Friday, August 20, 2010

Videos By the Pound!

Ahoy, Mateys. It’s your captain speaking. That’s right, Hankie Lee, captain of the SS Needleruser, the finest shiplet to ever ply the waters of Martha’s Vineyard. And, shiplet is the best way to describe the Needleruser. It is actually an 8’ Zodiac rubber boat with a three horsepower motor. The motor has two speeds. Rabbit and Turtle. For the past few years it has been in dry dock behind our house, but Bonnie has been hucking me to bring it out and blow it up and take the kids for a spin around the harbor. I think she believes that the kids are still little. Personally, I don’t think the four of us will even fit in the boat. But, maybe. Anyway, this weekend, I will be manning the pumps, both air and water.

For as long as I can remember, I have taken my summer vacation in August. Now, I remember why. Everyone else is on vacation and things are generally slower. Of course, our little retail showroom is booming because everyone is on vacation and coming to visit. To be honest, having some time to think is a good thing. As you will see in just a minute!

Hopefully by the time you read this, we will have initiated Streaming Video. It’s such a cool idea and I am very excited about it. Here’s the way it works. We have set up a Category in the Online Catalog at The Streaming Video category is between Stage Magic and Street Magic in the Categories on the left side of the page. When you click on the button, you will be taken to our Streaming Videos page. At this point there around 95 DVD titles, but more will be coming all the time. You choose the DVDs you want, go through the ordering process, and you are then able to watch the DVDs right on your computer. PC or MAC. You can watch the DVDs as many times as you want, fast forward, rewind, etc. And, you will have your very own Streaming Video “locker,” where your videos will be kept, forever. So, you can watch them any time you want. This is so cutting edge!
In order to purchase the Streaming Videos, you must be a registered in our Online Catalog. It’s easy as pie to do. Just click on the Register Button and fill out the info. What could be simpler?

Now, it’s time for this week’s excitement. I think it’s a really fun one and I hope you do as well.

VIDEO BY THE POUND: We are so lucky. We still have a ton of VHS Videos in our warehouse. And, I mean a ton. These are great videos. The material is simply top notch. And, they are all brand new.
But, DVDs are the new and VHS Videos are the old.
So, we are clearing them out. Selling them by the pound! At a price you will not believe. Just $5.00 per pound!
Just so you know, there are at least three videos per pound. And, you can buy as many pounds as you wish. I figured that you are getting at least $60.00 in videos for $5.00. The savings is so big that I can’t even figure out the number. I just know it’s a big savings!
You can even let us know what genre you are interested in. You know, close-up, stand-up, kids, coins, etc. Just mention it in the Customer Notes Box when you check out. We will do our best to match your interest and our videos.
You will find the VHS Videos By the Pound in our Online Catalog, so you can order up as many pounds as you would like. Just Click Here.
Unlike most of our excitements, this one has no end-date. You can order pounds of VHS Videos for as long as we have them available. While the stock is finite, I wouldn’t worry about us running out any time soon!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Victorian Watch Box: The Watch Box is one of the great effects in magic. A borrowed watch, or other object, vanishes in a blink. It instantly re-appears inside a locked box which has been in full view throughout the routine. Classic magic, for sure.
Dave Powell’s Victorian Watch Box is one of the most beautiful versions of this effect we have ever seen.
The box features a mortised key lock and solid pewter hardware. It is 3” x3” square. Beautifully hand-crafted from solid Mahogany, each unit is signed and number by Dave Powell. The gimmick is virtually invisible. Even if you know how it works, you may have trouble finding it!
There will be only 50 of these produced, and they will go fast. So, please get your order in early and avoid disappointment.
$195.00 (60.1682)

(2) Electro-Magic Squeeker: Introducing Electro-Magic Squeeker, a specially built electronic unit which will enable you to squeek anytime, any place, anywhere.
Totally hidden, takes less than a minute to set-up. You're always ready to squeek.
Now you can perform the classic Squeeker gag with your hands totally empty!
Imagine being able to make anything you touch, press or squeeze – squeek!
You will love the new Electro-Magic Squeeker, It's going to open up a whole new world of magical possibilities for you. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, you'll have more fun with Electro-Magic Squeeker than you could ever imagine!
Package contents: Custom-made Electro-Magic Squeeker unit, fully detailed and comprehensive 12 page color instruction book, tough protective traveling/carry case, Cushionair switch, Adjustagrip switch housing, 2 custom-made soft-nylon toy squeekers , button design business cards. All fully equipped and ready to go! Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
A small investment for a quality custom-made piece of electronic wizardry.
$42.00 (50.969)

(3) Original Thumb Tie – Joe Monti: The strongest, most entertaining Thumb Tie routine available.
Not just an escape effect but so much more!
A complete turnkey routine.
25 Years of development.
Great audience participation effect.
As strong as any Strait Jacket routine.
A huge stage effect that fits in your pocket.
Detailed step by step instruction.
Works close-Up or on a big stage.
Instructional DVD also includes uncut National TV and Magic Castle performances. Plus bonus Close-Up Knuckle-buster.
$35.00 (60.1684)

