Friday, February 10, 2006

Oh, boy! The Snow Is Coming!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. I hope you had a great week. Unless you are reading this on Monday, in which case I hope you have a great week. We had a terrific week. The orders ran like the bulls at Pamploma. There were a zillion of them, and they were coming right at us! But, like the Matadors of Magic that we are, we handled them all. Dispatching them to you, our favorite customers! I am not sure where the bullfight metaphor came from. Some days I guess it just feels like were are fighting the bulls. In a nice way, of course.

We were a little short-staffed this week. Don-O, one of our trusty elves, was off on a Caribbean Cruise for a week. Caribbean cruise, eh? Must be paying him way too much money. Note to self: Look into how much is too much. But, everyone pitched in and took care of business. The orders all got out the door, and some of them even went to the right customers. Only joking. They all did. I hope.

Now, let's take a look at all the great magic in this week's Hotlist.

Amazing Magic & Mentalism DVD Set: Jay Sankey - This 2-volume set is the ideal way for new students of magic and mentalism to take their performances to "the next level!" Both volumes also contain a wealth of professional tips and advice about performing for real people and the power of simplicity! Even better, the original three volumes of material are now available on just two volumes and the price of each volume has been cut by more than 30%! In other words, more magic and mentalism for your money! Featuring almost 40 routines with playing cards, coins, rubber bands, dice, business cards, pencils, envelopes, drinking straws, bottles, spoons, napkins, string, knives, coffee grounds and more, both volumes are destined to become two of the best-selling magic and mentalism dvds in the world!
Volume One: Believe it or Not; Blown Away; Penny Ante; Magic Marker; Plastic Surgery; Sleight-of-Elbow; The Next Card; Acrobatic Aces; Fast Hands; Out of Hand; The One Handed Cut; Secret Passages; Vanishing a Coin; Heartbeat; The Yogi’s Secret; Through and Through; Easy Money; Telekinesis; Indestructibill; Impossible Journey
Volume Two: Penetrating; Around the World; Behind Your Back; Heavy Metal; Stop Sign; M.A.G.I.C.; Hypnotized Handkerchief; Psychic’s Choice; Rising Card; Bender; Two in the Hand; Shout; 10,000 Words; Tap Vanish; Seeing Things; Reunion; Long Distance; Magic Dust; Spirit Writing $ 39.95

Magic Vintage Poster Postcards: If it howls, shrieks, or goes bump in the night, you'll probably find it hiding somewhere inside this magical box of postcards celebrating some of the great magicians of the early twentieth century. Filled with devils, demons, and spirits, these reproductions of rare vintage posters feature Houdini, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, and other masters of mystery.
These high quality postcards present beautiful and classic artwork from back in the days of Houdini! Printed on semi-gloss cardstock, these rich full-color images make these timeless postcards a must-have!
32 postcards, 4 each of 8 designs.
Postcard Dimensions Approximately 5 5/8" x 3 7/8" (14cm x 10cm) $9.95

Cobra Collection DVD: De'vo - Learn the Cobra Cut, the Triad Cobra, the Quad Cobra, the King Cobra, and much more...
All from the original creator!
De'vo's Unique Teaching Style:
. All visual step-by-step instructions.
. All parts of these moves are shown in explicit detail.
. The best viewing angles for learning.
. Slow motion and special highlights.
. Pro tips give you special techniques and tips used by De'vo.
. Cutting edge visual effects to enhance your learning experience.
. All original music by De'vo. More heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, all original acclaimed music.
Xtreme Card Manipulation Presentation Inside!
Use it for your own performances and XCM shows! $ 30.00

KetchUp Side Down: "Hey, you squirted mustard on my shirt!" That's what they always say to the classic mustard bottle gag even though it's just a yellow string.
Now the old gag is just the beginning of something new and original in children's entertainment. It's Tricky Bottles using Ketchup and Mustard bottles! And, this version isn't like anything you've ever seen before.
David Allen's new method allows the performer to place those recognizable squirt bottles under potato chip cans and produce laughs and amazement from an audience. You can even allow the child to choose which bottle they will use. Careful, these bottles may even fool you.
You receive all necessary bottles, tubes and gimmicks, along with a Video CD of a live performance and instruction and tips, complete script with two different variations on the handling. $45.00

Dobson's Choice DVD Volume 2 - TV Stuff: Wayne, who suffers from MS, still performs and lectures as much as he ever did. However, he has cunningly adopted many new methods to achieve the desired effects in order to suit the physical restraints this debilitating disease imposes on him.
The Magic on this DVD has been taken from various high-quality TV clips from several of Wayne's shows.
In order to produce a first-rate product, all the footage has been completely, and painstakingly, digitally remastered.
Performances include: Pyramid; Coin in Bottle; Silk in Cigarette; Egg Bag; Passage of Time; Amazing Tale; Ringo Rabbit; Invisible Deck; Sam Shovel
Bonus Footage: Sawing in Half; Banana Drama $ 34.95

Cradle To Grave DVD - De'vo - De'vo's underground card material has been talked about all over the world. Some of his moves have become legendary in the world of visual card manipulation. The Cradle to Grave DVD is the first publicly released product from De'vo. All of his previous material was kept in small circles and extremely limited. The first run of this DVD was sold out in a manner of weeks and received rave reviews from around the globe. Step into De'vo's world to experience and learn visual card manipulation like never before!
CTG Intro; Opening Titles; Opening Mood Sequence; Demo Of All Moves; Ulmen Trials Story; Ulmen Trials Walk Through (First Eight Challenges); CTG Guidelines; CTG Performance; Cobra Love Song - Promo; Der Ring Promo; Superhandz DVDs Promo; CTG Opener; Basic Flipback; Impossible Stack; CTG Closer; Bluff Opener; Birdy Fan; Heaven Display; Flipback Fan; Smooth Opener; Flipback Vanish; Entire Cradle To Grave Routine
$ 49.95

Complexion: Ask Luke Dancy, one of the hottest names in magic, to work on his favorite card plot. The end result is Complexion.
Complexion will amaze your spectators as the magic happens in their own hands! Cards not only change places, they change faces in this amazing transposition.
Your audience will swear they are seeing real magic as cards change places right in their own hands. Then the impossible! The entire face of the cards change!
Complexion comes with full instructions, custom cards printed on US Playing Card Company Stock and bonus handlings.
Complexion. See the change. $ 15.00

And, that's all the fabulous new stuff this week! Don’t forget that Valentine's Day is coming up in just a few short days. Buy a card, some candy, some flowers. Take my word for it; it's money well spent! Of course, I should also mention that the Conclave is coming up in just over two months. What a great Valentine's Day gift to take that special someone for a fabulous weekend on Cape Cod! Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink. Get all the information under the Conclave Button at

I am really glad that you find the time to spend with us every week. It warms my heart!
Hank Lee