Friday, February 18, 2011

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and took advantage of our very special Valentine’s Day event. I can tell you that we packed and shipped a ton of orders this week. The elves did a great job getting all the orders out the door. They are tired. I am happy. I know they like it when I’m happy. When Hankie’s happy, everyone’s happy. Or so I am told.

This Monday is President’s Day here in the US. I think it only applies to Presidents of the United States, and not to presidents of companies. So, I don’t expect any President’s Day cards or any President’s Day presents. Unless, of course, you feel so inclined. In which case, I thank you in advance.

When I was a kid, I loved Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Way before there were action figures, I had a Roy Rogers play set that included Roy, Dale, Pat Brady, Trigger, Bullet and even Nelly Bell the Jeep! I also had a Roy Rogers lunchbox. I’ll bet many of you did as well! I still have the lunch box, but the thermos is missing. And, I would really like to make it complete. Anyone have just the thermos? Let me know. I know, what does this have to do with magic?

Facebook is a mystery to me. I consider myself pretty hip when it comes to new technology. You can tell by the fact that I used the word hip exactly how hip I am. Still, I get lost in the Facebook world. I know I have a ton of friends on Facebook. None have been to my home for dinner or even gone with me to the movies. But, they are my friends. My virtual friends. Anyway, this week I tried a little experiment and sent a invitation to the Cape Cod Conclave to all of my Facebook friends, I think. A lot of people responded that they are coming. Good news! I think that you should all sign up to be my friend on Facebook. Friends with benefits? I am not sure. Depends on the benefits. All you have to do is go to and search for me, Hank Lee. Then, you can request to be my friend and I will confirm you. We can all Facebook together. And, maybe I’ll send you a tweet.

So much new stuff has come in the door this week. The new Silver Line coins from Tango are unbelievable. So beautifully made. Linking Cigarettes is back in stock, and flying out the door just as fast as we get them. The Mother of All Book Tests 2.0 has been selling like crazy. The mentalists out there know quality when they see it, and don’t mind paying the price for that quality. Of course, we have a very nice list of new items in this week’s Hotlist.

But first, check out this week’s excitement!

FREE SHIPPING: Until Thursday the 24th of February at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent UPS Ground, UPS Three Day, Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Vegas Vacation – Carl Christman: A brilliantly designed effect that allows the performer to predict every aspect of the spectators' imaginary trip to Las Vegas. They will be able to freely make a variety of choices. In a finale they will always remember, you will reveal a detailed prediction of all their choices.
Begin the performance by telling the spectators about an imaginary trip to Las Vegas that you want them to help you plan.
One person is asked to choose an airline, Delta, United, or American Airlines.
Another person is asked to choose the type of accommodation, economy, deluxe or a suite.
Once these two decisions are made you pass out four rack cards that might be found in the lobby of a hotel. They are for the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, the Luxor and the New York, New York Hotel and Casino.
Tell them that you would like to give everyone a chance to participate, so each person holding one of those cards will choose either the accommodations, the spa package, the buffet or the Cirque du Soleil show.
As each person chooses, the costs of each choice are written down on the outside of a pre-printed envelope.
Once all of the choices are made you hand the envelope to another spectator who is asked to tally the expenses.
To everyone's surprise, when that spectator opens the envelope and reads the enclosed letter, it miraculously predicts their first two choices and the total cost of the trip!
Comes complete with 4-page instruction sheet, 6 rack cards, 3 envelopes and 1 letter.
$39.95 (40.776)

(2) Wild Deck – Jim Kleefeld: A deck of cards for people who do kid shows!
The Wild Deck is a new, regular deck of playing cards, but with a unique twist. The deck consists of 55 cards, each with a different, colorful picture of a wild animal.
Each card is bright and colorful and the animals depicted come from all over the world.
Perfect for an Around-The-World magic show or any other magic with children.
Each card has regular indices so your volunteer can choose to remember either "three of hearts" or "ostrich."
The spots and pips are hidden in the art design of each animal, making for interesting tricks.
In addition, the deck has a one-way back, and there is a second animal hidden in each picture. The cards are custom printed on regular playing card stock so they handle like any other deck. The Wild Deck comes with a gorgeous printed saddle-stitched book on heavy matte paper with full color illustrations throughout. Honestly, if you saw this book in person, you would immediately pay the price for the book alone without the special deck. But, you get both for the one price.
$25.00 (50.023)

(3) 365 – Chris Congreave: Chris Congreave's take on the diary effect is an absolute killer! His self-working approach combines the classic diary effect with a card at any number plot. 365 Is a commercial, entertaining performance piece and ideal for close up, parlor or stage.
Just set up your own diary and you're ready to go.
Your spectator is handed a pocket diary and asked to turn to their birthday or a day which has some meaning to them. They will see you have written a lucky number by their selected date (this you claim was worked out via the use of numerology)
A deck of cards which has been sitting on the table since the beginning is now removed from its case. The cards may be shuffled if you so wish.
The cards are shown to be different and your spectator is asked to deal to his lucky number. This is done fairly and the card he lands on is the very same card as your prediction which is also held in the diary.
No Multiple Outs
No Fishing
No Memory Work
No Sleight Of Hand
Totally Self Working
Instant Reset
Prediction May Be Held And Handled By The Spectator At All Times
Spectator Deals The Cards
Always The Card At Their exact Number
$28.75 (30.1569)

