Friday, August 27, 2010

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Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. What a bleak and junky week this has been. It started on Sunday. The rain. The wind. The dark of day. As you know, I was supposed to inflate the Needleruser and head out into Vineyard Haven harbor. But, no such luck. By the time, we were ready to get ‘er going, the seas were roiling. The waves were crashing against the sea wall, creating huge mountains of spray. It was pretty amazing to watch it from the shore. It would not have been so much fun to be out in it!

This was the first weekend that the rain kept us inside. The entire summer had been sunny and warm. So, no complaints from me. The whole family was there, and we spent a good deal of time playing Bananagrams and watching movies. Lucas’ SGF Julia was with us for the weekend, and she kept winning at Bananagrams. I am not sure how she did it, because she’s Canadian and ends every word with “eh.” No letters, please. I love Canadians and the way they speak. Really.

Aron was off to Washington, DC this week. Sporting a brand new haircut and beard trim, he had an interview at the Smithsonian. Could there be a more perfect job for a History Boy? Keeping my fingers crossed.

On the magic front, a ton of new stuff this week. But, a couple of great older items have come back in stock! The first is Eric Buss’ Phoney Magnet. A fantastic visual gag that you will use all the time. Check it out. The other item is one of our all time best sellers, Dice Illusion. It’s a terrific close-up trick. Both items are well worth checking out!

That’s all the news from here. Now, it’s time to check out this week’s excitement.

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The magic we will send is really good stuff. There are some tricks and some DVDs, even some books. It is brand new, right from stock. Stuff you will like and use!
It all starts right now, the very second you get this email Newsletter. And it will run through Tuesday, August 31st at midnight. Five full days. All you need to do is put the special code BUY SOME in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at so we know that you wish to participate in the promotion. If you call or FAX your order in to us, just mention the code BUY SOME.
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Get your order in to us, and see what surprises await you!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

(1) Twilite Floating Bulb: The Floating Light Bulb is a classic grand stage illusion that has mesmerized audiences for years. Robert Vitelli's Twilite Floating Bulb is a dynamic miniature version that fits right in the palm of your hand. What’s more, it all happens inches from their faces.
Introduce a tiny light bulb - it's about the same size as peanut. Make some magical passes over the bulb and it mysteriously blinks to life - this psychic lighting is doubly impressive because of the sheer intensity of the light. It's hard to believe so much light can come from such a tiny bulb.
They get a genuine shiver down their spines when you command the bulb to sloooowly stand on the center of your palm. . . still lit!
By now they’ll think they’ve seen it all, but it’s all been a lead-up to the fantastic finale - you cause Twilite to rise from your hand and take flight!
The majesty of the lit bulb soaring is breathtaking. Since you’re in total control, Twilite will levitate until you want it to descend to your hand as smoothly and slowly as it left. It then lays down on your palm and concludes its astonishing performance with “lights out” before it goes back into your pocket all set for its next performance.
The Twilite Floating Bulb can be performed anywhere - surrounded. It comes complete with the custom manufactured Twilite mini bulb, batteries, instructions plus accessories. $60.00 (10.1584)

(2) Sugar High – Chris Randall: A spectator is handed a sugar packet from the table and asked to hold on to it.
A box of crayons is introduced and the spectator is asked to select a color. Let’s say, the spectator chooses green.
A green crayon is taken out of the box and waved over the sugar packet until the green crayon changes to white.
The sugar packet is then torn open and when the sugar is poured out, it’s green sugar.
$20.00 (DVD01184)

(3) Cheat Blendo – David Ginn: Four separate 18-inch silks instantly blend into a 36-inch square right in your hands!
Comes complete with four 18-inch 100% pure silks in red, blue, yellow and green, 36” Four Square Blendo silk, plus complete instructions.
$30.00 (60.1685)

(4) Mystic Hole: A freely selected card is examined.
Without warning, you push a coin through the card, ostensibly making a large hole.
Right under the spectator's nose, you visually heal the hole in the card, restoring it to perfect condition!
The spectator examines the card, the coin, and the deck!
Mystic Hole comes with a Bicycle Poker size gimmick and DVD instructions.
$30.00 (30.1520)

(5) Sponge Tennis Balls – Alan Wong: This is the most super realistic sponge item ever made by Alan Wong. The set comes with four very soft, extremely compressable, sponge tennis balls.
You can produce them, vanish them, multiply them, throw them out for gags.
They bounce like real tennis balls, too!
Perfect for final loads under Cups and Balls – think how many you can fit in!
$25.00 (60.1686)

