Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Really Empty Nest!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I am writing this week’s eMail Newsletter from somewhere between Oberlin, Ohio and Rochester, New York. A big shout out to Paul Richards! I zoomed out to Oberlin on Wednesday; “zoomed” being a very subjective term when applied to the Prius. On Thursday, we packed up his stuff, stored some of it in a Self-Store facility, loaded the rest into the Prius and headed for home. Since we were going that way anyway, we decided to take a short detour and visit Niagara Falls. I know, “Slowly I turned. Foot by foot. Inch by inch.” Oh, those Three Stooges. All of my Canadian friends and relatives say that the falls are so much more amazing on the Canadian side. We viewed them from the American side, and I can tell you it was pretty spectacular. Lucas had never seen the falls before, and I had only seen them once when I was a small boy. It’s quite the site. After the falls, it was homeward bound, which we are right now.

I know many of you were very concerned about Bonnie’s birdies. Well, there’s good news from the nest. The birdlets have flow away. She checked the nest earlier this week and it was empty. So, once again, we are empty nesters! For those who get the weekly Newsletter in html, I have enclosed a photo of the nest!

I hope that all of you enjoyed last week’s Quick ‘N” Big event. I know you did, because we were literally inundated with orders! Clearly, we can’t do this on any kind of a regular basis, but every now and then, when you least expect it, BAM!

We have some really wonderful new items in the Hotlist this week. I hope you will take some time to check them out. I would stay and chat more, but, honestly, it is very hard to drive and type at the same time. And, I think it is illegal in New York. So, I will go. But, never fear, I will be back next week!

And now, this week’s excitement.

FREE SHIPPING: Until Friday, the 28th of May at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 7th of May! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) On The Mark: Mark Elsdon has finally released On The Mark, his killer Named Card To Wallet!
Inspired by Rich Bloch, Kenton Knepper and Marc Oberon, Mark wanted an effect that goes beyond anything previously devised and which fits the following criteria:
Only one wallet used.
No deck required.
Different card every performance.
The card they name is the exact one in the envelope no "off by one" or other outs.
Genuine wallet that can be used for everyday use if required.
• No gimmicked envelopes.
• No sleight-of-hand.
• Perfect for both close-up and stand-up performance.
On The Mark is that effect! It is fooling, practical and commercial, combining a real worker's method with a powerful effect and an engaging presentation.
$69.95 (30.1490)

(2) Funkenring: The original Funkenrings are finally back on the market after many years. These are the best ever! Made in Germany to a very high standard.
Originally conceived as a gag item, they quickly found their way into the magic community thanks to people like Ken Brooke and, later, by Mike Ammar.
There are an infinite number of great gags possible with this terrific item.
Imagine walking up to the microphone and, as you touch it, a giant shower of sparks jumps from your hand!
In a packed elevator, you can create the illusion of a static shock from the buttons, but other riders won't be affected, and can press the buttons normally!
Another common use may be as an ignition source for flash paper.
The trick is made in Germany under the highest of standards. With all metal parts and an effective distance of up to 4 inches. The flint, of course, is replaceable.
Perfectly safe, and re-useable. You’ll get big laughs with this one!
$29.95 (50.035)

