Friday, March 25, 2011

Free SHipping From Hank Lee's Magic Factory!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. No doubt about it, we have all come down with a severe case of Conclave Fever! This year’s 23rd Edition of the Cape Cod Magic Conclave is just two short weeks away. Everyone is busy with Conclave tasks. The program book is finished and on its way back from the printer this week. A very nice job, if I do say so myself. The full color poster will be printed in the next few days. The tickets have all been distributed (of course, there are still some great seats available). The badges are printed, each one lovingly inserted in its very own badge holder. The merchandise has been carefully packed for transit to Hyannis, and there is a ton of it! Things are going along nicely. Like a well oiled machine. After 23 years, we should be well oiled! I hope to see you there. You can still register by Clicking Here.

On the home front, Lucas The Singing Son comes home for Spring Break today. Yippee. He wanted to know what fun things we have planned for him over the next week. As if sleeping until noon isn’t fun enough! Aron The Elder Son is now actively in search of a j-o-b job! If you are an employer in the Washington DC area and are looking for a highly-motivated college graduate, let me know. I will have him get in touch with you immediately. Seriously.

Some great new magic came in this week. Tag-O-Magic has arrived and all the back orders have been shipped. Well worth checking out. And, Behavior Patterns has arrived as well. We were really curious about this one. Watch the video. You will be fooled! The method is absolutely brilliant, and it is so easy to do!

And, that’s all I know. My head is kind of swimming with all this Conclave stuff, so I am going to lie down for a little nap.

Now is the perfect time to check out this week’s excitement.

FREE SHIPPING: Until Thursday the 31st of March at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent UPS Ground, UPS Three Day, Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) G-Sharp - Steve Fearson
: You probably already carry a Sharpie marker, why not carry one that can defy gravity at any time? And it does so without any threads, wires or magnets!
You can use it as a quick bit, suspending it from your fingertip. Hand it to the spectator; they are unable to do it.
You can do it with a pen they just examined!
Or you can perform a complete suspension illusion with the
Anti-Gravity Sharpie and a couple of playing cards.
It's like a mini-illusion show that fits in your pocket!
$25.00 (10.1627)

(2) Redonkulous – Bill Abbott: An incredibly powerful routine brought to you by Anthony Lindan and Bill Abbott. Before the show begins a spectator is asked to merely think of any word from either side of a large broadsheet from the local daily newspaper. She has a free choice of literally thousands of words. After the spectator has mentally selected her word, the performer seals the newspaper in an envelope and the spectator takes it with her back to her seat. During the show the performer asks for the envelope from the spectator, tears it open and removes the newspaper. The performer explains that the spectator is concentrating on a word from somewhere on the paper and it will be the audience’s job to find that very word.
Tearing the newspaper into two pieces, the performer asks a random audience member to choose either half to discard. The choice is made and the performer tears the remaining piece in half and asks another audience member to select a half to discard. The selection is made and the performer again tears the remaining piece in half asking an audience member to select either half to toss away, yet again.
Left with a piece about four inches square, the performer calls on a final helper from the audience to join him on stage. This spectator is asked to close his eyes and raise a finger and to drop it somewhere on the piece of paper. The spectator does this and is asked to open his eyes and without saying a thing to remember the word that he pointed to.
The spectator is then handed a white board and marking pen and asked to write the word in big bold letters on the board and keep it concealed from the audience’s view.
While he is doing this, the performer engages the original spectator thinking of a word and asks her to stand and for the first time call out her mentally thought-of word in a loud voice. She states that her word is, for example, “Flytrap!”
The performer asks the spectator with the white board to turn the board around and show everyone the word he pointed is also “Flytrap!”
Some important points:

* Uses no impression devices.
* Uses no equivoque/magician’s choice.
* Uses no stooges, only random volunteers from the audience.
* There is no switch of the newspaper.
* Redonkulous is not a prediction but a powerful and improbable coincidence
* Uses any newspaper in any language.
* Redonkulous is an audience tested and polished routine honed over the past 10 years and hundreds of performances!
The Redonkulous Package Includes:

* Two Live Corporate Show Performances
* The history of Anthony’s creation and how Redonkulous came to be the solid piece of mental theatre in his corporate keynote, team building and entertainment programs.
* All the information regarding the props needed to perform the routine as well as advice in selecting the perfect newspaper for the routine.
* How to prepare for a show, set-up at the venue and how to choose and pre-screen the best audience volunteers.
* Ground-breaking pre-show coaching where real pre-show is experienced via hidden camera! Then Anthony takes you step by step through the entire process providing road-tested tips and insights that are valuable for the beginner, novice and the expert.
* Complete detail of the method, intricately explained and demonstrated. Nothing is left to the imagination.
* A detailed walk-through of the routine with audience management advice and coaching, including how to reveal the word to generate the best audience response at the conclusion of the routine.
* Also included are Pre-Show and Performance scripts printed in a 11 x 17 folder for easy learning.
$60.00 (40.782)

Genesis V2 – Andrei Jikh: It all started in October of 2009. It was on Halloween night that theory11 unveiled the debut DVD from the mind of Andrei Jikh. It was called Genesis. And it changed everything.
is not, and has never been, a small undertaking. The original Genesis DVD is close to four hours of training, and it takes you from zero to sixty in cardistry faster and better than any other training resource.
The first volume of Genesis was specifically designed for those of a beginner or intermediate ability level. It provides a foundation in card flourishing - the building blocks and essential moves you need to know to advance within the art form. Genesis v2 continues in that progression. This is the next step.
Everything you learned in Genesis v1 is about to get amped up to another dimension. Covering over 18 moves on an intermediate to advanced ability level, Genesis v2 takes you by the hand and challenges you to be better, faster, and more precise in every movement you make. Are you up to that challenge?
Over two and a half hours of comprehensive training, with guest appearances by Jeff McBride shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The goal with Genesis v2 is to take everything you've seen or learned before and then surpass it. With unparalleled production quality, there has never been a cardistry training video like Genesis before. Now is the time to take the next step. Imagine a new world of elegant, fluid motion brought to life by Andrei Jikh. Get inside his mind, and apply these principles in creating new moves of your own imagination. The sky is the limit. With Genesis v2, Andrei Jikh solidifies his stance on the forefront of the art form, and with this video, he invites you to join him on that quest. Get ready.
$34.95 (DVD01248)

(4) Skip Switch Project – Ollie Mealing: Skip Switch is a true utility move. A selected card is cleanly sandwiched between two other cards and left outjogged from the center of the deck. In full view, the three card packet is removed from the deck, and in that split second, the selection has been swapped for another card!
Once you have learned the diabolical secret you can perform the Skip Switch anytime, anywhere and with any deck. No gaffs, no insane finger flicking difficulty.
But this DVD is not just the in-depth teaching of a new move. It is filled with Ollie's crowd pleasing routines. Eleven barn-storming miracles with a deck of cards.
Edit The Equation
In Hindsight
Optimistic Mix
Home Skip Home
Foolish Tourist
Special Delivery
Palmers Revenge
$25.00 (DVD01249)

"The Skip Switch is one of the nicest moves I have seen in a long time. Unnatural actions are conspicuous by their absence. If you perform sandwich effects (and I don't know any card magician who doesn't?), this is a must-have addition to your arsenal of sleights." - Peter Duffie

(5) Crafty Power DVD – Magnetic Coin Routines – Kreis Magic:
Coins Across
Magician holds four coins in his left hand. The coins jump into his right hand one by one. This effect is super visual.
Coins Across With Glass
The coin visually jumps between two glasses.
Coin through Glass
Magician quickly knocks a coin against the bottom of a glass, and the coin penetrates to the inside of the glass.
Coin Through The Spectator’s Hand
The spectator holds the coins in their closed hand. Without any suspicious moves, the magician extracts the coin through the closed fist.
Coin Through The Deck
Magician places a deck over the mouth of a glass. He smashes a coin into the deck. The coin penetrates the deck to land in the glass.
Reverse Coin Through The Table & Glass
Magician places a glass on the table. One coin is brought under the table. He smashes the coin into the bottom of the table. The coin penetrates the table and jumps into the glass.
Heads Or Tails
Magician places a coin in an opaque glass. Without seeing it, the magician controls which side of the coin faces up.
Coin Toss
Magician tosses the coin, and predicts heads or tails correctly every time.
Mental Game
There are three different kinds of coin. While the magician is turned away, the spectator places one coin in their own pocket. The two remaining coins are held in each of the spectator's closed hands. Then the magician tells exactly which coin is in which hand or pocket.
$30.00 (DVD01247)