(6) Magic Of The Medicine Show – Book & DVD – Paul Prater:
From the author of Malefecium, a unique introduction to the medicine show.
Some Of The Sections:
History of the Medicine Show- Great background material on what the medicine show really was and from where it evolved. Must-know stuff if you want to create such a show.
Patent Medicine- Ah yes, even in the good old days the drug companies knew the value of promotion!
The Medicine Show Pitch Character and how to develop your own.
How Paul advertises and promotes.
Diagrams of the signs and tables Paul uses.
Where to perform the show and how to market; and those of you with your own mini side shows will be delighted with the way Paul combined his medicine show and side show exhibits!
The basic routines used by Paul, ways to create and adapt the props, tips and techniques and more.
A good basic text and starting place and includes a 30 minutes DVD showing a performance of the medicine show for a live audience.
101 pages. Softbound. Includes DVD. $35.00 (BK01725)

(7) Butterfly Silk – 45” – Laflin: There is no better way to choose a silk than to choose the one designed by a master magician who specializes in silk magic. These silks feature the optimal weight, hemming style and beautiful graphics that a professional magician needs for successful and fun silk magic routines.
100% silk. 45” Square.
$30.00 (60.1688)_

(8) Money Matters – Ed Solomon: The author, well known to bizarre performers and those who enjoy storytelling magic has put together a wonderful book of storytelling presentations for magic with money!
150 pages of storytelling delight. Some with a wry chuckle, others with a tear or a sigh but all with emotions and all using coins, bills or similar items in one way or another. Some of the effects include original methods while others are based on well known principles.
A Penny For Your Thoughts - Old copper coins and Tarot cards combine in a delightful tale.
Buffalo Gals - Saloon stories, buffalo head coins and an old bar song come together in this interactive effect.
Chinese Coin Routine - Based on Fred Kaps Chinese Coins routine, a somewhat bawdy idea for growing coins and ritual showers.
Coin Boxes - A home made coin box with many magical possibilities.
Coins Of Molly Mack - Molly returns from the dead to reclaim the coins stolen from the eyes of her corpse... and other fun party tricks!
Floating Bill - A lesson in the value of dollar, and a magical one at that!
Folding Money- A wonderful set of dollar bill facts sets the stage for a magical happening.
Money Matters - Malarkey and Blarney, we learn the difference in this tale of high tech and low tech money tracking and more!
Mythos- A tale of Charon, the old ferryman who ferries the dead into the underworld, and a set of Newcastle Coin Boxes combine in this tale of the river Styx.
One In A Million- Thaddeus P. Turdly, woke up under a bridge one morning, yawned, scratched, and checked his pocket. Down on his luck, all he had left to his name was $10.
Penny Angels- DeNomolos has a few hidden skills that on occasion will be brought into play when the need arises. Even this simple coin production becomes magic when he adds just a bit of a story.
Small Change - Karma, reincarnation and a simple coin transformation- who could ask for anything more!
Plus more! A total of 29 effects.
153 pages. Softbound. $35.00 (BK01726)

(9) Miracle Magic Bandz: The kids are all wearing these silly rubber bands. Here’s your chance to incorporate the latest fad into your routines!
Miracle Magic Bandz - the first shaped rubber bands, in six magic-themed shapes.
Each package comes with 12 Bandz, two each of the following:
Bunny rabbit
Top hat
Plus sign (ESP symbol)
3 of Clubs
The possibilities are endless. Just put on your thinking cap and get started!
$5.00 (10.1585)

(10) Toosh – Steve Haynes: Draw a couple of doodles on two business cards (say an x and a smiley face) and have a spectator sign both. While the spectator is sitting, you very clearly and openly show both signed cards (really only two cards!). Again, show the signed smiley face card and place it in the spectator’s hands. Place the signed x card in your pocket.
Your hands are completely empty. Snap your fingers, then ask the spectator to turn the card they are holding face up. It is now their signed x card! But, they saw you place that card in your pocket! With no hesitation, ask the spectator to stand up. It turns out that they are now sitting on their signed smiley face, which was in their hands just moments ago!
Toosh is a test conditions, point blank blow to the spectator’s mind. Because of how open and fair everything is, the spectator can clearly remember every detail with not one single questionable moment!
The Toosh gimmick allows you to perform the most impossible signed card to impossible location, changes and transpositions, in the most open and fair way possible!
Toosh does not use conventional methods, such as double lifts, holding more cards than it appears, false signatures and such; it uses a self contained multi functional gimmick (some quick and easy assembly required) that will last a very long time and can be used with playing cards as well.
Several applications are covered and you will see how easy, practical and powerful Toosh really is!
Here is some of what you will learn on this DVD:
Toosh - Signed card under a seated spectator.
Tic-Tac-Dough - Two signed business cards and a dollar bill come together for a multi phase routine.
Red/Black Ace Transpo - Both cards can be signed and only uses two cards!
Gimmicks and a wallet for your business or playing cards are included (some very quick and easy assembly required).
$30.00 (DVD01186)

(11) Clown Silk – 45” – Laflin:
There is no better way to choose a silk than to choose the one designed by a master magician who specializes in silk magic. These silks feature the optimal weight, hemming style and beautiful graphics that a professional magician needs for successful and fun silk magic routines.
100% silk. 45” Square.
$30.00 (60.1687)

