Friday, September 07, 2012

Hank Lee's Magic Factory Labor Day Sales Event Redux

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory.
For me, the 6th of September will be etched into my memory for the rest of my life. It marked the end of a long and terrible road for me personally, for my family and for the company.
I want to thank all of you who have stuck by us through this horrible period. You are true friends. And, we all care deeply for you.
The judge says I should go away for a while. To think about what I did. As hard as this will be, I cannot disagree with her. But, nothing happens now until the 29th of October. It is important to let you know that Hank Lee’s Magic Factory will continue to operate, with or without me, Hank Lee. The truth is, it will probably run better. Aron has been learning the ropes. And, with help from Steven and Don, he is doing a really good job. There have been some bumps in the road, of course. But, the learning curve is steep.
The good news for me is that the waiting is over. I have spent the past months with the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. It has been a debilitating time. Now, I will face the punishment for my deeds, knowing that the punishment has both a beginning and an end.
Your job, should you accept it, is to help Aron and The Elves while they learn to fly on their own. I hope you will take the job seriously!

Now that that’s over, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring you a really good Excitement this week! So, read on.

Labor Day Sales Event Redux: We have received so many calls and emails from you, our favorite customers, telling us that you were away on vacation or taking the kids to school or busy with the barbeque that you missed last week's Labor Day Sales Event. So, for all of you, we are doing it again!
We here at Hank Lee’s want to send a great big “Thank You” to those who work so hard to keep the wheels of industry turning! So, from right now until Monday, September 10th, at midnight, when you purchase from us at Hank Lee's, you will save money.
But, as you may have heard, the early bird gets the worm!

Starting right now, Friday, September 7th you will save 38% on your entire order, subject to the rules below. That's right, 38%!

We will reduce the discount by 1% each day after that until Monday, September 10th at midnight. All you need to do is enter the special code LABORDAY in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the correct amount from your order total. You will find the Discount Coupon at the bottom of the page when you click on “View Cart.”
If you are calling your order in to the Toll Free Order Line at 800 874 7400, FAXing your order to us at 781 395 2034 or emailing us your order to make sure to mention the special code so you can save!

There are a few rules that apply, as with all things in life.
* The minimum order to use this discount is $35.00.
* The discount is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs, the discount is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
* Offers cannot be combined.
* Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Mike Caveney Books, MagicSmith, theory11 products, Johnson Products items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
* If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before shipping your order.
* Coupons, Reward Points and Promotional Gift Certificates may not be used during this sales event.
* As the discount is automatically generated, you must put the special code in the Discount Coupon Box, and nowhere else. If you are not sure how to do this, please phone your order in to our toll-free order line at 800 874 7400, and we will take care of you. We cannot offer discounts retroactively.

And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. It all ends on the 10th of September at midnight

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Pyrofreak 3.0: A completely redesigned fire device! Pyrofreak 3.0 is the world's smallest electronic igniter and works with all pyro products and various fire-based products
How is Pyrofreak 3.0 different from other ignition devices?
* No Refills: Hard ignition top, never needs replacing.
* No Batteries To Replace.
* Easy Charging: USB charging cable; 3-5 minutes charging for 50 ignitions.
* No Cables: Cable free device.
* Carry Bag: Comes in a hard plastic carry bag that is suitable for transporting the gimmick and the pyro products.
$80.00 (60.1891)
Note: This item uses real fire. You must be 18 years or older in order to purchase.

(2) Airline Concept – Jean Pierre Vallarino: Three incredible travel effects, and much more!
Card Airline
Prior to beginning the trick, the spectator will notice that a red-backed card is pinned to your shirt. You say nothing about it, yet.
Ask the spectator to select a card from a blue-backed deck, and to sign it. The card is then lost in the deck. Everything goes back into the card case, which you leave with the spectator.
Show that your hand is empty, roll up your sleeves and continue without tricky moves.
Open the safety pin and release the card from your shirt. Slowly turn the card.around. It is the signed card from the spectator! You can offer the card as a souvenir.
Signature Airline
Even stronger...
Prior to beginning the trick, the spectator will notice that a face-up card is pinned to your shirt.
Openly remove the duplicate card from your deck and ask the spectator to sign it., then lose the card in the deck.
Remove a silk from your breast pocket, wind it around in front of the card and suddenly, the spectator's signature has just jumped to the card.
Show that your hand is empty, roll up your sleeves, and without tricky moves, open the safety pin and release the card from your shirt.
You can offer the card as a souvenir.
Flash Airline
If you like visual effects... this one is astonishing.
A card pinned to your chest will vanish in a blink and instantly reappear pinned to your back.
In this new concept, you will also discover many applications for which the only limit is your imagination.
Imagine that you could materialize any small object for real from a picture card pinned to your shirt. Just touch the picture card and any small object matching the card would instantly appear for real: coin, sponge ball, lighter, cigarette, a small flower etc.
Easy to use as an opener, attention-getter, or during your favorite routine if you need an extra object.
$57.50 (30.1726)