(4) Principles of Mentalism – Richard Osterlind: What is it about mentalism that makes it so appealing to audiences and why do so many mentalists fail to understand this attraction?
Do audiences really want to see experts, and how do pseudo-demonstrations of NLP and psychology destroy the charm of mentalism?
How does technology affect mystery and why is the biggest mistake in mentalism the use of hidden computers and electronic gadgets?
Inside the pages of this remarkable book, Richard shares his secrets on all aspects of performing. Learn how to make your mentalism more commercial and powerful than you would have believed! Learn the secrets of effectively developing your performing style and how to deliver what people pay to see! Richard will even teach you what to think during your performance and why this is so vital!
Meant as a companion to Richard's monumental work, The Principles of Magic, this book may be his most provocative and insightful work to date.
Some of the chapters inside this remarkable book include:
* What the audience sees first.
* What are the different levels of mystery?
* How to properly use uncertainty, tension, surprise, elation, exhaustion, humor and release.
* The secret of the remarkable Power Silent Script.
* Why procedures are not problematic and how they are actually beneficial to your mentalism.
* The practical selection of effects.
* Why levels of ability are so important.
and much, much more.
If you are serious about your mentalism, this book will lead you in new directions you never thought possible. Whether you are a magician wishing to move into mentalism or are an advanced mentalist, you will find concepts and ideas within these pages that will startle you and force you into new dimensions.
86 pages. 5.5" x 8.5.” Perfect Bound.
$25.00 (BK01760)

(5) Meridian Technique – Mark Elsdon: How many times have you done a strolling gig or cocktail party and performed for group after group, packed up, and left with no bang, no "wow," no feeling that you just killed them? Sure, everyone was impressed, but it just didn't seem to add up to much...
In The Meridian Technique, the author will teach you a technique he has refined and used over the last few years to create a lasting impression that will keep them talking about you and your magic for years after you walk out the door. It will have the people that pay you at the end of the gig knowing you rocked the house and want you back. It will have you leaving each gig feeling fantastic, knowing that you made the impression that you are one of the best magicians in the world. In the booklet, he describes ten tricks he uses and exactly how he uses them.
In his performances, he gets great reactions throughout the crowd, but constantly builds up for one larger effect they will see at the end. At that point, everyone is excited and waiting to see a miracle that they have all had a part in by examining and signing objects and discussing the impossibility of what you propose to do. When you do this final 'lasting-impression' effect, you make them realize you are head and shoulders above other magicians they might have seen. You make them realize they have seen something special. You make them feel part of things. You ensure that the person paying you knows they got their money's worth and wants to have you back.
As an example, imagine at a strolling gig you have every member of every group you work for examine and sign a borrowed coin and a borrowed bottle. You explain upfront exactly what you are going to do with that coin. Everyone sticks around to see if you can actually do it and sure enough at the end of the gig a crowd has gathered to watch you take the coin and bottle that have been thoroughly examined and signed and magically put the coin in the bottle. The place goes wild, the booker feels good about his smart decision to hire you, and you, the performer, finish on a high - with a bang rather than a whimper. This takes the classic coin in bottle to a whole new miracle level.
All ten of the effects featured in the booklet are designed to 'play-big' and have you concluding your performance to a group of people rather than just a few. The cumulative effect of ending your gig with a final, larger trick expands the impact of your performance exponentially and reaps personal, performance and financial rewards.
40 pages. Saddle stitched. $28.00 (BK01759)

"The technique will change the way an audience perceives you as a magician. Whether you are an experienced close-up performer or just starting your career, The Meridian Technique is a must-read!" - Peter Duffie - (MAGIC magazine, June 2009)

(6) Color Diffusion – Gary Jones: Nothing in card magic wows a spectator more than the Color Changing Deck. That is why so many magicians use the effect in their act.
Gary Jones has created a packet trick that combines a great psychological presentation with a knockout color-change ending and, because there are only a few cards used in the effect it’s perfect to carry in your wallet.
As a bonus, you also receive Gary’s great Color Remix. It’s an easy to do, fun to perform Oil and Water routine that has a killer kicker of the backs changing color at the end!
Comes complete with all the cards you need to perform both routines as well as a full instructional DVD outlining both routines in detail.
Easy To Do
Instant Reset
No Funny Moves Or Counts
All The Impact Of A Color Changing Deck
No Rough & Smooth
$24.95 (30.1568)

(7) Bandz – Rubber Band Craze – Two Disc Set - Chastain Criswell:Two products in one! The first disc is a full-length DVD devoted entirely to magic with traditional rubber bands. The second disc takes advantage of those new funny shaped rubber bands – the hottest teen fashion craze since skinny jeans!
Quadruple your arsenal of rubber band magic with borrowed bands, made possible by the popularity of shaped rubber bands among both children and adults! Imagine performing "Silly Bandz Handcuffs" or vanishing an elephant right in front of your audience, rubber band style!
* Works with all rubber band types!
* Use your favorite shaped rubber bands!
* Invent custom tricks with character shapes!
* Two discs of colorful rubber band magic!
Bandz is in epub format on CD-ROM (for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android) plus the Magic with Rubber Bands DVD.
Easy to do! For beginner or pro! Learn more than a dozen mini-illusions, free from complicated sleight of hand, with regular or shaped rubber bands. Link two rubber bands together, restore broken rubber bands, vanish and appear rubber bands, even pull rubber bands through solid objects!
$24.95 (DVD01239)

(8) Linking Wooden Rods – John Rogers: Perform all of the old favorite cigarette sleights with these wooden rods! Just because cigarettes are not politically correct doesn't mean you can't astound viewers with your manipulative skills.
Same size as a cigarette
Sharp edge aids sleights
Stiffer than a cigarette improves handling
Lightweight makes sleights easier to perform
Lightly stained - Hand burnished
Hand crafted by John Rogers
You Get:

2 Wooden Rods
Carrying bag
No instructions
$15.00 (10.1621)

And that’s this week’s Hotlist. For all of you, my Facebook friends and others.
As always, I personally thank you for taking time away from friending and tweeting to spend some time with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company!