Friday, June 12, 2009

Buy One, Get One At Half Price!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. It has been a delightful week here in New England. Actually, it has been kind of a rainy, dreary, week. But, you should see how green the grass is. In everyone’s backyard!

The saga of the Compu-Beast, which started last week, has come to a successful conclusion. Despite my best efforts to ply the beast into submission, I must admit that I failed. Oh, it would work for a little while, but then the screen would freeze and I would have to restart. I was spending all my time starting and restarting. So, it was off to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. At first, the Compu Beast totally behaved itself. Everything looked fine. The Apple Genius could not get it to display its freezing ways. But, then, after a little while, the Compu-Beast showed its true colors. Gagging and freezing and being generally unruly. The Genius proclaimed that the problem was the Video Board. It was then my turn to gag, as I knew that Apple had not provided a separate video card, but had included the video on the Mother Board. Oh, me. Oh, my. Big bucks. The Genius looked it up and declared that it was my lucky day. It seems that on the particular model I owned, the one with the big screen, Apple had used a separate video board. So, I would not have to replace the entire Mother Board. Hooray! Anyway, long story short, the Geniuses replaced the video board at a very reasonable price and now, the Compu-Beast is once again under control. No freezing. Just smooth sailing. For now.

On the home front, things are calm. But, change is on the way. Aron is looking for a new apartment in Gainesville. Which means only one thing. I will be taking a trip South at the end of the summer to help move him into his new digs. No doubt, it will be in the middle of a horrendous rainstorm. But, it’s OK. I’m used to it. Lucas, hot off a successful performance of Handel’s Messiah, is off to Toronto. At first, I assumed he was heading North to see a Toronto Blue Jays game. But, then I remembered that his GF Julia lives in Toronto. Ah, to be 19. Bonnie and I are off to Vermont for the weekend. Again, I assumed we were going for Cheddar Cheese, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and a little midnight cow tipping. Wrong, again. We are heading to a craft show somewhere in the Northern Kingdom. Bonnie heard that there might be a pair of earrings calling her name, and no distance is too great to travel when it comes to earrings. Right?

Have you checked out the new Summer EXTRA. It’s online waiting for you. Just go to:
to check out all the new and amazing magical goodies!

And, now for this week’s excitement!

BUY ONE GET ONE AT HALF PRICE EVENT: By far the most popular sale we ever held was the Buy One Get One At Half Price Sale. When that event ran, we were inundated with orders. It's been quite a while, so we decided to do it again. Here's how it works. For the next 5 days, from right this very moment, until Tuesday, June 16th at midnight, you can save like crazy. How does it work? Simple, really. For every item you buy, you get the second item at half price. That's right, a full 50% off. So, if you buy a Harbin Suspension for $549.00 and a Sword Thru Neck for $199.95, you will get the Sword Thru Neck for $99.98! What a deal!!

The rules are also simple. We deduct the 50% from the lower priced of the two items. You can buy as many items as you want, we will do the math and you will save a bundle! We will try and pair the items for you to maximize your savings. There are a few items that are not included in this promotion. Very few. If you order one of those items, we will let you know before we process your order. If you are paying by PayPal, you will be charged the full price of each item, but when we process your order, we will calculate the discount and refund it to your account.
Note: Since this is a somewhat complicated sale, the online system will not do the math. We will do it here before we process your order. Your email confirmation will show the full price for each item, but we will figure the discounts before you are charged.

In order to take advantage of this outrageous sale, you must put the words BUY ONE GET ONE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at If you are calling your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, give the order person the special code. If you are FAXing your order to 781 395 2034 or emailing it to, just remember to include the special code, BUY ONE GET ONE and you will get the biggest discount ever! So, hop to it and save some serious dough!

Now, let’s look at this week’s Hotlist!

CSI Ring Vanish: Prepare yourself for the cleanest, most unbelievable ring vanish ever created. A solid, metal ring, chained and padlocked, will vanish before your eyes. No sleights, totally impromptu, and 100% self-working.
Magic has never been this incredible or this simple. CSI pushes the boundaries of magic to a new level that has never been seen before.
The ring can be fully inspected, even worn as jewelry, the padlock and chain are completely ungimmicked, and the cup can be emptied in front of the spectator. The ring can then be made to reappear in another location of your choice. It sounds too good to be true, right? Yet it is totally accurate!
Miracles really do happen; just keep telling yourself, "It's just an illusion."
The CSI system contains everything you need to perform this groundbreaking effect. You'll also receive a DVD that covers all aspects of the CSI system, including performances and detailed gimmick tutorials.
Mastered in minutes, remembered for a lifetime.
Frequently Asked Questions:
* Q: Do I need to buy refill packs for the gimmick?
* A: No, unless you lose it. The rings will last you a lifetime if you look after them.
* Q: Why so expensive?
* A: The CSI Rings are made from metal that is twice as expensive as silver.
* Q: Do you use real coffee for CSI or is it some crazy chemical mix?
* A: CSI uses normal black coffee, nothing more.
* Q: Can CSI be performed more than once?
* A: You'll be able to perform CSI twice, 2 rings = 2 performances. The reset will need to be done at home before you can perform again.
* Q: Can you drink the coffee once CSI has been performed?
* A: No, under no circumstances must the coffee be consumed after using CSI. Full safety guidelines are provided on the DVD.
* Q: Is the metal toxic?
* A: No more toxic than any other metal. You shouldn’t put any metals in your mouth, and CIS is no exception.
* Q: Can I use other liquids for CSI?
* A: Yes, as long as it's hot.
$249.95 (10.1523)
" This effect is real magic. Totally mindblowing!" -- Luca Volpe

