Friday, February 24, 2012

Hank Lee's Buy One Get One At 60% Off Event

Greetings from Hank Lee’s Magic Factory.
This has really been the week that was. On Wednesday, the computers went down. Not just your average computer problem, but something big. Beyond my humble ability to fix. We have been unable to process orders or ship orders or charge orders. The good news is, it should all be back and running by today, Friday. So any orders you placed will be processed and shipped and in your hands before you know it.

It never ceases to amaze me how much we have come to depend on the computers. Used to be we could open the mail or answer the phone or take your orders off of the FAX machine. But that all seems like dinosaur technology now. Now, it is just about 100% computer. So, we wait for the computers to come back, and then we’ll be running at our usual 110%.

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This week’s Excitement is an oldie but a goodie. Check it out!

BUY ONE GET ONE AT 60% OFF SALES EVENT: We have juiced up our Buy One Get One event by offering a gigantic 60% off the second item. That’s right, 60% off! Here's how it works. For the next 5 days, from right now, until Tuesday, February 28th at midnight, you can save like crazy. How does it work? Simple, really. For every item you buy, you get the second item at 60% off. That's right, a full 60% off. So, if you buy a Harbin Suspension for $575.00 and a Happie Amp for $268.00, you will get the Happie Amp for $107.20! What a deal! It even works with non-discountable items. Just make sure the non-discountable item is the higher priced of the pair. If you buy more than two items (and, we thank you), we will pair them up so you get the best deal!

The rules are also simple. We deduct the 60% from the lower priced of the two items. You can buy as many items as you want, we will do the math so you save the most! There are a few items that are not included in this promotion. Very few. If you order one of those items, we will let you know before we process your order.

Note: Since this is a somewhat complicated sale, the online system will not do the math. We will do it here before we process your order. Your email confirmation will show the full price for each item, but we will figure the discounts before you are charged, and reimburse your credit card.

In order to take advantage of this outrageous sale, you must put the words BUY ONE GET ONE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at If you are calling your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, give the order person the special code. If you are FAXing your order to 781 395 2034 or emailing it to, just remember to include the special code, BUY ONE GET ONE and you will get the biggest discount ever! So, hop to it and save some serious dough!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Practical Magic – Harry Anderson: Harry Anderson’s presentation of the Magic Square takes the original effect into a whole new realm of entertainment. It’s fast and funny and incredibly amazing.
It all starts with a book aptly titled, Practical Magic. The book purportedly contains page references to the famous Tarbell Course in Magic. You explain to the audience that the Tarbell Course is where generations of magicians learned their stuff. Just so they know.
Display the book and explain that you will use it as a way to choose your final effect!
Ask for any random number between 50 and 150. An audience member shouts out a number. Really random. Honest. You open the book to the page that matches the randomly selected number. If their number was, say, 75, you turn to page 75.
The trick on that page turns out to be the Magic Square!
Close the book and bring out a giant sheet of paper which has been pre-folded into sixteenths.
As you patter about the Magic Square, you fill in all sixteen squares with seemingly random numbers. One number per square.
In the end, you reveal all the wonders of the Magic Square. You add the numbers in every way possible. Horizontally, vertically, diagonally. No matter which way you add them, the total comes out to the spectator’s chosen number. In this case 75.
Simple, yet stunning.
The method requires no memorization of any kind. The two number crib sheet is built right into the book. A two second glance at the page gives you all the information you need to fill out the Magic Square. So, you can concentrate on the presentation!
$45.00. (60.1823)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

We want to thank Harry Anderson for giving us the exclusive on this fine effect.

(2) Fireflies: The perfect addition to your D’Lite routine!
Now you will be able to move the light from your fingers to any place you choose: your shirt, a book, a puppet, etc.
Using several Fireflies, you will be able to make light-shapes, such as a heart, or a dove. Another wonderful idea is to perform a matrix of lights with seven gimmicks set up on your shirt!
The electronic gimmick will turn on or turn off when you put your hand in front of it.
Easy to do, very easy to set up, a revolution in light magic!
Easy to use.
Quick set up.
Light up automatically when a magnet is near the gimmick.
High quality.
Red light.
The electromagnetic system works with a small magnet which is not supplied, but is available locally. You can also use a PK Ring.
Includes 1 electronic gimmick, 1 battery and instruction sheet.
$25.00 (60.1822)

