Friday, November 04, 2005

Bah Humbug, Get The Shovels!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. What a week. We had our very first snow of the season last Saturday. Not a lot. Just enough for the neighborhood kids to make snowmen and toss a few snowballs around. By Monday, the snow was all gone and the temperature was a balmy 65 degrees. We have all lit candles and said some special prayers for no more snow. When it starts this early, it is usually a portent of bad things a comin.'

Lucas, the younger son, as you may recall, is in a crazy teenage band that involves loud instruments and screaming vocals. Tracey Strangelove is the name of the band. This week. Anyway, a reporter from CBS News came to film the band in action this week. The piece is on loud music and how it affects kids' hearing. Huh? It will air sometime in the next two weeks. I will keep you posted.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

Appearing Stool - Casually walk in carrying your briefcase and set it next to you. Unlatch the briefcase lid and slowly pull out a full size stool! Pull the stool out slowly. It grows and grows; the laughs get stronger and stronger!
The stool is a solid looking 3 dimensional object and will fool you even close up. It looks just like an ordinary metal stool used everyday.
The briefcase interior is designed with a built in combination rolling and stabilizer system.
Show all four sides, the top & bottom of the briefcase before the production. Self-contained. Genuine leather briefcase. Top quality. $200.00

Chain Breaker - Finally, Losander has released his famous thumb tie effect, the Chain Breaker. Losander has performed this effect for more than 15 years, and it is a real miracle for the audience. Whenever he performs it in front of Magicians, the first reaction is "that is awesome! Can we buy it?"
Now you have the chance! Losander has decided to make this original thumb tie illusion available to the magic fraternity.
If you want to hear your audience gasp in astonishment, this is exactly the routine you need in your show.
You tie your fingers together with electrical tape, just like in the photo. Everything can be examined.
After everybody agrees that there is no way in or out, you penetrate a solid chain. As fast as it was in, it’s out again. All of a sudden a purse from the audience is attached inside your two fingers.
The highlight is when you visually penetrate your thumb with the solid steel chain.
You will receive a DVD with performance and explanation, the gimmick, the chain and the electrical tape. Everything is ready to go. Don’t miss out on this perfect thumb tie, the Chain Breaker. $69.95

Side Steal DeClassified - Paul Cummins - Paul Cummins has been personalizing and honing Ed Marlo's Deliberate Side Steal for over 30 years during live performances and is recognized as one of the top practitioners of the sleight. The information contained on this media will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to perform the sleight, tips to avoid pitfalls during the execution of the sleight, and routines that demonstrate no less than five different functionalities of the Side Steal.
A La Annemann - A startling opener - one card changes four times in six seconds! This routine demonstrates the side steal as a control to the top of the deck.
Bar None - A two-card transposition in which one card is held against the table by a spectator. Includes a presentational angle that takes away any confusion as to which card is in which spot. This routine demonstrates Bill Simon's wonderful idea of side stealing a card to a position second from the top of the deck.
The Trick That Never Happened - Take your audience back and forth through time. J.K. Hartman has said: "Paul's treatment of Roy Walton's Time Travelers is outstanding." This routine demonstrates the side steal as a shift of a block of cards from the bottom to the top of the deck.
AACAAAN1 - Almost any card at almost any number, version 1. Paul has performed this routine for the laity for over 25 years. This routine demonstrates the side steal as a secret slip cut.
Just In Case - A card under and in the cardbox routine honed from nightly performances over the bar. This routine demonstrates the side steal into a full classic palm.
Stumped! - Three spectators quickly take a peek into the deck, each remembering a card. The performer tables the deck and can instantly tell each spectator which card they peeked at. $39.95

Ripped Up- Peter Eggink - Peter Egglink's Ripped-Up is a new and fresh take on the Torn & Restored Card plot. The flash restoration makes this a visual treat!
A signed selection is torn into 4 pieces.
Next, the 4 pieces are placed on top of the deck.
With just a shake and withno cover whatsoever, the 4 pieces instantly fuse back together again!. Yes, it's that direct!
The fully restored, signed card is immediately handed back to the spectator for examination! Of course the spectator can keep the card as a souvenir.
Ripped-Up is the most visual, practical, and workable flash restoration" T&R card routine to date.
No palming!
No cover!
Extremely visual!
Resets instantly!
Perfect for walk-around!
Comes complete with special gimmick on Bicycle stock. $20.00

