Friday, September 11, 2009

Buy One Get One At Half Price - All week Long!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Suddenly, it has become Fall. From days in the 90s to days in the 70s and nights in the 60s, Fall is definitely just around the corner. To tell you the truth, it’s my very favorite season. The days are crisp and cool and the nights are downright chilly. No need for the air conditioning, and no need for the heat. It really is the perfect season. Plus, there’s the added bonus of the foliage turning color. People come from all over the country to see the foliage. All we need to do is look out the window. Nice, huh?

On the home front®, Aron had a little “bump in the road” surprise this week. Because he changed majors what seems like forever ago, he has needed to take some courses in the summer so that he can graduate in a timely manner. Anyway, this summer he took a couple of courses in French to clean up his language requirement. He worked very hard and did really well. But, he did not fill out a form that UF required for any courses taken outside the University. So, his department was going to allow the courses to fill his language requirement, but was not going to give him credit towards his degree. Huh? All because of a form not filled. Needless to say that between Aron and Bonnie the problem was solved and he will get the credits. Another crisis narrowly averted. On to the next bump.

This weekend is the annual International Film Festival on Martha’s Vineyard. Bonnie and I are mulling over whether or not to go. The weatherman says it’s going to be rainy, but not inside the theaters. So, we may go. Or not. It’s nice to be free as the wind. The life of the empty-nester.

As promised, we have put up this year’s online Halloween Shop at Click on he graphic below to see what’s cool for your Halloween shows! For those in text-only mode, here’s the link:

And, that’s all the news from here. Now, to this week’s excitement!

BUY ONE GET ONE AT HALF PRICE EVENT: One of the most popular sales we ever held was the Buy One Get One At Half Price Sale. When that event ran, we were inundated with orders. We have decided to do it again. Here's how it works. For the next 5 days, from right this very moment, until Tuesday, September 15th at midnight, you can save like crazy. How does it work? Simple, really. For every item you buy, you get the second item at half price. That's right, a full 50% off. So, if you buy a Harbin Suspension for $549.00 and a Sword Thru Neck for $199.95, you will get the Sword Thru Neck for $99.98! What a deal!!

The rules are also simple. We deduct the 50% from the lower priced of the two items. You can buy as many items as you want, we will do the math and you will save a bundle! We will try and pair the items for you to maximize your savings. There are a few items that are not included in this promotion. Very few. If you order one of those items, we will let you know before we process your order. If you are paying by PayPal, you will be charged the full price of each item, but when we process your order, we will calculate the discount and refund it to your account.
Note: Since this is a somewhat complicated sale, the online system will not do the math. We will do it here before we process your order. Your email confirmation will show the full price for each item, but we will figure the discounts before you are charged.

In order to take advantage of this outrageous sale, you must put the words BUY ONE GET ONE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at If you are calling your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, give the order person the special code. If you are FAXing your order to 781 395 2034 or emailing it to, just remember to include the special code, BUY ONE GET ONE and you will get the biggest discount ever! So, hop to it and save some serious dough!

Now, let’s look at this week’s Hotlist!

