Friday, October 07, 2005

Columbus Day Already?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. Thanks to all of you for making the past week one of our busiest ever! The orders came pouring in like a landslide. But, our band of hard-working elves were able to knock 'em down one at a time and get them all out the door. What fine elves they are.
We are all a little bummed that the Red Sox are down two games in the playoffs. But, they're playing at home this weekend, and will hopefully tie it up and head back to Chicago for the 5th game. We all have our fingers crossed. Toes, too.
Before I forget, we would like to wish a very Happy and Healthy New Year to all of our Jewish friends. Shana Tovah.
On a personal note, Lucas, the younger son, just turned sixteen. He's a great kid, and has not even once asked for his own car. He knows we're not the Rockefellers.

And, now to the reason we all came here, this week's Hotlist at!

Halve It - When you see Martin Lewis' great new effect, you'll say, "I've got to Halve It!"
The 3 - 1/2 of clubs (Miko) has grown up! This is not your grandfather's pocket trick anymore. This is a big effect designed for stage or platform.
It can be performed surrounded. It packs flat, plays big, and includes an audience tested comedy presentation.
Seven giant cards (8” x 12”) are shown, one is freely selected and placed aside without being seen. When a spectator helps name it something goes terribly wrong and an absurd card is arrived at. Eventually the magician makes good and the selected card magically changes in an impossible conclusion.
The props are beautifully produced on sturdy card stock, and handle great. $45.00

Horwitz Wallet - The Horwitz Wallet is one of the finest wallets ever created for the magic fraternity.
This beautifully crafted leather wallet enables you to perform a number of effects including the miracle card in wallet.
What makes this wallet so different is that all of the tricky business takes place when the spectator puts the wallet in his own pocket!
Everything is done openly. There is no palming at all. The wallet has inspired a number of effects, many of which are in the book of instructions. There is a brilliant Just Chance with Bank Notes and Burnt Envelopes. In another effect, you magically “pickpocket” a signed card from the wallet, which is inside the spectator’s coat pocket! This is one of the best effects with the wallet, which baffled everyone when Basil first demonstrated it.
If you have been looking for something new and exciting to add to your close-up arsenal, look no further! $89.95

No Smoking DVD - Jean-Luc Bertrand - Based on the paddle move, this performance is about four minutes long. Designed to be performed table hopping, with an astonishing climax, No Smoking is set up to be an interactive routine where your audience is involved.
The routine took years of improvements and practice, and the version you will see is the ultimate one. You will not use a paddle with dots, but real "Bic" lighters. On its side, a "No Smoking" sign appears and vanishes at will. Then a second lighter is introduced, and the signs switch from one to the other. Finally, one lighter vanishes and melts with the other one, to end up with a double-sided lighter. A real interaction will be built with your audience. Effects grow bigger and bigger while you perform the routine!
Comes complete with the lighters you need to perform the routine. This DVD includes all three-French, English and Spanish versions. Those are not dubbed, voice overed, or subtitled, but entirely performed in 3 languages on 3 separate tracks, with interactive menus according to the language selected.
This DVD contains :
- Performance with Multi angle views.
- Paddle move
- Twist paddle
- Spin paddle
- Step by Step explanation
- Blinking effect
- Permanent alteration

Lorayne: The Classic Collection - In the world of magic, Harry Lorayne is considered to be the best writer, teacher and entertainer with a deck of cards. Harry's reputation began with the publication of his first magic book, Close-Up Card Magic, which became an almost-instant classic. That reputation grew in leaps and bounds with each succeeding book: Personal Secrets, My Favorite Card Tricks and Deck-Sterity. The Classic Collection, his most recent book, is Harry's re-write: his additions, revisions, updating/upgrading, of his first four classic books of the 1960s, plus two great bonuses.
Harry says that he's wanted to do this for a long time. We are glad he finally did! Hardbound. 442 pages. $89.95

Apple, Banana, Tomato - A triple prediction with fruit! Great for family shows, ladies luncheons, even Weight Watchers meetings!
Four Jumbo Cards are used. Place one of the cards, the Prediction Card, face down on the table.
The other cards bear pictures of fruit. There's an Apple, a Banana and a Tomato. Turn the cards face down and mix them up.
A spectator selects one of the cards, then he gives you a card, then he decides whether he wants to keep the last card or take the card he gave you. When he's finished making all of his decisions, you read the Prediction Card.
It says, "I will have the Apple. You will have the Banana. In the bag will be the Tomato.
As a bonus, you reach into the bag and pull out a tomato and "splat" it on the floor!
Easy to do. Comes with everything you need. The special "Splat" Tomato is worth the price of the trick; it looks so cool! $19.95

And, that's this week's cool stuff. Check it out. Check out the rest of the items in the Hotlist. Then, place a big old order and we will ship it to you for free!

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person in our cooler than cool downtown Boston store, at 112 South Street, or online at Either way, we love the company!