Friday, May 05, 2006

David Blaine Excitement!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, where excitement is king! This week, we are in David Blaine excitement mode. As you know, he is currently on display in his spherical aquarium on Columbus Ave in New York City. On Monday the 8th, he will be chained and manacled and attempt to hold his breath for 9 minutes, setting a new world record. Plus, he will be performing some amazing new effects on the special. Effects which have never been seen before. Here is where the real excitement comes in for us. We will have many of the new effects available right after the special airs! They will magically appear in the Hotlist at right after the show. Giving you another chance to DavidBlaine-a-tize your repertoire!

Now, let’s take a look at the Hotlist at

Sankey DVD Giveaway - Starting on May 1st and ending on the 31st, when you purchase two or more Sankey Magic items, you will receive one of the Sankey Magic “Classic Series” for FREE. That’s right, FREE!
Choose from: Sankey Very Much, Short & Sweet, No Card Tricks, Sankey Live, Sankey 1999 and 45.
Supplies are limited, and we expect available quantities to be gone quickly. So, act quickly!
In order to claim your prize, type your choice in the Special Instructions Box when you check out.

Power Plays – Mike Powers - Power Plays contains a wide selection of highly visual magic as well as mind blowing mental magic. There are 58 items illustrated by Tony Dunn and explained in great detail. Here is a brief description of just a few of the killer routines:
ITH Triumph: An “In The Hands” Triumph effect with three distinct phases.
Impromptu Terror: An impromptu moving hole effect with a card signed by the spectator on both sides.
The amBIGuous Card: A selection shrinks and grows in a highly visual manner.
Code 5: A two person effect in which a spectator creates a random 5 card poker hand from a full deck. This is done while one of the two person team is in another room. Now the other team member goes to a remote location without making any contact with his partner. The partner now enters and tells the spectator that she may keep any card as her “hole” card (face down). She is instructed to turn the other four cards face up. After studying the four face up cards, the spectator is told what card is in the “hole!”
Total Freedom: A shortened version of the Bannon item “Degrees of Freedom” where six totally free selections are used instead of a royal flush. The spectators mix cards face up and face down. In the end there are exactly six face down cards as predicted by the magician. And yes, they are the six selections.
Animazement: A flip book trick (like Cardtoon) where an animated stick figure draws an X on a single card. Of course the card is the signed selection.
Finders Keepers: A card freely named by a spectator ends up sandwiched by two jokers while the cards are under the spectator's control.
Flipped Out: A spectator counts four coins. The magician's hands are otherwise empty. The spectator holds all four on her outstretched palm. She shakes her hands together and finds that one coin has jumped to the magician's hand. The three coins are placed again on her outstretched palm. The magician places his hand under the table. Now the spectator dumps the three coins onto the table. Only two hit the table!! The magician brings his hand into view, now holding two coins!
Routined Rubber: A four phase rubber band routine that begins with a single band transforming visibly into two!
Smokin': Ron Jaxon's incredible jumping filter routine. The filter of a cigarette jumps from end to end in a highly visual manner.
232 pages; hardbound. 58 items. Hundreds of illustrations.

Secret Scent-Sations – Kenton Knepper - The hidden art of using scent as influence and suggestion in performance.
Truly an innovative manuscript that pushes the boundaries again on the very underused principle of scent in performance.
Secret Scent-sations reveals a wild mix of well-kept hidden performance material from Kenton and friends.
A spectator is told to relax and name anything that comes to mind in a guided meditation. This very item appears in her own hands!
Kenton puts a person into a trance and says that their sense of smell is so heightened they can smell where a chocolate candy is hidden. Then this hypnotized person apparently smells colors that are hidden, and names the colors too!
As you have come to expect from Kenton, this is not at all the same old thing.
A spectator just thinks of something in her mind and the performer, holding a camera to her forehead takes a picture of her guided mental scene. This looks impossible even to the spectator.
Kenton is known for breaking new barriers and using unusual tools in ways never used before. This is a classic example of Kenton laying the foundation once again for a whole new way of performing miracles, and we do mean miracles!
For historical reference, Kenton and Docc's "Sunny Beaches" from the long out of print "Weerd Enough" book is also included.
There is much more in this work of course. Your mind will be swimming with new ideas, both wild and practical. Kenton's "Blindfold Sniff Test" is finally revealed here.$25.00

