Friday, September 17, 2010

Buy More Get More - What Could Be Better?

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Suddenly, it is autumn. The weather has changed to what we like to call “crisp.” It’s a little chilly during the day, with extremely low humidity, and then bordering on cold at night. Great weather for sleeping. To be honest, for me, almost any weather is good for sleeping.

Every day is not perfect, even in our nearly-perfect little world. Bonnie and I were out to dinner last Saturday night, when we got a call from Aron the Elder Son. “I have done the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he said. I spun the mental Rolodex for a quick peak at all the stupid or near-stupid things he has done. None seemed all so bad, so I asked what had happened. Seems he tried to back the car out of the garage without opening the garage door. Oops. Not exactly stupid, but a definite brain cramp. Of course, the garage door needs to be replaced. The drag is that since the exact door is not being made any more, we must replace both doors. Anyone need a perfectly good garage door? Let me know.

On the magic front, we finally received Inflataball from Colin Rose, and have shipped out all the back orders. The item is even more beautiful than we thought. Just a gorgeous piece of magical woodworking. We have them in stock right now, so if you have been thinking about ordering this one, now is the time!
You can get all the info on this great item at:

We have also received a shipment of Wayne Roger’s new Appearing Ladder From Anywhere. The effect is the same as Wayne’s original Appearing Ladder, only now you can produce the ladder from your own briefcase, box, bag or just about anywhere. Wayne has lowered the price as well, which is always nice. You’ll find the new Appearing Ladder From Anywhere right here:

For those of you who are members of the Magic Of The Month Club, the new HankoGram is up online right now. It is just chock full of new magic, all at a very nice price! If you are not a member of the MOMC, you should be! It is 100% free of cost to you, and will bring you some terrific benefits! Check it out right here:

And, that’s all the news from here. Time to check out this week’s excitement.

BUY MORE GET MORE: We love nothing more that filling out Promotional Gift Certificates. Especially ones with your name on them! So, starting right now and running through Thursday, September 23rd at midnight, we are having a Buy More Get More event. Here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a Promotional Gift Certificate which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee’s. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:
• Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 15% of the merchandise total. (Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
• Order between $100.00 and $300.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total.
• Order over $300.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.
When you place your order online at, please put the secret phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. If you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a coupon for every order you place during the event. Just don’t lose the coupons, please. The Buy More Get More event includes every item we carry!

And now, this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Taste – Bobby Motta: Not just a routine out of Bobby Motta's working repertoire, but his most powerful effect, that has been perfected over the past several years.
Five ordinary cups are filled with different drinks. The performer can either be blindfolded or in a different room, and will always know which drink has been tasted. Stop reading and think about that for a second. Yes it's that amazing.
More than just a great mind reading tool but a totally unique approach to mentalism.
Each cup is self contained and this effect can be performed on any table. The cups are custom designed by Bobby Motta and Craig Filicetti to be very deceptive, completely examinable from every angle, and they are easy to wash and maintain. Each of the five cups is based on ProMystic Multidimensional Technology, known worldwide for the highest level reliability. They are 100% compatible with the ProMystic Modular Receiver.
We want to recognize Christopher Taylor for his contribution to the art of mentalism by inventing T3. We also want to thank Christopher Taylor for granting permission to release this product which uses a similar method to his innovative product. $1495.00 (40.751)

"Taste is an incredible piece of mind reading!
Bobby Motta has combined a fool proof, diabolical method with a very powerful presentation. This is a home run for any stand up performer." Richard Sanders

(2) Nomad Pad – Nikolas Pelletier & Mathieu Bich: A real-world and highly reliable instant peek pad.
•Super-easy to use
•Looks like an innocent pad bought from a stationery store
•Real-time access to the information
•Automatic & instant reset
•240 performances with included refills
•Fits in your pocket!

Nomad Pad
Nomad Pen
Pad Refill
Instruction Booklet
Link to online video tutorials
$99.00 (40.752)

"It's an outstanding improvement on our Kopy Kat portfolio which Lee and I put out. In fact, it was the first item we put out. A magnificent adaptation beautifully structured for a close-up or even a platform performer. I highly recommend this outstanding device to any discerning mentalist. I'll be using it. Regards." - Larry Becker

"Nikola has merged the best of Clone Pad and Clone Folio, converted it for close-up, and has added several clever improvements. Good thinking! I recommend it." - Lee Earle

"This little device gives you plenty of confidence to hand the gimmick to a spectator since the gimmick is well locked away yet easily accessible if you know how. This hidden safety feature is a definite improvement over other such devices I have seen. I will be using this." - Banacheck

(3) Imagine DVD:
Imagine being able to turn a signed double blank card into a thought of playing card. Front and back, with the spectator's signature on the face of the card!
The most talked about underground effect of 2009 is finally hitting the market. Arm yourself with one of the most powerful and practical tools in your arsenal.
$24.95 (30.1526)

"There is a point in magic where the spectators fool themselves. This effect exploits that to the max. I can tell you from performing this, it's a beautiful moment for the participant and the performer. I call this effect 'Something From Nothing'! " - Andrew Gerard from Mind Freak

"A visual, mental miracle that happens in their hands, this is an offbeat, simple effect that gets amazing reactions!" - Bro Gilbert from True Astonishment Project

