Thursday, May 11, 2006

Spring Fever

What a week here at the Magic Factory. What a week. Any week that starts off with David Blaine in a water filled bubble trying to set the world's record for holding his breath has to be a great week. And it was. We have two great items for you that David performed on the special, and a bunch more from Paul Harris that are easily good enough to be performed on prime time TV. This is mighty cool stuff.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Phoneomenon - You saw this one on David Blaine’s Drowned Alive special!
Cause any prediction to appear on a stranger’s cell phone.
Doug McKenzie is the street-smart pro that gave you the indescribably wonderful Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch. He has unlocked the vault once again to let loose another one of his hardcore thrillers: Phoneomenon.
A random stranger in the crowd is focused on remembering a card when suddenly her cell phone rings. She takes her phone out of her pocket to check who ís calling only to see the name of her card staring her in the face.
Phoneomenon is the result of Doug McKenzieís life long fascination with cell phones and how to secretly load them with information. He includes all the street smarts and technical tricks needed to transform any cell phone into a heart-stopping Phoneomenon.
Includes a wide variety of methods to suit different performing situations.
No gimmicks or special devices required.
Multiple presentational ideas described in detail.
Features a system that gives you instant access to almost any modern cell phone. $30.00

Self Tying Shoelace - From the mind of Jay Noblezada...
You didn't ask for the attention. It just happend. Born to perform is being ready when the spotlight finds you.
"Hey man, your shoe is untied."
So you smile, make eye contact with your spectator, and to the astonishment of everyone, your shoelaces seem to visually tie themselves!
Can be performed fully surrounded.
Stunningly visual.
Your laces.
Your Shoes.
Ultra-fast three second reset. $20.00

Staked - From the Paul Harris Prime Time Magic Collection - Pound a solid steel stake through your foot!
The sharp end of a normal stake is pressed against the center of your shoe-covered foot. Using an ordinary hammer or rock, you pound the stake inch by inch into the center of your foot. Each loud whack of the hammer visibly drives the steel shank deeper into your foot, until it is completely impaled. The solid steel stake is now actually imbedded into the surface beneath your foot!
Your staked foot is visible from all angles. Then, while a spectator holds the stake steady, you slowly, gut-wrenchingly, slide your impaled foot half way up the solid steel shaft, and stop.
Your impaled foot is now seen to be completely penetrated from above and below by the steel shaft. Again, this riveting spectacle is visible from all angles.
You, or a spectator, remove the solid steel stake from your foot. You unlace your shoe and slowly pull out your foot, revealing that it is completely unharmed, except perhaps for a small blood-stained hole in your sock.
Stake yourself with any ungimmicked screwdriver, pen, spike, nail, wood stake, knife, sharpened wooden dowel etc.
Perform Staked completely surrounded, close up or on stage.
Perform Staked Inside or outside. Anywhere, in any lighting.
Perform Staked with or without blood.
Staked does not come with a modified shoe. You must provide your own.
Complete with Staked component and instructional DVD. $75.00

Third Degree Burn - Third Degree Burn is the most mysterious, no force, impossible and versatile “blister effect” you've ever done. Imagine flipping-out a spectator when a blister of any card they name appears on your finger and thumb!
It's the Invisible Deck without the cards — and with more heat!
The Effect: Approach a group of people and ask someone to think of a card, then name it aloud. It can be any card they wish. There is no force. The subject is asked to truly visualize the card in their head; to burn it into their mind. Give them a lighter. After igniting the lighter, they are asked to visualize their card in the dancing flame. You briefly thrust your fingers into the flame, wincing with pain. For the jaw-dropping climax, you slowly turn your fingers around, to reveal the skin on your thumb and finger is now blistered in the shape of their freely-chosen card! You've just given 'em the third degree!
Some key points to remember:
No deck of cards required.
No forcing; works with any card named.
Can be carried with you at all times, fits in your pocket, and is always ready to go.
No reset (again, it is ALWAYS ready to go)!
Harmless—but it does look dangerous!
Comes complete and ready to go with the professional custom gimmick (made to last a lifetime), instructional DVD, detailed manuscript, full routine, and bonus effects (including ideas that DO NOT require the use of fire!). $55.00