Master Levitation System – Steve Fearson: Even a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System and it will be like you've moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned.
You can do card tricks all day that require tons of complex sleights and countless hours of practice and still not get the same reaction that you'll receive from performing one quick levitation. The levitation is the trick that your audience will remember and talk about long after your performance is over.
Steve Fearson is recognized worldwide as the king of close up levitations. Now you can enjoy the benefits of his nearly 20 years of experience as he shares his pet secrets, subtleties and favorite techniques for the first time on DVD.
Revealed for the first time is the enhanced Fearson Hookup. This exciting new advance in the technology that allows you to walk away from the object you are levitating and still maintain complete control over it. No reel or spooler can offer the degree of control you will have when you use the Master Levitation System.
This is the most powerful magic you can do and it's guaranteed to wow audiences of any age.
The great thing about this system is that you don't need to have a lot of experience or other magic knowledge. Learning to work this system really is a shortcut to becoming a well-respected magician. Learn to do just one of these effects well and you'll have established your reputation as a magician.
Perform up close, surrounded, in almost any situation you can imagine. Objects can float just inches from the face of your spectators; you can even float an object off of someone's hand or into their mouth with this system.
Some of these techniques have been a closely guarded secret until now. These are the things that have given Steve the edge on other performers when it comes to levitations. When it comes to levitations, the means are as important as the ways. Steve gives you both the ways and the means to be the best that you can be.
The Master Levitation System is:
Not a reel
Not a spooler
Not some pipe dream, gimmick or fad; it is the real work!
Simply the most practical, professional, versatile and effective way to perform close up levitation. It makes all other levitation devices obsolete.
All orders will receive the MLS Enhancement Pack which super charges your system and allows you to float substantial and impossible objects like forks, ice cubes and even a deck of playing cards. You will also receive a supply of Steve's personal mixture of magician's wax. This is the only wax you'll ever want to use for levitation work. It sticks to what you want and doesn't stick to what you don't want it to. Operate clean and mean with this mix. $39.95 (10.1536)

Psychological Subtleties 3 – Banachek: At the time Psychological Subtleties 2 was written, Banachek had a large amount of additional material, including commercial routines and tips from friends, that in total would have made that book too large to fit the format of the series. Although Psychological Subtleties 2 was acclaimed as the "Best Book of 2007," he withheld some strong material with the intent of publishing a substantive companion to the series in a separate book. This is the culmination of a lifetime of research and development, through live performances from Banachek with contributions from an eclectic group of colleagues and professionals around the globe who understood the value and impact of the ideas from the first book.
The Psychological Subtleties series is considered by many to be the ultimate mentalism toolbox. Rarely do you find a magician, particularly in the mentalism community, who does not use some idea, trick or routine that has been inspired by Banachek's magical philosophy, performances, or writings.
With this third book he continues to inspire readers with the Psychological Subtleties series by offering additional fresh and creative ideas along with full routines from both himself and his friends from around the globe. Here you will find routines from Paul Alberstat, Sean Waters, Robert Domenech, Leonardo Silverio, Colin McLeod, Andrew Gerard, Marc Spelmann, Peter Nardi, Don Marco, Craig Leonard, Peter Arcane, Brad Henderson, Mark Roberts, Leo Boudreau, Jonathan Grant, Tony Binarelli, Docc Hilford, Kenton Knepper, Michael Murray, Richard Busch, Bryan Quinn, Francis J. Menotti, Ravi, Raj Madhok, Greg Arce, David Penn and Joseph Atmore.
The foreword was contributed by the International Man of Mystery, David Berglas.
226 pages - Hardbound with Dust Jacket. $65.00 (BK01666)

Dollar To Credit Card: In these days in which everything is paid with plastic, transform a dollar bill into a credit card in a blink of an eye!
Impress your friends! Business clients! Girlfriends! Use it in your close-up performances, kids magic shows, parlor shows and your stage magic shows!
Perform it in real life situations, at the time of paying the bill at supermarkets, restaurants, movie theaters, airports, etc!
Comes with the gimmick that will allow you to perform the effect. Includes a real dollar bill and a replica of an American Express Gold Credit Card.
Includes an instructional DVD that will guide you step by step in how to perform it.
Very easy to do! No sleight of hand required! Self contained! Open the box and perform it right away!
Comes with additional gimmicks to customize your own credit cards. $29.95 (10.1537)