(3) Panic – Aaron Fisher: After years off the market, the best vanishing deck routine in history is back. And there's more. Watch Aaron's new 45 minute DVD video training online-directed by Wayne Houchin. You'll be performing Panic for your own stunned audiences in minutes!
The four Kings are shown and placed into your back pocket. The remainder of the deck is spread cleanly, and then it happens. The deck instantly vanishes in your hands, leaving only four cards. The cards are shown to be the Kings. And where's the rest of the pack? In your back pocket!
No sleights. No funny moves.
This is what real magic would look like.
Panic has become Aaron Fisher’s favorite effect, and for good reason. Panic has the power to leave your audience stunned, and leave their jaws on the floor hours after you've left. This is the trick people talk about. This is the trick that will make you a legend
Check out these great features:
* Requires no skill. If you can hold a deck of cards you can start amazing your friends in minutes.
* Use with any Bicycle Rider or Mandolin back design.
* Perform it close-up, standup or surrounded on the street. It looks like real magic!
* Makes a stunning opener, amazing middle or a powerhouse closer!
* Instantly resets. Totally examinable. Totally commercial. 
Aaron Fisher walks you through the trick step-by-step, in detail and with unparalleled instruction. Filmed on the streets of Las Vegas, you'll be able to see just how effective Panic is in front of real-world street audiences; complete strangers. Every question you have will be answered.
Shot in high definition and mastered to DVD. This is the reputation maker you've been looking for.
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
$24.95 (30.1355)

(4) Handcrafted Card Magic - Volume 1 - Denis Behr
Foreword by Pit Hartling
Brute Force Opening - An opener that does its job - knocking the spectators out with three rapid-fire effects in no time.
Plop - Control any four-of-a-kind without looking at the faces of the cards.
The Culling Procedure
Plop - The Effect
A Trick for Allen Kennedy - One of the cleanest Center Deal demonstrations.
Magic Monthly - A strong two-phase four-of-a-kind production with an emotional hook that is a real workhorse.
Finding The Way Home - The concepts and ideas in this section will change your stack-work and make it much more deceptive.
Possible strategies for rearranging cards systematically:
"The Tantalizer"
A Trick for Allen Kennedy
Way into "The Tantalizer"
Packet Trick
Red-Black Division into Stack
Liebenow's Card Peeling
A Gambling Demonstration - An easy gambling routine that can be followed by anybody - interested in gambling or not.
Oil & Water - A real laymen pleaser. Try this routine and you'll want to keep it in your repertoire forever.
Oil & Water Finale - What Daryl's "Ultimate Ambition" is to the Ambitious Card plot, "Oil & Water Finale" is to the Oil and Water plot.
Gray Matters - An ultra-clean challenge location to fool anybody.
Pages: 90 pages. 5.8" x 8.3." Hardbound with Dust Jacket. Black and white illustrations
$40.00. (BK01841)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"This is a book that not only justifies its existence by means of innovative material and original thinking, but which represents the mind of a thoughtful and tasteful creator who pays attention to myriad tiny details that can make all the difference between mediocre magic and beautiful illusions. This is the way magic books should be written." - Jamy Ian Swiss (Genii Magazine)

"Most card books present handlings or better ways of accomplishing things you already do. Handcrafted Card Magic gave me new things to do in already exceptional ways. This is a great book." - Ricky Smith (M-U-M Magazine)

"There is some fine thought in this material. My favorite pieces are "A Trick for Allen Kennedy" (a surprise, since I'm not usually drawn to gambling effects) and "Oil and Water Finale". However, there is much else to admire."- Stephen Minch

"The chapter, however, that I predict will stand-out as one of the most important and influential contributions to the study of stacked-deck magic is 'Finding The Way Home'." - Pit Hartling (Foreword)

