Friday, September 10, 2010

More Videos By The Pound!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Last weekend we were supposed to be whacked by Hurricane Earl. The always nearly-right, but sometimes completely wrong weather people were totally wrong, at least for our neck of the woods. Earl tip-toed into New England, dropped some rain, blew a little wind, and left. Truth be told, I would rather have the weather people wrong and not be cleaning up after a big blow.

Coming in and going out. It has been an absolutely wild week here at Hank Lee’s. A ton of stuff arrived and a ton of stuff went out the door. We are still playing catch up with Get Sharky. We have more orders than stock, but they are coming in every few days, so we are making headway in filling the back orders. We finally filled all of the back orders for Smoke, and I just know that you are going to be thrilled with the method when you get yours! You did order one, right? If not, of course you still can.

This week, we worked out a wonderful arrangement with Pavel of Switzerland. As of right now, we will be the exclusive U.S. dealer for all of his rope magic. While he does make some other items, his rope magic is world renowned. From his Super Walking Knot on down, it is some of the most clever and visual magic you will find. Right now, you can search for “Pavel” in our online catalog at and see some of the items we already carry!

We have been a big fan of Andrew Mayne’s magic ever since he was just a sprout. He came by and did a little video spot for his fine effect, Teardown. It’s fun to watch, and you can do it right here:
And, remember, if you buy Teardown, you can, for a very short time, get Infusion for just $4.50! Such a deal.

On the home front, it looks like our beloved Boston Red Sox will not make it to the playoffs this year. The team was plagued by injuries all season, and played a lot of the year without the regulars. Of course, it is still possible that they make the playoffs. But, it will take a miracle for it to happen. Which brings me to (and, you are going to love this segue)…

I want to take a moment to wish all of our Jewish friends a Shana Tova, Hebrew for Happy New Year. Rosh Hashana is happening right now, and after saying a prayer for health and happiness and the State of Israel, it couldn’t hurt to throw in a little something for the Red Sox. It’s all about creating a miracle on Yawkey Way. See how this all works?

This year, for the first time in five years, Aron The Elder Son will be with us for the High Holidays. I must say that it is very nice to have him at home. Right now, it’s time to eat. Let’s see, I think today’s dinner is at our house. I will give you a full report next week!

Ooh, ooh. Check out this week’s excitement!

VIDEO BY THE POUND: We had so much fun with this one a couple of weeks ago, we decided to do it again! We are so lucky. We still have a ton of VHS Videos in our warehouse. And, I mean a ton. These are great videos. The material is simply top notch. And, they are all brand new.
But, DVDs are the new and VHS Videos are the old.
So, we are clearing them out. Selling them by the pound! At a price you will not believe. Just $5.00 per pound!
Just so you know, there are at least three videos per pound. And, you can buy as many pounds as you wish. I figured that you are getting at least $60.00 in videos for $5.00. The savings is so big that I can’t even figure out the number. I just know it’s a big savings!
You can even let us know what genre you are interested in. You know, close-up, stand-up, kids, coins, etc. Just mention it in the Customer Notes Box when you check out. We will do our best to match your interest and our videos.
You will find the VHS Videos By the Pound in our Online Catalog, so you can order up as many pounds as you would like. Just go directly to this link:
Unlike most of our excitements, this one has no end-date. You can order pounds of VHS Videos for as long as we have them available. While the stock is finite, I wouldn’t worry about us running out any time soon!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Super Big Flower Box: Show an empty square tube to the audience. They can see right through it; you can even push your hand through to further show it empty.
Reach into the tube and produce a very nice clear box filled with flowers! Produce a second box, then a third. Each time showing the tube empty!
The magic continues until you have produced a total of twelve boxes! And, these boxes are big. Each one measures 10.5 x 9.25 x 5.25 inches!
This is a fabulous piece of visual magic. A great closing effect!
$349.95 (60.1692)

