Friday, September 23, 2005

Band In The Basement?

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. A mixed week here. The Red Sox are in second place. Bummer. The new EXTRA is out in the mail and should be sitting in your snail mailbox right about now. Yeah! (If you are not on our snail mail list, send me an email and I will hook you up) My toothache goes on, even though the tooth is gone. Boo. Lucas, the younger son, and his band have decided that a small portion of the warehouse basement would be the perfect place to practice. The jury is still out on this one. So, it's one of those Ying Yang weeks, if you know what I mean.

Now, let's take a look at the ever-growing Hotlist at!

Poker Chip Surprise - Connie Haden's Double Copper Silver is one of the great classics in coin magic. We love to demo this one in the shop. It's just plain fun to do.
Poker Chip Surprise, created by Pete Biro and crafted by Joe Porper, brings this classic effect to the next level. Poker is more popular than ever, which makes this routine perfect!
Bring out a small leather purse, open it and remove three Casino Poker Chips.
Place the three chips on your outstretched left palm so the spectators can see them clearly. There's a red chip, yellow chip and grem chip.
With your right hand, remove the red chip, leaving the yellow and green.
In a wink, open both hands. The red chip is now in your left hand; the yellow and green chips are in your right hand. An amazing transposition.
Offer to do it again. Again the chips transpose!
Do it again, this time in the spectator's own hands!
Finally, you place the red chip in the purse. Still it changes place with the green and yellow chips!
At the end, you can hand out all three chips, as you are totally clean!
Comes with the precision-made poker chips (wait until you see these!); specially made leather purse designed to do the switch at the end; and a photo-illustrated instruction booklet. $89.00

Terminator Wallet - Since the beginning of magical time, magicians have searched for the perfect method to bend metal with just the power of their minds. Many considered this the Holy Grail of magic.
Well, the search is now over. The Terminator Wallet is, without a doubt, the cleanest, easiest method for bending coins with your mind. You can do it right under the noses of your audience, with no strain or "funny moves." This is the first method that is sub-compact, automatic and totally diabolical.
The Terminator Wallet was created by R. Paul Wilson and beautifully crafted by Joe Porper. A year of development time was invested in this fine item. The end result is a useable, practical, high-quality item that is sure to become one of your signature effects.
Here is a simple, practical and direct way to bend a signed coin in the spectator's own hand! The Terminator looks like a simple black wallet, but it is so much more. For those who already own The Predator, the Terminator is an exact match in appearance, which makes for some amazing routining possibilities.
The effect comes with two powerful routines, 12 photos that illustrate step-by-step operation and other notes and tips. $699.95

A.E. 2.0 - Peter Eggink's A.E. 2.0 will absolutely leave you breathless!
Borrow a bill from the spectator. Fold the bill in half, then place a pen or pencil in the fold. Instantly and visually, the pencil penetrates through the bill, but this time the pencil melts through in slow motion! This is so visual, it's like watching a special effect in a movie! Of course, both bill and pencil remain unharmed.
Artificial Experience 2.0 is the one effect you'll perform anytime, anywhere. It's easy to do and it uses a diabolical, clever method that even fools magicians!
Key Points:
* Can be done with a borrowed pen or pencil
* Perfect for table-hopping and walk-around performances!
* Perform it surrounded!
* Extremely visual!
* Easy to do. $20.00

Mona Lisa McComb - A laugh filled comedy routine with a touch of elegance
Claiming to be attuned to your volunteer's taste in fine art, you show the rest of the audience a prediction: A large -format, reproduction of the Mona Lisa, then set it aside.
Explain to the spectator that she will make a random choice form a stack of several reproductions of paintings. Hold up the paintings so the audience can see them, but not the volunteer, who is unaware that all the paintings are the Mona Lisa. The audience laughs as it realizes that you are about to con your lovely volunteer.
As you display each Mona Lisa to the audience, you miscall each painting, saying one is a Monet, an Andy Warhol, a Dali, etc. Whenever the spectator says, "Stop," you hand her the painting to hold but tell her not to peek at it yet.
Pick up your prediction and confidently ask the name of the artist she has chosen. You seem bewildered when she says she has selected a Van Gogh! (Yes, we've marked the artist's name clearly at the bottom of the painting so the spectator will know it was painted by Van Gogh.)
Check for yourself, and sure enough, she has chosen an intense Van Gogh self-portrait. But when you turn around your prediction, it has magically changed to a Van Gogh as well, ending the routine on a note of artistic triumph!
Professionals will love the quality of the props, especially our new foolproof interlocking design.
Mona Lisa McComb comes to you complete with thirteen full-color paintings reproduced on huge 11x14 inch high-quality coated stock, housed in an elegant ribbon-tie black artist's portfolio, with full photo-illustrated instructions. $149.95

