Friday, October 21, 2005

Your Ark Is Waiting, Sir

Greetings from a very wet and soggy Hank Lee's Magic Factory. All I can say is, time to build an ark! We have had a phenomenal amount of rain here in the Northeast the past two weeks. It ended on Saturday with a rainfall in excess of eight inches. All of which means nothing until we opened up on Monday morning to discover a good foot plus of water in the basement. The same basement where we store a vast amount of stock, shipping boxes, electronics and more. Everything in the basement is up on pallets. But, the water rose above the pallets and soaked all of the lower boxes. The boxes then weakened and tumbled over into the water. Sheesh. What a mess. The best visual was me with my shoes and socks off and my pants rolled up to my knees trying to move stuff to higher ground. We managed to salvage quite a bit, but if you are looking for a copy of Stanton's that weighs about 30 pounds, we've got it! The sump pumps finally caught up with the incoming water and the basement is mostly just damp. We have the pros coming in over the weekend to clean it up and make it perfect again.

OK, so that's the bad news. The good news is that we have seen the new Tenyo line for 2006. Four items. One just for the collectors, as it is a re-do of Dice Bomb. But, read on, if you are a Tenyo lover.

Now, let's take a peek at this week's Hotlist at!

Master-Mind: Display four brass tubes, pass them out for examination and each of four spectator keeps one tube for herself.
The tubes are unmarked and identical in every way.
Ask to borrow a $100.00 dollar bill (or any valuable item that will fit in tube) and place the object inside the metal tube, cap it and hand it to one of the spectators.
You then turn your back or leave the room while the spectator collects the remaining tubes and mixes them up.
The spectator is instructed to place each tube into the wooden tube holder onstage. On top of that, the spectator is instructed to cover each brass tube with a larger plastic cover. In other words, there is no way you can know which tube contains the treasure.
Yet, you turn back to face the audience and, instantly, are able to divine which tube contains the valuable item!
Master-Mind is completely self-working and comes with the custom made wooden tube holder base, four brass tubes, eight end caps, special gimmicks that make everything work, and four black plastic tubes that cover the brass tubes. $495.00

Inside The Mind Of Garrett Thomas - 3 DVD Set: Over the last few years, Garrett Thomas has become recognized as a major creative force in magic, so much so that luminaries like David Blaine, Marco Tempest, and many others have retained his services as a consultant for their television specials.
In this series, Garrett Thomas tips his mitt and offers the complete details on magic that he uses to make a living — amazing effects that have had magicians merely speculating about their methods.
Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Garrett Thomas! Specially priced at $94.95 for the set.

Mind Mysteries Too DVD Set - Richard Osterland - Mind Mysteries Too continues on from the high-water mark set by the first Mind Mysteries series, one of the best-selling video sets in magic history. Transcending the boundaries of traditional mentalism and magic, this DVD Set completes the circle of Richard Osterlind’s life work to date. You’ll see Richard captivating and astounding a studio audience with his original material. Then you’ll go behind the scenes once again, along with host Jim Sisti, as Richard explains every nuance of the inner workings of each effect. What’s more, each set of performances is arranged as a mini-show, demonstrating Richard Osterlind’s classical approach to routining, an invaluable lesson in itself! If you enjoyed Mind Mysteries, as thousands did, you’ll love these Mind Mysteries Too!
Specially priced at $94.95 for the set.

Super Chicken- Tired of that run down average magician feeling? You need a Super Hero Kit from Heroes-R-Us. Each kit comes in a secret agent briefcase. Inside is everything to make you and an audience member super heroes, Super Chicken and Chicken Nugget.
Actually you’ll find Barry Mitchell’s super funny Sucker Egg routine. This routine works great with children or adults. It can be added to your show in minutes since it comes with professional taped instructions for you and your volunteer to act out on stage.
Here’s what you’ll receive: Foam lined briefcase, 2 printed capes, 2 hats, 2 masks, 2 eggs, 2 silks, glass to break egg, cassette taped instructions, and 10 years of audience testing. Add 8 Super Hero minutes to your act. $149.95

Confidential Day Care Booking Manual - Samuel Patrick Smith - This exciting manual could unlock a new career for you!
Learn "insider secrets" of selling and marketing shows to child care centers, kindergartens, pre-schools, and after-school programs. The Confidential Day Care Booking Manual will teach you exactly how to get started in the fun and profitable business of booking and performing these shows.
Step-by-step, Samuel Patrick Smith explains his complete system, developed over a 17-year period, which he has never before released. Learn the system and the philosophy behind the system which will keep you on the right track and help you avoid pitfalls. (A studio-recorded CD accompanies the manual so you can master these techniques even faster!)
Highlights of The Confidential Day Care Booking Manual include:
How I Got Started; Day Care Background; Day Care Philosophy; Variations on a Theme; What Type of Show?; Advantages of Day Care Shows; Disadvantages of Day Care Shows; The Day Care Audience; The $100,000 Possibility; Repeat Bookings; Put Your Competition in Time Out (Six Steps); Pricing; Contracts; Scheduling Procedures’ Confirmation Calls; The Easiest Way to Get Started; Keeping Expenses Low; Referrals; Advertising; Other Ways to Get Shows; Life on the Day Care Circuit; Cooties and much more!
So valuable, it's padlocked!
Includes perfect-bound book with full-color cover-padlocked for security! Plus a studio-recorded CD! 51 pages. $24.95