(2) Jurassic Deck: From the folks who brought you Get Sharky! The magician shows a deck of 52 different cards. Different movie titles ('Pretty Woman', 'E.T.', 'Jaws' etc.) are boldly written in black on the red back of each card.
A 'movie collectors’ club' prediction card is placed on the table in full view.
The magician says: 'Since I’m a huge movie fan, I wrote the names of my 52 favorite movies of all time on the back of each playing card. I did this for a reason though. If I can’t decide which film to watch, I just pick a card and go with whichever one is on the back.'
The magician continues: 'I’m now even able to 'predict' a movie. Allow me to show you what I mean.' The magician spreads the deck face-up and a spectator is asked to pick any card they see at random (no force). The spectator’s freely chosen card is placed face-up next to the tabled prediction.
'If the movie represented by your freely chosen card matches the movie which is on my prediction card, wouldn’t that be impressive?'
The prediction is turned face-up by the spectator, to reveal the movie 'Casablanca'. Next, the spectator’s card is turned face-down only to reveal that 'Jurassic Park' is printed there. It seems the magician messed up, as the prediction and the spectator’s chosen card don’t match. However, the magician waves the whole deck of cards over the spectator’s card, and when the deck is turned face-down and spread out the whole deck of cards is changed into a 'JURASSIC DECK' of cards, matching the spectator’s freely chosen movie card!
But there’s even more: When the cards are placed back into the box, even the card box has changed into the theme of the chosen movie!
$30.00 (30.1524)

(3) Duplicate – Richard Mark:
An easily accomplished design duplication that will convince others of your mental powers.
Mind to mind communication. Is it possible? Duplicate is a remarkable tool, a mental illusion that enables you to immediately acquire the thoughts of your participant. The thought drawn by them is delivered to the Mentalist without resorting to impression, pre show, billet switching, mirrors or electronics. Relying on established principles used in a unique manner you will be able to demonstrate the transfer of a drawing from the participant’s mind to yours. You will be able to maximize the presentation and stun your audience. This is visual mental entertainment at its best.
Design duplication methods and presentations are plentiful, so why, you may ask, create another? This device will allow you to accomplish the task in full view of the audience. It is a very straightforward method that allows you to concentrate on the script and make it a truly personal presentation. Some very light and funny moments are possible and the method is completely deceptive. $45.00 (40.750)

(4) Watch Frame – Deluxe: An elegant frame with the front door lowered to show the interior empty.
Reach out and produce a large pocket watch from the air. The watch is hung in the frame.
Reach into the air again and produce a second watch, then a third, a fourth and a fifth!
Briefly close the door, then quickly open it to reveal that the five watches have transformed into one giant watch! The giant watch is removed and clearly shown on both sides.
Packs flat and small, but plays to the largest audiences. No gloves are required.
A wonderful routine that will fit in any show. Imported from Tora Magic.
$399.00 (60.1693)

(5) Diamond Cut Mirror Goblet:
The Diamond Cut Mirror Goblet, a complete sell-out at the 2010 IBM Convention in San Diego!
A beautifully etched, stemmed goblet, made of tough, nearly indestructible acrylic. Even from even a short distance, it appears to be genuine, finely-crafted crystal.
The mirrored divider is made of a specially manufactured acrylic, with high-resolution mirrored film sealed onto both sides, resulting in a near-perfect front-surface reflection.
The top edge of the mirrored divider is intentionally inset below the top rim of the glass, to help decrease the possibility of “flashing” during performance.
And, both compartments are waterproof, allowing myriad possibilities, including the use of Slush Powder. The detailed directions include several non-Slush Powder applications, as well.
The Goblet stands an impressive 7 inches high with a mouth opening of 3 ? inches in diameter; easily seen from the largest of stages.
Each half of the glass will easily hold up to four ounces of liquid or the equivalent. For example, a carefully folded 36” silk will fit nicely into one of the compartments.
The etched center stem provides a comfortable and non-suspicious “grip”, allowing the glass to be rotated quickly, easily and surely, with one hand, for appearances, vanishes and transformations. $37.50 (60.1690)

“Your mirror goblet is great! It’s simply the best mirror glass you can buy. The design, the size, everything is perfect!” -Jeff Hobson.

