Friday, May 19, 2006

Cancel The Ark

Greetings form all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. The rain seems to have stopped. But, it sure did rain here. A lot. In fact, I had ordered the lumber to build an ark, but now it may be unnecessary. Still, we are all a little damp. I'm sure we'll dry out in the next week or so.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 1 - Coins Across - In this first volume from the New York Coin Magic Seminar, the top coin workers of our day go into comprehensive detail on the Coins Across effect. Over three hours of magic, including panel discussions on the history of Coins Across, types of Coins Across and much more.
David Roth: Winged Silver, Chink A Chink, Shell Coins Across, Chanin Coin Production, Victor Coins Across
Dr. Michael Rubinstein: RetroFly, Impossible 4 Coin Trick Versions 1 & 2, Long Term, Short Term, The Specciolini Brothers Versions 1 & 2
Geoff Latta: Slippery Silver, Spectator Coins Across, MAYBALINE, Tricks With Three Coins, Technical Rehandling of ThreeFly
Michael Gallo: Han Ping Chien-less, BOB, Easy Coins Across, Sliding Eagles, Coins Into Spectator's Hands
Kainoa Harbottle: Another Flipping ThreeFly, Punctuated Equilibrium Coins Across, Deja Flew, Deja Flew Too
Bonus Material: ROPS Discrepancy Count, Sneak Peak into the New York Coin Magic Seminar.
Two DVD Set. $55.00

Dark Museum - The "Indians" of the Amazon rain forest see no difference "Real" world and the world of "Dreams." Day blends with night and night with day. That which is seen and what is unseen merge together.
It is said that dark and mysterious creatures (both real and imagined), haunt these dark waters and riverbanks. Death comes in many forms, including unknown animals and bizarre plants. The tribal Indians practice the collection of human heads to absorb the powers of their former living owners.
All these contribute to an area steeped in legends and mystery, where dreams become myths and myths become reality. Let it be known, there is no dividing line. There is a sense of mystery and wonder in everything! Welcome to the Dark Museum. This is the perfect piece for weaving eerie storytelling that will leave your audience forever remembering your performance. It comes with various routines (prediction type effects) for using the items in the box with performances written by Doug Higley and Greg Arce. If you are the type of performer that appreciates the power of creating a mystical aura and very unique and unusual props, this is for you. All the objects including the box have been carefully selected to make this presentation as authentic as possible. The box is made from Burlwood veneer, and is just the right size. $398.00

Dirty Pool - Michel Huot’s Dirty Pool is a mind-blowing trick shot!
Show 15 cards, each with a different billiard ball printed on the face. A spectator is asked to "rack the balls," dealing the cards randomly onto the table in a triangle pattern.
You and the spectator then engage in an unusual game of pool, each taking shots and eliminating cards as you go, until only one card remains. Let's say it's the 9 Ball.
Explain that you have a prediction in your card case, which has been resting on the table from the beginning. Pick up the case and shake it gently, whereupon a full-size billiard ball falls out! It is, of course, the 9 Ball!
Comes complete with 15 billiard-ball cards, printed in full color, a carry wallet and a regulation billiard ball, plus Michel's full routine, written by David Acer! $29.95

Poche A Poche - From the brilliant mind of Jean-Pierre Vallarino, Poche A Poche is one of the wildest Signed Card To Wallet effect we have ever seen.
Roughly translated, Poche A Poche means “pocket to pocket”. And, that is exactly what happens.
Ask a spectator to select a card. Free choice. No force. She signs the card and returns it to the deck, which is thoroughly shuffled. The deck is placed back in the box, and the box is placed in your inside jacket pocket.
With empty hands, you remove your wallet from your hip pocket. The wallet is opened, the zippered compartment unzipped, and one card can be seen inside. The card is removed and is the spectator's signed card!
An amazing effect! And, easy to do! No palming. No sleights. No forces. Use any deck.
You get the wallet and the “tres especial” gimmick that makes it all happen. $49.95

