Friday, June 03, 2011

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Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I, myself, am just plain tired. Tuesday, the alarm went off at 4:00 AM, and I was getting ready for my trip to Cleveland. It’s not easy traveling with the Bonnie Travel System. She loves booking really early morning flights. My flight left at 6:00 AM. With a short layover in Baltimore, I was in Cleveland at 10:15 AM. Lucas picked me up at the airport and we headed for home. A short 13 hour drive. At my advanced age, a day like that really takes its toll. So, I have spent the rest of the week trying to make up for lost sleep. Nice long naps is the key!

So now, both boys are home, at least for the moment. Aron continues his job search and Lucas begins his summer break. It is really nice having both boys home for a little while. We miss all the noise and tumult when they are away.

Next week, Bonnie has a conference in Las Vegas. A beautiful place to be in the middle of June. How hot is it? Mighty hot, for sure. Anyway, I am tagging along as eye candy. A pretty sad state of affairs when I am the eye candy. But, whatever. So, next week, I will be writing the eMail Newsletter from fabulous Las Vegas. Can’t wait.

And, that’s it for now. Enjoy this week’s excitement!

DVD GIVEAWAY: So many new DVDs; so little time!  What could be better than an old-fashioned DVD Giveaway! For the next five days, from right now until Tuesday, June 7th, at midnight, you have the opportunity to get DVDs for free! But, you have to get them the old fashioned way. You must earn them.
Here's the way it works: For every order of $100 or more, you get one free DVD (your choice of any single DVD that sells for $35.00 or less). If you spend $200 or more, you get two free DVDs (again, your choice). $300 or more gets you three free DVDs. And on it goes. The more you buy, the more you get for free! It's an incredible deal when you figure that the average price of a DVD is $35.00! In order to claim your free DVD, just put the name of the DVD in the Customer Notes Box at the bottom of the second page of the online checkout (after you fill in your name, address, etc.) at If you phone your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, just let the order-person know what free DVD(s) you want. If you FAX the order to us at 781 395 2034, same thing. Just let us know which ones you want. Remember, the giveaway ends on Tuesday, June 7th, at midnight!

Now, let’s take a peek at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Sign Off: It's time to put your own signature on your magic!
Damien O'Brien and Leon May have come up with an obscenely visual effect!
Sign Off is an eye-popping routine with the visual vanish of a signature that happens right in front of your spectators’ eyes, yet looks like a camera trick
A card is selected and signed on the face by your spectator. The card is now held between your spectator’s palms.
You select a card for yourself, and sign or initial it on the back.
Now, in full view of the spectator, you visually make your signature vanish. This really has to be seen to be believed. There is absolutely no cover, the signature just goes. It's so good you will fool even yourself!
Explain that it's impossible to just make it vanish (after all it needs to go somewhere). Point to the card in your spectator’s hand. He slowly lifts his hand to see his signature on the face and just wait for the reaction when he finally gets the nerve to turn the card over to see your signature has arrived on the back of his card!
This is a real-world worker. The gimmick is just so cool. The vanish looks incredible. The signature can vanish and reappear at your command and is totally under your control
Included in the box:
An instructional DVD which covers routines, handling tips & step by step details on how to construct additional Sign Off Gimmicks.
2 - Sign Off Gimmick
4 - Custom Printed Sign Off Stickers
Additional supplies so you can construct your own replacement or additional gimmicks
Add Sign Off to your act today and start blowing minds with one of the most visual card tricks ever!
$39.99 (30.1590)
Note: Available to ship on July 11th. Pre-order now and we will pay the shipping anywhere in the world!

(2) Stretching The Truth: A fresh new routine that will completely astound your audience, packs small and plays big, Stretching The Truth is the one for you. It’s based on Martin Lewis’ Sketch Pad Card Rise, but it is not a card trick! It’s an animal trick!
You and an audience member will entertain the crowd with a very funny seven  minute long comedy mind reading effect. You will be attempting to draw a picture of the voluntee10894108
You and the audience seem to be one step ahead of the on-stage spectator. You appear to finish your silly drawing of their animal at the very last second. The audience is very much “in on the gag,” but the volunteer is clueless.
In the end, you will amaze everyone, as your last drawing visually changes, on paper, into the correct animal. A giraffe, of all things! The drawing is then torn out and handed to the volunteer to keep, with a gasp of astonishment from the audience.
Features of Stretching the Truth:
Uses a real pad of paper that can be found at any art supply store!
The animal crackers are real, and totally edible.
Comes fully scripted and audience tested!
You can make it whatever size fits your act!
60 minute instructional DVD!
Comes with a Performance Rights Certificate.
Includes cases to carry and protect both the pad and the crackers.
A template for the giraffe and special gimmick are included.
Extremely quick reset, as little as 5 minutes!
Saves you time and makes it a joy to perform!
$317.50 (60.1751)

