Friday, August 13, 2010

Conclaver's Week - Free Shipping - Sales Tax Holiday

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. This has been a really fun week, but the upcoming week is really going to be a blast! I should mention that today is Friday the 13th. So, stay away from ladders and black cats.

Were you with us at this year’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave? I hope so, because it was a wonderful event. If you were there, you received a certificate for Conclaver’s Week. As luck would have it, the coming week, August 14th thru the 20th at midnight, is the week! For those who don’t know, Conclaver’s Week is our way of saying, “Thank You” to everyone who attended the Conclave. The certificate allows you a 29% discount, on all discountable items in our vast inventory. When you place your order, just enter the special code, CONCLAVER in the Discount Coupon Box and the discount will automatically be taken. If you place your order online, there is no need to return the certificate. You can frame it and hang it on your wall, or you can neatly fold it and toss it in the recycling bin.

Now, for the lucky part, and you are going to love this. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has set aside August 14th and 15th as a Sales Tax Holiday. I hope you are catching the drift. If you are a Massachusetts resident and place your order on the 14th or 15th, or if you visit our showroom at 102 North Street in Medford on the 14th you will pay no tax! I love it! For those Conclavers who order on the 14th or 15th, your saving is suddenly 35.25 %. An unheard of deal, thanks to the folks in the State House. So, this is really a case of the early bird getting it all!

Sadly, there are some of you out there that were not at the Conclave. So sad. Of course, you will still be eligible for the two days of no Sales Tax. But, I feel that I should do something more for you, so please check out this week’s excitement!

FREE SHIPPING: Until Friday, the 20th of August at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 20th of August! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Emperor's Orange Box:
A limited edition illusion, constructed of solid walnut with custom hand cast pewter corners and hardware. Only fifty of these will be made!
The magician displays a small cabinet with doors front and top. The front door is opened and the interior of the cabinet shown to be unmistakably empty.
The cabinet is then placed on a table, the top door opened and a length of heavy cord placed in the box. The ends of the cord are threaded through holes in the sides of the box and tied together in front. The cabinet may be given to a spectator to hold or left on the table in full view of the audience.
An orange is now selected from a tray of oranges and then made to disappear. A ring is borrowed from a member of the audience and made to disappear as well.
Attention is called to the ends of the cord, which are still knotted together in front of the cabinet. The door is opened and the orange revealed inside the cabinet is threaded on the cord.
After untying the ends of the cord, the orange and cord are pulled free of the cabinet. The orange is cut open and, in the center, knotted to the cord, is the borrowed ring which may be removed and identified by the spectator.
A wonderful piece of classic magic. Beautifully made. And, remember there will only be 50 of these. So, act early.
$395.00 (60.1681)

(2) Smoke – Alan Rorrison: Produce a cloud of smoke on command with Theory 11’s new Smoke.
A match is ignited and pressed to a small black dot drawn on the palm of your hand. With your other hand, you slowly trace the path of ignition up your arm, across your chest and finally to your mouth. Open your mouth and a cloud of smoke emerges!
Created by Alan Rorrison, Smoke represents simple, powerful magic.
The smoke is harmless, made of organic compounds. It is not really smoke, but a vapor, made from organic compounds and completely harmless. It causes no irritation or discomfort whatsoever with responsible use.
Comes with an instructional DVD by Dan White.
While Smoke does not utilize fire or flammable materials, it is intended for use by those 18 years of age or older, and will not be sold to anyone younger. $49.95 (10.1578)

(3) Mash Pack – Garrett Thomas: Garrett's Mash Pack is a radical re-invention of our beloved Bicycle deck. It's a one-of-a-kind conceptual breakthrough that mashes a pack and it's box into a singularly wondrous magical object.
What they see: You're holding a solid bicycle card case. The case instantly and visibly morphs into 52 single cards! (We use the words "instantly and visibly" in their truest, most instant and visible sense). As you square these single loose cards they instantly and visibly morph back into a solid case!
What you see: You look down and see a solid card case in your hand, just your basic bicycle card case. Your fingers "spread" the card case, and the case automatically transforms into a spread of 52 single cards.
No flaps. No moves. Just the rare experience of being the performer and the audience at the same time.
Instantly resets.
A great opener.
No flaps. No extra pieces.
Completely self-contained
Very easy to do.
Includes routines that leave you with a normal ungaffed deck and case.
Designed for use with a red Rider Back Bicycle deck.
Watch the demo. Prepare to be mashed!
For a limited time only (until they run out), a free bonus deck! Paul Harris has allowed Garrett to include the PH Box-Back Deck. This free second custom deck is a completely different animal that opens up yet another brave new world of deck and case astonishments! USPCC will not re-print this very special Bicycle Rider Back deck ever get it while you can!
$39.95 (30.1519)