(6) Chef Anton – Live At Soapy Smith Night – 2 DVD Set: Meet Chef Anton, the two time U.S. Open Time Trick Shot Champion in pool and twice nominated Bar Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle in Hollywood where this mindbending performance was captured.
Combining his unique blend of comedy, magic, and pool ball wizardry, Anton is much more than a slick cue swinger and bottom-of-the-deck slinger, he is one of the country's top entertainers. Even magicians are left mumbling, "How did he do that?"
Disc 1 - Chef Anton LIVE at Soapy Smith Night
You can feel the electricity in the air. Anton steps to the table to a burst of applause as his pool cue magically appears from a ball of fire. You're amazed as Anton, now blindfolded, shoots a pool ball from a audience member's mouth into the corner pocket. You explode with laughter as a befuddled spectator is handed the watch he was wearing only moments ago. You are speechless as a deck of playing cards erupts out of a hat like a volcano with the spectator's signed playing card skewered by Anton's pool cue. Need to see more?
Disc 2 - Free Bonus DVD - Chef Anton's Magical Menu of Pool Ball Wizardry
Enjoy the video that started it all, with Chef Anton's compliments. Filmed in 1994, the award-winning trick shot DVD is presented in its entirety. Voted "Best Video for Kids and Adults" by Pool and Billiard Magazine, this collector's item presents some of the most original trick shots ever compiled. Anton's groundbreaking ability to bring each shot to life with his animated narrative and amusing sound effects are now widely used by many of the country's top performers.
$35.00 (DVD01191)

(7) Appearing Table Lamp: An absolutely beautiful piece of stage magic from our friends at Tora Magic.
Your assistant walks on stage carrying an absolutely empty tray.
You show a large silk handkerchief and drape it over the tray.
As you lift the handkerchief, a full-size, three dimensional table lamp appears standing on the tray.
You can lift the lamp from the tray and show it all around. It appears completely solid. It looks absolutely perfect.
Comes with the tray, very special table lamp and full instructions.
A perfect addition to Tora’s Flower Vase To Lamp
$265.00. (60.1691)

(8) Extremely Mental DVD – Boris Pocus AKA Jay Sankey: Includes a special booklet featuring 5 brand new effects from Boris!
The booklet "Five Very Strong Effects To Scare People Plenty By The Great Boris Pocus" includes 'The Spirit of the Dairy Mother, 'Dark, Small and Numerous,' 'Numbers Don't Lie (To Boris'), 'I Crush Your Mind Now,' and 'Hypnotizing Imbeciles.' Inspired mentalism with dairy creamers, pepper shakers, playing cards, coins and pop can tabs!
Learn 21 lethal, practical and direct mentalist effects with clock faces, photographs, playing cards, billets, business cards, coins, locks, keys, pay envelopes, plastic creamers and more!
And thanks to Boris' totally unique (and completely over the top performance style) you are guaranteed to learn a ton of great mentalism while laughing like crazy!
Over 2 hours long, the DVD also includes intimate interview segments during which Boris shares his unique views on predicting the future, reading minds, ESP, fortune tellers, nurturing a mental state, the importance of the performer's voice, and more!
Contents Include:
Perfect Timing: Predict a freely selected time of day, down to the minute!
Mona Lisa: Control a spectator to perfectly arrange pieces of the classic painting!
Lottery: A premonition of five freely chosen cards and their order!
A Very Good Year: The date on a borrowed coin matches the date on your own coin!
Echo: Demonstrate your ability to create a "mental echo" between yourself and a spectator
Undeclared Income: Divine the mathematical total of a handful of borrowed change!
Color Blind: Mentally 'guide' someone to find their own favorite color from many choices!
Speechless: Predict virtually any object someone is thinking of!
True Believer: A spectator who 'truly believes' finds the one key to unlock a lock!
Facsimile: Learn to sense every detail of a borrowed business card!
$30.00 (DVD01190)

