Friday, September 16, 2005

Help Us Help!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. It's very easy to be glib and chatty sitting here in my air-conditioned office in my comfortable chair, surrounded by all my stuff. It is not raining in torrents. The wind is not blowing at a hundred miles an hour. I know where my family is and I know that they are safe. I am very lucky. The folks from the gulf coast were not so lucky. Unless you count bad luck. You've all read about it and watched it on TV, and I know that all of you are doing your best to help. We have decided to help in the only way we can. So, for the next week, we are going to give 20% of all the revenue generated to the Red Cross Relief Fund. Just know that 20 cents of every dollar you spend with us in the next week will go directly to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

And, now to the reason we all came here, this week's Hotlist at! This week's list is very special. We have added both Aaron Paterson's Icarus and Sean Bogunia's Programmable Thread System. It is rare that we get two such important items in one week. So, please check them out carefully!

Icarus Effect: Aaron Paterson’s Icarus Effect is the ultimate in practical un-assisted self-levitation.
Imagine this: Stand face to face with someone, your back to a curb, step or staircase. The spectator holds her hands out, palms up, while you place your hands, palms down, lightly on top of hers. By applying minimal pressure to the spectator’s hands you are able to apparently levitate up on to the top of the step! As you levitate and float upward, the participant can clearly see under both of your feet, seeing both of your heels and toes rising off of the ground. As if that were not enough, you then calmly float off of the curb and back down to the ground and are clean to walk away. It looks unbelievable! No get-ready. No clean-up. Anywhere. Anytime.
Once the gimmick is assembled at home, there is nothing else to “set” for a performance. You can be ready to demonstrate The Icarus Effect without notice.
Like we said: anywhere, anytime.
With this breakthrough effect there are no mechanical-looking movements whatsoever. If you could really levitate, this is exactly how it would look.
You perform this levitation literally right under the spectators’ noses, yet you will leave them absolutely stunned.
Speed and height of levitation are under your control at all times.
Effect is limited only by your imagination.
No electronics, pneumatics or hydraulics of any kind. No wires. No rigging. No kidding.
Included: Instructional DVD (with bonus ideas) and kit (including space age material) for preparing your levitation gimmick. You supply necessary clothing.
Pre-order your Icarus Effect today for shipping at the end of September. $395.00

Programmable Thread System: It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Sean Bogunia's new Programmable Thread System! Imagine the response of your audience as a handkerchief flies across the stage and then flies out over their heads!
This amazing Programmable Remote Activated system can be used as an "Ultimate" ending for Sean's Award Winning Dancing Hank routine or used alone. No computer necessary for programming and no complicated programming skills are needed; anyone can do it! Now you can perform the unforgettable Ralph Adams Dancing Hank sequence wherein the handkerchief jumps in and out of a bottle and perform the classic Dancing Hank moves perfected by the great Blackstone, but without any assistants whatsoever! But wait; there's more! Much more!
This system is not only for use with a handkerchief, but can be used to control other objects, such as raising a tie or a rope out of a basket like a snake, coordinating the movements of a balloon, flying an eerie ghost for a haunted house theme, or causing a beautiful butterfly to flutter and quiver in an unbelievably realistic flight that you choreograph!
Sean Bogunia's Programmable Thread System is extremely different from any other flying system you have seen before because true 3D flight is possible! No more are you limited to a simple stiff back and forth movement across your performance area. Now your handkerchief or other object can fly in circles, dip, dance, and hover! And with the Programmable Speed Control option, you can even adjust and vary the speed of the flight! Many moves are possible with this "no assistants needed" system that were never possible before, even with several assistants! Also, other systems require extensive setup and reset and you end up spending most of your valuable practice time hauling out ladders and trying to coordinate your assistants. Not anymore! Once you have set up the PTS, you simply program the unit to reset itself! No ladders for reset and no need for help!
Detailed DVD instructions and accessories are included. The PTS can be used in many performing venues and is extremely adaptable. Additionally, the PTS can be used for many custom projects that you may have previously thought were impossible! You will have fun just practicing with the PTS!
Other systems that sell for $4,000 to $15,000 don't even compare to the flexibility and ease of use available with the PTS! And your satisfaction is guaranteed! $2999.95

MagiCap: An email from Jesse Feinberg: “Hey Hank, here’s the Magicap video. At the $20.00 price, I think it'll fly off of the shelf! So much buzz about this one. It was supposed to come out a while ago, but I put a lot of extra work into it. The gaff is really improved!
I should mention that it is fully examinable at any time! You can use any Bic pen with its cap; it’s just a matter of attaching the gaff to the pen. I look forward to releasing this trick, finally! Thanks for all of all your help with everything Hank! –Jesse”
Once you have seen the demo video, you will understand what all the excitement is about. So much happens, you will just not believe your eyes! Magicap is a most incredible close-up trick. $20.00

Angel Of Love: We are proud to present Anton Corradin's Angel of Love. If you love magic as theater, this one is for you!
Ask a spectator to choose a card and place it in her pocket. She does not look at it and does not show it to anyone.
Bring out a black vinyl folder and open it to show a white sheet of paper inside, along with a picture of an angel. Not just any angel, but Cupid, the Angel of Love. Also display a white feather; a feather that materialized after a "heavenly contact" between you and Cupid. Explain that the angel has used the feather to create a way of manifestation on earth.
Offering to demonstrate, you open up the folder and, with empty hands, place the feather onto the surface of the folder. Of course, the feather may be examined at any time.
Encourage the audience to ask questions about their future love lives, to which the feather will start moving over the folder answering yes, no, maybe. It looks absolutely eerie!
Next, you put the white sheet of paper inside the folder and close it. Remind the audience that before the act began someone had freely chosen a card, and that if Cupid felt affinity with that person and had the desire to send a message to that her, he would do so through the white sheet just placed in the folder.
Open the folder and the white sheet of paper now appears with a message written on it! Ask the spectator to read the message.
"To confirm my presence before you, I will tell you that the card you have chosen is the…."
At this moment, ask the spectator to look at her chosen card, which is still in her pocket, and to name it out loud. The card she selected exactly matches the one written in Cupid's message! $60.00