(4) Colorblind – Luke Jermay: With only 2 fingers and 52 cards, a miracle! It’s Theory 11’s new Colorblind by Luke Jermay.
The spectator is invited to shuffle the deck, which can be borrowed.
With your eyes closed, and the deck face down at all times, you correctly ascertain the color of each card. Red or Black? You are 100% accurate every single time. Let them examine the deck. Let them examine your hands. They will find nothing!
Learn five practical, brilliant methods to accomplish this effect in any situation.
Borrowed deck? No problem.
Blindfolded? Sure.
And, learn the original self-working technique that has been tried and tested by Luke Jermay on stage in Las Vegas.
This may very well become your go-to card effect. $29.95 (30.1511)

(5) One Degree – John Guastaferro: John Guastaferro embodies everything one admires in a magician: he is smooth but not flashy, soft-spoken yet in control. And he is an expert at crafting intelligent magic tricks. John is now releasing his first hardbound book. With over 150 pages and 240 photos, this elegant, refined collection is comprised of 20 professional card routines and five essays. One Degree features some of the most artistic, refined close-up material to come around in ages.
The book explores the small, intentional improvements you can make to elevate the impact of your magic and help you connect more intensely with your audience. Too often we are led to believe that great results require massive changes. John Guastaferro believes that the extraordinary is closer than we think...just one degree away.
139 pages. Hardbound. $49.95 (BK01724)

I am excited about this book...This collection oozes style and substance from a true auteur." -John Bannon, from the foreword

One Degree satisfies and illuminates to the nth degree!" -Jon Racherbaumer

(6) Sentinel Deck: The most high-end deck of playing cards ever produced. Featuring a box 40% thicker than the usual at United States Playing Card Company, with metallic accents on six sides and embossed in 20 locations. Printed in Q1 quality at the USPCC and designed by theory11 in association with Hatch in San Francisco - one of the top design firms in the nation. $5.95 (30.1513)

(7) Twist Tie – Jason Palter: With Jason Palter’s Twist Tie, you are supplied with a very stylish 100% silk tie. You will be proud to wear this necktie anytime, and always have an extremely visual and unique card revelation ready to go. This neutral-toned tie can be worn with your best suit, or even with a pair of jeans and a white dress shirt. The best part of the tie is that the card back design does not overtly stand out; in fact, many spectators will not even realize that there is a card there, until you point it out in the routine!
There are many effects possible with Twist Tie. Here’s one just to whet your appetite.
Your spectators will be sure to notice your most stylish necktie. And, why wouldn’t they? After all, you are a man-about-town, and would not leave the house looking anything less than stellar! If they haven’t realized it yet, you point out that there is a back of a playing card printed near the bottom of the tie. It is very subtle, for sure. Explain that the card is your prediction. The face of the card is on the other side of the tie—against your body. You twist the tie around to show them; however, you cover most of the face with your hand so as not to reveal the value just yet.
After twisting the tie back around, you ask the spectator to select a card from your deck. The card is then held face down against the back of the tie.
In the first climax, you mime peeling the card off, to show that the face of the card is now revealed on the tie - it's the card they picked!
As an incredible kicker, the card they picked is turned over to show that the middle of the card is blank, but the numbers above the pips remain. It's as though you wiped the ink onto the tie and created a transfer! The card and tie are now fully examinable!
Comes with many variations, including ones that use regular cards, as well as a routine with blank-faced cards.
Twist Tie comes complete with custom designed 100% silk tie, gimmicked cards and an instructional DVD chock full of ideas and routines. $65.00 (30.1518)

(8) CoinOne – Homer Liwag: Four coins, two hands, and a bit of finesse.
In his first and highly anticipated DVD contribution to magic, magician and creator Homer Liwag (Creative Team / David Copperfield) presents his extremely visual coins across routine - CoinOne.
Unlike any magic DVD you have seen, CoinOne was designed to be an immersive learning experience for everyone from the average coin worker to the seasoned professional - shot in a strong visual style with animated text, graphics, and slow motion sequences from multiple angles.
Originally featured in the sought after publication Magic Man Examiner, CoinOne is a classic coins across effect - without the laborious coin counting and excess handling. Included on the DVD are alternate handlings, finesse points, and a detailed explanation of Homer's acclaimed Melt-Away Vanish.
Also featured is Chris Kenner's routine The Deep from his book Totally Out of Control- the perfect non-gimmick coins across for impromptu situations - explained in complete detail. $29.95 (20.432)

(9) Reveal Seals: A compact and convenient way to perform mind-blowing magic with any deck of cards. These custom-produced deck seals allow you to reveal a selected card or thought in a unique way that will leave your spectators gasping. Simply affix the seal to your deck in place of its normal closure seal, and you're ready with a stealth reveal that's available the moment you need it, and out of the way when you don't. Spectators only notice it when you point it out to them!
This limited release of Reveal Seals gives you the chance to put on your thinking cap! New York Magic Project wants you to submit your ideas for new routines and reveals. If your ideas are used, you'll receive a credit in the instruction booklet of the final release, as well as a free copy of the finished product.
* Extremely Practical
* No Reset
* Includes 25 Custom Seals
$6.00 (30.1517)

