Friday, September 30, 2005

The Whole Tooth!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's. It's hard to believe that summer is all but gone. There is a definite feeling of fall in the air; that crisp feel that lasts right up until the first blizzard.
I know that many of you have been following my tale of toothache followed by tooth-gone ache. Well, the pain just wasn't going away. I could keep it under control with Advil, but after this long, the discomfort should have been gone. I noticed that there was a rough spot, sort of a ridge, in the space where the tooth used to be. Long story short, I discovered that the oral surgeon had left a piece of tooth and I was able to self-dentist it out. Amazingly, within a day the pain vanished. I have already called to try and get a rebate on the extraction. Wish me luck. Really.

Now, let's take a look at the Hotlist at

PSI-Sharpie - Back in stock and in very limited supply! Bring out an absolutely innocent-looking Sharpie pen. Write a note or a prediction or whatever. Place the pen on a smooth surface, step away and, to the utter disbelief of the spectators, the pen takes on a life its own! It moves under it's own power! The pen can even move in a complete circle – but does so silently!
The pen is always under your control. It has many applications for the medium, psychic bizzarist, mentalist or magician. You can perform revelations with cards and envelopes, letting the pen decide where the spectator’s signed card is located. All within your control!
This could be one of the most technologically advanced items in magic. The Psi Sharpie delivers on the promise to blow minds and provide powerful mental magic!
The goal behind this product was to produce a pen that was fun, easy to use and totally reliable. The pen is able to meet those requirements thanks to a built in mini-hi-tech micro-processor! It is this very micro-processor that makes the effect so devilishly deceptive – and “oh so easy to use too!”
And, there's no need to ever turn the pen on or off. Why, because the only switch you need is the small remote that does all the work for you! The pen is clean and can remain untouched by the performer – think about that!
Additionally the pen features solid construction, no loose wires or moving parts – thus nothing to break down! This item is well thought out, and tested in "real world" conditions.
Comes with excellent instructions including 24 detailed sequential illustrations that walk you through from start to finish. $175.00

Infusion - Andrew Mayne, the creator of Ghostbills and Hypercards presents another incredible impromptu close-up illusion, Infusion.
Borrow a bill from a spectator, give it a tear, stab your finger through the center of the bill, violently rip it out and restore it right before their eyes.
* Use any bill without any advance set-up
* No switches or gimmicks
* Spectators can inspect the bill before and after
The Infusion DVD teaches you the handling for the basic effect along with two variations, including a lightning fast version. You will also learn Andrew Mayne's Black Holes illusion where you cause your finger to warp space and travel across the universe on a sheet of paper. Infusion is easy to learn and fun to perform!
18-minute DVD shot in Sony HD. Widescreen letterbox format. $14.95

Botania - 30 Bloom - One of the most exciting effects in magic. A visual treat for your audience!
A large metal tube is shown empty. The tube is placed on the table. When the tube is lifted, huge bush filled with 30 flowers has appeared!! For flash and color, Botania cannot be surpassed. The flower bush that is produced is actually over three times larger than the tube! It’s the perfect finale for any act!
Botania comes complete with feather flower bush, tube and base.

* Thirty Bloom Bouquet
* Each Flower Is 6" Across
* Chrome-metal tube
* Finest Quality feathers
* Imported From Europe

Messing With Minds - Extremely Mental Edition - James Biss - After the first edition of Messing With Minds sold out before James Bliss could even hit the lecture circuit, he knew he had something special on his hands.
But before he ran a reprint, Bliss had several ideas and improvements that he wanted to add to his already fantastic work. Hence Messing With Minds - The Extremely Mental Edition. This book incorporates some of James Bliss' most incredible effects into what was already a fantastic resource for mentalists. Effects like Musical Chairs, Call Forward, Anniversary Card, Super Glue Roulette, and Rose Ceremony have been astonishing audiences for years, but have not been available to the public until now. Messing With Minds - The Extremely Mental Edition is an absolute must have for any mentalist. As a bonus, James Bliss includes a performance DVD showing some of the highlights of this book.
Hard Cover, 375 pages, and Performance DVD. $69.00