"As near to real magic as it's possible to get." -- Paul Bell

CAPtivated: Another incredible creation from Alex Lourido. CAPtivated is the perfect culmination of what a magic trick should be: It’s shocking, it’s highly visual, it’s simple to perform, it’s an instant reset with multiple possibilities and routines, not to mention it comes with a handsome metal carrying case that easily fits into your pocket! Alex unveiled CAPtivated at this years Blackpool Convention, creating a feeding frenzy and completely selling out in less than two hours!
One of the beautiful things about CAPtivated is that it can be performed for both stage and close-up audiences. The gaffs -- you receive eight -- are beautifully designed and defy scrutiny from the most critical audience. With CAPtivated you are able to easily change the identity of any bottle cap while in the hands of a spectator! You are also able to make bottle caps switch places while tightly held by two different spectators! With CAPtivated the magic happens right in the spectator’s hands.
Three Cap Monte: Now you can perform this classic of street magic for your audiences using bottle caps, but with an incredible twist! You openly display three simple caps of different brands and place them on a table face down. You turn over the center cap, or have your audience choose a brand, as you tell them that this cap is the proverbial Ace, and is the one they are going to try and follow. Very slowly mix up the caps and ask a spectator to point to the one they believe is theirs. To everyone’s shock, when the cap is turned over it is revealed that they are wrong! This is done two or three more times, but to everyone’s surprise the spectator chooses incorrectly every time. Then you inform them that you are going to let them in on the big secret. The cap they were instructed to track is no longer among the three! “In fact,” you say, “none of the original caps are here!” You ask a spectator to turn over the caps, which reveal that all three have changed to a completely different brand!
* Very simple to perform.
* There is no switching of caps.
* Caps can be examined thoroughly.
* No sleeving, pulls or invisible threads.
* You end clean and set-up is virtually instant!
* Can be performed completely surrounded, no bad angles.
$35.00 (10.1522)

Infinity Bend: Eric Ross' Infinity Bend allows you to perform the most visual coin bends ever seen. Eric came up with the solution to the problem that most coin bends face, the ability to make bends visually without cover or the use of expensive gimmicks. With Infinity Bend you can borrow a coin from a spectator and bend it in full view, at your finger tips.
The methods taught are all easy to perform and well within the grasp of any performer. Eric covers two handlings of the bend ranging from beginner to intermediate. Infinity Bend also features Brandon Williams' ultra visual handling of the effect. In addition, Eric has included a very clever handling of the classic Coin Matrix. $25.00 (40.683)

Gambling Protection Series DVD Set – Steve Forte: Steve Forte is a living legend. Respected worldwide for his unparalleled knowledge of the gaming industry, he released the original Gambling Protection Series in 1986 and immediately established a new standard of excellence in the gaming protection genre. For the DVD release, the original series has been digitally remastered and complete chapter indexes and menus have been created. In addition to the four original volumes the new series also includes a 'bonus disc' containing almost two hours of never-before-seen footage of Steve Forte demonstrating cheating techniques in a casino environment, a tour of his private museum, and fifty-two select moves from his amazing repertoire.
Steve Forte demonstrates over 200 techniques in this series accompanied by multiple camera angles, slow motion replays, live situational performances, and on screen text with protection tips and narration. This is the most comprehensive guide ever produced on protecting private card and dice games.
Volume 1: False Shuffles; Stacking; Beating The Cut
Volume 2: Gaffed Cards; Peeks; Miscellaneous Techniques; False Dealing
Volume 3: Palming; Holdouts & Mucking; False Dealing; The Cold Deck; Miscellaneous Techniques; Gin Rummy; Blackjack; Bridge
Volumes 4: Crooked Dice; Switches; Controlled Shots; Cups & Backgammon Moves
* Gambling's Invisible Thieves
* Hidden Secrets of Magic Clip
* Museum Tour
* 52
$99.95 (DVD01012)

