Saturday, November 06, 2010

Buy More Get More Be Happy!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee's Magic Factory. I am writing this week's email Newsletter from the Amtrak Special from Boston to Chicago. Call me crazy, and I know you have, but I always wanted to take a long-distance train trip. And so far, it has been a lot of fun. What I had forgotten is that the rail lines do not go through the nicest part of every city and town, but tend to be on the outskirts. So, we have seen Izzy's Junk And Auto Parts, Mel's Scrap Metal, and Elkhart Van And Truck Conversions. We have passed close enough to Cleveland to almost see Lucas, but not quite. I am not sure how thrilled Bonnie is. There is no place to get a mani or a pedi. But, the dining car looks really nice. White linens and all. And, I'll bet that sleeping with the clickety clack of the train wheels as background will be really good. In all, it's an adventure. And, for those of us who live in front of the computer, there should be more real-life adventure. I will fill you in on all the details of our Chicago Adventure next week.

Since I have been out of the office since Tuesday afternoon, there is not a whole lot of news to report, but for those of you in the New York City area, or those planning to visit, the Houdini Art and Magic Exhibit just opened at the Jewish Museum in NYC. It is billed as "the first major art museum exhibition to explore the life, career, and lasting influence of the legendary magician." And, I am sure it will be excellent. The Museum is at 5th Avenue at 92nd Street. You can call them at 212 423 3225.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I hope you had a ton of shows and a great time. It's now time to look forward to the next big holiday, Thanksgiving. Although, if you look in the stores, they are already past Thanksgiving and moving right on to Christmas. It's hard to believe that on the 31st of October, so many stores were already showing Christmas merchandise. I love the big holidays as much as anyone, but this really comes under the "Gimmee A Break" heading. Christmas in October. Really? I mean, really.

And that's it from here on Amtrak. I can hear the porter coming down the hall to turn back the beds and drop a little chocolate on the pillows. A nice touch.

Now, the excitement you have all been waiting for.

BUY MORE GET MORE: Starting right now and running through Thursday, November 11th at midnight, we are having a Buy More Get More event. Here is how it works. For each order you place during the event, you will get a Promotional Gift Certificate which you can use towards any future purchase here at Hank Lee's. The value of the coupon depends entirely on the size of your order. Here is the breakdown:

* Order between $25.00 and $100.00: Coupon is for 15% of the merchandise total. (Orders less than $25.00 get our sincere thanks, but sadly no coupon)
* Order between $100.00 and $300.00: Coupon is for 20% of the merchandise total.
* Order over $300.00: Coupon is for 25% of the merchandise total.

When you place your order online at, please put the secret phrase BUY MORE GET MORE in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout. If you place your order by email or FAX, just include the secret phrase with your order. And, if you place your order by phone, toll free at 800 874 7400, please mention the secret phrase to get your coupon. The coupon will be sent along with your order and can be used whenever you wish, no expiration date. You will get a coupon for every order you place during the event. Just don‚t lose the coupons, please. The Buy More Get More event includes every item we carry! This is your chance to, really save for the future.

And now, this week's Hotlist!

(1) No Smoking - Puck: A tribute to Laurel & Hardy, Ade Duval and Fred Kaps
A professional-level solution to the Smoking Thumb plot from Puckmagic.
The illusion of producing clouds of smoke while using your hand as a pipe combined with invisible tobacco and matches is now a classic of magic. The plot has it all. It's extremely visual, it's completely impossible, it packs very small, yet plays to audiences in the thousands and it's rarely seen today. For the working professional, this routine has it all.
In the past, this classic had major problems. Previous versions had a plethora of flaws ranging from the use of caustic chemicals to inferior gaffs to unclear plots. While the effect was stunning and visual, performing the routine was dangerous to both the performer and audience. Chemicals used to produce smoke not only produced a terrible smell, but were downright unhealthy.
Puck's solution is perfect. In fact, the method does not need to be tobacco based! This means the performer doesn't need to smoke tobacco to do the routine. It also means you can choose what the scent of the smoke is. You can create smoke that smells like cherry, vanilla or many other choices.
Here is a chance to learn the highly kept secrets of the Smoking Thumb previously not available. Every detail is taught and, combined with the included high quality gimmicks, makes this a complete package geared to elevate any magical performer's show.
No Smoking comes complete with the Smoking Thumb gimmick, the special glass, the No Smoking 24" silk, supplies for the glass and the detailed one hour training DVD.
Puck's solution is precise, foolproof and incredibly easy to do. Each unit is made to order so please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.
$600.00 (60.1705)