Dead Of Night: Andy Nyman’s Dead Of Night is the most amazing 3 phase card routine you will ever perform. Simple and direct, this is a genuine reputation maker.
Each revelation is increasingly more impossible than the last.
Comes complete with:
* Specially printed Casino quality Playing Cards
* Full written routine and instructions
* Performance and instructional DVD
*Filmed live on location at Soho House, London.
*Footage taken from the fantastic "Get Nyman" DVD Set $46.00

John Ramsay's Tasseled Rope Trick - Andrew Galloway - Long thought to be one of Ramsay’s “lost secrets,” Andrew Galloway has done a fantastic job of fully explaining this stunning routine in words and pictures.
A length of rope, which has a red tassel on one end and a blue tassel on the other, is cut and restored in the most fair way imaginable. The rope is cut directly in the center. The audience sees the cut ends. In a blink, the rope is restored. And, the audience is stunned!
A must for anyone who loves rope magic. $27.00

Subterfuge: A new visual vanish that uses no pulls, strings, or fishing line.
Subterfuge can be performed in a T-Shirt or with no shirt at all.
It has an instant reset that can be done right in front of the spectators. Produce, Vanish, and Re-Produce the item at will.
Each Subterfuge comes with an explanation DVD showing you how to accomplish this amazing effect.
Available in large (approximately ring size 13) or small ring size (approximately ring size 9.75) please specify when ordering. $45.00

Magic Of John Ramsay DVD Set: For the first time, Andrew Galloway performs and explains the magic of John Ramsay.. Andrew was the only student of the legendary Scottish magician, and he has done for misdirection, through the work of Ramsay, what Dai Vernon achieved for natural handling, through Erdnase. Thus, he has brought a new and deeper level and understanding of magic those who are willing to study and practice.
The routines and sleights shown here are as unique as they are amazing, and you will be amazed! Indeed, you will be even more astonished when you witness the explanations, for the methods are as diabolically cunning as the effects are sophisticated.
Included on this DVD is a wonderful lecture by Andrew on the art and science of misdirection, which in itself is worth many times more than the price of the DVD. There is also rare footage of John Ramsay himself, priceless to both students and collectors.
Volume 1 - Contents Include:
The Triple Restoration; The Ramsay Cups and Ball; Cylinder and Coins; The Ramsay Color Change; The Cards to Pocket; Puzzling Thimble; Cut and Restored Rope; Slow Motion Coin Vanish; Five Thimble Production; Six Card Repeat & "The real secrets of misdirection"
Volume 2 - Contents Include: Three Coins in the Hat; Five Fly Cards; Ten Thimble Production; Four Little Beans; The Changeling; One Cup & Ball routine; Coins to Glass; Black & White Handkerchiefs; Okito Box routine; The Forgotten Card Trick; Switch is Which; The Coin & Jam Jar; New Pocket Coin Trick; Tasseled Rope Trick (performance only); The Pegasus Coin & more on 'The Real Secrets Of Misdirection'.

Alpha Deck: Richard Sanders Alpha Deck is a three-phase miracle with a killer ending!
The spectator hands you half the deck and keeps the other half for himself. You each spread through your face down cards and you each remove any one card.
Effect 1: The chosen cards are turned over and they are the exact mates of one another...The Ace of Hearts and the Ace of diamonds.
Effect 2: The process is repeated, and this time the cards turn out to be the Ace of Clubs and the Ace of Spades. A perfect 4 of a kind! But wait, there's more!
Effect 3: The magician and the spectator each turn over the rest of the cards in their hands. They are all blank and totally examinable.
The Alpha Deck is a diabolical principle that will allow you to perform a strong 3-phase routine that will knock your spectators for a loop! Each phase builds on the last, getting stronger each time and finishing with the killer climax where all the cards are blank and examinable. No Rough and Smooth. Totally self-working. $20.00

Principles Of Magic - Richard Osterlind: Why can two performers do the same piece of material yet one consistently gets much more enthusiastic audience responses?
Is it possible that some of magic's most sacred axioms such as "never repeat a trick" and "never tell an audience what you're going to do" may ultimately be responsible for the huge amount of mediocre magic that abounds?
What is magic's biggest lie?
These are just a few of the topics that Richard Osterlind tackles in what may be his most passionate argument yet for a return to the fundamental principles that once made conjuring one of the most respected of the performing arts. Over the years, these principles have become misinterpreted, misunderstood or largely ignored, resulting in magic's unfortunate and undeserving loss of its rightful place in the public's estimation. The Principles of Magic is Richard Osterlind's warning flag that, as performers, we have to change many of our approaches and attitudes before it's too late and magic vanishes forever.
As a bonus, Richard offers "Inside The Fold," one of the strongest openers possible for a magic or mentalism program. It's a surefire way to gain the respect and attention of any audience immediately.
More than just a reasoned appeal to mystery performers everywhere to once again lift magic to its highest artistic potential, The Principles of Magic is about rediscovering what it was about magic that you first loved...and perhaps relearning how to share its original wonder with others. $24.95

Wow! I have just looked back on this week's list and I am might impressed. This is great stuff. And, when you place your order this week, we will ship it to you for free! What a deal.

I hope you will find some time to spend with us either in person at our retail store at 112 South Street in Boston or online at our better than great web site at Either way, we welcome you with open arms. And, we are open late.
Hank Lee