Puncture - From the Paul Harris Prime Time Magic collection, this is magic ready for prime time TV!
A borrowed quarter held at your fingertips is visibly punctured with a pen, leaving the quarter shish-ka-bobbed onto the pen! The permanently punctured quarter and pen are immediately handed out for examination. There's only one explanation. You've somehow discovered how to really poke a pen through a solid coin!
The visual illusion of the pen going through their own quarter is 100% "oh my god" perfect.
The actual borrowed quarter is in full view as the pen contacts the coin.
The pen is normal and examinable, but has a very specific property that makes the effect possible.
Comes complete with pen, gimmick and instructional DVD.
Available in Euro and US Quarter versions. $25.00

Gut Buster - Andrew Mayne in collaboration with Paul Harris presents a stunning new illusion that can be performed up close, on the street or on stage.
Step behind your assistant and then proceed to shove your hand straight through their body!
The audience watches in awe as your real hand visibly breaks through their skin and emerges from the middle of your assistant's stomach.
Extract your hand from the open wound. A moment later your helper lifts their shirt to show that their stomach is completely healed.
Gut Buster can be performed completely surrounded!
Gut Buster can be performed anywhere, anytime with less than two-minutes preparation!
A volunteer can shove their hand through the magician's body!
Gut Buster includes the complete apparatus and instructional DVD. Nothing else to buy.
Gut Buster Unplugged - The impromptu ungimmicked version!
Gut Buster Solo - Perform Gut Buster on yourself!
Stranger Gut Buster - Gut Buster with a random stranger!
The Gut Buster gimmick is designed to work with people with a medium to thin build. Performers who fall outside this range can use Gut Buster on an assistant or perform Gut Buster Unplugged on a random volunteer.
Shot in High-Definition video! $75.00

Incredible Shrinking Finger - From the Paul Harris Prime Time Magic collections, it’s the Incredible Shrinking Finger by Dan Hauss
Shrink your very own pinkie into a weird stumpy thing!
Your naked pinkie finger is displayed in all its natural pinkie-ness. You gently grasp the tender pinkie with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. and visibly compress your little finger into an incredibly teeny tiny pinkie, so it's about half the size of the original!
Both sides of the weird tiny stumpy thing are shown. The pint-size pinkie even wiggles a bit. It actually is your real finger, just a whole lot smaller.
You then stretch your dwarfed digit back to its original pinkie size, where it can be poked and prodded by disturbed passers-by.
No fake fingers
Both hands are seen empty before you start
Easy to do
Re-sets in seconds
Perform surrounded
Comes complete with shrinking finger kit that adapts the gimmick to your very own personal pinkie. $20.00

Mind Mysteries Guide Book Vol. 2 - The Osterlind BCS - In an unprecedented event, Richard Osterlind has revisited his hugely successful Mind Mysteries video series and is writing definitive guide books that enrich the material presented in it.
In this second volume, Richard takes Mind Mysteries Volume 2, which features what he considers his most signifcant achievement, the Breakthrough Card System, and once again analyzes each effect and even the system itself, adding new and previously unexplored facets, subtleties and stratagems.
In this guide book, you’ll be privy to new perspectives on the Breakthrough Card System as well as significant new ideas such as:
• The real facts about using playing cards in mentalism
• Subliminal details concerning the Breakthrough Card System that puts your audience at ease
• An exciting new Poker demonstration that's built right into the system
• New presentation ideas, jokes and patter lines
Mind Mysteries Volume 2 introduced a new generation of magicians and mentalists to the power and possibilities of the Breakthrough Card System. Now, for the first time, Richard Osterlind revisits this DVD and shows you how to make these routines play as strongly for you as they do for him.
If you own Mind Mysteries, this second volume of the Mind Mysteries Guide Book series will supply everything you need to know to create miracles with nothing more than just a simple pack of playing cards. 84 pages; Perfect bound. $29.95