(4) Sponge Bananas Junior – Alan Wong:
This new set contains four medium and four baby sized sponge bananas that are perfect compliments to Alan Wong's full size Sponge Bananas, or used separately for all your favorite sponge routines.
You can multiply them in the hands of small children and watch them go wild! Collect all three sizes and you can create your own growing or shrinking Sponge Bananas routine! Comes with basic routine and instructions, contained in a durable zippered nylon bag, as the practical working professionals would pack them.
Like all sponge products in Alan's line, each Sponge Banana was hand made and painted with great patience and care. $25.00 (70.1005)

"What is it about the sight of a banana that makes an audience instantly smile? We may never know, but Alan Wong's sponge bananas are the finest sculpted and painted that I have ever seen." - David Regal

(5) Phantasm – Jamie Daws: A new piece of visual close-up magic and an impossible souvenir!
Imagine taking the classic Card Warp to exciting new visual extremes. That is exactly what Jamie has done!
Phantasm looks impossible as the card seems to instantly turn from face down to face up. As if this wasn't enough, you are left with a weird souvenir to give your spectator
This can be used as a packet effect you keep in your wallet, a full blown routine with two selected cards or as a great promotional idea with your business cards!
Comes complete with a gimmick, full DVD instructions, bonus ideas and a PDF template to create an amazing promotional give away using your business cards!
$24.00 (30.1525)

(6) Handy Sound – Coins: Handy Sound adds something a little extra to every performance. This very small, clean sound effect device is easily concealed in your palm. Vanish it with any reel. Each device comes with two sounds. Very durable. Perform anytime, anywhere. Batteries included. Device measures 1-7/8" x 3/4" (4.76cm x 1.91cm) $6.50 (70.1006)

(7) Nothing In Transit – David Forrest:
With the enclosed precision made gimmicks and instructional DVD you will soon be unleashing on your audiences one of the strangest moments in close up magic!
Your spectator chooses a card from the deck. You display a blank card with a large hole in it, claiming that is in fact a 'Portable Hole'. With a flick the hole suddenly jumps onto your spectators selected card: Then, in a slow and deliberate moment of total weirdness you begin to drag the hole across the spectator’s card, back onto the portable hole card. This has to be seen to be believed! Then, you hand both cards to your spectator for examination. There is nothing to find! $39.95 (10.1587)

(8) Mind Over Matter – Richard Osterlind:
The author is a world-renowned mentalist who has entertained Fortune 500 companies from New York to Beijing for the last four decades. He has been featured on Fox and Friends, Good Morning Finland, and Japan's Naruhodo: The World.
This book teaches the techniques Richard has developed to master his art. You will learn:
Mentalism insights into the way the human mind works!
Richard's formula for developing your ESP!
Actual mind-reading methods you can instantly start applying!
Ways to use mental suggestion to influence others!
Fun mental magic ideas to entertain your friends.
85 pages. Softbound. $19.95 (BK01730)

"In this book, I propose to take you into a wonderful and exciting world that already exists around you, but which is currently invisible to you. I want to show you how, using abilities you already possess, you can do things you thought were impossible!" -- Richard Osterlind

(9) Extractor – Gold Edition:
Extractor is the latest brainchild of mad genius Rob Bromley. Refined and streamlined over the last year by Peter Nardi, this fabulous utility item is now ready to be unleashed to the magic community.
Up until the 2008 Blackpool Convention only five people had ever seen the final Extractor gimmick. Then, at that convention, Peter demonstrated the power of the Extractor by performing his signature effect - "Impossible Card to Pocket." This incredible trick was the talk of the convention and the exciting news is that Peter's trick is just the tip of the iceberg
The Extractor is a true utility item for the astute magician and each unit is painstakingly hand-made by Rob and is a piece of master-craftsmanship. The card effects possible with the Extractor are only limited by your own imagination.
Your Extractor comes complete with an in-depth companion DVD full of tips and effects by Peter Nardi, Mark Elsdon, Gary Jones, Chris Harding and Chris Congreave. The effects include Peter's signature effect mentioned earlier, Mark's show-stopper version of 'Harry In Your Pocket', an unbelievable red and blue deck transposition/prediction guaranteed to melt your audiences' brains, plus fantastic handlings of card to wallet, card to spectator's pocket, card to shoe, in fact, card to almost anywhere!
In addition to the routines previously on the Extractor DVD the Gold Edition also has the following bonus footage.
How to re-box your Extractor with your own chosen brand of Playing Cards (poker size)
How to ensure your Extractor is in top condition at all times
New routine ideas Including Peter Nardi’s Intact routine, the much talked about signed card in sealed deck!
Don’t miss out on your chance to own an effect that has baffled some of the top magicians in the world.
$80.00 (30.1319)

(10) Cocktail Of Beads: We carried this effect many years ago, and it was one of our favorites to perform in the shop. Terrific visual magic! Effective, simple and easy to perform.
Show two clear glasses. Each glass contains pearls of a different color. A glass of red and a glass of white. The tops of both glasses are joined just like a cocktail shaker to mix the pearls from both glasses.
In a single magical move, you succeed in separating the pearls into their respective glasses and are left with one glass of red pearls and one glass of white pearls.
So magical! $16.00 (60.1694)

And that’s this week’s Hotter Than Hot Hotlist. All kinds of great new stuff. Stuff that is just begging for a new home. Hopefully it will be yours!
As always, we thank you for taking time out to visit us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.