(3) Best of All Worlds – Brent Arthur, James Geris, Bob Postelnik and Duppy Demetrius: Filled with history, stories, and, most of all, magic, Best of All Worlds pays tribute to one of the greatest card tricks of all time: Paul Curry's classic card effect Out of This World.
Best of All Worlds is not just a book about a 'Magic Trick". It is an extensive, in-depth look at what Dai Vernon called "the card trick of the century."
Chronicling the creative evolution of this single magical effect over seven decades, Best of All Worlds brings the history and challenges of Out of This World to light. It is a unique collection of over thirty routines -- some old, some new, some never before seen in print -- submitted by the world's leading magicians. In addition to their personal performances, the contributors have given insight into and musings about how this classic effect has influenced their magic.
Contributions from: Aaron Fisher, Aldo Colombini, Alex Elmsley, Allan Ackerman, Allen Zingg, Arthur Benjamin, Audley Walsh, Barrie Richardson, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, David Regal, Doc Dixon, Doc Eason, Doug Conn, Ed Marlo, Eugene Burger, Francis Carlyle, Gary Ouellet, Gregory Wilson, Harry Lorayne, Helder Guimarães, Herb Zarrow, Howard Hamburg, J.C. Wagner J.K. Hartman, Jack Parker, James Swain, Jason England, Jay Sankey, Jim Steinmeyer, John Carney, John Scarne, Jon Allen, Jon Armstrong, Joshua Jay, Juan Tamariz, Karl Fulves, Kenton Knepper, Larry Becker, Lee Asher, Luke Jermay, Mark Wilson, Martin Gardner, Martin Nash, Micah Cover, Michael Ammar, Mike Sibbernsen, Norman Beck, Norman Gilbreath, Paul Curry, Paul Green, Peter Duffie, R. Paul Wilson, Rafael Benatar, Richard Busch, Richard Kaufman, Richard Osterlind, Roberto Giobbi, Ron Bauer, Ron Wilson, Roy Walton, Simon Lovell, Stephen Minch, Steve Draun, Steve Spill, Steve Valentine, T.C. Tahoe, Tom Ogden, Tomas Blomberg, Tony Clark, Tony Giorgio, Tony Picasso, U.F. Grant, and Whit Haydn.
Foreword written by Max Maven
Preface written by Michael Weber
400 pages, Hardbound
$52.00 (BK01709)

(4) Harmony Coin: The Harmony Coin changes color to match each coin it touches! Even in the spectator’s own hands!
A black Chinese coin is displayed to the spectator. Then three more Chinese coins are shown, colored red, yellow and blue.
The black coin is placed on your palm. The red coin is then placed alongside and the black coin magically changes to red! The process is repeated with the yellow and blue coins. The black coin takes on each new color accordingly as it touches them.
Finally, you place all four different color coins into a spectator’s hand; they hold the coins tight in their fist. As they slowly open their hand, everyone can see that each of the four coins have changed to the same color!
No magnets or threads.
No tricky angles
No complex sleight of hand
No shells or bands
Comes complete with detailed, illustrated instruction guide book, and full set of custom-made nickle plated Chinese Harmony Coins.
$33.00 (20.442)

(5) Magic & Mentalism Of Barrie Richardson: – 3 DVD Set - In this much-anticipated DVD series, Barrie Richardson, the diabolical mind behind the best-selling books Theater of the Mind and Act Two, performs his creations for a stunned and mystified audience and then takes you behind the curtain with Michael Weber to explain his exceptionally clever methods.
Volume 1 – Platform Magic:
Ovation Position – A surprising opening routine that involves the entire audience and ends with the production of a huge glass of water – and no gimmick is required!
Impossible Knot Routine – A metaphor for how most of us say something is impossible when in fact it can be done.
Airplane Cards – A Cards Across effect that generates huge audience responses as three thought-of cards travel between two spectators.
Mind Control – A message sealed inside an inflated balloon is found to contain the thoughts of five audience members.
The Inexplicable Bill in Lemon Effect – A reputation-making effect where a bill, marked in three completely different ways, is found inside a lemon that was in the possession of a member of the audience.
The Incredible Water Glass Suspension – A metaphor for how important it is to let go of things in our lives if we wish to change.

Volume 2 – The Magic Of Your Mind
Choices Have Consequences – A Bank Night effect with meaning.
Second Spot – Barrie’s version of Fogel’s classic Psychometry routine is performed in the context of the amazing story of the Uruguayan athletes who survived a plane crash in the Andes Mountains.
Mesmer’s Pencil – A demonstration of “animal magnetism.” A pencil resting on the performer’s hand rises as a female audience member draws near.
Dollar Divination – The performer demonstrates his ability to determine six of the serial numbers from any borrowed bill with only his fingertips.
Angel’s Flight – Even though the performer is at quite some distance, he reveals the playing cards the audience members are thinking of.
Thoughts with Wings – A newspaper section is torn into small pieces by a spectator, who then selects a single piece. She is then asked to mentally select a single word from the page and with absolutely no questions asked, the performer correctly reveals the chosen word.