Dis Jointed - From the Paul Harris Prime Time Magic collection, it's Dis Jointed by Joe Russell -
Dis Jointed is a revolutionary new method for "Shinko's classic Arm Twist" that turns the screws on the scream factor.
Dis Jointed gives you the freakish ability to twist your normal arm 360 degrees around with bone crunching sound. Then there's a heart stopping "pop" as you physically break your elbow at the joint! You then complete the dislocation by shoving your shoulder back into your arm socket. The freak-fest ends with one more 360 degree twist of your arm as your shocked spectators watch your bones snap back into place!
Dis Jointed can be performed by anybody with normal body parts.
No pre-set
No hand switches
Not misdirection
No pain
For the ultimate freak-out, perform Shinko's original arm twist first; and then drop them to their knees with Dis Jointed!
Some freaks are born. Others are made. $20.00

Bic To Card Fan - Reach into your pocket and bring out a lighter. Light it and show the burning flame. Use the lighter to light a candle. In a blink the lighter changes into a card fan!
Made by Fantasio, this is a mechanical marvel. Very easy to perform. It looks great! Comes to you with specially constructed gimmick and detailed instructions. $19.95

Rider The Runaway Deck - If it's comedy you want with your card magic, Fantasio's new Rider, The Runaway Deck is exactly what you were looking for!
Bring out a pack of Bicycle cards. Remove the cards from the box and set the box on the table. As you start to have a card selected from the deck, the box zooms towards the edge of the table and falls into your lap!
Just seeing the card case zooming across the table will result in peals of laughter from your audience!
And, the mechanism is sure-fire and easy to use. All you have to do is set the card box on the table, push it forward a couple of inches and, when you let it go, it zooms off on its own.
Comes with the nicely made card case with the Rider mechanism built in plus some terrific ideas for its use. $15.00

Prime Cut DVD - The first release in the Street Magic Series. It contains two blockbusters that are truly amazing, yet easy to do.
Prime Cut - Ask anybody to just name any one of the 52 cards. Their choice is totally free. They can name any card. Imagine, the victim cutting the deck exactly at the card they just named! It's awesome.
The effect is a classic. It was perhaps the best effect in Juan Tamariz' book, Mnemonica. Many performers attempted to learn this method but found it takes months of work to master. Even when mastered, during many performances you were forced to use outs to bring the effect to a successful conclusion. Those who took the time to master the effect found that the reaction from their audiences made the effort worth it.
Prime Cut uses an amazing method that is so easy that anybody can do it with 100% accuracy, in just a couple of hours. It works every time and your audience's reactions are always through the roof. Why? Because there are no outs, as in all of the previous methods for this killer effect.
Prime Cut will put the power of the best card trick on the street in your hands the day you get this amazing DVD.
Simply the best trick over the phone, ever!
You just call the victim. It's the victim's own deck. They shuffle and cut. Then they think of one of the cards. You tell them what card they're thinking of.
The effect is a real skull cracker that goes right to the center of their brain!
Phone is a diabolical solution created by Eddie Fields. It's hard to believe an effect this deadly could be absolutely dead easy to do. But it is, in fact it's self-working! $25.00

Strange Travelers - From the Paul Harris Prime Time Magic collection - This is David Blaine's single favorite effect. The actual deal-closer David used for most of his professional career. It helped him close the deal on his first Network T.V. special: Street Magic.
Show someone a batch of twenty cards. All different.
Give her ten of the cards to hold.
Now, have her just think of one of the remaining ten cards. She never says a word. No one except her knows what card she's thinking of.
The ten cards are counted again. Strangely, there are now only nine. The one card she'd been thinking of has vanished! She's still only thinking of her card; it's never been named out loud!
She counts the other ten cards she's been holding; ten cards you haven't touched since the beginning. But now she has eleven cards! The strange traveler has arrived. Her thought-of card is now staring her in the face!
Strange Travelers is a streamlined version of a classic effect that was Nate Leipzig's favorite over 75 years ago. Other variations have come and gone. David re-discovered this hidden gem, and the rest is history.
And the really good news: Blaine's favorite effect is extremely easy to do.
No palming. No difficult moves. Just a simple elegant handling that just about anyone can learn.
Complete with Paul Harris' revised gimmick and routines, which includes a version where you start and finish with a normal deck. $20.00

And that's it for this week. A Hotlist full of goodies! I am off now to fill my bathtub with water and see how long I can hold my breath. Wish me luck. In the meantime, I hope you will find some time to spend with us at You know we love the company!
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