Snakeless Snake Can - Mike Bent has done it again. This time, it's the Snakeless Snake Can…well, almost!
Ask for a brave volunteer to play a game.
Bring out a peanut brittle can and explain that it contains a creepy crawly creature. The object of the game is to guess what kind of creature inhabits the can.
Show some jumbo cards with photos of various creatures on them. Ask the volunteer to turn her back while you show the audience an envelope containing a picture of the creature that is in the can. It’s a snake! Lean the snake card against the can so no one can see its face, then ask the volunteer to choose a card. When she turns her card over to show the audience, she is holding a picture of a spider! Bummer.
Turn over your prediction to show that it has magically changed into a picture of a spider. The volunteer is right after all, thank goodness!
Open the peanut brittle can, expecting a big spring snake. Instead you find a rubber spider hanging from the lid of the can. That's not so scary, right?
When you turn around, the kids will scream, because there's a gigantic hairy spider hanging on your back!
The kids scream, you scream and you toss the big spider away saying, "At least there wasn't anything scary inside the can! Open the can again and two big spring snakes jump out. The kids go crazy!
Snakeless Snake Can comes complete with Mike's full routine, instructions on how to assemble the props, and full color pdf files of the creepy crawly creature cards. All on one CDRom. $25.00

Hustle DVD - Peter Wardell - Hustle is a performance piece that looks at magic, fortune telling, card cheating and proposition bets. It ties these together with stories and characters, both real and imagined. Filmed in front of a live audience at a location in London, the performance gives an insight into the world of the one-man show.
For the first time, Peter's live performance has been recorded on DVD. This is then followed in the studio with a detailed explanation of each routine.
A four ace production leads into a beautiful set-up for the classic McDonalds Aces.
Peter's take on this classic routine.
The Soldiers Prayer Book revisited, this is a 13-card production with meaning and a demonstration of how to make magic more entertaining. A classic lesson in showmanship and presentation.
One of the most unusual gambling demonstrations you'll see. This routine includes shuffles, cuts, and deals, laced with poker lore.
Three card monte with a torn corner finish. A great theatrical presentation of this street con.

Jozo Bozo DVD Set - you have never seen Jozo Bozo perform, you are in for a real treat. He lives in Croatia, and is one of the busiest kidshow performers in his country. He is truly a master.
You will receive two DVDs in this set. One is performance only. You can watch Jozo Bozo do his act in front of real live kids. Kids who are having the best time ever! You can see it in their faces and hear it in their laughter. Even if Jozo Bozo never explained what he was doing and why he was doing it, just watching him work would be worth the price of the DVDs. But, he does explain, and he explains everything. Starting with an introduction by famed kidshow performer Silly Billy, the second DVD teaches it all.
The key point in all of Jozo Bozo's routines is "milking," getting the very most response out of the very least in props. For example, his silk routine, which runs about ten minutes, uses just one silk and no other props. And, it is entertaining and funny and has the kids going nuts. No "stretching" here. Just "milking."
You will learn exactly how Jozo Bozo packs his magic case for each show. A lesson in economy.
You will learn all of his bits of business and routines, including the thinking behind them.
If you are a kidshow performer now, or plan to enter the field, this DVD set is an absolute must. $34.95

