Friday, September 04, 2009

Labor Day Sales Event!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I can tell that Summer is winding down. Bonnie and I spent last weekend delivering Lucas the Singing Son to Oberlin College in Ohio. He has a very lovely room, which he is sharing with his friend Brian. The view is quite nice, not. It’s a dorm built in the fifties or early sixties and pretty junkie. It could use a coat of paint and a chest of drawers in the room. Right now, Lucas has no place to put his clothes, but we are working on that.

I know it’s only the beginning of September, but it is not too early to start thinking about this year’s Halloween Shows! We will have our special Halloween section up on line in just a couple of days, and you can see just how much cool stuff is available for your spooky shows!

Since we were away for a few days, I had to do some serious catching up on all the new stuff that roared in the door. I have worked my fingers to the bone getting all the new stuff up online and into this week’s email Newsletter. But, I will tell you, this week’s Hotlist is one of the best ever.

As most of you know, this is Labor Day Weekend. A day off for everyone in the Labor Force. And, well deserved. What’s weird is that those of us in Management also get the day off. Maybe it should be called Labor & Management Day. That’ll happen, right? Make sure and check out our Labor Day gift to you (Hint: It’s this week’s excitement!)

Everyone has been asking if we saw the Obamas when they were on Martha’s Vineyard. The answer is that yes, we did, no joke. We joined the crowd (small crowd, in fact) to watch as their motorcade drove by the West Tisbury Library. And, there they were. Sitting in the back of the black SUV. It was pretty cool, for sure. I had really hoped to have them over for a clam bake, but their schedule was tight and our schedule was tight and it just didn’t happen. Next time.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s take a look at this week’s Labor Day Excitement!

LABOR DAY SALES EVENT: In celebration of all those hours your mother spent..Huh? Hold on for a second. Oops. Not that kind of labor. I'll start again. In celebration of the great labor force that is America. Better? Good. We are having our annual Labor Day Sale. From right now until Tuesday, the 8th of September at midnight EDT, everything (well, almost everything) is on sale at 30% off the retail price.
This is your chance to pick up the items you have been dreaming about, at unbelievable savings. So, act now!
All you need to do is enter the special code LABORDAYSAVINGS in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the 30% from your order total. If you are calling your order in to the Toll Free Order Line at 800 874 7400, FAXing your order to us at 781 395 2034 or emailing us your order to make sure to mention the special code so you can save!
There are a few rules that apply, as with all things in life.
• The minimum order to use this discount is $30.00.
• The discount is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs and Videos, the discount is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
• Offers cannot be combined.
• Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Joe Porper items, Paul Harris Prime Time Magic items, Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Colin Rose items, Mike Caveney Books, MagicSmith, Martin Breese, Mikame Craft items, Johnson Products items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
• If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before processing your order.
• Coupons, Reward Points and Promotional Gift Certificates may not be used during this sales event..
• As the discount is automatically generated, you must put the special code in the Discount Coupon Box, and nowhere else. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the box, but it is there. If you are not sure how to do this, please phone your order in to our toll-free order line at 800 874 7400, and we will take care of you. We cannot offer discounts retroactively.
And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. It all ends on the 8th of September at midnight!

