Friday, October 28, 2011

Free Shipping From Hank Lee!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Hard to believe, but it’s still raining. We’re never going to get the house painted at this rate. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that we’re having the house painted. The best part of it is that I’m not doing the painting. And, all is well with the world.

This Monday, October 31st, is Halloween. Happy Halloween to you all. I hope you had a zillion Halloween shows. I hope you made a ton of money. Or at least a half-ton. And, I hope you used some of it to buy plenty of candy for the ghosts and goblins who will be ringing your doorbell on Halloween night. And, I hope you are planning to use some of that Halloween Show money to get some great new magic. From us, of course. You are, aren’t you?

All of the excitement this week surrounds the brand new 2012 Tenyo Magic line. Every year, we wait for the samples to arrive. And, they always seem to get here right about now. Everyone here is like a kid in a candy store. We all want to play with the new Tenyo toys. This year, there are five very interesting items. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but on the “coolness” scale, I’ll go with the Flying Carpet. We all took a turn “floating.” Once you put on the special glasses, it looks so real, you just won’t believe your eyes. I can’t say enough good about this one.
In the “this is very good magic” department, I would go with Psychic Money. Stephen learned this one right away, showed it to me, and fooled me. Badly. I think this is one that you will carry with you all the time.
My least favorite of the five (and you knew this was coming) is the Magic Pop Up. It just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. If you are a Tenyo collector, you will want one of these to keep your collection up to date. However, from a performance point of view, I doubt you will use it.
As always, the first shipment will be in limited supply and will arrive here in time for holiday giving.

Now that you have this week’s news, I will not keep you from reading about all the new stuff, and of course, checking out this week’s excitement.

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Flying Carpet: This is one of our favorites from the new Tenyo 2012 line!
With Flying Carpet, you will experience a brand-new type of magic, using special “mystery glasses!”
The audience will watch as you float your own body in mid-air!
With Tenyo’s Flying Carpet you can achieve the dream of floating in mid-air in a living room, at a trade show booth, at a sales meeting, just about anywhere!
The spectators need only put on a pair of the “mystery glasses,” and they will see your body floating right in front of their eyes. It’s a new type of experiential magic that you will totally enjoy performing.
Flying Carpet is the original creation of magical genius Lubor Fiedler. This extremely unique illusion is created through the use of a filter that distorts the user’s depth perception, plus special materials that take advantage of this visual principle.
This is the first time that you can create such a visual magic effect in front of a live audience, with actual physical object.
You are going to love it!
$69.95. (60.1790)

(2) Ontology Project – Helder Guimaraes: The Ontology Project is an amazing new collection of routines and a revolutionary new approach to card magic. Consisting of five pieces of professional magic, the Ontology Project also includes utility tools capable of creating countless effects, limited only by your imagination. Whether you are a professional magician, performing mentalist or card enthusiast, the Ontology Project will provide you with mind-blowing magic, diabolical methods, and will inspire an entirely new way of thinking about card magic
You will receive an elegant booklet and a collection of 54 Bicycle cards that allows you to perform the following effects:
Deepest Sympathy: Arguably the cleanest and most deceptive version of the Sympathetic Cards plot ever devised.
Triumphant: An unbelievable addition to Dai Vernon's timeless classic, Triumph
Force Of Nature: Based on Charles Reynolds' "Force of Thought" this is the perfect utility weapon magicians and mentalists alike. Included are two routines guaranteed to devastate:
Cart Before The Horse: A signed card to impossible location that brings a Bro. John miracle into the 21st century.
$40.00 (BK01821)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"I actually already perform three of the plots dealt with in The Ontology Project, and I'm exchanging all three of my methods for those found here. These tricks are so good that they do, in fact, make you question your own existence." - Mac King

"Brilliant. The Ontology Project is a post-graduate course in card magic." - Jim Steinmeyer

"A quote for a magic product is supposed to suggest three things: the product is great, the person quoted likes it, and that he personally suggests you should buy it... It is, I do and you should." - Michael Weber

"Buy Ontology for your audience, they deserve it!" - Bill Malone

"If you buy the Ontology Project and don't like it let me know and I will buy it back from you myself. I think it is that good." - Chris Kenner

"It's so good, just write something and put my name under it." - David Williamson