Menu of Miracles Vol. 3 DVD - The Main Course - James Prince:
Contents include:
Roaming Card
A totally impromptu card across - any deck, any time, anywhere! Eliminates the problems associated with other impromptu versions
The Bullet Concept
Have a hole appear in a freely selected, signed card This is not a stand alone effect; it is a discovery that can be applied to your own presentations. James Prince has worked with this, in the field, for years. From now on so can you! Three presentations included on the DVD: Shot To The Heart, Card On Ceiling, and Target Practice.
Ready Teddy Go!
A finger ring is borrowed from a spectator. Suddenly the ring vanishes from the magician’s hands. It's found attached to a cute little teddy bear key ring.
So what's new? The spectator removes the key ring from your pocket The spectator can freely handle the bear The spectator can remove their ring from the clip
Coin Kebab
A real worker! Spectator chooses a coin to give to the performer, a hole is drawn on each side with a Sharpie, a kebab stick is pushed through the ‘hole.’ The coin and stick can be handed out or given to the spectator to keep or the stick removed and the coin returned intact
Strike Three!
Routine with three mini baseballs. They travel from hand to hand, vanish, return and finally one morphs into a solid crystal ball! Ala Vernon, Marlo, Roth but with some extra little touches.
Bleached Deck
One card is fairly selected. All the cards turn blank. The selection is found in the pocket. No faked cards. All can be examined at end.
The JP Jennings Wallet
Adapt a Jennings to enable effortless loading time after time Not just cards - Necklaces, rings, mobiles loaded instantly As easy as dropping something into a glass.
Pepper Pot Strikes Again
James' classic borrowed Ring To Pepper Pot is revisited with a significant upgrade.
The JP/Erdnase DPS
Following numerous requests, a more detailed teach-in of James' variation to the classic Erdnase DPS.
Plus bonus hints and tips covering correct table positioning and creativity.
$45.00 (DVD01015)

'If Close-Up Magic or Restaurant work are your forte, you cannot go wrong with James Prince's DVDs. He's served up pure gold"
- Review in MAGIC - December 2008

Menu Of Miracles Vol. 2 DVD – James Prince: Destined to do for the restaurant magician, what Corporate Close-Up did for the corporate worker. For the first time, James spills the beans and releases some of his favorite routines and gives valuable hints and tips that will make you a high earner in this lucrative field.
Contents Include:
Table Approach – Learn the correct way to approach a table for the first time. What to do and more importantly, what not to do using James' tried and tested techniques.
Cups And Balls At Speed – Probably the fastest Cups and Balls Routine ever with a four phase multiple ending! The perfect lead in to the next routine that leaves you audience speechless!
The World’s Easiest Bill In Kiwi – Probably the simplest Bill in Kiwi ever! Easy and completely undetectable. This is a routine that they'll be talking about all night.
Kiwi Finesse – A great finish to Bill In Kiwi where you hand out the kiwi to the spectator at the end to keep!
Shoot The Kiwi – The ultimate Bill in Kiwi where the spectator can cut open and remove their bill! A brilliant gimmick that will allow you to perform a real miracle is described in complete detail. Simply superb!
Fees– A discussion about what to charge and how to get the best out of your chosen restaurants.
Blue Card – A fast and amazing signed card in wallet with a kicker ending that you will use.
Brain Freeze – The easy-to-do packet trick that James has been performing for over ten years! Multiple climaxes simply leaves the audiences in a state of complete Brain Freeze.
Signed Card Thru Window – James' classic version that takes the effect to a whole new level. A freely selected card is signed and the corner given to the spectator with part of his signature still on it. The deck is then thrown at the restaurant window and instantly the signed card is seen stuck to the other side of the window, Spectator takes his corner piece outside and removes the card from the other side. The corner matches exactly with their signature! No confederates and simply genius thinking!
$35.00 (DVD01014)

Menu of Miracles Vol. 1 DVD - James Prince: Destined to do for the restaurant magician, what Corporate Close-Up did for the corporate worker. For the first time, James spills the beans and releases some of his favorite routines and gives valuable hints and tips that will make you a high earner in this lucrative field.
Contents Include:
Repeat Travelers – Three cards vanish from the deck and then appear inside the magician's pockets. Put back inside the deck, they instantly vanish again and re-appear back in the pockets. Direct, powerful, and a great opening routine.
Mirrors - James' unique finish to any card routine. Placing the deck into the spectator’s hands, the cards solidify into five solid pieces of Mirror! An amazing hands-on routine that will get audible gasps!
Multiple Cards To Pockets - Up to six signed cards are lost in the deck and instantly vanish, appearing in every trouser and jacket possible including one in a sealed envelope!
Card Over/Under And In A Matchbox – One of James' brilliant routines that will leave your table dumbfounded. A freely selected and signed card jumps under, over, and finally inside a matchbox that is in full view the entire time. Simple, direct, and fiendishly clever.
Choosing The Right Venue - James tells you how to select the best restaurants to work. Invaluable insights are given that are worth the DVD price alone!
Ring In Pepper Shaker Illusion - James' signature piece in which a borrowed ring vanishes and reappears inside a clear pepper-pot that is sitting on the table. Visual magic at it's best and a brilliant illusion. James teaches you how to make two versions in complete detail. Make this a feature of your show!
Impromptu Anniversary Waltz - James Prince's take on this classic trick, but with a difference. Use any deck and no gimmicked cards to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Simply brilliant!
$35.00 (DVD01013)

And, that’s this week’s better than ever Hotlist! Not a ton of new stuff, but some really great items. And, a very exciting Buy One Get One At Half Price event going on for the next few days. I hope you will take advantage of the savings.
As always, we really do appreciate your taking time out from your busy schedules to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we do love the company.
Hank Lee