Friday, May 26, 2006

Where's The Sun Screen?

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Well, it's finally here. Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer. Time to get out the barbeque grill and the beach chairs; the hammock and the straw hats; the sun screen and the sandals. You get the idea. The temperature is rising and all is groovy.
Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Long Distance Card Trick - Chris Mitchell is one of the most clever magicians on the scene today. We are very excited to be able to bring you this fine item directly from Chris' professional act.
A deck of cards bound with a rubber band, is shown to the audience.
Place the deck in a bucket dangling at the end of a four foot pole.
The laughter starts as the pole surprisingly extends 15 feet into the audience. Four spectators, at various locations in the audience, each peak at their own card. Without looking at the deck, you are able to psychically and comedically name each persons card.
This is a fabulous routine. Strong magic. Unbelievably funny.
Comes with everything you need, including Chris' full routine.
We are very pleased that Chris has given us the exclusive on the Long Distance Card Trick, which means you will find it here and nowhere else! $225.00

Canz - Wait until you get your hands on Kevin Parker’s Canz!
It all started with the biblical story of the fishes and loaves
Through a desire to see something like this become a physical reality, Kevin has worked out the perfect method. Canz.
Upon learning the method, you will be able to multiply a real canned drink into three real, unopened canned drinks, full of liquid, then offer your onlookers one to keep.
Extremely visual
No special cans - all cans are real, unopened, and full.
Little practice. $24.50

Antique Razor Blade Illusion - Dave Powell’s Antique Razor Blade Illusion is a brand new method for performing this classic effect. It will baffle equally well in a parlor or stage situation.
The solid oak display stand is reminiscent of the furniture and fixture designs of the early 1920’s.
One at a time, both sides of six double edge razor blades are proven sharp by slicing through a sheet of paper. Each blade is placed in the center of a small easel attached to the stand, but always in full view of the audience. You tear off a yard of thread, wrap it into a little ball and swallow it. All six blades are then put into your mouth and swallowed.
Open your mouth and pull out the end of the thread. A few inches down the line a razor blade appears tied to the thread! Continue to pull the thread out, as a blade appears tied to the line every few inches!
This new design has a pivoting easel, and the blades are controlled by hidden magnets inside the wood. Complete with a beautiful solid oak stand, solid brass spool holder and knurled brass feet. $149.95

Play Time - Rodger Lovins - And now, it’s Play Time! Have two cards selected from a shuffled deck. Tell the spectators that a lot of people ask, “How long have you been doing magic?”
Show the spectators an old black and white photo of yourself as a child. The small child, age one, is holding a playing card. Tell the spectators that, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Explain to the first spectator that, “on the reverse side of this picture is another photo of me holding a face up card.” Ask the first spectator to reveal their selection. Turn the photo over, and the child star is holding a playing card. It's a match!
Turn the photo face down on the table and ask the second spectator to reveal his selection. Then, have the second spectator turn the photo over. The photo has changed to match the other selected card!
Only one photo is used.
It never leaves their sight!
Easy to do.
Rodger Lovins has been creating magic for over 30 years and this may well be his ultimate creation. Don't pass this one up!
Comes complete with wallet-size double sided photo, gimmick, plastic business card holder and 12 page booklet with other routines, tips and methods. $20.00

Cody Fisher On Magic DVD - Real Magic for Real People
First, in a live performance for lay people, close up and personal, you will see full time pro Cody Fisher perform the powerful magic that has won him awards such as the prestigious Texas Association of Magicians award for best close-up magic.
Each of these effects has been honed over countless performances, into the strong magic pieces they are now. Cody tips everything, including all of the gags and bits of business, that make these outstanding tricks into strong pieces of magical entertainment.
If you have read Cody's column, for which he was voted “Columnist of the Year,” you will know him to be a knowledgeable and creative magician and an excellent teacher. It's no surprise that he is the same in person. You will find that he explains his practical, mind-blowing magic clearly and in detail.
This is not only professional magic that will make you money, but killer, reputation making magic for real world situations.
This one is a real magician fooler
The easiest card fold in the world
This trick will also teach the following original moves:
Blank Card Theory
In-Jog Riffle Force
A very easy and convincing way to force a card
Cody's twist on a classic
A sweet coins across routine with a flashy finale
Super clean Card Across
Really, any wallet! $34.95

Comedy Ring In Lightbulb - Devin Knight and John Moyer
Borrow a ring from anyone in the audience. Comment that it's a nice ring and you want a better look. Going over to your table, you turn on a small table lamp. Offering to polish the ring, you take a polishing cloth and shines it up a bit. The ring is then left in the middle of the cloth and given to the spectator to hold.
Pick up a small box and show it empty. Explain that the ring will fly from the spectator's hand and magically appear in the empty box. The box is placed on the table next to the lamp.
Snatch the cloth and shake it. The ring has vanished!
At that very moment, the lamp on the table goes out! Of course, you don’t see this as your back is to the lamp. Go over and proudly open the box to show the ring inside.
What??? The box is empty! Something must have gone wrong. Just then you notice the lamp has gone out. "Oh no, this has happened before." Casually showing both hands empty you shake the lamp. A rattle is heard coming from the bulb.
With absolutely empty hands, you unscrew the bulb.
Explain that you will break the bulb open and see what's inside. Show a small empty napkin and wrap the bulb in it to protect the audience from flying glass.
Taking a hammer, the bulb is partially broken, leaving most of it intact. The partially broken bulb is removed from the napkin and shown to the spectator. They can see their ring inside the bulb! Taking a pair of tweezers, you carefully remove the borrowed ring from the broken bulb and return it unharmed to the spectator.
Important Points:
One Man Effect. No assistant needed. Light goes out the moment the ring vanishes.
Ring is heard to rattle inside the bulb while in the lamp and after it is removed.
No rattle devices hidden on the body. When the bulb is shaken, the noise they hear inside is the borrowed ring. For real!
Comes complete with special table lamp, special polishing cloth, tweezers, napkins, small box, hammer, and all needed gimmicks.