No Smoking is for the serious stage performer looking to distinguish him or herself from the pack, and add a memorable piece of magic to their act. Highly recommended. - Genii Magazine review by David Oliver

This is a very nice package that makes the routine a possibility for the working pro. I know many magicians have dreamed of adding this routine to their repertoire, and now I'm sure many will. - Magic Magazine review by John Lovick

(2) You're The Star - David Goodsell: A fantastic spelling trick for family shows! This highly visual routine involves kid and adult helpers, pokes gentle fun at the magician and makes stars out of the audience helpers. It is easy to learn and you can easily amplify on the basic script provided to add a ton of laughs to your show.
The magician explains that he learned to spell using large spelling cards. As simple animal names are spelled, the magician moves the cards, one for each letter, and discards the animal when it is spelled correctly. The child is always right, the adult always ends up with a clown card!
After five animals cards are discarded, the magician decides that since he is the star of the show, they will spell the word "star." He ends up with a clown card and both of his helpers end up holding star cards. They are the stars of the show
You receive 5 animal cards, 2 clown cards, and 4 star cards (2 for the routine and 2 replacement cards). You can easily laminate the cards should you be worried about wear and tear. This trick is perfect for Magic Clowns and the basic script can be easily adapted for their use.
$24.95 (50.970)

(3) Undercover Wallet: A Hank Lee's Magic Factory Exclusive! The new Undercover Wallet looks like and functions as an everyday wallet with plenty of space for credit cards and money.
Easily fits into your hip or back pocket.
Works with several palming and no palm methods.
Loads are well motivated and covered by natural actions.
Cards can easily be stolen out of the wallet as well as loaded into it.
Cards can also appear in one of two separate areas. Either in a zippered inside pocket or a separate inner credit card wallet encased within the outer one.
Unique pocket feature not found elsewhere that opens up many new possibilities.
It can also be used as a peek device.
Beautifully made in genuine leather.
$75.00 (30.1546)

(4) Magic Calendar - 2011: This beautiful 2011 wall calendar, published by Taschen, is a must have for any magician‚s home or office. The calendar is printed on parchment paper and the pages are perforated on the top and bottom of the pages. This allows the calendar to become a beautiful set of classic posters ready to frame and adorn your wall, and be enjoyed for years to come.
* Spiral binding
* 34.3 x 49 cm (13.5 x 19.3 in.)
* 28 pages
* The perfect holiday gift for anyone on your magic list!
$25.00 (70.1008)

(5) Card Sword, Deluxe:
Deluxe does not even begin to describe this fine quality prop!
The Card Sword is one of the true magical classics. The effect is straightforward. Three cards are selected from a deck. The cards are replaced and the deck is shuffled. The deck is tossed in the air, the sword is thrust into the cards. When the dust settles, all three selected cards are impaled on the sword! Wow!
This deluxe model Card Sword is precision crafted, with a small handle that couldn't possibly conceal anything (or could it?). Heavily chrome plated to make it most attractive. Designed for a lifetime of use. The handle even unscrews from the blade to make it easier to pack in your show-case. The sword measures 33" in length and weighs approximately 3lbs. Included are detailed instructions, three sample cards, replacement elastic, a large double tassel that accentuates the beauty of the sword, and a handsome leather carrying sheath.
A top quality prop, produced in very limited quantities. $375.00 (60.935)