(3) Mouse to Cheese: A great piece of visual close-up magic.
Display a very cute mouse head between your hands, which are otherwise empty.
When pushed through the hand, the head emerges as a large piece of "cheese", several times bigger than the original mouse!
The mouse head measures 3" wide and 4" high, and the cheese is 6" wide and 7" high.
The item is hand crafted from a superior quality sponge. Ready to use, with instructions.
$22.00 (10.1725)

(4) Sub Zero – Wayne Dobson: The name says it all. Sub Zero is way beyond cool!
This could be best solution to Paul Curry’s unsolved card problem ever devised.
Imagine a prediction so clean you show the spectator the card beforehand!
Wayne Dobson's Sub-Zero is the definitive work on his fantastic Janus Card effect. Wayne, along with Peter Nardi have taken this routine to the max with handlings for an awesome Open Prediction routine, A Card At Any Number, an ESP prediction, plus ideas for Trade Show's, Comedy & Kids shows.
Everything is explained in great detail by Peter Nardi and all the routines are free from any sleight of hand. Which means even the beginner can perform them!
Here is just one of the effects
A spectator is handed a deck of cards. They mix the cards thoroughly and place them on the table.  You now show your prediction card (let's say the Queen Of Diamonds).
Explaining that your Queen comes from a different deck, you point out that the deck in front of them contains a matching Queen. Your spectators job is "Simple?" All she has to do is deal the cards into a face down pile, stopping only when she senses she is holding the Queen of Diamonds. You are both now committed to your cards. She slowly turns her card over and it matches your prediction 100%. Now as a final kicker you say, "Now it wouldn't be very impressive if all the cards were the same; or would it?" You turn the rest of the deck over and they are all the 2 of Clubs.
Sub-Zero comes complete with the routine-packed instructional DVD and 3 fantastic Sub-Zero gimmicks: A card prediction gimmick, an ESP gimmick and a customizable gimmick.
All you need to do is add your own regular, blank faced or one way deck.
$32.50 (30.1725)
Note: Coming in stock very soon. Pre-order now and we’ll pay the shipping

(5) David Berglas Lecture Notes Package: Some of the best material from the brilliant mind of David Berglas. This set of three notes covers 35 years of David’s best.
Material includes: ESPacology, The Berglas Lecture On Sleeving, Impossible Silk Production, Using A Pull, Pocketing, Cardcertina, Cane In Newspaper Routine, Continuous Pen Production, Coin Throw, Add-Infinitum, Pickpocketing and more.
All three Lecture Notes for one very low price. $29.95 (BK01867)

(6) Pig To Melon: Could this be where the expression “melon head” came from? Not.
Display a really cute pig’s head between your hands. It looks a lot like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.
Show your hands otherwise empty.
The pig’s head is pushed through your hand, and emerges as a large slice of water melon, several times larger than the original pig’s head!
The pig’s head measures 4" wide and 4" high, and the melon slice is 8.5" long and 4" high.
The item is hand crafted from a superior quality sponge. Ready to use, with instructions.
$22.00 (10.1726)

(7) Spectrum – Wayne Dobson:
The genius that is Wayne Dobson has created a color changing back effect that's ideal for any close up performing situation.
Four of a kind are shown to have red backs.
Two of the cards are placed in your spectator's hand.
One at a time the cards you are holding change back color, then the same happens to the cards that are held by your spectator!
You are now left with four cards each with a completely different back color.
You will not believe how easy Spectrum is to perform and how much impact it has on your spectators.
Spectrum is an effect you will put right into your act!
$35.85 (30.1708)

(8) Burning Connection: The Burning Connection allows you to magically ignite your business card.
When you extinguish the card it can be handed to a spectator as your Burning Connection.
This is absolutely one of the most impressive ways to present your business card.
The wallet is hand crafted and feature a thin rechargeable battery. Completely silent gimmick when the card is ignited and a safety on and off switch has been built into each wallet to prevent misfires.
Note: This wallet cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
$50.00 (10.1724)

(9) Dove From Sketchpad – Dan Sperry:
Direct from Dan Sperry's award winning Las Vegas Act!
This is a beautiful, super-visual dove production.
Check out these features:
Absolutely No Body Loads
Totally Self-Contained
Perform Virtually Surrounded
Easy To Do
Perfect for Kid Show Performers
Perform it any time during your act or show
Comes complete with everything you need (except the dove
* 11" x 14" Sketchpad
* Chiseled Sharpie
* Includes pre-drawn dove for tracing.
* Instructional DVD
* Plus more...
$250.00 (60.1870)

And, that’s this week’s better than ever Hotlist. Surely you will find some items that are absolutely irresistible! As always, we here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for stopping by to visit.
Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street, we love the company.
Aron, Bonnie and The Elves