(5) Tru Test – U.F. Grant’s Modern Magazine Test – Nathan Kranzo: U.F. Grant's Tru Test was released over 80 years ago and inspired many modern day Magazine and Book Tests. Tru Test is the cleanest test ever created. Why? Because they get to look at a page full of words and think of any word. Then you tell them!
You will receive the instructions to the original Tru Test.
No pre-show work.
No sleight of hand of any kind.
No switches.
No glimpsing.
No stooges.
No gimmicks to palm.
Volunteer can be on the other side of the room when you reveal their word!
No electronics.
Gimmicks won’t break
May be repeated.
Effect: Several pages are torn out of a current Time or Newsweek magazine. A random page is chosen and handed to a volunteer. From then on you never handle the page. You ask the volunteer to tear the page in half and discard a piece dropping it to the floor. They continue to tear and discard pieces of the page until only a small piece remains. They can even change their mind exchange their final piece for any piece on the ground. The volunteer can now look at either side of the piece and just think of a word. You can be blindfolded or across the room and tell them the word with 100% accuracy.
This is the real work on the magazine test. Period.
Once again, they have their choice of pages. Having the freedom to look at either side of the page and think of any word is amazing.
The best part is it’s so easy.
When you purchase the Tru Test Magazine Test Kit you will receive the instruction manual detailing routines, bonus ideas and all the nuances about the test.
You will also receive 100 gimmicks that can be used over and over. Unless you destroy the gimmick in performance (you can destroy the gimmick as part of the routine if you like but it is totally up to you), you are provided with enough for well over 100 performances.
$99.95 (40.824)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(6) Always Remember To Floss – Dan Sperry: In recent years the gut wrenching Razor Blade swallowing illusion has become increasingly popular. What has always been regarded as a stage routine has now been adapted for close up and street performing environments by Dan Sperry. Using innocent looking every day objects that you can carry with you and set up in a matter of seconds Dan has created a simple yet diabolical switch method that is completely safe and sure to shock and amaze your audience.
Display 3 razor blades and place each blade on the open palm of a spectator.
Next, show a small piece of paper and a box of dental floss.
To prove the blades are real, slice a small piece of paper.
Next, take a length of floss from the box and begins to ingest it, showing that you indeed swallowed it by opening your mouth.
Finally, place the three blades into your mouth, apparently swallowing them as well.
After a few moments, you produce the 3 blades threaded onto the floss from your unharmed mouth!
This method and effect can be performed close up and surrounded. The method is extremely simple and can be adapted to stage performance situations as well. There is no limit to the number of blades used in the routine, 3 is just used as an example for close up situations. The gimmick can be assembled in a matter of minutes and the effect can be reset in less than 10 seconds - even in front of your audience! The effect comes complete with all necessary gimmicks. Supply your own blades.
$29.95 (60.1819)

(7) Intuition System – Steve Fearson: Imagine being able to predict the answer your audience will give to any question. Over and over again, with 100% accuracy. This is Fearson's Intuition System.
Fearson's Intuition System combines an exciting new principle with some very clever routining to create a diabolical and infallible mental prediction system. The Intuition System is easy and even fun to learn. You'll be doing it immediately, the same day you receive it!
The procedure is seemingly impromptu, using items common to a magician. Just a deck of cards and a Sharpie marker.
The plot is simple. Ask your audience to assist you by answering a question, responding with the first answer that comes to mind. For instance, "Think of a number from 1 to 5" or "Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla
First though, you write a prediction on a playing card, which remains in view the entire time.
Ask the question and they answer it. Simple as that. The playing card is turned over to reveal that what you wrote matches their answer exactly!
Of course there is the possibility you could have just made a lucky guess, right?
Wrong! Here's where you blow that theory out of the water.
You do it again and again, matching their answer each and every time without exception. After you get the second one right, the suspense really starts to build. After half a dozen or so your spectator has a serious mystery to contemplate!
The questions are presented in an entertaining and engaging fashion. So rather than being a tedious procedure, it is thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. You will have a lot of fun with this system. It easily lends itself to a game show, pop trivia or compatibility test presentation. The questions can be funny, suggestive or intriguing. It's up to you!
This is clean, pure mentalism at its best
* Surefire, 100% accurate, 100% of the time!
* No additional props, seen or unseen are used.
* No thumb or nail writing.
* No equivoque, no fishing.
* No double lifts, second deals or any such card work required.
* Looks impromptu, uses a Sharpie marker and a deck of cards.
* Automatically resets; perform it again immediately!
* Absolutley no suspicious or unusual props, pads, billets, impression devices or the like.
Steve Fearson is known for thinking way out of the box and this is a perfect example. No "one ahead" principle or any existing methods are used. This really is a fresh approach. (If you happen to perform this for a magician, you'll absolutely slay them.)
Includes the Intuition System Sharpie, gimmicks and online instructional video.
$25.00 (40.823)