Razor's Edge - Jay Sankey - Brand new from Jay Sankey, it's Razor's Edge! In a visually insane fashion, you cut halfway through a borrowed coin with an ordinary playing card!
A moment later, the coin is magically healed and both the coin and the playing card are handed out for close examination.
This mind-bending effect comes with a specially machined gimmick, illustrated instructions and an instructional DVD featuring added information and new bonus handlings. $25.00

Card Cocktail - Pour in a freely selected card, mix in a vanish, add a splash of transformation topped off with a unique revelation. Blend together with a twist of humor and you've got Card Cocktail!
Present a deck of cards showing them to be different and ask a spectator to make a free selection. They choose a card then return it to the deck. You shuffle the deck.
You then decide there is a faster way to mix the cards as you reach for your cocktail shaker. Open it up and dump the cards into the shaker! Then swing baby! Shake. Shake. Shake.
Grab your martini glass and pour the liquefied cards out of the cocktail shaker into the martini glass. Open up the cocktail shaker and reveal that it's empty!
Suddenly you turn over the martini glass and the liquid dramatically changes into a silk.
Ask the spectator the name of their chosen card... and Wham! Open the silk and reveal their selection as the audience overflows with applause! Can be performed talking or to your favorite piece of music.
You get everything you need to immediately perform this amazing card concoction: a specially designed cocktail shaker, martini glass, an 18” printed card silk, instant solidifying powder, a performance/instructional video, and a custom carrying case. It is easy to do. Requires no sleights. $195.00

Flourishes DVD - Rich Ferguson - Contents: Ribbon Spread; Ribbon Spread Turnover; Double Ribbon Spread Turnover; Ribbon Scoop; Dribbling; Thumb Fan; Closing Fan; One Handed; Giant Fan; Pressure Fan; Split Fan; Two Handed Split Fan; S-Fan; Corner Spring; Middle Spring; Sideways Spring; Anti Gravity Spring; Waterfall! $30.00

Half Dyed Silk - The granddaddy of all Color Changing Silk routines, the Half-Dyed Silk was devised and made famous by Billy Mc Comb.
Pass a white hank through your closed fist. It emerges bright red. A miracle!
Being a very nice person, you decide to let the audience in on your little swindle. You use two hanks!
Offer to demonstrate how the spectators can go home and amaze their friends. But something goes wrong and the silk hank comes out dyed half and half; half red, half white!
Not to worry, you explain, because you need real magic to get out of this one. Slowly pass the half-dyed hank through your hand and it emerges all red!
The audience finds that you have been fooling them all the time and they really never did learn how the hank changed colors.
Some of magic’s greatest performers have performed this routine in their shows: Billy McComb, Mark Wilson, Carl Ballantine and others.
Comes complete with all the necessary props, 16" silks and Billy McComb’s original routine and handling, in his own words. $50.00

Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do - Phillip Young & Steve Beam - First edition copy of the now out of print Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do! "Slightly Crazy Close Up Magic" by Phillip Young and Steve Beam. A comb-bound collection of "Real Work," that teaches each effect with clarity. This is the last of the first editions and there are no plans to reprint this book. The covers have aged over the years, but each copy is in perfect condition otherwise. Material by Don Morris, Pete Peterson, Randy Tanner, Chris Ball, and Steve Beam! Several coveted routines are tucked away in this wonderful book 80 page book. A variety of practical effects illustrated with nearly 100 line drawings by the author. Material includes: The Hermann Pass Variation, Color Changing Card Case, Longitudinal Card Change, Top Less Change, Glass Eye, Coin Spray, Van Gogh’s Ear, It‚s Gone Astray, Basket Case, Pop Purse, Hinge Vanish, Coin Flair, Coin Stamp, Face Up Okito, Across Okito, plus much more. $29.95

Coin Of The Realm - This one is so good. It'll knock your socks off!
Show a small brass-bound inlaid walnut box. The box has slots cut into the top and bottom surfaces.
A solid sheet of glass is placed into the box. The glass is exactly the same size as the inside of the box, so it cannot move around. Of course, the glass covers the slot in the bottom of the box. The box is now closed. A silver dollar is lowered into the upper slot until it rests on the glass sheet.
At your command, the coin slowly penetrates the glass and falls out of the bottom of the box.
The box, glass, and coin may be immediately handed for examination! Here is close-up magic at its finest. Beautiful props and strong magic! $180.00

Wow, what a great bunch of magical goodies. Each one better than the last. Hard to believe so much good stuff came through the door in just one short week! I hope you have fund reading about these great new items, and even more fun buying them!

If your plans include visiting Boston this week, I hope you will find some time to stop in and visit us at 112 South Street in downtown Boston. Otherwise, visit with us online at Either way, we do enjoy your company.
Hank Lee