Negotiating Higher Fees CD - Michael Ammar - Did you ever get off the telephone after booking a show and saw, "Gee, I'll bet I could have gotten more money for that show!" Then, this is the CD for you. One listening to Michael's CD can bring you greater earnings! The CD was engineered for results. It contains actors simulating negotiations and examples of telephone negotiations. Contents include The Three Stages of Negotiations; Determining Your Market Value; 9 Gambits for Negotiating Fees; 6 Methods for Increasing Your Value; and more. The second in the Inner Circle Audio Series. $15.00

Unclamped Live In London DVD - Wayne Dobson - Join your host Wayne Dobson Live at The Magic Circle, London in this unique DVD presentation. For the first time on video Wayne explains in detail, the secrets behind his favorite routines. In-between the routines listen to one of magic's funniest storytellers, as Wayne takes you on a journey through his life in magic and show business... but be prepared as he pulls no punches. This DVD is not for the fainthearted!
Tossed Deck - Wayne’s version of the classic Tossed Deck - See why Wayne’s version produces a stronger and more powerful reaction than any other.
The Invisible Deck - Wayne teaches you a version that requires no special cards and uses just one gimmick that does all the work for you.
The Famous Vent Routine - Wayne explains how it came to be and then introduces his show stopping performance during the Royal Variety Show.
I Swear - A spelling routine with a difference. Strictly for adults only!
Snakes - A self-working card prediction that anyone can do!
3 Choice - The magician reveals which pockets the spectator has hidden three objects in. “Wayne has created a routine that fits my needs; a clever method, direct effect and a lasting impact on my audience”. Jeff McBride
Teach - Ten minutes of pure commercial, comedy entertainment
Passage of Time - Exclusive TV footage of an original Dobson illusion using the Walter Jeans Million Dollar Mystery. $35.00

Thompsoni & Company DVD - – Greater Magic Video Library - Music, magic, comedy and drama blend together to help make “The Great Tomsoni” Poland’s finest magician. Even amid show business disaster, these hapless performers rise above the circumstances to baffle and perplex their audience. Here are just a few of the “Magical Mishaps and Miracles” shown: • Translation Deck • The Garbage Collector • You’re the Polish Magician 30.00

Wonderwall Palm DVD - Jean-Philippe Halm is considered by his peers to be one of the best magicians in Europe. He has an exceptional amount of experience in working with the public, and has created magic tricks that are sold worldwide. He has taught magic for many years and is a consultant to other magicians in "show creation". Jean-Philippe is, above all, a vibrant personality. His versatility and technique have allowed him to succeed in many areas. His acts are visual and gripping, and his technique is completely effective. Particularly in cards, his forces, sleights, and deals have mystified the best of magicians.
In his first DVD, Jean Philippe begins to unveil his vision of magic: expert technique and relaxed presentation. Jean Philippe Halm is the inventor of the Wonder Wall Palm, revealed here for the first time!
Contents Include:
Aces Again - Flashy Ace Effect
Is This the Kangaroo Card? - Approximate shuffling, control, and bluff on a chosen card.
The 999th - Aesthetic ace effect
Autumn - Red and Black card control and bluff on a chosen card.
One Way No Return - Visible transformation of aces into kings
Dolly Pran - Card glimpse and subliminal forcing
Reset - transformation of aces into kings
Reset with Wonderwall Palm - Bluff variation $45.00

Building A Better Mousetrap - Barry Mitchell - Released at this year's Kidabra Convention, Barry's new book was a huge hit! It is actually Volume Two of Barry Mitchell's popular "Magic of Thinking Creatively" book. Magicians, Clowns, and Story Tellers around the world have been inspired by this book to higher standards of creative entertainment.
Barry raises the bar again with his seven habits of effective magical entertainers. How do you build a better mouse trap? By thinking like a mouse. How do you build a better show? By thinking like an audience. This book will inspire you, motivate you, challenge you, and help you to improve your entertainment. Comes with CD of Adobe pdf artwork for you to make many effects for personal use. Make your own Dead Eye Duck Story, Fastest Card Trick in the World, Captain Chicken, and Magnet Man T-shirt logo. Perfect Bound. $35.00

Stage Magic Of Marvyn & Carol Roy - - Greater Magic Video Library - Known as Mr. and Mrs. Electric, they celebrate more than 30 years of professional know how in this two hour video. Enjoy the Electric and Diamond Illusionist acts recorded at the Magic Castle. Learn the real secrets of being a magician’s assistant with tips on makeup, wardrobe, covering mistakes and much more. Be delighted by the stage secrets revealed, like Marvyn’s special Snap Silk routine, Carol’s original Hip Steal, Giant Pearl routine, Flash Opener, Bill In The Light Bulb and The Bandit Trick. $30.00

And that's the Hotlist for this week. I hope you will find something you just can't live without. And, I hope you will find some time to spend with us either at our terrific retail store at112 South Street in Boston or online at Either way, we do love the company!
Hank Lee