Friday, March 18, 2011

Hank Lee's Pot Of Gold Event!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. As I sit here at my desk with my chair firmly planted on the floor in a building that I know is safe from danger, I must think about all of our friends in Japan. The situation there goes far beyond horrible. If you feel that we, as Americans and as human beings, should step up and make a donation to help the people of Japan, you can do it through the American Red Cross web site. Every donation helps, no matter how small. We have many Japanese customers and friends, and would like to know that you are all safe. When you have time, please send us an email to just to let us know that you are OK.

How are you doing on your plans to join us for this year’s Cape Cod Conclave. It’s just three weeks away, and we are starting to fill up. Now is really the time to get off that couch and register! You already know that the dates are April 8th – 10th. There are still registrations available, and there are still rooms in the hotel. It’s all good. I hope to see you there!
To register, just Click Here.

The Little Man saga continues. We got our first shipment of Little Man, and it was short of what we had ordered. Why not? It makes perfectly good sense that we should wait over a year for the item to be released, and then not get all of our order. Right? In any case, we have shipped all of the Little Man that arrived here, and now are just waiting for the second round. It should not be too much longer, and hopefully from then on there should be no problem delivering. I cannot apologize enough for this delay.

On the bright side, we have received some really terrific new items this week. And, we have a wonderful Excitement for you. Just read on!

ST. PATRICK’S DAY SALES EVENT: It’s the luck of the Irish. The green beer. The Lucky Charms. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That’s it. The pot of gold, no rainbow required! For the next 4 days, from the very moment you receive this email until Monday, March 21st at midnight, everything (well, almost everything) is on sale at 30% off the retail price. All you need to do is enter the special code POTOFGOLD in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct 30% from your order total. If you are calling your order in to the Toll Free Order Line at 800 874 7400, FAXing your order to us at 781 395 2034 or emailing us your order to make sure and mention the special code so you can save a huge 30%!
Here are the rules:

• The minimum order to use the 30% off discount is $30.00.
• The 30% is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs and Videos, the 30% is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
• We cannot combine offers.
• Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Colin Rose items, Mike Caveney Books, Johnson Products items, theory11 items, MagicSmith items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
• If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before processing your order.
• Coupons and Reward Points may not be used as part of this sales event.
• As the discount is automatically generated, you must put the special code POTOFGOLD in the Discount Coupon Box. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the box, but it is there. If you are not sure how to do this, please phone your order in to our toll-free order line at 800 874 7400, and we will take care of you. We cannot offer discounts retroactively.
And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. The sale positively ends Monday, March 21st at midnight, Eastern Time.
Have fun!

And now, this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Behavior Patterns – Alan Chitty: A complete sellout at the Columbus Magi-Fest, the Blackpool Convention and the World Magic Seminar.A small spiral-bound book is handed to a spectator. Each page has a picture of 4 different symbols on it. Each page also has a bold, black printed number. A small envelope is placed onto the table. The spectator is asked to thumb through the book and stop on any page. No forcing of any kind. For the first time, the magician shows the back of the envelope. It reads “Everyone Stops On An Odd Number.” Amazingly they have selected an odd number. The envelope is opened and the prediction tipped out. It exactly matches the free selected page.
Important Points:

Spectator can examine the book. All pages are different
They can stop anywhere they like.
Only one envelope is used.
Works 100% of the time.
No long and short pages, etc.
A different outcome each time.
Comes complete with:

Top quality gloss art book, prediction envelope and prediction, spare blank envelope for non-English speaking countries, step-by-step instructional DVD.
$35.00 (40.781)

(2) Telethought Wallet II – Chris Kenworthey: Has just as many applications as its predecessor, the Telethought Wallet. The performance should be cleaner since the gimmick is now on the inside of the wallet and, more importantly, the wallet truly perfects naturalness. It honestly looks like a normal business card holder.
Virtually any mentalism effect can be performed with this new version: Design Duplications, Book Tests, Telepathy Experiments and more can now be presented under immaculate test conditions.
Imagine using Telethought Wallet II for pre-show work, or combining it with a Brainwave Deck, Invisible Deck, or Precongnition Deck.
Telethought Wallet II is one those rare tricks you will want to have with you all the time. It is spellbinding, has a strong impact, and is easy to perform!
$65.00 (40.779)