(6) Devastation: This effect blows laymen away.
A deck of cards is shown to be all backs on both sides, as you explain that last night you had the strangest dream. You dreamed that a spectator named any card. (they do this). Let’s assume they name the Four of Clubs. No force of any kind. They name any card in the deck.
In your dream you have a wallet. This wallet is on the table in full view before they name their card.
The all backs deck is spread out on the table showing both sides are all backs.
The deck is flipped over and all the cards now have a face. It’s a regular deck!
They look through the entire deck, Aces through Kings. There is one card missing from the deck. It’s the spectator’s thought-of card!
With no palming and nothing in your hands, you reach into the wallet and remove one card. Yes, it's the named card.
Easy to do, comes with special gimmick, a beautiful leather wallet and step by step DVD instructions. All you need is a normal of cards.
$40.00 (30.1577)

(7) Illusionary Appearances – Chris Stolz: Chris Stolz is known as one of the top up and coming illusion designers with incredible creations like his gorgeous sawing illusion, "4 Way Split" or his incredibly practical levitation for the small stage "Sound Waves".
Here is a collection of five appearance illusions for the stage. While these are not detailed construction blueprints, each illusion has been built and performed by many magicians all over the world. We are pleased to offer them together for the first time in print.
Here's what this book contains:
Aerial Arrival
An appearance in mid-air while levitating
Honey, I'm Home!
An appearance in an empty doorway
Dressing Room In A Box
A door is assembled in pieces before making your magical appearance
Walk The Plank
A board is placed on two tables and a cloth raised above them to reveal your lovely assistant
Wide Angled Platform
A black art platform modification making setup and angles considerably easier and more versatile
This is fantastic set of illusion ideas that you will be proud to own, build and perform!
31 pages. Saddle Stitched. Black and white illustrations and color photos
$65.00 (BK01766)

(8) Secrets of My Magic - David Devant:
Just reprinted in a very limited run of 200 copies. One of the finest books on magic ever written. This reprint has been limited to only 200 copies.
Chapters One and Two – Card Magic
Chapters Three and Four – Billiard Ball Magic
Chapter Five – Flower Magic
Chapter Six – Opening Illusions
Chapter Seven – Mechanical Magic
Chapter Eight – Famous Illusions Revealed
Chapter Nine – More Famous Illusions
Chapter Ten – Egg Magic
Chapter Eleven – The Indian Rope Trick
Chapter Twelve – Magical Mysteries
Chapter Thirteen – More Magical Mysteries
Chapter Fourteen – Magical Sketches
Chapter Fifteen – Masterpieces of Magic
Chapter Sixteen – Mental Magic
Chapter Seventeen – Trhree Unproduced Illusions
Chapter Eighteen –Creating An Illusion
Chapter Nineteen – Some Awkward Moments
Chapters Twenty and Twenty One – Magic Of My Contemporaries
Appendix – Notes For The Construction Of The Conservatory In The Advent Of Peter Pan Illusion
Hardbound in black cloth. 288 pages.
$45.00 (BK01767)

(9) Lennart Green Playing Cards: This commemorative deck of cards is designed by Vanessa Viana and features a portrait of Lennart by renowned artist Ken Knowlton.
$8.00 (30.1578)

And that’s this week’s Just Two Weeks Until The Conclave Hotlist! Some fabulous new items, all with you in mind!
As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford.
Either way, we love the company!