(12) Mene Tekel Miracles – DVD And Decks – Nathan Kranzo:
Mene Tekel Basics:
Basic Ambitious Sequence
Basic Card In Pocket
Basic Mind Reading Card Revelation
Basic Card Thru Table
Assorted Mene Tekel Routines:
Billy McComb/Grant Gag Revelation - A hilarious routine created by Billy McComb based on Grant's old gag. A signed card is torn up and thrown away after a very funny revelation. Explaining the deck is now no good because it's missing a card, instantly a duplicate is produced from the performers pocket and replaced, giving you a full deck once again. No palming!
Henry Hardin's Envelope - An envelope is examined, sealed and signed by a volunteer. Yet, with no false moves, when the envelope is held to the light a card can be seen inside. When the envelope is torn open the card proves to be the selection.
Using the MT Deck For Instant Stooge Work - This simple use can be hilarious and amazing all at the same time. Thanks to Eugene Gloye for permission to share this gem!
Howard Lyons Secret Second Deal Demo - Display your skill with an incredible one-handed Second Deal. This very off beat use of the MT deck as a demonstration of skill will fry laymen and magicians.
Bruce Elliot Card to Wallet - Using any standard, normal and ungimmicked man's billfold wallet, any card selected can be produced from the wallet. The wallet is placed on the table or handed to the volunteer before the card is even returned to the deck.
The Eugene Gloye MT Deck - Eugene Gloye created a very disarming version of the Mene Tekel pack that makes it even more deceptive for close up work. This overlooked idea is something you'll adopt and use.
Roughed Red Blue Mene Tekel Deck Effects:
Marlo's RRBMTD Coincidence - Credited to Al Baker and Joe Berg this is simply a version that hides the odd back duplicate. Marlo spent a lot of time with this deck and this effect is based on one of his simplest and most direct solutions!
Yedid It Again - You begin your show with a red back card sticking out of your pocket. Any card is named and the red backed card is revealed to be a match! This "any named card" prediction from your pocket is fast, direct and nearly self-working.
Kranzo's Card To Fly - Straight from Kranzo's comedy club mind reading act, this hilarious routine has been a workhorse in Kranzo's repetoire for years. For the first time he reveals all the work, gags, lines and timing that make the effect strong and funny .
She Did It - This is Kranzo's application of the MT deck to the "any named card" in a sealed envelope plot. Kranzo reveals, inside the sealed envelope, a description of what the woman looks like, what she is wearing and her-thought of card! A show stopper and a reputation maker for mentalists and mind readers .
Neal Elias Production - This is a no palm card to pocket that is dead easy. Any named card is produced from your pocket with no palming. Simple strong and direct.
The $100 Prediction (In a Hat) - They think of a card and you bet $100 the card you placed in the hat is the same card. Guess what happens next?
Impromptu MT Deck Effects:
Farelli In my Pocket - Any card is touched or cut to by the spectator and the rest of the deck is handed to the performer who places it in his pocket. The performer reaches in his pocket and withdraws one card from the deck. It is the exact mate of the selection.
Holden/Farelli Coincidence - A spectator selects any card from a tabled spread. Free choice, for real. The spectator is then asked to cut the deck at any spot. When the selected card and the card that was cut to are revealed they are perfect mates!
X Ray Card Stab 2010 - Roy Johnson was the first to use an MT deck for the card stab. Jim Steinmeyer and others have published card stabs using the MT deck and similar set ups like Phil Goldstein's Proxy Stab. This one is dead easy and self working. The spectator does all the work. The cards are handed to the spectator to cut a few times and when she is satisfied, she is asked to place the top card in her pocket. The deck is now wrapped in paper and the spectator herself stabs the deck. When the paper is torn away the card she stabbed next to is the King of Clubs. The card she placed in her pocket is a perfect match. The King of Spades!
Special Bonus Mene Tekel Deck Trick
Instant Signature Duplicate!
Kranzo will teach and show this basic set up and his use of it as an impromptu signed duplicate. They name a card and sign it. You instantly have access to a signed pseudo duplicate. This is a secret weapon Kranzo has been using to destroy people for years. Kranzo teaches how to make a signed card appear in their own pocket.
What do you get when you purchase?
The DVD with all the fantastic effects described.
Two Roughed Red Blue Mene Tekel Decks so that you can perform miracles.
All of the effects taught on the DVD will use either normal decks of cards or can be performed with the decks that are provided.
$25.00 (DVD01185)

And that’s this week’s, “Gee but I hope it stops raining” Hotlist. An even dozen wonderful new items, plus the two newly stocked oldies. Lots of stuff to check out, especially on a rainy day!
As always, I want to personally thank you for making a visit with us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory part of your weekly routine. Whether you visit us online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love your company!