"When I saw Tim perform this, it immediately became my favorite version of this effect!" Mac King

(3) Psyclock – Paul Stockman: Since the release of Paul’s best-selling Connected DVD there have been countless requests asking about Paul’s pet routine, Psyclock. This is a fantastic routine for almost any performance situation.
A standard wall clock is shown to be working and the battery is removed to stop the clock.
A spectator is handed a bell and given the very important task of ringing it at some point during your show. She is told to ring it whenever she feels the time is right (she is not given any clues).
You now set the clock with a prediction time, put it in a large envelope and place it on an easel or stand in full view of your audience. You never touch the clock again!
At any given moment, your spectator can ring the bell. When she does, she is asked to come on stage, check the time on her watch and write it on the envelope.
She now takes the envelope (which contains the clock) back to her seat and is instructed to keep it safe until the end of the show).
As the finale to the show, you ask her to bring the envelope back on stage, remove the clock from the envelope and call out the time you set it to at the beginning of the show.
It is the exact time your spectator has written on the envelope!
Use Psyclock at a close up performance by introducing it at the beginning of your set. It makes a great finale to your stand-up show, getting everyone involved and will end the night with a standing ovation!
No remote controls
No off-stage assistance
Totally self contained
Performer never touches the clock once it is on the stand
Great for almost any performing situation
Very easy to perform
Note: The table top stand is not included
$229.95 (40.788)

(4) Spell Binder DVD – Volume One – Stephen Tucker: Stephen Tucker has taken the four best effects from his Spell Binder magazine and put them on a DVD. Stephen chose the following: 
Pilgrim - Four Aces, each covered by three Court Cards magically move from packet to packet, finally ending up all together in the final pile. 
Half and Half - A selected card appears in the performer's pocket. Well, half a card anyway. The half card is placed on the deck and is bizarrely pushed through another card becoming completely whole. Everything can be examined. 
Status Quo – Steve Kradolfer really likes this one! A small square of paper, torn into four places, magically restores itself piece by piece. You are left ending completely clean.
Quadra Queen 3 - Three Queens are cut to in the deck. Trying to locate the fourth Queen you find an Ace. You decide to change the first three Queens into Aces, but when the cards are turned over they have become three Fives. The first Ace then also changes into a Five. The four Queens are then revealed from four different pockets. 
Spell Binder magazine was published by Stephen Tucker over a period of 3 years from May 1981 to April 1984 and had a total of 716 pages and hundreds and hundreds of routines and tricks. The above tricks and routines are very clearly demonstrated on this DVD and they were all invented by Stephen.
$28.99 (DVD01267)

(5) Visible Chinese Coin Mystery System – Tango Magic: A complete system of specialized coins that allows for a multitude of uses including vanishes, changes, appearances, penetrations and much more.
This brilliant and simple coin system was created and developed by the prestigious Argentinean magician, Marcel, for his own professional use. He now shares it with you.
The system is easy to use yet allows extremely visual and amazing magic.
You receive everything needed including the special hand crafted gimmicked coins, the silk, and a thorough instructional DVD. The uses are limited only by your imagination.
The Visible Chinese Coin Mystery System will put pure magic in your hands.
$89.00 (20.460)

(6) DUH DVD – Barry Mitchell:
Do it yourself magic.
Unique magic creations.
Helpful tips you will use.
Barry Mitchell is back with another magic creativity workshop filmed live at Kidabra International Family Entertainers Conference. Barry's book on creativity, "The Magic of Thinking Creatively", and his DVD by the same name, filmed at Kidabra 2002, have been huge hits. This new workshop follows his "Dollar Store Creativity" articles, written for Kidabra magazine, and brings them to life.
Packed on this DVD/CD is the live workshop, additional demo and explanation video footage, all the previous Kidabra articles, 120 page Pdf book with over 180 pictures, 14 printable art files, and instructions for props and tricks you can make. You'll also get the audio performance CDs for King Midas, Super Sleuth, and Bad Book Worms, three of Barry's most popular effects. Get it all at a great price.
$25.00 (DVD01268)