(6) How To Do Magic Tricks - Nicholas Einhorn: A great book for new magicians. Buy it as a gift and you'll keep it for yourself! So, you should really buy two! 120 tricks with 1100 color photos. Covers Dinner Table, Matches, Ropes, Paper, Silks, Money and a fabulous card section $18.99 (BK01737)

(7) Rattle Box, Deluxe:
Manufactured by our friends at Viking Magic, this prop will enable you to vanish a ring, poker chip, coin, etc. with ease and in full view.
The performer asks for the loan of a coin (or ring, etc.). The coin is marked and dropped into a neat hardwood box, which is given to a spectator for safekeeping. The lid is closed and box shaken to ensure that the coin is still locked within. At anytime during your routine, the box may be shaken to prove that the spectator still safely holds the borrowed article.
Finally the box is shaken and, at your command, the sound stops abruptly and the spectator immediately opens the box only to find that the contents have vanished!
The missing coin/ring may then be found in any location you wish.
The Viking Rattle Box is made of the finest hardwoods, complete with detailed instructions.
Box measures 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 1 1/2"; hand crafted from solid walnut. Lid is maple with walnut inlay. Top quality, none finer anywhere, guaranteed!
$37.50 (20.445)

(8) Clip-Sight - Devin Knight:
Clip-Sight is a utility tool that will allow you to create miracles that defy explanation. You can do all of the below effects and more with this gimmick. These effects will fry your audiences. None of the below effects require any sleight of hand! All are easy to do, yet are some of the most impossible effects ever created.
Encircled Thought:
A person is handed a clipping from a newspaper (any newspaper and not specially printed). He is asked to look over the words in the article and focus on any word. To help him focus on the word you ask him to circle the word with a pencil. Once he does so he folds the clipping up concealing his circled word.
All this is done while your back is turned. You give him an opaque envelope and ask him to drop the folded paper inside. Magician never touches the folded newspaper at anytime nor is there any billet switch.
Immediately, with no fishing or questions, you reveal the word.
No switches or any kind. You can also have two people circle words and reveal both words.
Impossible Coincidence:
Before the show, a lady is given a deck of cards to shuffle. She puts them behind her back and secretly reverses a card unknown to her. The cards are returned to the case and she is asked to keep the deck until asked for it during your show.
During your show, a man comes up and is told to think of a card. You give him a slip of paper and ask him to secretly jot down his card but not to show you or the audience. Magician never touches the paper the participant wrote on.
The lady brings the deck forward, and the card she reversed is removed. The card she reversed turns out to be the same card the man just thought of!
Invisible Ink:
An extremely novel effect. A person is given a pen that contains invisible ink. While you turn your back he is asked to think of any word and write it on a piece of paper using the invisible ink. Later, he shows the paper to the audience who sees it is blank. You say, "So actually you wrote nothing down, and the word is only in your mind." Without touching the paper, the performer reveals the spectator's thought of word.
A new way to do a headline prediction that involves no stooges, no sleights and no switches. This is a one-man effect. A sealed envelope is mailed to a VIP who is asked not to open it and to bring it to the show. The envelope is brought to the show and is seen to be sealed, with the seams covered with tape so that it is completely sealed and tamper proof. The performer has the VIP and several people sign their names on the envelope to ensure the same envelope is opened at the end of the show. At the end of the show the VIP opens the envelope and removes an index card from the inside.. Written on that card are the headlines for the day. No nail writer or similar gimmicks used. Positively no switch of the envelope at any time. At the end the VIP can keep the envelope and predictions. Everything can be examined.
These are just a small sampling of the effects possible with Clip-Sight. More are described in the directions. Comes with needed envelopes, gimmicks and a clear transparent clipboard. No chemicals of any kind are used in any of these effects.
$59.00 (40.759)

And that's this week's Coming To you From Somewhere Between Boston and Chicago Hotlist! Some wonderful new items. A place to spend some of your hard-earned Halloween Show money! Just a thought, right?
As always, I personally thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to spend with us, either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford.
Either way, we love the company.