(9) Mental Marker:
The ultimate Ash on Arm visual effects pen! You can make virtually any image you can draw appear on your arm! This is a completely new way to look at Ash on Arm!
The Mental Marker special effects pen is a fine point felt tip marker, small enough to palm if you want to use it during performance or write on the spectator's skin instead of your own, yet large enough to endure hundreds of amazing demonstrations!
Designed exclusively for magicians, the Mental Marker's special ink produces invisible lines that darken when rubbed with ash and many other substances. The lines do not run or fade and dry nearly as fast as you apply them. Glycerin free! Soap free!
This incredible ink isn't found anywhere else on the planet. It exists solely in this pen for use by magicians. The possibilities are endless. You can even make colored tattoos appear on your body!
• Writes clear!
• Easy to learn! Easy to use! Easy to carry!
• Movie-style special effects at your fingertips!
• Two Mental Markers for one low price!
The Mental Marker "Tips and Tricks" include stunning visual effects, comedy bits, gospel applications, and high-impact revelations that lend themselves to any performance style.
Double Pack! That's right, you get two Mental Markers for one low price! If you like the original Ash on Arm concept, you are going to love the freedom and inspiration you get from the Mental Marker special effects pen. $19.95 (10.1586)

(10) The Grail – Gold Edition: The best card at any number ever seen.
The Grail has completely fooled many of the best minds in magic It has been a consistently top seller for many years, and now it returns...recharged, reloaded and refined to be better than ever before!
But why mess with something that was already so great? Well fear not, the original routine still remains in its brilliant entirety as it is a superb bit of creative and highly-subtle thinking. However, in addition to this, Peter Nardi finally tips the versions of The Grail that he has been using to fry magicians and lay people! If you are familiar with the effect, imagine now handing a small envelope containing a prediction prior to the number being named! And ending without ever having to touch the prediction again!
The Grail Gold Edition contains the following new material:
The Holy Grail
This is the version of The Grail that Peter Nardi has been performing for over 2 years (this version totally blew David Blaine away when Peter performed it for him).
Imagine handing your spectator a small black envelope which they are instructed to place in their pocket. A packet of cards is introduced and your spectator is asked to name a number between 1-52. Whichever number they name (no force) is the number used. The cards are removed from the deck and handed to the spectator to examine. Once your spectator is happy that the deck is normal, they count through the cards to their chosen number. The card exactly at their number (not the card before or after) is seen to be, let’s say, the 3 of Clubs. Your spectator removes the envelope from his pocket and removes the odd backed card inside. It’s a perfect match.
1. Only one envelope
2. Only One Card in the Envelope. Magician never touches the card or envelope once removed from the spectator’s pocket
3. Only one deck used
4. Deck is examined
5. No switching of card or envelope.
6. No palming, adding or taking anything away
7. Use the deck for the rest of your set after the effect.
Peter Nardi's Impossible Grail Opener (Stage Version)
If you perform a cabaret or stage act this opener is for you. A great effect to kick off your show, and gets you a randomly selected volunteer up on stage to help with your next effect!
Peter Nardi's Two Person Any Card At Any Number
This is the ideal version to perform for parlor performance or whenever you have a table to perform on. Peter uses this as a sit-down routine when he performs for a couple.
Two decks of card are introduced, One red and one blue. One spectator selects a deck and chooses a card sight unseen. The second spectator names a number between 1-52 and deals down to that number in the other deck. Both cards match!
Peter Nardi's Impromptu Grail
Now you can perform the great card at any number with your spectators own deck
The Grail Gold Edition comes with the above routines and even more additional ideas.
$29.00 (30.1071)

And that’s this week’s bubbling over the top Hotlist. Something for everyone!
As always, I want to thank you for taking time out from your busy schedules to visit us either online at or in person at our delightful showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way we love the company.