(7) Six Masterpieces – Wayne Dobson:
From the introduction by Stephen Tucker:
The six jaw-droppingly good routines in this book were originally destined to be either marketed as individual tricks, or unleashed on the unsuspecting magic world in the form of what would have had to be a high priced DVD. However, in these times of economic uncertainty, rather than put you to all that expense... Wayne has saved you a small fortune by publishing them all in this little book, which costs a fraction of what just one of the tricks would have cost as a marketed item.
To do this, he has had to put his thinking cap on and adapt all six routines so that you will be able to perform them with props that you either already have, will be able to buy or can make at very little cost.
My personal favorite is Once Upon a Time, a routine which truly has a fairy tale ending! Wayne has cleverly built the prop for this item into the book itself.... genius!
Best Friends: You predict which 2 of 5 coins are selected!
Amnesia: Two signed cards change places!
Only Joking: Their chosen card, matches your prediction, and the rest are... Jokers!
Every Time: You predict the hour they think of!
Perspiration: You reveal which colored coins are in their hands and predict the one they left in a purse!
Once Upon A Time: They cut and shuffle repeatedly, yet you predict 25 face-up, 16 red, etc.
12 pages - 6” x8.5” - Color cover - Saddle Stitched
$20.00 (BK01785)

(8) Panorama of Magic – First Edition - Milbourne Christopher: By exclusive arrangement, we are pleased to offer these first edition copies of Milbourne Christopher'sPanorama of Magic! Originally released in 1962, Panorama of Magic was an instant hit around the world, causing many editions to be printed over the years. Forty-nine years later we located un-opened boxes of the first edition in Milbourne Christopher's library and now we can offer these collectible books to you!
Also included as a bonus with each copy is an original Milbourne Christopher promotional flyer!
Illustrated with rare engravings, prints, playbills, lithographs of magicians such as Potter, Fawkes, Anderson, Dobler, Davenport Brothers, Herrmann, De Kolta, Kellar, Blackstone, Thurston, Houdini and more! Over 295 Illustrations, 8 in color.
Very Limited, and when these are gone there will be no more.
216 pages - 8 3/8" x 11 1/4" – Perfect Bound
$29.95 (BK01786)

(9) Bicycle Outlaw Deck: The xXx : Outlaws represent a new standard in playing card design.
With a photo realistic back print and box design and a gritty, yet sleek Joker and Ace of Spades, the Outlaw Deck sits perfectly in the hands of both the modern street magician and the contemporary professional.
Drawing inspiration from the prohibition and Rudyard Kipling's poem, "The Outlaws," the stylish back print weaves in and out of jet black with layers of poetic script throughout.
The triple X stands strong on the head of either end of each card, sitting on top of classic pistols and roses expressing the fact that nothing is impossible with passion and ruthlessness.
The full moon that sits at the heart of each card has an ultra-subtle one way design for marking selected cards and is the perfect shade of light grey to have small predictions of numbers or initials written upon it.
Included in each deck are two Jokers, one of which has a Three of Diamonds reveal. As well as the Jokers, you will receive one Blank Face Outlaw card and an Outlaw/Red Mandolin Double Back card.
The first deck from the 1914 collective. Designed by alt-magician Dee Christopher.
$8.00 (30.1592)

(10) Karnival Dose Deck: A totally new and stunning design. Every card has been re-imagined and beautifully rendered by renowned French artist Sam Hayles. With a theme somewhere between grungy post-modern and elegant macabre, this is the deck to own.
Can be integrated with standard Bicycle cards for creating super cool routines!
The Bicycle Karnival Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.
A beautifully realized card-reveal on one of the Jokers. An Ace Of Hearts pokes from a crack in the Joker's skull).
A bonus card with the message 'You will choose the Four Of Clubs' emblazoned across it.
A double-face card to use in your magic routines
A hidden card reveal on the bottom of the card case (Jack Of Clubs).
$8.00 (30.1591)

And, that’s this week’s Hotlist. One of our best, if I do say so myself. Check it out, put together an order and then all you need to do is figure out what Free DVDs you want! I know which ones I would pick, but that’s just me.
As always, thank you so much for taking the time to visit us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford.
Either way, we love the company!