Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Just A Winter Wonderland

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. A two snow week. One little storm, then a 60 degree sunny day, then another little storm, then a 40 degree day. It’s been a crazy winter so far. The snow comes in little bursts then melts right away. At least for now. Talk to me in the middle of March and we’ll discuss how much snow we’ve had this winter.
The Conclave is looking better all the time. New people are registering every day. It looks like this year’s Conclave could be the best ever. If you haven’t already registered, now would be a great time. The dates are April 21st-23rd. You can find more information at under the Conclave Button. You can even register online! I hope you’ll be with us!

Now, let’s take a look at all the fabulous new items in this week’s Hotlist!

Secrets Of An Escamoteur - Harry Riser's reputation as a magician's magician, a man who can astound both the public and his peers, has been established for many decades. His ability to hone the "cutting edge" has kept him firmly among the avant-garde to the present day.
Almost ten years ago Ed Brown wrote The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser, a large selection of Riser magic. It was immediately acclaimed by the cognoscenti. A sequel was always planned, but various factors delayed its completion. The book, written this time by Mr. Riser himself, is now completed. Secrets of an Escamoteur offers Riser material that the professionals have long been waiting for. In its 247 pages, full details are given on-
THE MALINI EGG BAG: its construction and the extraordinarily cunning Riser routine.
CHARLIE MILLER'S methods for breaks, double turnover, spread force and second deal.
BAFFLING CARD MAGIC: 45 Riser sleights, tricks and routines structured to fool everyone-yes, everyone.
THE RISER RINGS: the legendary linking-rings routine with three rings that defies the experts and astounds the public, on stage or up close.
Secrets of an Escamoteur is a top-quality hardcover in large format, offering clear and detailed text, painstakingly and copiously illustrated by Earle Oakes.
If the Riser name is new to you, here is a short sampling of opinions by others:
"Harry Riser has been my very close friend, confidant, and mentor for over 33 years." John Thompson
"Harry knows how spectators think. He knows what throws the observer's brain into overload..."- Teller
"It wasn't just that I couldn't figure out how Harry was doing the tricks he performed. I couldn't figure out how any method was possible." Michael Close
"His magic sneaks up on you...then all of a sudden explodes!"- Jon Racherbaumer

Belanger Cigarette Thru Quarter - Considered by many to be the finest version of one of close-up magic's most memorable effects, The Paul Bélanger Cigarette Through Quarter (which can also be performed with a rolled bill) is finally available with a companion DVD featuring performances and explanations by David Acer!
Imagine this:
. A borrowed cigarette or rolled bill penetrates a borrowed quarter in a stunningly visual, utterly impossible manner!
. Both the quarter and cigarette (or rolled bill) can be shown on all sides during the penetration!
. When the quarter slides off the end of the cigarette or rolled bill, it drops into a spectator's cupped hands fully restored, and can be examined immediately!
Along with the precision-made gimmick (US coin), you receive a DVD that includes:
. The Switch
. The Penetration
. The Camirand/Ouellet Grip
. The Suspension
. The Fall-Away Restoration
. Breaking the Habit: Another Restoration (Richard Sanders)
Plus an alternative presentation by David Acer and bonus clips! $30.00

Nesto Boxes - The Nesto Boxes can be a reputation maker. Place a borrowed ring in a small, ornate wooden box which is left in view.
Hand a key to a spectator for a large box, which also remains in view.
The small box is shaken so that the ring can be heard inside.
At the very last moment the ring is actually “heard” to vanish. The box is opened up and indeed it is empty.
Ask the spectator to unlock the large box. Upon opening it another box is found inside. This box is removed and opened and yet another box is found inside. Again the box is opened and yet another box is found inside. Again the box is opened and a small padlocked box is removed from within. This box is given to the spectator to unlock and open. Inside is the borrowed ring!
You are Supplied With the Following:
1 Large Box with Padlock and Key
1 Medium Box
1 Smaller Box
1 Ring Box with padlock and key
1 Rattle Box

Fred Kaps Seeing Is Believing DVD - Fred Kaps was not just a magician. Fred Kaps was a phenomenon, one of the best, and an icon in the world of magic. He is the only magician ever to win the coveted world title three times. The Dutchman's inimitable tricks not only brought him unprecedented national fame but international acclaim too. Even today, Fred Kaps is still considered a genius and is a role model to many of those in the profession.
A must for all Fred Kaps fans. The DVD is full of wonderful and unique footage from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This fantastic DVD includes his most famous tricks, his best TV performances and his greatest shows, not only as film footage but with dozens of marvelous still photos. The DVD also features a number of exclusive interviews with today's magicians talking about Fred Kaps.
Footage Included:
Fred Kaps performing during the FISM 1961 World Championship, The Long Salt Pour performed without sleeves, Fred Kaps in several TV shows on Dutch television and much more!
Including interviews with:
Pete Biro, Magic Christian, Johnny Thompson, Mike Caveney, David Berglas and Ger Copper.$48.50

Frozen In Time Poster - David Blaine’s second poster, also printed in limited quantity, marks his ice endurance challenge on the world’s biggest stage: New York’s Times Square from November 27 – 29, 2000. The poster maintains the highest quality standards set forth by its predecessor: the finest quality inks digitally offset on heavy window card stock with a special durable matte finish.
The posters are individually numbered and are part of a 550-count print run. They are also stamped and signed by David Blaine himself!
Poster Dimensions Approximately 25" x 38" (63.5cm x 96.5cm) $100.00

Janus Pad - The Janus Pad is a great compact impression device for the working Mentalist! Although it looks like an innocent 3” x 5”, pocket-size pad of paper, it can be utilized to perform all kinds of Mentalism feats: guess numbers, words, drawings... the sky's the limit!
Perfect when used with the Chimera Wallet.
Here's what others have to say:
"The Janus Pad is fantastic. I instantly saw uses for it in my own work. I highly recommend it for those looking to add a real time, sure fire, easy to use, undetectable impression pad. Get one before it fools you!"
- Luke Jermay
"The Janus Pad is a welcome new addition to the family of props which make it possible to sneakily obtain written thoughts. I don't think any mentalist could fail to be impressed by the thinking that has gone into the Pad's design. It combines an old principle with several ingenious refinements which make it highly deceptive in the right hands."
- Ian Rowland
"The peek itself is creative genius and Andrew is to be heartily congratulated for his thinking! Highly recommended indeed."
- Richard Busch
"The Janus Pad is wonderful thing! I love the thinking behind the idea that uses the 'gimmick' in such a way as to make the secret undetectable and yet deliver the information to you instantly and effortlessly! Don't pass this one by. It really is different and practical."
- Richard Osterlind

And that’s all the hot stuff for this week! Something for everyone. And, with the opportunity to buy one and get one at half price, you can really save some serious money.

Thanks for finding time to spend with us either in person at 112 South Street in downtown Boston or online at Either way, we do love the company!
Hank Lee