Friday, August 26, 2011

Hank Lee's Buy More, Get More EXTENDED!

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I know it’s only the middle of August, but we can already feel the weather changing. The past few days are what New Englanders call “crisp.” Temperatures in the high 70s but really low humidity. This weekend, however, we are in for some major rain. And now back to you, Shelby.

We were very saddened this week at the news of Peter White’s death. Peter was a long time friend and the proprietor of P&A Silks. Since the era of Harold Rice’s Silk King Studios, there have been no silks on the market that could compare with Peter’s. The fabric was top quality, the artwork outstanding and the printing as close to perfect as one could imagine. But, Peter was more than just a “silk merchant.” He was a one-of-a-kind. In a world where “white bread” is the norm, Peter was a genuine character. He was blustery and a little ornery. His language was always a bit salty. But, that was on the outside. Inside, he was a fine person. Truly a Fountain of Silk and Knowledge (I just made that up, but it really applies). Peter was a longtime supporter of our Cape Cod Conclave, and he lectured a couple of times for us. His lectures were always excellent; bubbling over with knowledge to be passed on. For me, I will miss him. My sympathy goes out to Peter’s wife Cynthia.

Sometimes I get a little too excited about a new item coming on the market. Such is the case with Science Friction by Alexander Kolle. When the manufacturer announced it would be released on September 1st, I just assumed that meant it would be available to us at that time. Seems I was wrong. The product will not be available for a few months still. But, we will have it as soon as it is available. You can count on it.

We have just acquired a very rare soft cover edition of the Mother of All Book Tests. In perfect condition, this is a most desirable item for anyone who performs this incredible book test. You can read all about it in this week’s Hotlist!

My old pal Kevin James has just released his Monster Snow Animator 6.0. The props include a small side table, a chair and a table lamp. It works on the same principle as Kevin’s previous Snow Animators, except that it is even quieter and it shoots the snowstorm forty feet in the air! For those of you who work big shows in large theaters, this is the one to get! We do not have it up online yet, but if you are interested, get in touch with me at or by phone at 781 391 8749. The price? $2999.00

On the home front, everyone is now home from summer vacation. For the next couple of weeks, the family will be as one. Bonnie, Aron, Lucas, Bones The Dog and me. I will cherish the time together, and that is the truth.

And, that’s all the news for this week. Make sure you check out this week’s excitement!

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Starting right now and running through Thursday, September 1st at midnight, we are having a Buy More Get More event.
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And now, this week’s Hotlist!

(1) And All Will Be Consumed – Chris Wiehl: A very visual method for the coin in bottle effect that allows you to perform the effect under test conditions.
Here's an example: Borrow a quarter, have it signed, next have the bottle examined completely and then screw on the cap.
At this point, your spectator is aware that it is impossible for you to make their signed quarter appear in the bottle. Yet, in a few seconds, with the signed quarter visible at all times, that is exactly what you do.
Chris Wiehl's exciting new method makes performing the Coin in Bottle possible under test conditions. With the "Consumed" gimmick you can also perform penetrations with markers and many other borrowed items. You will be performing this in no time.
Gimmick included
Easy to master
Quarter can be borrowed and signed
Bottle can be borrowed
Uses a new method unlike other coin in bottle effects
No switches (their coin really goes in the bottle)
No hiding their coin in the hand or the cap
Examined before and after
Perform surrounded
Quick set up
Impromptu version included
$24.95 (20.468)