(10) Red Streamlined Convertible – David Regal: An assembly of four odd-backed Kings combining ease of handling with a smooth, unforgettable ride.
No Gaffed Cards.
No Gaffed Anything.
The assembly of four cards is classic plot, and the incorporation of four odd-backed cards in an assembly, a Lynn Searles idea, makes for greater impact, clarity and additional magical moments.
Red Streamlined Convertible is David Regal's elegantly structured card routine that melds existing concepts with his own in a way that almost magically economizes on sleights, moves and excess handling.
Well within the abilities of the average magician, yet a powerful vehicle for amazement.
$25.00 (30.1515)

(11) Daniel Garcia Project – Volume 4: In 2005, Daniel Garcia started production on a 3 volume DVD set which would become an instant classic. With highly visual effects, and off the wall techniques, The Daniel Garcia Project became a must-have for a new generation of magicians. Now, with the help of Paul Harris and the Buck Twins, Garcia has signed off on the final chapters of his new set. Welcome to the much anticipated release of - The Daniel Garcia Project Volumes 4, 5, and 6.
Volume Four:
William Tell - Show your archery skills by causing the Ace of Spades to pierce the deck finding a previously selected card. Complete with a kicker ending and an alternate handling.
Jacob's Ladder - Watch as a single dollar openly and visually penetrates a rubber band being held by the spectator with no cover and without the magician even touching the bill.
The DG Box Steal - Learn a new utility move that will change your card magic forever.
TimeLine 2.0 - Garcia tackles the Mystery Card Plot by causing a selected card to change into a previous prediction that has been signed and held by the spectator from the beginning of the effect
The OG Transpo - The magician secures a selected card in a card box only to cause it to change places with another selected card instantly. No extra cards, no dupes, and not to mention, both cards can be signed.
Micro Dissolve - An extremely visual impromptu copper/silver transposition using no extra coins.
Scorch - Fire and card magic at its best. Watch as a candle flame slowly vanishes and finds a signed selection by magically scorching the back of the card.
iCard - Included on this dvd is the bonus files for Daniel Garcia's signed card to iPhone. No app needed.
Party Perception - Be able to divine a mentally selected word from a beverage container without the use of any prying questions. (DVD01179)

(12) Daniel Garcia Project – Volume 5:
Contents include:
Void - Daniel Garcia's completely impromptu handling of Timothy Wenk's Misled. Cause a drinking straw to visually penetrate a dollar bill three times.
In Visible Monte - Perform the classic 3 Card Monte all in-the-hands and with the "money card" face up. Complete with an unsuspecting added climax and alternate ending.
Lotto - Visually change a winning lottery ticket into cold hard cash.
The Airbrush Change - A modern and fine-tuned handling of Marlo's Face Up Startler Change and Roy Walton's Paintbrush Change.
.44 - Magically cause four of a kind to transpose with another four of a kind in the spectators hands.
Math - Two, and only two, quarters jump from hand to hand and then visually morph together in mid-air, changing into a half-dollar.
The Gambler's Swap - Watch as four of a kind magically change places with two of a kind in a spectator’s hand.
iScatter - Included on this DVD are the bonus files to pull a thought of card out of your iPhone. No app needed.
Fire and Smoke - Learn Garcia's version of the classic "Oil And Water" effect.
$34.95 (DVD01180)

(13) Daniel Garcia Project – Volume 6:
Contents include:
V.I.S.A - Visual Instant Static Attraction. Instantly cause the magnetic strips on two credit cards to actually become magnetized, attracting and repelling each other.
One Point Production 2.0 - An extremely visual production of a single card.
Pop - Magically cause a signed playing card to appear inside a balloon that the spectator has inflated and is holding.
Vortex - Cause a selected signed card to appear between a spectators hands.
Ham and Cheese 2.0 - A revamped version of Daniel Garcia's classic effect "White or Wheat" done in the spectators hands!
Static Sandwich - A magical combination of "V.I.S.A" and "Ham and Cheese 2.0" where a selected card visually flies out of the deck and is caught between the two jokers as if attracted my a magnetic force.
On The Rocks - One of the most visual coin through glass effects you will ever learn.
Tric-Tac - Visually change the color of every single Tic-Tac in the container and immediately let the spectator examine everything.
iATM - Included on this DVD are the bonus files to magically pull money out of your iPhone. No app needed.
The OK Coin Vanish - Seen on Volume Two of The Daniel Garcia Project, but not taught, now learn Daniel's one handed coin vanish. Complete with alternate handling.
$34.95 (DVD01181)

(14) Alice’s Revenge – Bob Farmer: Don't threaten Alice.
No Queen is safe. Any Queen named vanishes.
* Demonic method.
* Self-contained.
* Automatic.
* Instant reset.
* Angle proof.
* No forcing.
* No Equivoque.
* No rough & smooth or double-cards.
* Takes up where B'Wave and Twisted Sisters left off.
* Multiple routines, magic & mentalism.
* USPC cards.
$15.00 (30.1516)