Friday, October 28, 2005

Time To Dress Up And Get Candy!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. The water is gone. The basement is the cleanest it has ever been. We have been re-organizing all of the shipping supplies and the storage areas so that they actually make some sense. It is great. So organized. We can find exactly what we need in seconds, thanks to Bob and Sean. I guess to every cloud there is a silver lining. It's just hard to see when it's under 18 inches of water.

The big news this week is that the Tenyo line for 2006 has been announced. My favorite is the Fortune Sticks. You can read all about it, just scroll down the page. For you Tenyo collectors, Crash Dice is the most important release, as it is part of the World's Greatest Magic collection. More on this later.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

(1) Carnival Countdown - One of the best effects ever produced by Collectors' Workshop, and one of the most difficult to find. Purchased from a private collector, this one is in perfect condition! And, there is only one,
Sometimes we simply have to let it all hang out.
At times like this, it's essential that hilarity be allowed to rule the day, that unrestrained silliness be permitted to assume unparalleled prominence. So, in a moment of unchecked glee, Carnival Countdown was created..
Here's the scene. On stage is a six-foot high replica of one of the old carnival strength testers, complete with big red bell on top and plenty of flashing lights running up and down the side. The apparatus is turned on and off by a large handle on the side.
Borrow a spectator's watch and place it in a small bag that is hung directly under the bell. As the handle is moved to on, the watch in the bag starts to move slowly downward toward a bowl of undiluted Sulphuric Acid placed in a dish at the bottom of the apparatus.
The spectator places you in handcuffs, with the understanding that you will escape and rescue the watch long before a tragic (and somewhat sodden) conclusion. Your cuffed hands are secured beneath a handkerchief. As the watch descends, lights alongside the unit keep track of its progress. You begin with a cocky smile that soon enough turns to a chagrined grimace as you struggle, apparently unsuccessfully, to escape the cuffs.
By now, the watch is coming dangerously close to the acid and, in an effort to avoid disaster, you instructs the spectator to pull the handle and in so doing, shut the unit off.
Spectator does so, but the handle comes off in her hand, and the watch continues to descend.
At the same time, the eight-inch bell atop the unit begins to sound a clarion emergency call and the high intensity lights begin to race wildly up and down the unit.
Panicked now, you are able to wrestle one hand free and remove the acid dish.
The clanging stops, the lights are extinguished, and the watch settles slowly and comfortably down to the platform at the base of the unit.
Somewhat abashed, but relieved, you begin what promises to be a hopelessly weak-kneed explanation. And just as you do, the large five-pound bell drops from the top of the stand, falling fully to the platform with a large clang, completely crushing the watch in the bag with an accompanying burst of smoke and the glitter of fragmented glass and metal parts.
You are understandably chagrined. "Don't you hate it when that happens?" you inquire.
But in a mercifully short moment thereafter, the cloth drops from your other hand to reveal ( 1 ) the handcuffs hanging free from your hand and (2) the watch hanging from the lower cuff!
The concept, if you love a bit of farce and burlesque, is a gem. But the prop is no less a treasure.
Carnival Countdown is finished in a jet black and brass motif, accented with the striking red bell.
Comes complete, ready to work. Custom ATA cases included. And remember, there is only one of these available. A great addition to anyone's repertoire! $4200.00

Fortune Sticks - Tenyo's mystical Fortune Sticks allow you to read the minds of others!
Display three sticks, each of which contains eight random designs.
After turning your back, you instruct a spectator to select any one of the designs, to stare at it intently and to lock it into her mind.
The spectator then mixes the three sticks so that there is no chance that anyone can discover which design she has chosen.
However, by simply passing your hand over the sticks, you can immediately reveal the mentally-selected design!
You can further increase the mystery by offering a fortune-telling twist as you reveal the thought-of design. "I sense that your love life will reach new peaks in the coming month. You are concerned with affairs of the heart. For this reason, you must have chosen the heart!"
Very easy to perform, yet completely amazing. Based on a brand new, very subtle and clever system that you can learn right away. 28.95

Mystery Triangle - Tenyo's new Mystery Triangle is a penetration frame like you've never seen before.
A transparent panel is clearly locked inside a triangular-shaped frame. Cover the center of the panel with a piece of paper. Then, smoothly penetrate the panel with a solid pencil!
Upon removing the pencil, the audience is immediately allowed to examine the props. There is no hole in the panel - none at all!
You'll think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you see a solid pencil pass freely through the solid triangular panel. You can hand the props out for examination both before and after your performance. Nothing unusual will be found, thanks to a diabolical locking mechanism. Even if you know how the traditional penetration frame works, it's impossible to discover where the hole comes from and where it goes! A real baffler. $19.95