Deluxe Needle Through Arm: Harry Anderson's signature effect!
Roll back your sleeve and start talking about things like "pain thresholds," "surgical procedures," "incisions," "puncture wounds," and other grisly subjects. Display a gleaming, 9-inch-long needle, glinting in the stage light. "This," you say, "is a replica of a traditional voodoo needle, used for the old pin-in-doll routine you've probably heard about. Stick a pin in a doll that looks like your enemy, and supposedly, you'd hurt them at the exact spot the pin was inserted."
Setting the needle back on the table, clean your arm with a towel, and hold it up for all to see. Then, picking up the needle, plunge it into the bare flesh of your forearm! There is no hiding it - the needle has been thrust through the flesh, plain and simple. The cold, hard steel is run back and forth through the wound, which begins to bleed. The spectators let out a collective "Eeeewwww!" Surprisingly, none of this seems to bother you, as you continue to patter about "mind over matter."
Indeed, even though the blood continues to flow down your arm at a steady rate, you seem unconcerned. Slowly and deliberately remove the needle from your arm in full view of the audience. A sterile towel is used to clean off the blood. Amazingly, your arm is unharmed. Perhaps, despite the pseudo-scientific lecture and the amazingly realistic nature of the demonstration, it was just another cunning dodge - a trick of the imagination, perhaps.
New improved needle! Screw-off bulb for easy clean up!
Complete with:
• Needle w/screw-off bulb
• Harry Anderson's stage Blood
• Glue
• Harry's complete written routine
• DVD video of Harry performing his routine
Special Bonus:
Now you can perform Needle Through Arm whenever, wherever, STAT!
The STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick looks like one of those alcohol pads from a First Aid Kit, you know, sealed in a little aluminum pouch. In reality, it's rubber cement!
Setup right in front of your audience! There's no need to treat your skin in advance. Tear open the "alcohol" swab and dab it on during the routine. Folks will just think you're prepping your arm for the needle!
In fact, these look so real you can even use them on a member of the audience. Needle Through Their Arm!
The STAT Needle Through Arm Gimmick includes 12 disposable pouches, ready to go!
$100.00 (60.1413)

Deck-TR – Sean Bogunia: What's more natural for a magician than to have a deck of cards with them? Who would ever suspect that the deck of cards or card box has anything to do with the magician causing objects to float or move?
Last year Sean Bogunia introduced the most advanced invisible thread controller ever devised. We've now taken that superior thread reel and made it looks like a real deck of cards. Now, there's no need to hide the device from your spectators. Just carry it in your pocket, place it on a shelf or even right out in the open on the table. Ask yourself this. How often do you leave a card box or deck of cards on a table while you perform magic with other objects? There's just nothing suspicious about it.
The Deck-TR is hand made in Sean’s shop. Each one is thoroughly tested before being shipped. You can be assured that the quality of this product will be up to a professional magician’s standards.
The Deck-TR controller has what Sean describes as perfect tension technology. A first when it comes to electronic invisible thread reels. In a nutshell this means that when you are using other electronic invisible thread reels, the battery condition controls the speed and tension. If you put a fresh battery in, the unit it will work very well for a while and then more slowly as the battery power drains. The tension changes and becomes much weaker. With perfect tension technology this problem has been eliminated. The built-in a power regulator insures that the motor always gets the same power. Meaning that your thread tension will always be perfect regardless of battery life. A Quantum leap ahead of all electronic invisible thread reels.
But, it doesn’t stop there. In 2004 Sean released PTS the programmable thread system. The magician could now program-in animations in real time right on the PTS unit with no need for a computer. To create floating and animation effects such as the dancing hankie, animated paper or artificial butterflies that seem to come to life and animate like a real butterfly and many other classic thread animated effects. The programmable thread system was the first of its kind in our industry. This very same technology has been built into the Deck-TR personal programmable invisible thread system.
Sean has partnered with Ron Jaxon, one of the top invisible thread workers in the world today, to oversee every aspect of this project from design to instructions. We are confident that you will be very happy with your personal programmable invisible thread system.
Here are the key features:
* Perfect tension technology.
* Uses two AAA batteries (for the longest battery life of any invisible electronic thread reel on the market today)
* Deck-TR can be used like a standard electronic invisible thread reel (without the tension loss)
* Deck-TR is completely programmable exactly like PTS. Complete with programmable speed control, the ability to program when the motor turns on and off, with variable speed playback in the program. Extremely easy to program. If you can push a button and turn a knob then you can program Deck-TR.
* A USB Connection is available. It enables you to download programs from Sean’s website and load them into your Deck-TR controller without ever having to program it yourself. The exclusive ultimate magic software also enables you to save programs that you make on your computer for later use. Another first in the industry! The USB connection board is sold separately.
* Deck-TR comes complete with an RF keychain-style remote that gives you two functions and the ability to activate the program at any time in your routine. It also gives you the ability to start and stop your programs. Basically a pause function. The remote also enables you to work the motor live. Press the button and the motor activates as long as you hold the button.
* Deck-TR can be worn on the body or hidden somewhere away from the magician to create animations with out ever being connected to the system at all. This enables you to create effects and animations never before possible with invisible thread!
* Multiple Deck-TR units can be connected together to create three-dimensional and two-dimensional animations, again exactly like PTS. Imagine causing a dollar bill or any other light object to fly all over the room in a three-dimensional pattern or two-dimensional pattern without any connection to the magician at all!
* Deck-TR uses James George’s Kevlar Invisible Thread, which is the strongest thread ever tested. All Deck-TR units will ship with Kevlar Invisible Thread from James George, the inventor of the ITR™.
* Deck-TR has two very unique built-in features. The user has the ability to adjust the maximum speed of the motor. This is crucial when working with invisible thread. The other feature is the ability to adjust the maximum torque so your Deck-TR unit can be used with different types of invisible thread, from the strong stuff to the very weak Woolly Nylon. In a nutshell Deck-TR does not have the ability to break the thread. The only time the thread breaks is when the user breaks it!
There’s nothing more to be said. This Deck-TR is the invisible thread controller for the 21st Century. $249.95 (70.975)