Volume 3 – Mental Aerobics: Memory And Metaphor
Quartet – Playing cards are fairly shuffled by a spectator and yet, when the cards are distributed to four participants, the performer reveals them with stunning speed and accuracy.
Zebras and The Magic Square – A magic square routine that serves as a metaphor for how people too readily accept an easy answer while discounting other options.
The Human Movie Projector – The performer demonstrates an uncanny mental ability by memorizing 46 playing cards from a fairly mixed deck.
The Suspended Rice Jar Metaphor – While weaving a tale of the ancient Chinese priestesses, the performer suspends a large jar of rice with just a single thin chop stick.
Sun and Moon Memories – A routine that utilizes concepts with far-reaching applications for mystery workers, the performer demonstrates how words, numbers, and pictures can be communicated, not by mind reading, but by using just the power of touch.
The Memorized Time Magazine – A current issue of Time is torn in half and the pages distributed to members of the audience. Any page number is called out and the performer immediately is able to reveal the contents on the selected page.
$99.95; Specially priced this week only! (DVD01139)

“I can safely say that at least one Barrie Richardson creation has been an integral part of literally thousands of my professional performances.” – Michael Weber

(6) Good Vibrations: Made by Rick Haslett, Good Vibrations is perfect for the walk around performer.
A spectator places a wooden block or a coin into one of 5 matchboxes, while your back is turned.
You turn around and are able to immediately tell the spectator which box has the block. You do not touch any of the boxes. There is absolutely no funny business.
The Good Vibrations wand is a work of art, and it does all the work for you!
Made of brass; 12 inches long. It detects the presence of a magnet by silently vibrating in your hand.
So, you can use the special block which comes with the effect or you can use a magnetic coin or any small item which has a magnet embedded.
Think of the possibilities with this wand. Of course, it can be used as a regular wand. Spectators can handle the wand freely without suspicion; they will detect nothing.
Comes with wand, 5 matchboxes, gimmicked block, and an instructional CDRom. Requires one AAA battery. $70.00 (40.727)

(7) T.A. Waters Mind, Myth And Magic DVD: Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 54 - From his monumental book Mind, Myth & Magick. At more than 800 pages, it's the largest book on mentalism ever published. From this video you will learn how to reveal any spectator's zodiac sign (no carbons, no writing, how to predict the total of two numbers called aloud and verified, how to discern a spectator's question (three methods.), several fortune telling routines and much more.
$29.95 (DVD01138)

(8) The Magic Of Canada Vol. 1: Greater Magic Video Library Vol. 50 - We asked our neighbors to the North to perform a few tricks for the cameras. Even after three and half hours of nonstop magic, they still had more up their sleeves. We've divided the material into two spectacular videos. Where else can you see the most brilliant minds and deft performances of seven outstanding Canadian magicians?
James Cielen shows Award Winning Stage Magic and Multiplying Balls.
Carl Cloutier performs Ring In Kiwi.
Jay Sankey shows Dough and Stirring Silver.
Gary Kurtz does Tug and Good Eats.
David Acer performs Lickety Flip, Card Coin Holder & Money Flies.
Gary Ouellet shows Optical Aces.
Dean Gunnarson performs Rope Escape and Houdini Milk Can.
$29.95 (DVD01140)