Presto - Russian Roulette with spray paint!
Invite four spectators to help out with an experiment, a test.
Bring out a small table with five items on it, each covered with a bag. No one knows what is hidden in the bags.
Give one of the spectators a set of five jumbo cards numbered from 1 to 5. Ask him to choose one number, without showing it to anyone. Then, he gives the other cards to the next spectator, who also selects a number. At the end only one card is left, which you hold onto.
Without looking at the number on your card, ask each spectator if they want to change their card with the card left. When everyone is satisfied (they can change as many times as they want) ask them to show the cards.
Walk to the table and remove the five bags, showing five black spray paint cans. Each can corresponds to a number from 1 to 5. The spectators each take the can with the number corresponding to their chosen one and the can with your number is left on the table.
Open your jacket and instruct each spectator to shake the can and spray directly on his shirt. One after another the spray can chosen does not work. Your shirt is safe!
Instruct one spectator to take the remaining can and shake it. Take a big note pad and draw a shirt on it. Tell the spectator to spray on the drawing of the shirt. The can works perfectly and the drawing is covered in black paint!
NOTE: There is no force of the numbers; spectators may change their mind as much as they want; you know the remaining number only when every card is shown; the spray cans are not gimmicked, only one actually works and the spectator can check all the cans at the end.
Comes complete with 5 special spray cans, velvet bags, table, numbered cards, accessories to perform the trick, carrying bag. $650.00 (

The Business DVD - Martin Sanderson -
The Magic:
It's a Steal! A great flashy opener. A card is peeked at by a spectator. Suddenly it appears at your fingertips.
Boxing - A prediction is written on a playing card box. It is seen to be different from the one that was selected. The prediction transforms into the correctly selected card.
Simplex Signed Aces to Pocket - They vanish from the deck and re-appear in your pants pockets!
The Impromptu Chop Cup - Get ready to learn this guaranteed future classic
Simplex Signed Card in Sealed Envelope - The title says it all, but check out the incredible method that Martin uses. This is a sensational solution for this incredible effect.
Ring in Sealed Envelope - An easy to do but seriously strong effect that gets your business card into their hands.
Trade Show SF7 - This is the only effect when pitching for a trade show. This is a serious money making and deal clinching trick.
The truth is out there and Martin's solutions will astound you. You will learn how to be a much more dynamic performer. How to get the initial phone call. What to say and when to say it. Treating magic as a business. Making serious money and reaching heights that you never thought possible.
It does not matter what kind of magic you do. This DVD is the right step in the direction of making serious money.
Even if you are a seasoned performer or a beginner who is scared at the thought of approaching a table, here are the real world solutions.
Get ready for some pure gold. You will seriously increase your income by applying this simple and sure fire technique. $45.00

Reparation DVD- John Lovick - The Ultimate Torn and Restored Card!
A spectator signs a card, you rip it into fourths, and then restore it piece by piece. Magic doesn't get more visual than this!
In this long awaited DVD release, John Lovick covers every detail: the handling, motivation, timing, subtlety and psychology. Nothing is left out! Thorough explanations and over-the-shoulder camera angles ensure you'll master this routine in no time. ??
Plus, as a special bonus, you'll see how good this routine really is under real world conditions. John performs the Reparation at the Magic Castle in front of a live audience. This captivating creation has become the highlight of John's act. The routine will take some practice to master, but it's the easiest piece by piece restoration you can perform. DVD. $29.95

SentiMental Postcards - A mentalism routine with heart, that packs flat and plays big.
This effect will amaze any onlooker and leave them with a “warm fuzzy” feeling inside. When you can grip an audience emotionally it becomes easy to take on the role of a tour guide and escort them on a magical journey.
Introduce several postcards from your previous trips around the world. Lay the postcards out before your audience to conduct an experiment in mind-reading.
Blindfolded, or while your back is turned, you ask a spectator to touch the cards at random. Incredibly, you predict the spectator’s every move and ultimately divine their final selection. The final selection is also revealed to be your last romantic get-away! $25.00

And that's the hottest of the hot; the coolest of the cool. All right here at Hank Lee's! Great magic. Free Shipping. It's a great life. I hope you will find some time to spend with us online at We love it when you come by!
Hank Lee