CoinOne – Homer Liwag: Four coins, two hands, and a bit of finesse.
In his first and highly anticipated DVD contribution to magic, magician and creator Homer Liwag (Creative Team / David Copperfield) presents his extremely visual coins across routine - CoinOne.
Unlike any magic DVD you have seen, CoinOne was designed to be an immersive learning experience for everyone from the average coin worker to the seasoned professional - shot in a strong visual style with animated text, graphics, and slow motion sequences from multiple angles.
Originally featured in the sought after publication Magic Man Examiner, CoinOne is a classic coins across effect - without the laborious coin counting and excess handling. Included on the DVD are alternate handlings, finesse points, and a detailed explanation of Homer's acclaimed Melt-Away Vanish.
Also featured is Chris Kenner's routine The Deep from his book Totally Out of Control - the perfect non-gimmick coins across for impromptu situations - explained in complete detail. Questions?
Each package is beautifully wrapped and protected by a hand-grommeted corrugated cardboard sleeve.
Note: CoinOne requires a coin gimmick that most magicians already own. $29.95 (20.432)

iFoam: The Ultimate iPhone Gimmick!
Amazing cell phone magic made easy with the iFoam! Developed by Gerald Kirchner and James Coats, the iFoam is an iPhone clone with clever tricks hidden in the design. Now you can perform all sorts of mobile magic with one gimmick!
With iFoam you can take a bite out of your phone and restore it, vanish your phone with no setup, force a chosen card, use your phone to read someone’s mind, make any person’s "phone number" appear on your phone, make your phone appear, and much more!
• Fun and easy to perform!
• Tricks hidden right in the design!
• Self-contained!
• The ultimate magician's utility gimmick!
The iFoam Ultimate iPhone Gimmick includes the iFoam gimmick and DVD. On the iFoam DVD, you'll experience the inner workings of one of the hottest mini-illusions available.
Whether you are just getting started in magic or are a working professional, the iFoam will deliver time and time again
$29.95 (DVD01039)

Super Triple Coin Set: Johnny Wong has done it again with his precision manufactured gimmicked Half Dollar coins! A complete sellout at this year’s MAGIC Live Convention! If you liked Trinity Coins and Dream Coins you will really enjoy the Super Triple Coin Set!
It is devious set of three Half Dollar coins, magnetically made to allow the following routines:
3 Fly (No shells used)
Appearance & Vanish of Three Coins Visually
Appearance of Four Coins- One at a Time
Plus other possible routines with these powerful coins!
Comes complete with a DVD of performance and explanation!
$99.95 (20.431)