(8) Populate – Mark Parker: An illusionary appearance of a small crowd!
Introduction by Eric Olsen of EDF Magic
This is the first in a series of single illusion publications by renowned illusion designer Mark Parker, author of illusion books 'Vivify' & 4E Illusion Design.
Populate is Parker’s take on the Guy Jarrett 21 Person Cabinet.
In this version an elevated framework structure, screened with fabric is shown completely empty and revolved 360 degrees. In an instant the fabric is stripped away revealing the surprise appearance of 26 people.
The illusion is self contained, performed away from any backdrops and requires no black art.
The illusion is described in detail, complete with dimensions and construction notes. The apparatus required is designed to break down into individual sections for easy transport.
Printed in glorious full color throughout, complete with detailed 3 dimensional illustrations.
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming in stock really soon. Pre-order now and we’ll pay the shipping!
$29.95 (60.1820)

"Mark has a devilishly creative mind that scares me!" -Lu Chen

"Mark Parker is an explosive creative genius of illusion design! A rare combination of style and intellect - sometimes bold and sometimes practical - but always a thing to behold. Fascinating excellence!" - Brett Daniels


(9) Best of British: A celebration of the work and creativity of many of the UK's finest performers. The book is a collection of magic and ideas covering close up, stage, stand up and mentalism, meaning that there really is something for everyone amongst the top quality material on offer. The list of contributors comprises some of the most able and agile minds in British magic and is a mix of experienced heads and enthusiastic young guns!
You will find magic from: Ian Adair, Jasper Blakeley, Paul Brook, Chris Congreave, Wayne Dobson, Matthew J. Dowden, Peter Duffie, Chris Dugdale, Geoffrey Durham, Wayne Fox, Paul Gordon, Paul Hallas, Gary Jones, Mark Leveridge, Simon Lovell, Shaun McCree, Marc Paul, Scott Penrose, Harry Robson, Alan Rorrison, Tim Shoesmith, Mark Shortland, Lee Smith and Paul Stockman.
The material they have provided is as diverse as it is interesting. Virtually all of the effects require no more than average handling ability, so everyone who buys this book will find the contents both enjoyable and useful.
140 pages. -9" x 6" - Perfect bound - Black and white photos and illustrations.
$40.00 (BK01842)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(10) Wizard Academy - John Carney Reveals Mr. Mysto's Secrets!
Simple tricks are often the very best, and the most entertaining. But whether you are a child or an adult, it is important that you get off to a good start, establishing the fundamental principles that will make for a great magician. This book delivers that, and more.
Designed for beginning magicians of all ages, this 80 page book contains material regularly used by both Carney and Mysto. Wizard Academy has thirty-one tricks and novelties with paper clips, bottles and straws, pencils, coins, dollar bills, playing cards, and newspaper. And then there is some great impromptu dinner magic with napkins, plates, silverware, glasses, and rolls. Throughout the fun, there is plenty of great advice concerning practice, creativity, technique, and presentation.
Here are all the tools needed for the beginning magician to advance to the next level, along with some great bits that even the pros will want to add to their repertoire.
Great gift for budding magicians!
79 pages. 10" x 7." Perfect Bound. Black and white illustrations.
$20.00 (BK01843)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(11) Real Color Changing Flower: It’s the magical breath of Spring! And, you can use your magical breath to cause this flower to actually change color!
The color change is real-time just by breathing on it. Purple-Pink-White.
The color the flower changes to depends on the temperature!
In cold weather, the temperature of your hands alone can change the color.
Flower Size: Diameter - 9cm. Length- 28cm.
$19.95 (60.1821)

And that’s this week’s Gimmee My Computers Back Hotlist. Some great new stuff. Which you can order any way you want! Online. By Phone. By FAX. By Smoke Signal. We’ll get your order and get it out the door!
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