(2) The Heist – Lance Richardson: Like a magician, an art thief must hone his unique skills to make the extraordinary look ordinary, or so we are told. In this story driven effect, the magician plays the part of an international art thief and illustrates one of the most unique heists in his "magician turned thief's" career. A volunteer is freely selected and asked to create a one of a kind work of art on a framed canvas. Upon its completion the magician removes it from the frame and seals it in an envelope. The story plays out, and the audience is surprised when the envelope is ripped open revealing the work of art has vanished, only to return to the empty frame. A truly unique effect with a magical twist!
The focus of this Mockup Series is to present new magical effects in full detail. A working mockup/prototype is built and photographed from every angle, providing a clear look at the featured effect. Along with over a dozen pictures, there is a complete set of workshop plans with all the measurements required, plus written details on performance, routine and building.
Extremely visual
Packs small, plays big
No assistants required
Detailed routine, story line & performance tips
24 pages. Saddle stitched
$24.95 (BK01806)

"Your illusion story for "The Heist" makes for a fascinating presentation, and I congratulate you on your creative story, along with your well thought-out method." - Andre Kole

"Lance Richardson has developed a great series of effects, big ideas in small packages, and then described them beautifully. These inspiring books deserve the attention of magicians." - Jim Steinmeyer

(3) A Book In English – Woody Aragon: Woody Aragón is an outstanding card magician, technical expert, and entertaining performer from Toledo, Spain. As a writer, lecturer, teacher, and performer, Woody has incredible insight and theories about magic that he shares in this book.
In these pages, you will find wonderful card magic, wonderful thinking, and effects that fool you as you perform them. Over the last few years, Woody has traveled internationally sharing his card magic and theories, performing, competing, and lecturing. Many magicians have asked "When will Woody write a book in English?" After two years of hard work, it's here and you are in for treat.
Much of the material in the book is in print for the first time. Some of it comes from previous publications in Spanish but it is revised, rewritten and translated. Much of the material in this book is mathematical in nature. But fear not, it does not appear to be mathematical. Woody "gets it". Try it out and you will see that difficult sleights and moves are replaced with really smart thinking. This makes the card magic look and feel like real magic. For those who love sleights and moves, do not worry. Woody is superb at sleight of hand and shares his work with that as well.
376 pages. Hardbound. Black and white photos
$49.95 (BK01807)

"Woody has always amazed me and I admire the constant flow of ideas that, if you look carefully from above, you can see moving under his scalp. Ideas for incredibly practical sleights (his "Separagon"), ideas for effects, methods (the genius of his "Human Scale", a version worthy of a standing ovation, which I have seen many audiences give Woody as they are amazed and full of wonder after seeing him perform it) and ideas for the structures of acts and shows." - Juan Tamariz

(4) Desire Test: Everyone has desires: Money. Love. Revenge. Career. Peace of Mind.
You offer to predict the spectator’s dominant desire, using cards that depict the various desires.
A transparent envelope holds the cards. Draw your prediction on the back of the envelope.
With 100% accuracy, your prediction matches the picture on the jumbo card that was freely chosen by the spectator.
Easy to perform. A powerful effect.
$45.00 (40.798)

(5) Flash – Chad Long: Chad Long’s version of the Color-Changing Knives, performed with flash drives! We love this routine, and the kicker ending will floor you!
A classic trick, brought up-to-date with modern technology! Two USB flash drives, one red and one black are freely shown. They switch places several times, each more visual than the last, and then the black drive stretches to three times its normal size!
Easy to do.
Fun to perform.
Eye-popping magic.
Great climax.
Perfect for strolling.
Includes: 2 small flash drives, 1 long flash drive and full-color instructions with photographs.
$30.00 (10.1657)

(6) Electric Dove: The Electric Dove is a great stage prop that appears to be the real thing! It will actually fly around, like a real bird!
If you want to give the illusion of using a dove in your show, then this is for you.
Runs on batteries.
$25.00 (60.1775)