Christmas Present - A holiday-themed version of the classic "ABC Stung!" trick.
Show three jumbo cards, each with a different colored Christmas gift on it. Also show two envelopes to the spectators. Place all three gifts into one of the envelopes. When you open the envelope, the green gift (my personal favorite) has vanished! I
Open the other envelope. There’s a picture of Santa Claus, wrapping up a green gift! The envelope is otherwise empty.
The smart spectators immediately suspect trickery. The red and yellow gift cards are shown front and back. And when the Santa card is turned around, it shows a picture of a wreath and says "Merry Christmas!" The green gift has vanished completely.
Made from high quality, laminated cards, you receive everything you need to perform this trick immediately. An easy-to-do, interactive trick great for your holiday shows. Made in the USA. $35.00

Predict A Beverage - A great way to add a little mentalism to your family show!
Show five Jumbo Cards, each bearing a photo of a different well-known soda. There’s Coke and Pepsi; 7-Up, Crush and Mountain Dew.
Also show a Plexiglas frame displaying all five of the drinks.
Explaining that you have already made a prediction of which beverage will be chosen, you continue.
Show the cards one by one and ask a spectator to merely think of one of the beverages. There is no force of any kind. Let’s say the spectator chooses Pepsi.
Turn the frame around to show your prediction. It matches the spectator's selection! 100% of the time!
Self working. No force!
Predicta A Beverage comes with a very-well made Plexiglas frame, designed to hold the five cards and the prediction card. $71.95

Dai Vernon Card Clip - Joe Porper invented the Card Clip. Joe's original was cut from a solid block of metal, not bent over to create the necessary shape. Now Joe has re-engineered this simple device to protect your deck perfectly. By pulling the sprung edges back from the deck, Joe has created an even grip across the cards. By shaping the clip properly he has made inserting and removing the deck simple. Protect your most versatile props - carry them in a Porper clip.
These beautiful commemorative Card Clips bear either Dai Vernon’s silhouette or an image of the Dai Vernon playing card back. The images are permanently etched into the metal and look very classy. Please specify which image you would prefer.
Dai Vernon Silhouette
Dai Vernon Playing Card Back

Ten - Richard Sander’s Ten. We rate it, what else, a ten!
"Did you know that card tricks are rated on a scale from 1-10? This next trick was rated a 10 by the Magicians Association of America!"
Place two Jokers in the spectator's hand and keep two Jokers in your hand. Touch your Jokers to the spectator's and claim that they have changed places. "Okay, you are probably wondering why this trick was rated a ten?" Both you and the spectator turn your cards over at the same time revealing that all the cards have changed into four tens!
* A super practical miracle you can carry in your pocket or wallet!
* It's super easy to perform!
* Easy reset for table hopping!
* The four cards never leave the spectator's sight!
* Only 4 cards deck to carry! $15.00

Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD - Gene Anderson - The fourth volume in the Greater Magic Video Teach-In series. It spotlights a magical classic and gives an in-depth view of the popular effect. Gene Anderson's version of this effect is the best-known. A magical mystery that plays well in a stand-up or stage environment, as well as close-up. You will enjoy watching his performance, as well as his explanation. You will do well to add his “signature effect” to your own performance repertoire. Gene knows how to entertain an audience, from flopping intricate paper hats onto his head, to shredding and miraculously restoring a torn newspaper. He knows how to keep his audience smiling. Known throughout the world as the recognized master of newspaper magic, you can now learn this classic effect from the master! $30.00

Smokin' Candies - John Rogers - Smokers and non-smokers unite! The reigning king of wooden cigar magic has finally decided to open the vaults on decades worth of tricks, tips and routines, much of which is being revealed here for the first time ever!
Virtually all of this material can be performed with rolls of Livesavers, Certs and Menthos.
Learn Switching Techniques, Invisible Hand To Hand Transfer, The Change-Up Move, The Flip-Up Move, Schoolboy Pencil Vanish, Cigar Sleeving, The Rogers Cigar Holdout, David Stone's Quick Change and more. $29.95

And, that's all folks. What a great collection of magical wonders this week!
I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our super-secret retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at Either way, we enjoy the company!
Hank Lee