Friday, February 03, 2006

How Close Are The Holidays Now?

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. January is gone, which leaves just 10 months and a bunch of days until next Christmas. There are people who are well into their shopping lists for this year. Not me. Talk to me when there's ten days left, not 10 months.
So much stuff going on here at the old factory. Between last week's sales event, the Conclave, and getting the new Extra ready to head out the door, we have been busy as bees.
For all of you who ordered the Cesaral Melting Point (one of the hottest tricks of this or any other year), all the orders are out the door and on the way to you right now. I promise you will be pleased with what you get!

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

John-Webb Carter’s Signed Coin To Signed Card is a truly powerful effect. It's their borrowed and signed coin! It's their selected and signed card! It happens right in front of their eyes!!
On the table is a deck of cards, a coin, a pen and a knife.
Ask one of the spectators to select one of the cards and to sign its face. The card is then replaced back into the deck, which is shuffled and placed back on the table.
Pick up the coin and allows the spectator to sign it, while you explains that you will not find the card but the coin will!
Pick up the deck and tap the coin on top of the deck. The coin vanishes in a wink!
Go through the deck and find the signed card, however there is no sign of the coin. That is, until you pick up the knife and slice across the front of the card, revealing the coin in between the three layers of card. It is the signed coin! Finally, tear the card in half to prove that there are no extra coins.
Questions & Answers about C2C
Are duplicate cards or coins involved?
No. You only use the card the spectator selects and signs!
Can the coin and card can be kept as a souvenir?
Yes! We recommend it!
Do I need to switch in gimmicked props?
No! You really use the card and coin they signed!
Is the coin really inside the card or is it just an optical illusion?
It's really inside and is removed with a pocket knife.
Is C2C repeatable?
Yes! You destroy one playing card each time you perform this effect but that is the only additional expense.
A few moments before, they were holding both items. Then, WHAM! The coin is GONE and really does become impossibly buried INSIDE the spectators signed playing card!
Impossible? Not any more! John-Webb Carter teaches you his technique in detail. With photo illustrated instructions, C2C is easy to perform and so strong for audiences that we are sure you will be using it as your closer. $22.00

Telekinetic Bulb Destruction II - Hardini’s Telekinetic Bulb Destruction II is one of those effects in which you really will not believe your eyes!
Show a small, oval wooden base. The base is made of beautiful hand rubbed hardwood, and is extremely thing (just 1.5 cm). Screw a normal bulb into a socket recessed in the base. Nothing suspicious at all.
The spectator can hold the base in their hands, or it can be placed on a table.
You cover the base with a highly transparent Acrylic glass hood. Concentrate, concentrate. Suddenly, CRASH!!! The light bulb explodes into a thousand pieces right before the spectators’ eyes. You can perform this effect in a living room, on stage, at a party, in a restaurant, in the bath tub, at the beach etc. Always and everywhere without any complex preparation.
Select, deep-stained wood, with fine-mechanical contents. A small prop with a large effect. $469.00

Spirit Can- Do you believe in spirits? No? Do you want proof of their existence?
Spirits can be found everywhere, even in ordinary objects, like a can of soda.
Invite your audience to a modern spiritualism session!
Spirit Can is an original technique for constructing a gimmicked can. The can looks regular, is under pressure, and makes characteristic noise when you or the spectator opens it. But it's a gimmicked can!
In this trick booklet, you will find the gimmicking technique and three tricks using it:
Spirit Can: A straw doesn’t want to stay in the can, and so it jumps to the ceiling!!!
Half-Substitution: Sometimes magic doesn't work.. You failed the can substitution but succeeded with the beverage substitution.
Can Revelation: It's crazy all the things you can find in a can...
Knowing this technique, you will use your imagination to find other tricks using it. $10.00

Q&A Teach-In DVD - Vol 1: Question & Answer - Lee Earle - Learn the basic premise of the Question & Answer presentation plus classic methods for building your killer routine.
One Ahead
Explore the ins and outs of this old standby method and discover how to make it fresh and entertaining for your audiences.
More professional tips on the psychology of pre-show information gathering and some utility props that make your life easier.
Discover the secrets of leveraging your information to amaze them by revealing things that they never write down!
A working pro's tips and techniques for helping make your routine more effective by connecting emotionally to your audience.
Solid advance for how to get the most out of this dynamic presentation for all audiences, large and small. $34.95

Wizard PK Ring - Once worn, never taken off!
The Wizard PK Ring is a 100% Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet fashioned into a ‘wedding band’ style ring. It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination.
The beauty of the ring lies not only in how it looks, a ‘wedding band’ on your finger looks completely natural to any spectator, but also in the fact that the ring does all the work for you. There is no need for you to conceal anything - a rare treat.
• Stop time on someone's watch using the power of suggestion!
• Make metal items move using the power of your mind!
• Chopless Chop-Cup!
• Shimmed coins vanish and appear!
• Choose from Silver or Gold!
Routines Included: Stop Time and Coin Through Glass!
The ring is one size and will fit the following finger sizes: U.S. 9 up to 11 6/8ths; Europe 18 3/4 up to 26. $45.00