(7) Six Card Repeat – Pro Series Vol. 3 – Paul Romhany: The Six Card Repeat is a staple of many professional magicians. For many it has taken years of practice to acquire the skill necessary to perform. Paul Romhany has designed a gimmick that requires no skill, yet makes you look like you've been practicing for years. Paul's gimmick is a very unique design, which enables moves and variations that are not possible with the standard 'gimmick' Six Card Repeat.
The classic routine: six cards are shown, three are tossed aside and six still remain. This continues and each time the magician finds he still has six cards remaining. The Six Card Repeat is a perfect opening routine where you want to get your personality across to the audience, and at the same time show them you have skill.
Step by step instructions on how to make your own gimmick cards. Perform this with regular cards or jumbo cards - both work well.
Full stand-up comedy routine Paul has used for years in comedy clubs, cruise ships and corporate shows.
Paul's original handling and routine for his famous Five Card Bunny Repeat - a variation that is perfect for the family entertainer.
Photographs showing the handling and mechanics of this routine, making it very easy to learn and perform.
32 pages. Perfect Bound.
$20.00 (BK01808)

(8) Hope Deck For Japanese Relief: A deck filled with hope! A portion of your purchase price will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help the hundreds of thousands of victims affected by the Japan earthquake and Pacific Tsunami on March 11th, 2011.
You are providing emotional, medical and infrastructure support directly to the individuals affected by this tragedy. You are providing hope.
US Playing Card deck designed by Dr. Leon.
$9.00 (30.1611)

(9) Dart – Chad Long: Chad Long has been fooling people with this visual card stab for 25 years!
A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck.
A toy dart gun is introduced and the cards are sprung in the air.
Pick up the gun and fire, nailing one card - the signed selection!
Lots of fun!
Cool revelation!
Super visual!
Everything you need is included: toy dart gun, darts, length of yarn, adhesive putty & full-color instructions with photographs.
$25.00 (30.1610)
Note: This is a non-discountable item.
Coming in stock in the next couple of weeks. Pre-order now and we’ll pay the shipping!

(10) Mother Of All Book Tests – Rare Soft Cover Edition:
Just acquired from a private collector. A very rare and extremely desirable soft cover version of this fabulous effect. There is just one available in soft cover, in perfect condition. So, act quickly! When it's gone, there are no more.
Everything you've heard is true. The Mother Of All Book Tests is the greatest book test ever!
Ted Karmilovich's Mother Of All Book Tests, the most talked-about book test of all time. It is the mentalist's dream come true for accomplishing this classic effect. It has proven to he ideal under every type of working condition.
Imagine this: A spectator is invited to take a readable and 100% examinable, 400 page, 160,000 word novel, open it to any page and think of any word on that page. Without touching the book or approaching the spectator, you reveal the word in the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly must be seen to be believed.
The ultimate any-word-on-any-page method that makes all other book tests obsolete.
Mother Of All Book Tests is simple to perform, direct and powerful.
You receive a high-quality, 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 inch, 400 page hard cover novel. Plus a booklet of instructions with tips and handlings by members of New York City's legendary Thirteen.
Mother Of All Book Tests can be done close-up or on stage; on radio or TV. It can be performed any time, anywhere; and it is instantly repeatable. All pages are different. Nothing is written down. There are no stooges of any kind. Everything may be examined. No breaks; no glimpses; no forces; no prompters; no preparation; no angles; no peeks; no sleights; no anagrams; no gimmicks; no short pages; no counting; no skill required. Wow!
The list of people writing praises for the Mother Of All Book Tests is as long as your arm!
Roy Miller, Editor of Vibrations, says 'Throw away your Key. This is direct mindreading at its best."
Ken Weber, award winning Mentalist/Hypnotist says, "After twenty years on the college circuit, my ESP/Hypnosis show is now hypnosis and one ESP effect - the Mother Of All Book Tests"
A true reputation maker. A limited number of these books have been printed. The next step is up to you. The Holy Grail of book tests can finally be yours. Worth thousands to the working professional.
$350.00 (40.200)

And that’s this week’s Hot As a Pistol Hotlist. Not the longest list of new items (actually, two of the items are repeats from last week), but some really good ones. Did I say good? I meant great!
As always, and I do mean always, I thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us. Whether it’s online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love the company!