Imposs-I-Bill - Dr. Schwartz's Imposs-I-Bill. A bill penetration for the 21st century…and beyond!
In the early 1970's, there was a marketed effect called Band It Bill. In the routine, a dollar bill was folded and made to penetrate a rubber band spread between the thumb and index finger. It looked great and was a real fooler.
But, the gimmick was permanently attached to the dollar bill. Therefore the bill could not be borrowed or examined.
Which brings us to Imposs-I-Bill. Same great effect, but the gimmick is removable, allowing a borrowed bill to be used and later examined!
Comes complete with full instructions and the very special metal gimmick. $15.00

Pocket Flash Sparkle - From France, where flashing is a way of life, comes something both useful and fun.
The Pocket Flash Sparkle is pieces of Flash paper cut into 2” x 3” pieces and then imbedded with sparkle power. So, it gives a terrific sparkling effect when you light it! $10.00

Passing Thru - Kevin Parker - This instructional video teaches you how to visually push a real coin through the bottom of a real glass bottle, leaving the coin inside. The spectators watch the coin melt through the bottom of the bottle, leaving your hand and falling into the bottle.
They don't see it just 'appear' in the bottle, they watch it melt through.
The bottle is then handed to a spectator for inspection and to keep as a souvenir. They won't find any holes or gimmicks anywhere on the bottle.
This instructional video, taught by Kevin Parker himself, will teach you everything you need to know to perform this illusion. Upon learning the secret, you will immediately want to rush out and perform it.
Extremely visual
No bulky gimmicks
Easy execution
Can use a borrowed bottle
Can use a borrowed coin
Props can be handed to spectator to keep. $24.95

Loads A Lolly DVD - Lol James - Lol James earns a great living as one of London's busiest kids magicians. This DVD captures two of his shows. For the tricky 3 to 4 year age group, Lol presents a thirty minute show that leaves his audience of 250 enchanted. This is followed by excerpts from a private party for the 7 to 9 year olds, complete with Headchoppers and Sawing In Half!
Behind the scenes we visit Lol's Magic Warehouse where Lol talks about his work. See how Lol runs his business with hints and tips on how to run your office, stationery, advertising and adding party bags to your show package. $39.95

Merlin's Classic Workers DVD Set - Bill Abbott's Professional Artist Series - With over 30 years of experience performing and producing thousands of magic shows, international magician Merlin is divulging the professional secrets that have put him at the top of his field. Merlin has shared the stage with a wide range of performers including Jim Carey, Elvis Costello and Alanis Morrissette as well as acting as a magic consultant for TV shows like My Secret Identity and Hollywood movies like The Believers.
Merlin’s stage act is action-packed with highly visual magic consisting of classic material performed silently to a hot jazz soundtrack. Merlin’s upbeat style, original presentations and ultra-practical methods honed over 30 years of performance are all revealed on this 2 volume set.
Live nightclub performances, studio performances, bonus renaissance performances, in-depth interviews with Bill Abbott and all of the detailed explanations are here.
Volume One:
* The Spot Card Surrounded - What's Next, Dizzy Domino & Dinamo have all but been ignored in recent years. Merlin has taken this standard and made it a modern classic with what Michael Close referred to as, "A genuine solution to this effect!"
* Color Changing Handkerchief - New life is breathed into this gem with a logical "dying" motivation and wonderful technique.
* Jumping & Crawling Flower - Imagine a flower suddenly appears on your lapel, jumps from one lapel to the other and then slowly and eerily crawls back to the other side!
* The Hydrostatic Glass - Water in a glass tumbler remains suspended upside down with no visible means of support and at the audience's command it falls into a champagne bucket.
Volume Two:
* The Silk Fountain - The beautiful overflowing 'fountain' of silks from the performer's bare hands is a stage classic. Now you can get the in-depth work on table-loads vs. body loads, a permanent set-up vs. the loose silks set-up and an ingenious use of magnets for the best of both worlds.
* The Professor's Nightmare Complete - Finally, here is a real routine that goes beyond the tired old technique most magicians know all too well.
* The Salt Pour - Merlin uses this effect as a closer and it's easy to see why. Brilliant technique combined with a spectacular finish makes this routine an unforgettable audience favorite.
* The Butterflies - There is almost no real work on the classic butterfly trick in print or on video. Now all of the work is revealed from various thread handling techniques, rehearsing with and without a thread and various steals for the final 'snowstorm' of butterflies is described. $39.95

Coin thru Coin - Jay Leslie’s Coin Thru Coin is very cool, very visual and very easy to do.
Hand a spectator a shiny U.S. Silver Dollar with a slot cut through it. The slot is a little shorter than the diameter of a Half Dollar, so the Half won’t fit through.
Set the Silver Dollar over the Half. Slowly and visibly, you push the Half Dollar right through the Silver Dollar. It looks wild! The Half just slowly melts through.
Immediately, hand both of the coins to the spectator for examination. They will find nothing!!
Daryl says, “It’s a miracle!” So will you. Comes complete with Silver Dollar, Half Dollar and full routine. $32.50

And that's all the great new stuff for this holiday weekend. So much terrific magic, it boggles the mind! I hope you will be able to take time out from your barbequeing and hot dogging and hamburgering to spend some time with us online at We truly enjoy your company, especially if you bring some food!
Hank Lee