Origami Tube - From Tenyo's 2006 line, the Origami Tube.
Insert a dollar bill into the Origami Tube. Seconds later, both the bill and the tube shrink in size in a mysterious and inexplicable way.
Insert four solid cards into the middle of the tube, where the bill's center is supposed to be.
However, the cards completely slice through the tube. It appears that the bill has been cut in half!
After removing the cards, you remove the dollar bill, completely unharmed and intact.
This is one of the most unusual and mysterious money tricks ever released by Tenyo. It looks like a miniature stage illusion, and enables you to shrink, cut and restore a borrowed dollar bill.
Completely angle proof and amazingly easy to perform, you'll wonder yourself how the bill could possible be folded inside. A real fooler that will puzzle and delight your audience. $27.50

Crash Dice - Don't blink! It explodes before your eyes! It's Tenyo's new Crash Dice. Perfect for all you Tenyo collectors.
Your audience sees you place a single die inside a clear container.
Yet, seconds later, the die explodes into eight tiny dice, or even changes color from white to red! Everything can be passed for examination and the spectators will find nothing.
The inventor of this trick, Hiroshi Sawa, has inspired magicians the world over with his whimsical and lyrical magic creations.
Available in very limited supply. $33.50

Shuffles & Cuts DVD - Rich Ferguson - You will master 50 ways of shuffling and cutting cards. You will definitely look like you know what you are doing now!
You will learn:
Shuffles: Riffle; Table Riffle; In Hands Riffle; Bridge; Hindu; Overhand; Asian; Back & Forth; Strip Shuffle; Top Packet Pull; Bottom Packet Pull; Table Faro; In Hands Faro; Squaring; One Handed Squeeze; Vertical Bridge; Pinky Bridge; One Handed Faro; Scissor Faro o Rich's Faro; Waterfall; Open; Dovetail and more!
Cuts: Standard Table Cut; Hands to Table; Multi Hands to Table Cut; Center Cut; In Hand Cut; Multiple Table Cuts; Strip Cut; Charlier; Standard Pivot; Pivot Toss; Pivot Drop; Table Pivot; Swivel Cut; Palm Pivot; One handed Swivel; Revolve Cut; Revolve Pivot Cut; Triple Cut; 3 Way; Clipping; Ferguson's 4 Way; Ferguson's 5 Way; Revolve Pivot; Scissor; Crazy Cuts; K10 Rollover Cut; Pressure Pullover Cut; Auto Cut and more! $29.95

Predictable Card - Blow your spectators away with yet another Bicycle Rider Back poker-size deck of marked cards. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company, these masterfully created cards will absolutely knock their socks off.
The deck is perfect for restaurants, at work, on the street, at birthday parties, in tradeshows or simply with good friends.
While they look like normal Bicycle cards, the marks are readable from either end. You will know the suit and value in a flash.
A clear reference chart inside aids you in learning the order of the markings.
In the basic effect, a spectator shuffles a deck of cards. Ask the spectator to spread the cards and point to one. Place the selected card on top of the deck. Place your hand over the cards and make a verbal prediction. The spectator then turns their card over and it exactly matches your prediction! Of course, many other effects are possible with this brilliantly marked deck. $14.95

Expanded Half-Euro Shell - Finally, for our European friends, Tango Magic has created the Expanded Half-Euro Shell. It fits perfectly over a Half-Euro Coin. Yet, side by side you will not be able to tell the difference between the shell and the coin! Until it actually covers another coin, you will simply not believe it is an expanded shell. $29.95

Card Castles From Bag - Produce three Card Castles from an empty bag. A real show stopper!
Show a gift bag with a card-design printed on it. The bag is folded flat.
Open the bag, reach in, and pull out a Card Castle!
Reach in the bag again and pull out a second Card Castle!
Finally, produce a third Card Castle!!
Looks incredible. An amazing production! $25.00

Touched By An Angel - The very latest from our pals at JB Magic.
Have a card freely selected and signed.
Flip the card face down as you talk about angels, specifically the two angels on the back of the deck.
Give the card a shake and both angels visually vanish from the back of the card, leaving just two blank spaces!
It looks absolutely unbelievable. So visual!
In the blink of an eye both angels reappear back on the card!
The card is then given to the spectator to keep. It is their signed card.
Hand made by Mark Mason himself.
No hinges! No flaps! No switches! Angels just disappear! $15.00

Bicycle Clear Deck - These are the coolest cards ever. You can see right through them!
Amazing quality featuring the famous "Bicycle Rider" back and updated court cards.
Not only are they suitable for all card games, they are even better for flourishes or double lifts. They are more deceptive because two cards really appear to be one. These cards are made of a durable, flexible plastic that will last. You will have fun with these clear playing cards! $7.50

And that's the hot stuff for this week. Careful when you touch it, cause it's really hot!

I hope you have a safe and fun Halloween. And, I hope you find some time to stop by and visit, either in person at 112 South Street in Boston or in your computer at Either way, we love the company.
Hank Lee