation of Japanese magician Ishida Tenkai, and Millken's Transposition, named after its inventor, Harry Milliken.
On this DVD, you'll find four wonderful magicians who have each put their singular stamp on these two great tricks.
Daryl is up first with a basic, yet classic, interpretation of the Tenkai Pennies while Steve Draun offers up his own version using half-dollars rather than the traditional smaller coins.
Ross Bertram is next with a classic, to-the-letter performance of the Tenkai Pennies, right down to the costuming, while David Roth follows with a half-dollar version that also features some handling simplifications for those new to coin manipulation.
Next, David demonstrates and teaches Milliken's Transposition, a two-phase effect where two pairs of dissimilar coins completely transpose between the performer's hands.
Finally, Daryl brings his own spin to the Milliken's Transposition plot.
As a magician, you'll be asked constantly to "do something," and mastering either the Tenkai Pennies or Millken's Transposition (or both!) offers an opportunity for you to always be ready to perform an impromptu miracle.
$19.95 (DVD01255)

(11) Minotaur, The Final Issue – Two DVD Set:Dan Harlan and Marv Leventhal (co-publishers of this legendary magic magazine) bring their creation to life on DVD. 25 incredible effects with cards, coins, orange juice, popcorn, toothpicks, Mardi-Gras beads, beer, brown bags, business cards, big dice and Color-Changing Plumes! Packed full of great new magic routines, all woven into a crazy story to keep you laughing while you're learning. 3 hours of non-stop fun!
Plus, another hour of Bonus Features including: effects from previous issues of The Minotaur magazine by Steve Cohen, David Williamson, Gazzo Macee, Anthony Lindan, David Neighbors, Gene Anderson and Angelo Carbone. And, as if that wasn't enough, Harlan performs and teaches his killer version of the classic "Collectors" routine. It's a reputation-making "worker" that you'll want to use!
Here's a list of the Effects featured:
Fairest of Them All - Marv Leventhal & Dan Harlan - The spectator is merely thinking of a card, yet you can easily find it! Does that ring a bell?
Hebe, Hera, Hecate - Dan Harlan - Four acrobatic Queens at a Goddess Temple just outside of Las Vegas. Sound like fun to you?
Sprites - Dan Harlan - Discover how Harlan survived in the wild on a diet of small woodland creatures... and you can too! Sure to D'Lite!
Adjoctive - Phil Goldstein - A bunch of business cards, random words, random years, math and dealing piles... to find the phrase that pays. Sounds like awesome mentalism to me!
Aqui (A Key) - Dan Harlan - The spectator's key vanishes into another dimension and has a little trouble returning until you coax it out with fire. This one is spoo-key!
Cupside Down - Dan Harlan - A cup filled with liquid, placed into a brown paper bag inverted through a full 360 degrees without spilling a drop! Go on, examine everything!
Holding the Bag - Dan Harlan - Harlan's brown bag "Psychometry" builds to an impossible revelation of the final object's identity. It's in the bag!
Glass Backwards - Tom Craven - A couple of randomly selected cards match predictions on display from the start. Ooooo, you get to make something cool!
Big Easy Linking - Dan Harlan - A linking Mardi-Gras necklace routine perfect for the slightly less inebriated reveler.
Royal Plushy - Dan Harlan - A stuffed animal always wins 5-card stud no matter how many players are in the game! His secret is a pretty cool cooler!
Folderol & Dagger Move - Dan Harlan - Tap three times with a Sharpie if you want me... to make your card appear folded under the clip. Who brings a pen to a knife fight?
Counting On You - Dan Harlan - The fun adds up as the spectator tries to keep track of how many cards you have without puking! Warning: May Induce Laughter.
Mexicali Aces - Marv Leventhal - Everything seems kosher as the aces appear, but one of them conceals a little extra spice! Who ordered the Spicy Kosher Mexican Turnover?
On Your Mark - Dan Harlan - Three wrongs do make a right in this simple card revelation... and deck switch. Follow me down the garden path.
Sign Wave - Dan Harlan - The deck goes crazy as cards turn face-up, face-down and change color, until you set everything right... except the signed selection. Finally, a trick where everything is gimmicked!
Prism Pen - Dan Harlan - Amuse your spectator before they sign their card with a quick color-changing pen routine. You might call it a "magical" marker!
Lock Master - Mike Draganic - If you forget the combination to your lock you can always have four people pick random numbers and it will magically open! Now, they know too much.
Money Laundering - Dan Harlan - A spectator's dollar comes out a little bit too clean from your mini washing machine, so you offer to print them a new one! If only someone has the right paper...
Beer Money - Dan Harlan - You've got money and I've got beer, so when a dollar turns into a beer label, we'll find the money in the bottle! Plus deposit in Maine and Hawaii.
Bright & Early - Jen Weston & Dan Harlan - You'll find some very strange ingredients in that "orange drink" of yours. What's in there? Read the label!
Vegas Baby - Dan Harlan - Breathing fresh air into a great mentalism plot, Harlan adds color, comedy and cash to create a real winner! Roll the dice and take a shot!
The Popcorn Trick - Dan Harlan - When you need a quick snack, be prepared with this magical method of making instant "popped" corn! There's a kernel of truth in it.
Allied Alliance - David Neighbors - Experience the mystery of international finance as coins travel invisibly from here to there, and back again! Boy, if I had a nickel for every penny I've ever had...
All You Need Is Love - Dan Harlan - The perfect four-card-twisting-color-changing-backs-and-appearing-marks-with-hidden-message trick to perform when it's time to shut down the evil robot version of yourself. 'Nuf said.
World's Best Toothpick - Marv Leventhal - A grossly funny bit of emcee business to fill the time before the finale. Picky people pick perfect picks.
Bonus Effects:
Harlan's Collectors - Dan Harlan - The classic "Collectors" plot (Roy Walton) with professional additions, touches and handling by Harlan.
Dan Harlan also performs and teaches one effect from each of the previous volumes of the original magazine. Featured effects from previous contributors to The Minotaur: Coins From Napkin (v1n1) - Steve Cohen, Brain Probe (v2n1) - David Williamson, A Gentleman's Game (v3n3) - Gazzo Macee, Speck-ulation (v4n2) - Anthony Lindan, Bent Outta Shape (v5n1) - David Neighbors, Penned In (v6n1) - Gene Anderson & Dan Harlan, and Striking Art (v7n1) - Angelo Carbone.
$60.00 (DVD01257)

And, that’s this week’s Happy Passover and Happy Easter Hotlist. Something for everyone, even if you can only eat unleavened bread!
Check out this week’s Hotlist, and then delve into our mammoth online catalog. Find yourself all kinds of wonderful free magic!!
And, as always, we thank you for finding time to spend with us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford.
Either way, we love the company.