(9) A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now - Vol.1: A fabulous DVD set by Wayne Dobson. Without doubt, his largest project to date, with all three DVDs totaling just under six hours in length, featuring some 17 routines that can be performed in either stage, parlor or close-up situations.
Volume One:
Join Wayne and his special guests Matthew J. Dowden, Mark James and Michael J. Fitch as they all perform and teach some of Wayne's signature routines, the ones that made him a world magic star. See these classic routines performed on stage by Wayne and then watch as they're performed in bars and restaurants to a whole new audience.
5 Card Repeat - Wayne's superb take on this classic piece of magic. Super fast, snappy and the perfect opener!
Ringflash - Watch as Mark James takes this great piece of magic into a close-up setting and wows the crowds. Fast set-up, practical, spectacular and instant re-set... what more could you want?
Banana Dream - Wayne's classic bill routine that was the forerunner to his famous Note In Wallet Routine. Watch both the stage and close-up versions that get equally huge reactions.
Nailed- Wayne's simple and easy-to-do routine that packs a killer punch. When you see the reactions you will add this to your working set.
Guesstimation - A superb card effect that's tipped here on DVD for the first time. Easy-to-do, but oh so clever in both effect and impact.
Bonus Material includes:
An Honest Magician?
Wayne’s First Ever TV Appearance.
$30.00 (DVD01141)

(10) A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now - Vol. 2 - A fabulous DVD set by Wayne Dobson. Without doubt, his largest project to date, with all three DVDs totaling just under six hours in length, featuring some 17 routines that can be performed in either stage, parlor or close-up situations.
Volume Two
Join Wayne and his special guests Matthew J. Dowden, Mark James and Michael J. Fitch as they all perform and teach some of Wayne's signature routines, the ones that made him a world magic star. See these classic routines performed on stage by Wayne and then watch as they're performed in bars and restaurants to a whole new audience.
Note In Wallet - The Classic routine that made Wayne Dobson a star! Learn his techniques with hints and tips and then see it performed in close-up by Matthew J. Dowden. Funny, strong magic!
Silk In Cig/Card Box - Want a fast and snappy piece to perform mid-set? Watch Mark James' close-up version of Wayne's routine, perfect for bar, club or restaurant. Instant reset too!
Fourseen- Watch Wayne's TV version and then sit in with Matthew & Wayne as they teach a streamlined routine that's perfect for stage or close-up.
Ring On Rope - A borrowed ring jumps and vanishes from an examined rope, finally appearing inside the magician’s wallet, inside a SEALED envelope!
Lucky Card - Wayne's new take on the classic Dai Vernon plot. Perfect for close-up workers... even use a borrowed deck if you like. Stunning magic!
Bonus Material includes:
Mark James Logical Sponge Ball Routine - The perfect follow on from the silk in Card Box
Matthew J. Dowden’s MST - The perfect signature transposition routine.
$30.00 (DVD01142)

(11) A Life In Magic - From Then Until Now - Vol. 3. A fabulous DVD set by Wayne Dobson. Without doubt, his largest project to date, with all three DVDs totaling just under six hours in length, featuring some 17 routines that can be performed in either stage, parlor or close-up situations.
Volume Three:
Join Wayne and his special guests Matthew J. Dowden, Mark James and Michael J. Fitch as they all perform and teach some of Wayne's signature routines, the ones that made him a world magic star. See these classic routines performed on stage by Wayne and then watch as they're performed in bars and restaurants to a whole new audience.
Invisible Deck - Wayne's favorite version of the invisible deck routine. No special deck and easy to do!
Continuous Do As I Do - Wayne's take on the Pat Page routine, described on DVD for the first time. Uses two regular decks.
The Crying Game - Watch Wayne's classic TV version and then enjoy Matthew J. Dowden's brand new routine "The Card in Fortune Cookie" using the same principle in a close-up setting.
Second Chance - A brilliant effect using two decks of cards that you can make up yourself in a few minutes. Baffling, strong magic that's easy to do!
ACAAN Almost - Wayne's take on the Any Card At Any Number plot. Simple and works every time.
Marked Phenomena - A real worker that will have a place in your working set.
Bonus Material includes:
Handling Spectators
Choosing The Right People
On the Road With Dean Martin
$30.00 (DVD01143)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. Not bad for typing while driving. I am sure you will find some great new items that you just can’t live without!
As always, we thank you for taking time out from your hectic schedules to spend some time with us at Hank Lee’s.
Whether you visit us online at or in person at 192 North Street in Medford, we love the company!