Cesaral Dancing Hank - A handkerchief is given out for examination. Make a knot in one corner, and the hank "comes to life". It moves, goes straight, lays down and even "says hello!" It really seems to be your partner. At the end, you tell the audience why it happened: you drank too much champagne!
Suddenly a champagne bottle appears from the folds of the handkerchief!
Everything can be given out for examination.
Important points
• New design of gimmick, very easy to use
• You can produce any bottle at the end of the Dancing Hank routine. The combination of both effects is very strong
• You can give the handkerchief out for examination at the beginning and at the end
• Some good presentation ideas are included. You can do some great moves with the new gimmick
• It uses no threads, magnets or electronics
• Can be performed alone; no assistants required.
• Perform it close-up or on stage
• You can learn the technique in just 30 minutes, so you can just focus on the presentation! $120.00

Dynamite Book Test - Read every word carefully. Nothing has been left out. If the description fools you, you will be devastated by the effect.
A spectator is freely chosen, not a prearranged confederate or stooge. You walk to the other side of the stage and turn your back or are legitimately blindfolded. No peeking.
The spectator is given an absolutely free choice of one of three paperback books. The spectator picks up any book, thinks of any page number, does not tell anyone the page number, writes nothing down; no force, and the spectator can change his mind as often as he wishes.
The spectator opens the book to their freely chosen page number and thinks of the first word on the page. With no pumping, nothing written, no letter by letter spelling, you name the word.
The spectator thinks of any other page number, tells no one the page number, changes his mind as often as he wishes, and turns to that page. The spectator looks at the last word on the page. You tell him the word he is looking at.
The climax is beyond belief. The spectator thinks of any other page number, changes his or her mind as often as he or she wishes, tells no one, turns to that page, and is instructed to look at any other word on the page. You do not know the page number. You read his mind and reveal the word he is staring at.
No prearranged stooges or confederates. No peeks. No mirrors. No reflectors. No force of the book. Nothing written. Absolutely free choice of book and page number at every stage. No assistants. No electronics. No pumping. No progressive anagrams. No cribs.
A streamlined version is also available which uses only one book. You do the first two phases as above. For the third phase, there is a prediction in an envelope that has been in full view since you started. You never go near the prediction. Any spectator opens the envelope. You never touch it. The spectator thinking of any other word on any page announces the word. The other spectator opens your prediction. In big bold letters, on a letter–size sheet of paper, is the word the spectator is thinking. $75.00

Nostrum Necromancy Newspaper Test - Docc Hilford - Three routines in one book. Three very strong mental routines that will get you noticed whenever and for whomever you perform. Want to be in total control of your audience? Then these routines are for you.
The Nostrum Newspaper Test
What sets this newspaper test apart from all others is its impromptu nature. Imagine an effect where a participant freely selects a page from any newspaper, tears it into small slips, chooses a word from one of the torn scraps and you reveal the word without ever seeing, touching or coming near the paper!
You can perform this trick on stage or on a train. Everything is borrowed. You don't have anything to get ready because it's Real Time Mentalism (TM). And once you understand the simple psychology of the method involved, you'll marvel at how easy it is to do. Plus, there's the bonus that nothing can go wrong, ever!
21st Century Svengali
The second effect is an excellent version of the Koran newspaper test performed with a magazine. But this presentation takes it out of the theater and puts it in the real world.
With this new and startling stratagem, you will he able to predict a word chosen by a spectator, but you will accomplish very much more. You will look at the most beautiful woman at the table, extend your open hand and she'll smile and leave with you!
I know it must sound like an ad in the back of a comic book, but it's true. If you're married, you can use this hypnotic control to get a fellow to buy you the cocktail of your choice. You will end up with complete control of the subject.
Caged Love
And last in the trio is an effect that will literally get gasps from your audience. We often tried to create magical effects that will scramble the minds of those who see them. This is one of those effects. After performing this, you'll either have an adoring fan for life, or someone who will be disturbed every time she hears your name. Not that there's anything offensive in the routine, but it's just so strong! Through the power of thought, you're able to transform a small object into something of great importance to the spectator. She'll be amazed when she finds her personal item locked in a newspaper vending machine down the block!
Every one of these effects have been tested and performed before real audiences. any one of them can make a reputation for the mentalist. $35.00

Wrinkles On The Table DVD Set - Steve Shufton - After practicing and performing magic for almost 40 years, Steve thought it was time to contribute some of his most valuable "wrinkles" to the magic community. The effects on this Double DVD are for serious finger-flingers. Intimate detailed instruction is unsurpassed. Every effect features some original moves and thinking, addressing some classic effects:
Cups and Balls - What would happen if they took on a life of their own? This cup routine includes some new presentational ideas and strategies as well as some new wrinkles that you will use. If you are a cup freak, this is for you!
Cards and Coins - A magician fooler. This routine accomplishes the same effect, with a backfire, using all new moves. This is the most convincing and magical matrix routine, and it will fool those "in the know"!
Okito Box Routines - A couple of fine routines using an ungimmicked Okito box.
Intimate Coins Across - Takes advantage of a rarely used ploy to bring this miracle under the noses of the spectators! Starting with empty hands and examined coins, three coins invisibly travel from hand to hand, ultra close up.
Baker/Roth Coins Through Table - Uses a simple Han Pien Ching subtlety. This move becomes ever so smooth and invisible - even for the wise!
New Spellbound Move - You will put in your act at once! This new technique allows you to show your hands undeniably empty, and then the coin changes again!
Thought of Card to Impossible Location is a tribute to Anneman. Some new tools to accomplish the impossible!
Is there more? Yes!
Includes 2 DVDs. $59.95

And that's all the wicked cool and completely dry new stuff this week! If you missed last week's letter, I should tell you that the Shufton Floating Match is selling like crazy. You should check this one out in the Hotlist as well.

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our bigger than life retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at our bigger than life web site at Either way, we love the company.
Hank Lee