Legend – Steve Fearson: Speak his name 3 times aloud and he will appear. This is the legend of Pancho Diablo.
Steve Fearson's newest animation effect is woven around a ghost story presentation that will leave your audience wondering if they may have been witness to something more than just a magic trick.
This effect uses a deck of cards, which becomes possessed by the spirit of a legendary Mexican gambler named Pancho Diablo. The deck moves across the table, crawling out from under the hand of the spectator.
It then levitates up while the spectator presses down on it. They can see clear through underneath the deck while it rises and can see no visible means of support as the deck pushes up and out of its cellophane wrapper.
It feels as if the deck is being pushed up by an invisible force, as if you have captured a spirit inside the fragile cellophane. And this spirit pushes hard!
There are virtually no angle or lighting restrictions and it is entirely self contained. The magic actually happens in their hands. They don't just see the magic, they feel it.
The cards can be removed from the pack and used for other effects; they are ordinary.
The DVD shows you how to easily make this diabolical prop out of common and inexpensive items, using any deck of playing cards. We've even included a few component materials so you can get started right away!
You won't believe how it works. It uses no threads, wires, magnets, electronics or any of the traditional methods. It is a self-contained, entirely unique creation from the master of levitation, Steve Fearson. The method is unlike anything else on the market.
The effect alone is devastating, and the story by itself is intriguing. The two combined result in a true performance piece that you will be proud to present, and your audiences will remember forever. They will believe they've seen real magic. $19.95 (30.1445)

D (Autographed) - Howard Hamburg: These notes are closer to a book than standard lecture notes! These are all signed by Mr. Hamburg.
About Howard:
Close friends with Dai Vernon from 1970-1992. Also good friends with Charlie Miller, Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon, Jerry Andrus, Mike Skinner, Tony Giorgio, Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, Martin Nash and many others to numerous to mention.
The "D" Notes are mentioned numerous times throughout the internet by those people who attended the 2009 Golden Gate Gathering where Howard lectured along with J.C. Wagner, Steve Dobson, Bob Kohler, Jack Carpenter and Dave Neighbors.
The notes contain 5 complete routines, 17 line drawings, 3 full color very hard to find pictures, including pictures of Dai Vernon with Howard.
It is a 36 pages booklet with glossy paper.
They are entitled "D" with a great story behind the naming of the notes (by Dai Vernon) $25.00 (BK01667)

"I love watching Howard first glance, he appears to be very unassuming. But within minutes, you will realize how badly you are being taken in by him! Howard's card work is as smooth as card work can get!!! Besides that, he has much knowledge to share and he is one hell of a nice guy!!!" - Mike Gallo

The Contortionist – Michael Giles: Take two cards from a regular deck, one of them being the Queen. Proceed to tell the audience about the circus and all the side shows, especially The Contortionist.
With the Queen representing the flexible little dynamo, you begin to fold the two cards and demonstrate. Placing the Queen behind the other card and in a crisscross pattern, you zigzag the top half of the Queen from the bottom. After the spectators put their tongues back in their mouths, you restore the Queen back together. Show both sides of the cards to prove that only two cards are being used.
Now, you fold the two cards (the Queen lengthwise and the odd card width-wise) so that only the backs of the cards are seen. The Queen is nestled inside the fold of the odd card. Push the folded Queen through the odd card and the Queen turns face-up, still folded (in a "Card-Warp" fashion).
Knowing that there may be magicians in the crowd, you open the folded cards. Leaving them in an unfolded and crisscross pattern, you then proceed to push the face-up Queen under the face-down card, causing half of the face-up Queen to turn face-down. Impossible? Prove it to be true by tearing the Queen in half and showing half to be face-up and the other half to be face down.
Finally, you repeat effect with only the torn halves!
Use your regular deck of cards with no added extra gimmicks to perform The Contortionist
Complete with DVD performance and instructional video plus DVD-ROM contents featuring the original manuscript by Michael Giles in PDF format. $24.95 (30.1444)

Secrets DVD - The Original Magic of Terri Rogers: This recording was made many years ago by Patrick Page and released as a Trik-a-Tape Video. It has now been converted to DVD format. The material on this DVD consists of demonstrations and explanations of the following effects: The Razor Blade Trick, Last Second Ring on Rope, The Flying Ring, The Aggravating Arrows and Smaller Than That. Some of these effects plus many others have been released in the three Terri Rogers books: Secrets (1986), More Secrets (1988) and finally Top Secrets (1998). Terri Rogers had an ingenious mind and released a number of effects commercially. Despite being a talented creator and inventor of magic Terri Rogers was better known as a ventriloquist and she and Shorty Rogers (her vent doll) traveled the world together. Terri Rogers and Val Andrews were lifelong partners and friends and together they made a major contribution to the art of magic. $42.00 (DVD01040)