Demonstration Table DX - The Mikame Collector's Series
This is the first in a special collector's line of superior quality apparatus. The Demonstration Table DX is the ultimate professional presentation table for all your magical routines. Precision workmanship with a touch of class, handcrafted by the careful, watchful eye of Mr. Mikame.
This beautiful demonstration table features: a sliding secret mirror, secret coin pockets, extra compartments, as well as a removable built-in tray for additional tricks and convenient storage. The top has a built-in black plush velvet pad of the highest quality for smooth coin and card routines.
Features also include a collapsible lightweight design for ease of storage and transportation. The table top-only design comes with a built in flange to be attached to an (optional) table stand. Suitable for walk around, close-up, parlor & stage magic.
Measures 24 inches by 14 inches by 3 1/2 inches deep.
This table top comes complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity bearing the signature of Mr. Mikame. $320.00 (70.974)

Pointless – Gregory Wilson: For the first time, a trick that is pointless on purpose! It's the pen with no sense of direction!
You hold up an ordinary ballpoint pen and challenge your soon-to-be stunned spectators to follow which way the pen is pointing.
No matter how easy it seems, they quickly and repeatedly realize how fun it is to be wrong, and everything is completely examinable!
Comes complete with DVD and special precision pen. $40.00 (10.1535)

Stain-Shiv – Andrew Mayne: Andrew Mayne (creator of Ghost Vision, Gut Buster and Ghost Ink) presents a frightening, visual way to reveal a word or image to your audience.
Stain: The performer presents a mysterious dark substance. He alludes to the idea that it was acquired through nefarious means. A spectator is invited to choose a word or the name of a famous deceased person (using a force taught on the DVD)
A blank card is placed into a plastic container along with the substance. It begins to stain the card and form the word or the thought of image. The bag containing the revelation is given to the spectator to keep as a dark memento.
Stain can be performed close-up and on stage. Stain uses household materials and can be prepared in minutes.
WARNING: This DVD also includes Andrew Mayne's short film: The Stain. It contains disturbing imagery and is not intended for younger audiences.
Shiv: Based upon Andrew Mayne's Stab'd effect. Shiv is a disturbing presentation of Russian Roulette using a sharpened pencil.
One sharpened pencil goes into one of four envelopes - the others containing harmless straws. A victim is given a totally free choice and must eliminate three of the envelopes by stabbing their own body!
The final envelope is revealed to contain the deadly shiv!
Shiv is easy to perform and under the performer's complete control. No special props or gimmicks are required. It can be performed impromptu.
$20.00 (DVD01038)

Travel Book Test – Paul Romhany:
This new book test offers you a three-phase routine complete with the specially designed book, at a very affordable price. You can start performing this almost instantly as the book does the work for you. There is nothing to memorize.
For the past twenty years Paul Romhany has been traveling and performing his magic all over the world. Because of his extensive travel, he ended up writing a book for lay people on his top ten travel destinations. To promote his book during his shows, he would perform a book test. Of course, the book he used during his show was a special book he had printed to look like the one he sold!
A book of holiday destinations is handed out and a spectator thinks of a country. Another chooses the first word on any page while another person looks at a paragraph and concentrates on an image. You take out three business cards and write down a country, the thought of word and draw the image that the spectator is thinking. There is nothing to memorize as the book does it all for you.
You can use this book test as a stand-alone routine performing the three phase routine Paul does, or have it as an additional book test with the other books you perform with already.
Comes complete with gimmick book and instructions. $29.95 (40.687)

Altered States – David Regal: An easy-to-do, offbeat card routine that never fails to impress. A card, selected from a blue-backed deck and signed across its face by a spectator is torn in half. One half is placed in a blue card box and the other in a red card box. The spectator's partial signature is on the face of both halves. The card boxes are shaken and the cards dumped out. The half that came out of the blue box still has a blue back, but the card out of the red box now has a red back. The two halves fit together and so do the two parts of the signature. Everything can be immediately examined and the two half-cards can be given to spectators as souvenirs.
Comes with fifteen (15) Half & Half, Poker-size, Bicycle cards printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. and photo-illustrated instructions. Can be repeated three times with different cards. $15.00 (30.1443)

And that’s this week’s Labor Day Hotlist! I hope you will find some stuff that you just can’t be without. And, I hope you will take advantage of our Labor Day gift to you!
As always I really appreciate you r taking time out to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love your company!