(4) Close-Up Opener – Cody Fisher: Cody worked restaurants for more than 10 years. During that time he developed what he considers to be the "perfect opener" for the table-hopping magician.
One of the challenges of this venue is "the approach". Just how do you approach a group of people in a restaurant? Cody realized that the opening effect must be quick, visual, and absolutely amazing!
So what is it?
The magician approaches a group at a restaurant and borrows a spoon from the table (wink/wink). The spoon is held at the fingertips and slowly (and visually) it begins to bend. Once the spoon is bent almost in half, it is handed out for complete examination. The cool part is that the bent spoon matches all the other spoons on the table.
• Perfect For The Restaurant Performer
• A Quick, Visual, Magical Opener For Table Hopping
• Easy To Do
• Resets Instantly
• Comes With Special Spoon and DVD Instructions
$25.00 (10.1582)

(5) Losander’s Bubble Zombie: Losander is recognized throughout the world as one of the true masters of the art of levitation. Losander's Bubble Zombie may be one of the most beautiful and stunning levitation effects you will ever see.
Imagine showing a clear tube, dipping it in bubble solution, and then blowing a large bubble which floats off in front of you.
You then display a foulard and the bubble seems to magically dance above the edge of the foulard.
Cover the delicate soap bubble with the foulard and it starts to dance and float around with a mind of its own.
Tap the foulard popping the bubble ending what may well be one of the most amazing Zombie routines ever seen.
Losander has mesmerized audiences with this amazing piece of magic and now you will be able to delight your audiences with it as well.
Includes everything needed: DVD, Foulard, and Gimmick. $149.95 (60.1683)

(6) Instant Radio 2.0: Anything you touch becomes an Instant Radio!
Welcome to Instant Radio Version 2 - a lot of technology and wizardry packed into a tiny little package!
With Instant Radio Ver 2 you'll be able to create miracles in your bare hands.
Touch, squeeze or press anything and it becomes a radio. Yes, real FM radio sounds from anything.
Your hands are always totally empty, yet the radio sounds really do seem to come from the object you're holding. It's so easy to do, and you've got nothing to palm, hide or get rid of.
The illusion is perfect. The audience reaction is amazing with Instant Radio Ver 2!
Package contents: Instant Radio Module Version 2 , Cushionair switch, Adjustagrip switch Housing, Full color 12 page comprehensive instruction booklet, large resin radio dial, 2 radio design business cards.
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
$51.00 (10.1580)

(7) Clean Thru/Clear Thru - Lonnie Chevrie: The perfect anytime, anywhere routine with borrowed bills, a routine that will highlight your amazing magical powers anytime someone asks. When you don't have your cards, your coins, or your props, you need an impromptu miracle and this is it. If you are a stage performer and someone wants to see some close up magic off stage, this is the perfect effect to show them. It’s also the perfect lead in or follow-up to any other bill routine you already perform.
If you like Andrew Mayne's Ghost Bills you will love Lonnie Chevrie's Clean Thru/Clear Thru.
Clean Thru is a stunning, clean, visible, easy, and impromptu penetration of one borrowed bill through another. This is followed by Clear Thru, which is a routine Lonnie has stunned fellow magicians with; an incredible penetration of your finger through one of the borrowed bills. It looks like real magic.
Clean Thru/Clear Thru by Lonnie Chevrie is a routine you will always have in your wallet. AS much fun to do as it is amazing to watch.
$20.00 (10.1579)

(8) Comedy Confabulation – Cody Fisher: The magician tries to read the minds of the audience several times and does in fact succeed, but in the most absurd manner possible! In the end, however, the magician removes a sealed prediction that proves he did in fact know exactly what the audience would say!
This is one of the most clean, direct, and easy 'real time predictions' you will ever perform. Perfect for the stand up or stage performer. A great routine for comedy magicians looking for an impossible prediction. Or, for more serious mentalists looking to add some comedy to their show without sacrificing an impossible effect!
So, what makes this routine so funny? Well, Cody has come up with a very clever presentational plot that perfectly hides the "method". Also, the final prediction is actually pretty funny and is written in such a way that you may even get a big tip and a standing ovation!
In this booklet you will learn the version Cody currently performs in his stand up show along with several variations suggested by other full-time pros. This is truly a packs flat / plays big routine that requires no assistants, no messy carbon, and no double writing. This is not one of those Confabulation effects that take place throughout the entire show or during the course of several effects. The prediction occurs in real time!
Nothing has been left out. You are not merely buying a 'trick' or an 'idea,' but rather a complete routine with all the kinks worked out. Cody even tips the music he uses in order to make this routine play in the biggest of theatres.
If you are looking for a real time prediction that is fun, entertaining, and engages the audience, then look no further!
16 pages. 8.5" x 5.5" - Saddle Stitched. $40.00 (40.749)

(9) Refill thread for Hawk 2.0:
Approximate Length: 10 feet
No Cards or instructions included.
$10.00 (70.1002)