Twists & Trances – Kenton Knepper - Here is amazing "Kentonism" material that makes up Kenton's current stage and stand-up act. This is the missing "Kentonism" material just as Kenton performs it today.
Bold, simple, easy, wild methods and presentations - all practical, all just as Kenton has been and still is performing it.
Frankly, we can't believe he is tipping this working material, but he must have his reasons.
While the helpers on stage swear they cannot help doing what they do, and also insist they are not hypnotized, the rest of the audience howls with laughter and amazement at what takes place.
Finally you will find Kenton's opening "Mic" Kentonism, new binds, conjured images the helpers swear they see though no one else does - and entire "hypnotic" act with no hypnosis at all.
Bonus material includes changing an audience member's belief or disbelief in God, their favorite color and more. They will keep their changed belief!
It's all an illusion, but such powerful and entertaining material is not usually shared this freely and in such great detail.
Leave it to Kenton and friends to come up with such twisted methods and never before revealed presentations.
This is one of the Kenton classics, without any doubt.
Over 50 full size pages jam packed. This one will get you thinking in new ways, and change how you look at simple magic, even gags and coin tricks. Your mind will be reeling, and so will your audiences. $35.00

The Other Side – Angelo Stagnaro - A textbook for seance mentalists containing nearly 100 effects. It contains chapters on clairvoyance and mediumistic effects, ventriloquism, hypnotism, stealth, Black Art, scripting, the art of deception, acting and stagecraft. You will learn how to move objects with your mind, as if guided by ghostly hands. You will learn how to present effects that appear to be group telekenesis, center tears, bill switches, and so much more. If you've ever considered performing mental magic in a seance setting, or are simply seeking spooky effects to add to your repertoire, this is the book for you!
Hardbound, 277 pages with elegant bound-in ribbon bookmark. An extensive bibliography has also been included.
The third book in the Psi-Book Hexology Series. $45.00

Wonderland Bill DVD - A close-up mega hit! The Wonderland Bill fits in your pocket, is easy to do and the effect is mess-with-your-brain weird.
Openly display a one dollar bill with a small trap door cut into the middle. Asking a spectator to hold the trap door, you fold the bill closed and then open the bill. The effect is difficult to describe, but when the bill is unfolded the trap door is on the other side of the bill! Try to understand this: It looks exactly as if you, while the spectator held the trap door, somehow went through the small cutout in the bill!
This is one of those unique knock-out tricks that has to be experienced to fully appreciate the effect. There is simply no way that the little door should be able to switch sides of the bill while the spectator is holding it!
This trick is blowing away audiences everywhere, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Doc Eason is using it to very strong response in his shows! Comes complete with a sample bill and instructional DVD. $24.95

Harry Lorayne’s Best Ever Collection DVD – Volume 1 - "Nobody will ever teach any effect as perfectly as does Harry Lorayne. He is nothing less than a national treasure."
It was a particular pleasure to watch Harry Lorayne work in front of, and handle, an audience. It's true: When Harry teaches on camera, it's almost as if he's sitting with you in your own living room, helping you, guiding you. It will be hard for you to decide which you enjoy more-the performances or his explanations.
As he teaches a particular routine, he also teaches each sleight, each move, the psychology, the attitude. Watching Harry Lorayne is watching impromptu close-up magic at its best.
Each and every effect, idea, routine in this entire series can be done with a borrowed deck of cards.
Be prepared to sit, watch, enjoy-and learn!
Over 3 Hours and 45 Minutes of instruction!
Contents include: HaLo Cut; HaLo Aces; Aces Royal; Double Revelation; Ace Revelation; 1-2-3-4 Aces; Faced Aces; Quadruple False Cut to Table; Strange Voyage; Classic and Behind-theBack Force; Double Lift and Flip-Up Double Lift; One-Hand and Two-Hand Palm; How In the World Did You Know?; Spectator Cuts to Aces; Evolution of a Sleight; Ace Spell Two-Card Location; Observation Test (Dr. Jacob Daley); Fantastic Ace Assembly; Numero Uno (performance only); Rock and Roll Aces (Peter Marshall); To Catch an Ace #5; Lorayne's Poker Deal #1; Earthly Powers (Richard Vollmer); Non-Earthly Powers; The Family Unit; The Lorayne Force Sandwich; Almost Perfect; Magician vs Gambler; The Great Divide; Two Shuffles Harry (Bro. John Hamman) $34.95
(There are four volumes in this series, all of which are available)

And, that’s it for this week. A Hotlist full to the brim with great new stuff, and more great new stuff coming! I hope you will find some time to spend with us at You know how much we love your company!
Hank Lee