(3) Psychic Money: From the 2012 Tenyo line, it’s Psychic Money! Move a bill with the power of your mind!
Balance a bill on top of a pencil tip.
When the spectator says, “Turn,” the bill begins to rotate round and round, even though you are not touching the bill!
You have complete control over the bill, and can make it stop, and even rotate in the opposite direction.
The gimmick is cleverly hidden inside of an everyday pencil, so you can perform this impromptu-looking effect whenever you wish.
$29.95 (10.1667)

(4) The Event Magician - Volume One – J C Sum: The Event Magician is an updated & expanded release of J C Sum's critically acclaimed The Event Illusionist that was first published in 2004 and revised in 2008
The all-new The Event Magician has been released as two volumes and has been re-written to cater to all types of magicians who perform for special events. The event industry is likely the first industry in which a budding magician will find work.
The book focuses on building a stage magic show for the international event industry. In the first book of its kind on this subject matter, J C covers all aspects of performing magic at events including understanding the nature of events, choosing material, planning the show, formatting the show, designing the staging, ensuring technical support, packing & transporting the show.
J C also discusses onstage and backstage management at events including taking an exhaustive look at magician's tables available on the market. Also released for the first time ever are J C's updated professional Show Calling Cue Sheet and Technical Rider, refined over his 18 years of experience in the event industry. This information alone is worth the price of the book!
The book includes a special bonus chapter that comprehensively covers performing an illusion show in an event setting.
85 pages of practical information on building an event magic stage show.
$45.00 (BK01819)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming in store really soon pre-order now and we will pay the shipping!

"J C has not only opened his book of knowledge to anyone wanting to earn a good living performing at events. He has also left no stone unturned with just about every conceivable angle on the subject of 'event performing' meticulously covered. I can only but applaud him on his valuable efforts." - Mark Parker, Illusion Designer

(5) Hold ‘Em Magic – Tom Frame: Every magician, everywhere in the world, comes to the same realization: if you do card work you must know something about Texas Hold 'Em. Many magicians develop entire routines around the theme of gambling. Other magicians require one or two "killer" effects that deal with the world's most popular card game.
In a perfect world, we would assemble all the greatest thinkers in gambling magic, each one offering an astounding miracle involving Texas Hold 'Em. That's exactly what has been done.
Authored by Tom Frame, this collection is packed with exceptional selections from the greatest thinkers in our field: Michael Weber, R. Paul Wilson, Jason England, John Bannon, Bob Farmer, Sal Piacente and many, many more. Some will come away with an entirely new repertoire of Texas Hold 'Em magic. Others will finally fulfill that essential need to know a few diabolical tricks about a game our audiences are obsessed with.
There's even an added bonus: a special, exclusive gimmick for a brand new Michael Weber effect.
Learn from a Who's Who of Gambling Magic: Ashford • John Bannon • Norman Beck • Larry Becker • John B. Born • Gene Castillon • Sterling Dare • Lee Earle • Jason England • Steve Ehlers • Don England • Bob Farmer • Tom Frame • Ben Harris • J.K. Hartman • Bobby Hasbun • Josh Jay • Jay Jayaraman • Stu Lewis • Sal Piacente • Gianfranco Preverino • Aaron Shields • Paul Tuohy • Michael Weber • Chris Westfall • Meir Yedid • Paul Wilson
$39.95 (BK01818)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

"Tom Frame has filled a void in the literature that has been present for years since the advent of the popularity of Texas hold 'Em. His book brings gambling themed card magic into the 21st century." - Jack Carpenter

"If you are a player, purveyor, prestidigitator, prodigy, professional, or pasteboard presenter, you will not only embrace Hold 'Em Magic, you will bear-hug it, dog-ear it, devour it, and then recklessly use it." - Jon Racherbaumer

(6) Tower of Dice: A great new close up trick from Tenyo’s 2012 line.
Show a stack of four small dice. Also show a tube that is exactly the same height as the four dice.
Cover the four dice with the tube. But, when you lift the tube, the stack of dice keeps growing and growing, until there are eight dice standing in a tall tower.
Tower of Dice is an amazing visual effect. Your audience will doubt their own eyes when they see the tower of dice continue to grow!
A surprising gimmick built into the tube makes this startling effect possible.
Best of all, the dice and tube can be examined at the end of the performance.
$29.95 (10.1668)