(3) Any Card At Any Birthday – Boris Wild: In this brand new book, Boris offers you his amazing version of this mythical routine.
A prediction deck is introduced before anything starts and remains in the card case until the end.
A first spectator freely names any number: his birthday or a number from 1 to 52 depending on the variation you perform. He can say any number. No restrictions. No force or equivoque. Totally free choice.
A second spectator freely names any playing card from a deck of fifty-two. No restrictions. No force or equivoque. Totally free choice.
A third spectator takes the prediction deck out of the case and counts down to the named number by turning the cards face up one by one. The freely named card is in the position of the freely named number! It is as simple and direct as that!
The performer does not touch the cards. He does not even open the card case. The spectator does everything. The card is always revealed at the exact named number.
The book explains it all: working of the routine, set-up, performance, reset, additional ideas, tips, subtleties, etc.
All the details are clearly reviewed with many photos to make this Any Card At Any Number effect accessible to everyone.

* No stooges or even "instant stooges".
* No pre-show. No assistant required.
* No table needed. Can be performed anywhere: stage, stand up, close-up and walk around.
* No sleights. The routine can be performed by anybody even if they never do card tricks.
* No memorized deck or mnemonic work. No formulas or sequences to remember. No mental calculations to learn.
* No rough and smooth. No sticky cards. No short cards. The cards can be freely handled by the spectator. They are normal as you use your own deck.
* Can be repeated as many times as you want with a different number and a different card each time.
* Resets in a few seconds.
Hardbound. $29.00 (BK01764)

(4) The Three Types – Luke Jermay:
Luke Jermay has performed his Questions & Answers routine throughout the world, including a two-year run on the Las Vegas Strip. This book is the result of years of experimentation to create a powerful Q&A routine that could be performed in any environment with very little setup.
The most important aspect of the book is not it's practicality, but the clever concept of "invisible billets" that lies beneath. With a topical presentation surrounding personality tests (as made popular by websites and magazines), Luke has discovered techniques to reveal information that could apparently never have come from the brief information that the participants provide.
Here is a triumph of careful routining and presentation, clever construction and classical methodology. Even if you've never performed a Q&A routine before or are looking for a contemporary, practical presentation for an existing routine, this complete ten-minute act is for you.
50 pages with illustrations. Perfect bound.
$25.00 (BK01765)

"Luke blows my mind with an amazing idea; an idea that really does make the billets truly invisible. It's almost a complete act that enables you to stand on stage and appear simply to read people's thoughts... All of this comes with a compelling presentation, engaging plot and a strong theatrical structure. What more could you want?" - Marc Paul

"Luke Jermay is one of the most creative performers I have ever met."
- Teller

(5) Fracture – Joe Rindfleisch: Joe Rindfleisch has created an amazing impromptu routine that uses no props. Using your fingers alone you can perform an impossible looking routine that will make your audiences scream as they see your fingers spin and twist into impossible and painful contortions. Please note, there is no blood or gore in this routine.
The four-phase routine is devastating as a routine but each phase can also be performed as a separate piece to fry and entertain your friends and onlookers.
Windup: In phase one, each of your fingers appear to spin like the hands of a clock.
Limber: In phase two, your thumb is bent to an impossible position until it breaks. You then fix it so it can be used for the rest of the routine.
Break: In phase three, your index finger is turned into a right angle.
Tip Twist: In phase four, you grab the tip of your index finger and bend it to such an extreme position your audience will scream and squirm.
These routines are very special. Since your audiences know the limitations of what a hand can do they get emotionally involved when they see this and can almost feel the pain. It is very uncomfortable to watch live and becomes a very memorable piece of magic.
$29.95 (DVD01246)

(6) Night Shade Coin Set – Craig Petty: From Craig Petty, creator of the Mirage Coin Set, comes a revolutionary new coin set - Night Shade. The possibilities with this set are endless and will allow you to perform coin magic you never thought possible. Night Shade comes complete with all the precision made gimmicks you will require to perform the routines described on the DVD.
Triple C - Imagine performing a Coins Across with a Chinese Coin, a Copper Coin and a Silver coin. Now imagine the spectator deciding the order that the coins travel
Commercial Copper Silver - The cleanest transposition sequence you will ever see. A copper and a silver coin change places in full view over and over again. Pure eye candy!
Double Kicker - A copper and a silver coin materialize out of nowhere. Just when the spectator thinks they know where the coins are - they change into two Chinese coins!
Night Shade - The feature routine in Craig's award winning competition act. Three coins are produced, jump from fingertip to fingertip and finally vanish leaving your hands completely empty.
Shades of Imagination - A coin effect that happens entirely in the spectator's imagination, featuring an ending that you have to see to believe.
Night Worker - This routine is alone worth the price of the DVD. A complete act designed for the restaurant worker that takes the humble coin flurry in an entirely new direction.
Includes 4 precision-made gimmicked coins.
$130.00 (20.456)