STAT! Now you can perform Needle Through Arm whenever, wherever, STAT!
The STAT Needle Thru Arm Gimmick looks like one of those alcohol pads from a First Aid Kit, you know, sealed in a little aluminum pouch. In reality, it's rubber cement!
Set-up right in front of your audience! There's no need to treat your skin in advance. Tear open the "alcohol" swab and dab it on during the routine. Folks will just think you're prepping your arm for the needle!
In fact, these look so real you can even use them on a member of the audience. Needle Through THEIR Arm!
• Rip open a miracle STAT!
• High impact magic now impromptu!
• Easy to carry pouches fit in your pocket!
• Perform STAT on yourself or your spectator!
The STAT Needle Through Arm Gimmick includes 15 disposable pouches, ready to go! You'll need to have your own needle, stage blood, and routine, this is simply a refill pack to keep you performing one of the greatest tricks on earth! $20.00 (60.1614)

Sanda Panda Box – Devin Knight: An ungimmicked 6"x 4" cardboard box. It is always in full view and gives you the ability to make near-impossible predictions. No pre-show work and all are one person effects. No secret assistants or stooges are used in any of the effects. No forces of any kind are used in any effect.
Impossible Card Prediction: Two participants form a card to ensure the choice is random. One chooses the suit and the other the value with no restrictions. You take the lid off the box. Inside is a deck of cards and a folded 8" x 5" piece of paper. The participant unfolds the paper. Written on it is THE CARD JUST NAMED IS IN POSITION 14 FROM THE TOP. The participant removes the deck and counts down to the 14th card from the top. It is the same card just formed at random. No switches or sleights used. The participant takes out the paper and deck from the box. You do not stick your hand into the box, nor do you touch the paper or deck.
Ladylove: The closed box is on a table in full view. Any man stands and is asked to tell you the first name of his wife or girlfriend. Assume he says, "Sandy." He comes forward and takes out a rose from inside the box. ATTACHED to the rose is a note that reads, "Give this rose to Sandy." This is an amazing, but romantic bit of business that is very strong and involves no pre-show work. The magician never touches the flower or note. Everything can be left for examination.
Uncanny Book Test: A small book is inside the closed box. Anyone calls out a page number. Another participant comes up and takes the book out of the box. He turns to the page number just named, looks at the first word on the page and reads it aloud. You instruct him to take out the folded paper from the box and unfold it. Written on it is the word he just read aloud. Baffling beyond words!
Deal Or No Deal: The performer says that he took a picture earlier of what is inside the box. In the picture is a hundred-dollar bill wrapped around a deck of cards and one folded playing card. The performer says he folded the card so the person cannot see what it is. The performer offers to play a game of chance with the participant. All the participant has to do to win the $100.00 is to select any card which is not the same as the folded card inside the box. His odds are 51 out 52 of winning the money. A deck of cards is spread face-up. The participant is given a free choice of any card. No force. That card is left face-up on the table. After some byplay, the performer offers the participant a quarter to give up his chance. Whether he accepts or declines, the participant (not the performer) opens the folded card that was inside the box. It is identical to the one he freely selected. He does not win the $100.00. If he looks through the deck in the box, he will find the folded card is missing from the deck! At no time does the performer touch either the folded card or the deck inside the box! There are no switches of the folded card.
Precognitive Cold Reading: A detailed (not vague) answer to a question asked by the client is found inside the box. The performer apparently wrote the answer before the person even asked the question. This will convince the skeptics you are psychic. Takes cold-reading to a new level
In all these effects, everything can be left for examination. This effect comes complete with the box and detailed directions on how to perform all these effects. $30.00 (40.688)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. It’s great magic, but don’t touch it. It’s so hot you might get burned! Not really. But, it is really hot!
As always, we are so very pleased that you take the time out of your busy schedules to spend with us wither online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!