(7) The Event Magician - Volume 2 – J C Sum – The Business Of Magic For Special Events: An updated & expanded new release of J C Sum's critically acclaimed "The Event Illusionist" that was first published in 2004 and revised in 2008,
The Event Magician Vol. 2 focuses on the business side of being a magical entertainer in the event industry. Whether you are a close-up magician, mentalist or illusionist, you will learn proven strategies to build a brand and position in this industry. J C details scenarios, examples and hard-hitting advice designed to help you succeed in this specialized field.
As one half of "Asia's Most Famous Illusionists" (The Straits Times), along with 'Magic Babe' Ning, the "sexiest woman in magic" (Magicseen Magazine), J C discusses the building of a personal brand as well as developing a team brand. He also shares up-to-date marketing tools and business documents such as professional show contracts, quotations, invoices and non-disclosure agreements. As a show producer and promoter, he helped to kick start the careers of no less than ten magicians who are now professional magicians in their own rights.
In a special bonus chapter, J C discusses magically producing a VIP for a special event to add value to your show as well as justify a higher fee. He also shares an original VIP appearance illusion that can be easily and inexpensively built.
Features 75 pages of practical information on building a professional career in the event industry.
$45.00 (BK01820)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming into stock very soon. Pre-order now and we wil pay the shipping.

(8) Third Eye: Whoever wears the Third Eye can read the minds of others!
Another fine effect from the new Tenyo line for 2012. This routine is as amusing as it is amazing.
The unique-looking eye, combined with the fascinating presentations, will have your audience amazed!
There are no sleights or special skills involved in performing the Third Eye. Once you understand the secret hidden in the cards, and learn the relationship between the eye and the cards, you will have no trouble performing this fine routine.
This effect is a real fooler.
Comes complete with several different sets of cards, a very nice plastic stand, the blinking Third Eye and full instructions.
$39.95 (40.805)

(9) Think – Shin Lim: From the mind of Shin Lim comes an extremely clean and deceptive piece of mentalism.
Present both a deck of cards and a prediction. You never touch either during the performance. As a matter of fact, you can be sitting in the audience while the spectator is on stage. Ask the spectator to think of a number between 1 and 52. Once a number has been chosen, instruct the spectator to pick up the deck, and deal down to that number. You then instruct her to lift up the prediction, which has been on the table in full view the entire time. The card and prediction match! Every time!
Key Points:
The magician does not touch the deck at any time.
The magician does not touch the prediction at any time.
No gimmicks.
No Rough and Smooth.
No sticky cards (this includes, glues, wax, roughing, anything)
No equivoque
No stooges
No switching
No electronics
No gimmicks
Instant Reset
Shot in HD, Shin teaches 3 variations of this effect.
$29.95 (40.804)

(10) Old School Kranzo DVD – Nathan Kranzo: Here it is! A full Kranzo lecture filmed from start to finish. In 2001 Nathan Kranzo lectured for a sold old crowd in Dallas, TX. This is the only proof. The original lost VHS was discovered and converted. It is now available on DVD for the first time in a decade. There are tons of classic Kranzo effects jammed onto this DVD.
Lollipop Production - A giant lollipop appears in your mouth!
Spirit Eating - You eat a candy bar by looking at it!
Low Tide Coin Routine - A great three-coin routine using no gaffs.
Cashing A Check - This one has it all. Tear a corner off your check and it changes into a quarter in a flash of fire. Then the check morphs into real cash.
Moving Tan Line - This is one of Kranzo's signature pieces performed on TV by Penn and Teller, Marco Tempest, Chris Korn, Dynamo and the list goes on.
Hot Sauce Production - In a flash of fire a packet of hot sauce is produced. When you open it up it starts to smoke!
The Evil Power Of Mine - A fantastic, impossible location effect created by Tony Miller
Twin Peeks - Two cards are peeked at by two different people. In an instant the deck vanishes leaving you with only the selected card.
Fresh Breath - A roll of breath mints turns into a can of breath spray. Then you blow in your fist and produce an ice cube.
Coins Thru Silk - A coin visually penetrates a silk several times with some of the most magical sequences imaginable.
$35.00 (DVD01294)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.