(7) Illumin8 – Mike Hankins: A card is selected and remembered. A lighter is borrowed. Introduce your phone, your digital camera, your FLIP HD or your camcorder. Have the spectator document what is about to happen.
So what happens?
Imagine being able to light a borrowed lighter, and cause the flame itself to form the shape of their chosen card! Imagination? No, Illumion8.
Illumin8 takes card revelations to a whole new level, as the image of their card forms within the flame of the lighter you just borrowed. Want to document the image? Have the spectator snap a picture! Then offer to send it to them so they have something to have with them always! Illumin8 is visual, practical, fun and easy to do!
$25.00 (30.1576)

"Try for a moment to realize its potential, and you will then want one!" - Alain Nu

"Mike has a winning combination of high tech and high touch magic. Illuminate is a magical mash up of the primal element of fire, a modern phone-cam, and playing cards." - Jeff McBride

"Mike Hankins has created a self working, offbeat illusion that anyone can master in minutes. Highly recommended." - Eric Jones

(8) Chop – Craig Petty: Craig Petty has finally released the routine which has been his closer for over two years.
A signed bill and a regular cup are used to perform the most stunning seven-phase Chop Cup style routine you will ever see.
To finish, a real lemon appears and the bill is magically pushed into the lemon, leaving your hands empty and the lemon unblemished.
At this point the lemon can be examined before it is cut open to reveal the spectator’s signed bill inside. Wow!
* Only one balled up note is used throughout the entire Chop Cup routine
* Regular cup that can be examined at any time by the audience
* Perform moves you couldn't dream of doing with a regular Chop Cup
* Use any table surface, even the spectator's
* Perfect for real world conditions
Includes a special bonus routine using a Sharpie Marker which is the perfect lead-in to Chop.
$35.00 (10.1626)

"Holy cow.. I just got Chop.. wow.. what a routine.. so well thought out.. a tour de force if there ever was one....Huzzah Mr Petty.. This is a gem."
Doc Eason

"This little baby is now in my pocket 24/7"
Alan Rorrison

(9) Spectre - DVD & Props- Spidey & Amir Latif: Imagine having the ability to perform a wide range of visually astonishing effects using an everyday, common, ordinary-looking object that fits in your back pocket!
Spectre is a completely ordinary-looking handkerchief, which can create strange, ghostlike manifestations that can be presented as telekinetic abilities or supernatural phenomena. Also, the gimmick can be removed and the bandana can be used as a device that will vanish any small object in the hands of a spectator.
With Spectre, you can perform all your favorite routines which require a gimmicked "spirit" handkerchief, with many additional advantages such as:
Modern looking bandana
Folds up and fits into a small pocket
Removable gimmick
Vanish coins, bills or rings
$39.95 (60.1732)

(10) Love Cards – Craig Petty & Russell Leeds: A Book Test In Your Wallet!
For years the book test has been one of the most powerful effects available to mentalists. Now this classic effect has been brought up to date with a version that you can literally carry in your wallet.
A number of 'Love Cards' are taken from your wallet and examined by the audience.
While your back is turned, the spectator thinks of a number between one and ten and takes the card at that number.
With a word having been freely selected from the chosen card, all of the cards are all returned to the wallet as you turn back around to reveal the thought-of word. As an added kicker, you can even reveal the thought of number!
No forcing
No fishing
Nothing written down
No memorization
Everything examinable at every point in the routine
No multiple-out system
Instant reset
Very easy to perform - Self working!
Includes bonus handling and multiple live performance videos.
$40.00 (40.780)

And, that’s this week’s Erin Go Bragh Hotlist. As fine a collection of magic as you will see anywhere. Combine this with our St. Patrick’s Day Event, and you have a combination that can’t be beat!
As always, I want to thank youfor spending some time with us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!