Frequent Flyer - A self-contained playing card levitation! A playing card is selected from the deck. The card is shown front and back before being placed on your outstretched palm. On command, the card rises up slowly, floating above your outstretched palm as if buoyed on a cushion of air.
You then push the card back down onto your hand. Finally, hand the selected card out for examination. It's a simple, direct and startling piece of "impromptu" magic. Remember these points: there is nothing added or taken away. The trick is entirely self-contained. There are no funny moves, no sleights, and nothing is attached to the floating card. The card can be show from both sides before and after it floats off of your hand. $10.00

Bend-It Wand - A delightful comedy prop, the Bend-It Wand does just what you'd expect. It bends into any squiggly, wiggly form you want. Made of a soft, durable material and capped with soft white plastic tips, the Bend-It Wand has been made to last.
When fully extended, the Bend-It Wand is approximately 18" long. Supplied complete with detailed, illustrated instructions and a complete routine. $15.00

Pentalogy - R. Shane - - When Magic Becomes Theatre - A powerful set of routines. Easy to do, non finger-flinging close-up magic that is more accurately called Close Up Theatre!
Filled with themes, stories, effects and ideas that provoke emotion and involvement. From the romantic to the frightening; from the bizarre to the beautiful. R. Shane has poured his heart and soul into this collection of magic that he has tested and performed.
Here is an excerpt from the book's Introduction:
We can count. 1-2-3-4-5. There are exactly five books, approximately five hundred pages, and nearly a hundred effects...
... Shane is a working magician. His presentations are not in the tradition of those tending to be seated in a nineteenth century library mixing tricks with brandy snifters and literary devices. He tries out his words on people in a variety of circumstances and prunes, prunes and prunes. The plots are not just potent, but also clear and to the point. Because the circumstances of a working professional do not encourage a lengthy dissertation or rambling story unaccompanied by visible enticements, the performances engage the audience right from the beginning. And let me add, contrary to some of us in this mode of magic, Shane neither pontificates nor preaches. He is having a whale of a good time and desires that the audience will too. Pick out any script and you will realize that his spirit is infectious.
The tricks? They are for close up and stand up performance. And Shane is well acquainted with both classic and contemporary methods and effects. The props are varied, to say the least. Sure, he employs playing cards and coins, but also a great many other uniquely and especially constructed vehicles. He relives upon different approaches to method, using what fits the demands of the effect, sleight of hand, gimmicks and/or subtlety. The tricks reveal a strong search for practicality. And they have been performed. Over and over. Shane's discussions of his experiences and revision are extensive and stimulating. ...
- Robert E. Neale

"This book is for you... I simply cannot give Shane's work anything but my highest recommendation."
- Larry White
456 pages $95.00

Q&A Teach-In DVD - Vol. 2: Superscript - Lee Earle The ideal solution for performing a Question and Answer routine based on a believable premise: graphology and handwriting analysis.
You'll need no clipboards or impression devices nor will you be required to do any 'pre-show' work. The method is clean, can be performed close-up or on the largest stage, and leaves a souvenir brochure in the hands of everyone whose question is answered.
Previously available only as a premium-priced package of specially printed brochures and a VHS instructional video. With today's ubiquity of desktop computers, those custom folders are as close as your inkjet printer and are easily personalized for your own purposes.
This Teach-In includes every second of the original SuperScript video, reemastered and chaptered for DVD, plus access to the necessary files in .pdf format for you to produce your own supplies, as you need them, using 8.5 x 11-inch, ink-jet cover weight paper (index card stock). $34.95

Q&A Teach-In DVD - Vol. 3: EZ Q&A - Lee Earle - EZ-Q&A's weave of multiple methods is both brilliant in concept and absolutely mind-boggling in impact. First introduced by Bruce Bernstein, this killer idea has been honed to a sharp edge, fine tuned, and polished to perfection by Lee Earle.
It's perfect for banquet audiences because everything is so delightfully simple. Pencils and little white cards (reproduced from the free .pdf file on your ink-jet printer) are distributed among the audience who are asked to jot down a word, make a sketch, or write a thought. An innocent audience helper gathers all the cards and holds them until your routine begins.
You place the packet on his upturned hand, he takes a card, views the hidden information, and you amazingly reveal every detail - plus, you can instantly return that card to the person in the audience from whom it came! Repeat with up to 5 cards, each revelation more impossible than the one before it, with a fabulous drawing duplication finish!
This DVD includes (as background) Lee Earle's highly acclaimed Q&A Lecture at the 2005 MindVention (amateur video), an excerpt on Q & A from the DVD "The Sunshine Boys", plus new details, handlings, and secrets from his personal repertoire. $34.95

And that's all the great new magic for this week. Nothing than better than a ton of new magic and a chance to buy it at a big discount!
I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our delightful retail store at 112 South Street in downtown Boston or online at Either way, we love your company!
Hank Lee