(11) Live Without A Net – Three DVD Set – Richard Osterlind: For the first time on DVD, you'll see Richard in his natural performing environment, presenting startling mentalism and amazing magic for an audience made up entirely of people who happened to be frequenting a casino in Reno, Nevada.
First, you'll first see him perform a full evening stage show in a comedy club and for the guests at an exclusive after-show party. Then, you'll witness some incredible street magic-style performances for passers-by in the concourse of the casino! All of the performances on these DVDs were shot without any retakes or editing so you will accurately see what a top pro can do in actual working environments!
Finally, Richard, along with co-host Jim Sisti, delves into not only how these amazing effects were accomplished but also the real secrets of what makes this material so effective for lay audiences.
It's all live...and without a net!
Disc 1 - The Stage
Linking Rings - Richard uses Dai Vernon's classic "Symphony of the Rings" as his entertaining opener.
Spoon Bend - Here Richard segues into some of his classic spoon bending techniques to set a more serious tone for the performance.
Mental Epic - Richard uses the standard Mental Epic effect with the Ronnie Gann finish, showing how strong classic mentalism can be.
Par-Optic Vision - This is the routine with Richard's Dynamo Deck that recently wowed Internet audiences. A spectator draws cards Richard names out of his own pocket!
Q & A Act - If ever there was a routine that proves you can read minds, this is it!
The Addition Effect - Richard does the classic Add-a-Number effect using ordinary articles.
Combination Padlock - An original routine by Richard where audience members choose the correct numbers to open a combination lock in a new and novel way.
Clip Line - A stunning presentation of Alpha-Mental with an ending Osterlind devised over 20 years ago.

Disc 2 - Stage Show Encore and After-Show Party
Linking Finger Rings - Richard chose to re-visit his classic handling of this effect for the encore of his show.
Artificial Intelligence - Richard performs the triple-prediction effect from his book, Mystique, using nothing but three index cards.
iCornelius - Richard uses a borrowed iPhone to reproduce the addition effect he performed on stage.
Dr. Sack's Dice Routine - Again, Richard shows that a mystery performer can effectively mix magic and mentalism in a show.
Double Penny Bend (performance only) - Richard closes the after-show party with his now famous penny bend done two times! The camera is only inches away from Richard as he bends two borrowed pennies at his fingertips!

Disc 3 - Casino Concourse
Spoon Bend - Again Richard uses his spoon bending expertise to not only astound passers-by, but to also draw crowds over to watch him!
Dynamo Radar Deck - Richard recreates his classic Radar Deck effect with his new Dynamo Deck.
Dynamo Deck: 3 Cards - A spectator freely chooses three cards from a deck. Richard names a card and the spectator somehow grabs the right one from his pocket!
Spear-It Knife - Richard takes a forgotten classic out of Tarbell, Harrison's Knife through Coat, and streamlines it for a modern audience.
Center Tear - Richard performs his famous Perfected Center Tear over and over again to amazed and dazzled people just passing by in the casino.
Chronologue - For years, Collector's Workshop has been including Richard's personal routine for the Bob Cassidy effect, Chronologue. Now you can see how it plays for an innocent bystander in the casino!
Swami Effects - Richard uses the Swami Gimmick in a variety of ways to guess people's birthdays, read their minds, and predict their thoughts.
Hypnotic Hands (performance only) - Watch Richard use his powers of suggestion to fasten a teenager's hands together, creating screams of delight!
$99.95 (DVD01293)

(12) Magic Pop Up: The fifth item in the new Tenyo 2012 line.
Remove a pop-up greeting from an envelope.
Thanks to its special construction, a small three-dimensional box is formed inside the open greeting card.
Although the card was quite obviously flat and thin, you are able to remove a large, solid ball from inside the box! Or you can produce a finger ring or piece of candy and hand them out as a souvenir.
Comes with everything you need to perform this fun effect.
$29.95 (10.1669)

And that’s this week’s Here Comes The Tenyo Magic Hotlist! Some of the best new magic anywhere! And, we will pick up the shipping on whatever you order!
As always, I thank you so very much for taking time out of your buys schedules to visit us, whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!