(10) Live At The Magic Castle DVD – Chris Randall:
This is Chris Randall's acclaimed live lecture at The Magic Castle in the Parlor of Prestidigitation. This DVD also shows bonus performances in the Close up Gallery and Palace of Mystery. In this lecture Chris tips some of his most prized creations such as:
Desert Rose - Over 10 effects with a simple paper rose.
7 Digits - The greatest trick ever to get a girl's phone number!
Balls From The Mouth - Chris' handling of this classic sponge ball routine now turned into mini illusion
The Exchange - A spectator’s business card and the magicians business card switch place in the spectator’s hands.
Swoosh - A simple and natural deck switch
Scandal Switch - The ultimate solution for your linking ring routine.
Plus much more!
$25.00 (DVD01183)

(11) Counterfeit Money – Cody Fisher:
This is Cody's fantastic handling for the classic "Pen Thru Bill" effect. There have been many versions of this effect on the market over the years but this may just be the best!
Cody has thought this routine through and worked out all the problems normally associated with similar routines. No more awkward handlings; just straight up visual magic with a presentation that justifies the trick!
• Perfect For Strolling
• Easy To Do
• Resets Instantly
• Comes Complete With Special Pen and DVD Instructions
$25.00 (10.1583)

(12) Sharp Money: Ben Williams' take on the signed bill to impossible location
A bill is borrowed from a spectator. The spectator signs their bill and the pen stays in view the whole time; the spectator can even hold on to it.
You fold the bill up and perform a series of vanishes and reproductions before completely vanishing their signed bill.
After some byplay, take the pen back from the spectator and draw attention to it. Work the pen back and forth, detaching the base of the pen from the tip, exposing where the ink cartridge is. However, now inside the pen where the ink cartridge should be is a rolled up dollar bill! You never touch the bill, but hand the pen to the spectator. The spectator takes the rolled up bill out themselves and unrolls it to find their signature across the bill. A true impossibility!
If you are a professional magician that understands the details of resetting effects between tables or pocket management think how nice it would be to have a money effect that works with the spectator's money, resets instantly, has a one time prep and takes up practically no pocket space! This is what you get with Sharp Money. Start performing a practical signed note to impossible location that gets huge reactions!
Points to remember:
The pen stays in view throughout the routine, it can even be held onto by the spectator.
The spectator can remove the signed note themselves; yes it really is their note inside!
Everything is fully examinable.
No difficult gimmicks to make or handy work needed.
A one time set up and you are ready to perform time and time again with no extra prep needed.
If you're the sort of magician that always carries Sharpies then the routine is basically impromptu!
Instant reset.
Perfect for table hopping, walkaround, social situations; it even plays big on stage or in a parlor setting.
Also included:
Sharp Card - a signed playing card appears inside the Sharpie.
Different handlings for all skill levels.
54 color photos showing everything in detail.
16 pages. $23.00 (10.1581)

(13) Connecting People With Magic DVD - Trevor Duffy:

Trevor Duffy is an award winning magician who has traveled extensively, entertaining with his own blend of magic and comedy. He innovates a great deal of his own magic and this DVD contains a collection of some of his favorites. He also lectures around the world, sharing his magic, valuable ideas and experiences.
Double Your Money
This is a dynamic, heart warming opener, which establishes rapport and credibility for you, at the start of the show.
Extreme Torn and Restored Banknote
Here is an outstanding torn and restored banknote effect, with the serial number recorded.
Signed Card to Both Pockets
This is a double barrel effect that will blow the audience away! Their signed card ends up in both pockets, one at a time, with a flowing comical interaction.
The Future Trick
A clever twist of the mind, where a signed card is found, before it is actually signed.
The Two Coin Trick
Close up coin magic where the use of sound and motion creates a clever magical transposition. Gets the audience every time!
Deck Production - Invisible Deck
Don't just take your cards out, magically produce them!
The Happy Birthday Trick
This is an impromptu trick, to celebrate a spectator's birthday.
Thought of Card – Reversed
This trick utterly blows the audience away. A spectator shuffles and secretly views a card. A moment later, the deck is spread, to find the thought of card is now reversed!
9.6 - 14 Card Repeat
An extension of the classic 6 card repeat. With the use of thin cards, more and more cards appear in the end...a fistful of 14 cards! This is a great opener for a platform show.
Graham Kirk Card Control
Graham Kirk was a South African champion magician for many years and created many world class sleights. This card technique allows you to control a card to any position near the top of the deck.
The Pocket Channel
An extremely clever utility device, with a number of creative, magical uses.
Touching Peoples Lives
This is a true story of how we as magicians can touch people's lives - sometimes people who are going through the saddest or most trying times in their lives.
$34.95 (DVD01182)

And that’s this week’s “Avast Ye Swabbies” Hotlist. The holds are chock full of great new magic, even without the salty sea captain lingo!
You really should take some time out from swabbing the deck to check out all this great new magic.
And, don’t forget to pick up a few pounds of video! Crazy idea, magic by the pound. Or is it?
Anyway, as always I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out from your busy schedules to spend some with us either online at or in person at our wonderful showroom at 102 North Street in Medford.
Either way we love the company.