Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I know that you all depend on me for your weather information, and this week I will not disappoint. Due to a bizarre weather front, the weather here in the Boston area has been abnormally warm and humid this week. Warm is OK, but humid is yicky. Hopefully it will pass by quickly.

This Sunday is Halloween. A great time for ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. We’ll be at home handing out the candy. Bonnie will be ooh-ing and ah-ing at all the neighborhood kids dressed in their Halloween finest. I will be doing my best to keep Bones the Dog from getting into the kids’ candy. He always manages to get some!

At home, Bonnie has been busy packing for our little trip to Chicago. Since we are going by train, and luggage is not an issue, she has found an old-time steamer trunk and is happily filling it with every piece of clothing she owns. That girl really does love to pack!

Lucas the Singing Son has been home all week, and we have totally enjoyed having him with us. A little singing, a little piano playing and a little company. Since none of his friends are at home this week, he has been pretty much a captive audience.

Aron has applied for a part-time job at a local Cigar Shop, in addition to his job at the Smithsonian. I can’t think of a better job for him. He loves cigars. Not just smoking them, but talking about them. It’s great that he’ll get paid for doing something he loves. Everyone should be so lucky.

As always, all kinds of cool new items this week. And, then there’s this week’s excitement, not to be missed!

BOOK DEAL EXTENDED: We had so much fun with this last week, that we are extending it for another whole week! We currently carry well over 1700 book titles! It’s a huge number of books. And, it’s really important for people to read. That’s what I think, anyway. So, from right now until Thursday, November 4th, at midnight, you have the opportunity to get books for free! But, you have to get them the old fashioned way. You must earn them.
Here's the way it works. For every order of $100 or more, you get one free book (your choice of any book that sells for $35.00 or less). If you spend $200 or more, you get two free books (again, your choice, up to $70.00 in books). $300 or more gets you three free books. And on it goes. The more you buy, the more you get for free! In order to claim your free book, just put the name of the book in the Customer Notes Box at the bottom of the second page of the online checkout (after you fill in your name, address, etc.) at If you phone your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, just let the order-person know what free book(s) you want. If you FAX the order to us at 781 395 2034, same thing. Just let us know which ones you want. Remember, the giveaway ends on Thursday, November 4th, at midnight!

Now, let’s take a peek at this week’s Hotlist!

(1) Multiplicity DVD – Max Maven: The choice is yours. Or is it? The wait is over, and Max Maven’s Multiplicity is here.
In this remarkable DVD you will learn techniques and subtleties involving equivoque and multiple outs, including ideas revealed for the very first time, plus over two dozen routines. Join Max and special guest Eugene Burger, for an utterly irresistible combination of mystery, surprise and insightful absurdity.
Running time 3 hours 15 minutes
Choose it. Now.
$75.00 (DVD01201)

(2) Transit – Calen Morelli: The latest from theory11. A normal rubber band is examined, then secured on your finger.
The rubber band is ungimmicked, and can even be borrowed.
The rubber band is doubled over again and again, securing it in a manner that is clear and fair.
With no strange moves, you begin waving your hand gently. As you wave, the rubber band visibly jumps to your second finger.
It continues to jump from one finger to another, to another.
It finally travels back across your fingers to where it started.
The rubber band is slowly massaged with two fingers of your opposite hand. When your hand is pulled away, the rubber band has vanished, only to emerge in a surprise, shocking finale on the thumb of your other hand.
$16.95 (10.1602)

(3) Serpent Wallet: Docc Hilford has been fine-tuning the Serpent Wallet for almost five years. The Serpent Wallet is primarily a secret switching device that combines a peek window with a hold out. There are endless effects possible!
The Serpent is a black, 100% eel skin, tri-fold wallet. There are plenty of special pockets to hold ESP cards, billets or Mephisto's Journey gimmicks.
The wallet is a safe "hold out" for dummy billets or similar items. No more fumbling for that dummy billet. It's completely secure until you need it. There's even a built-in billet index area. The bill compartment is divided so you can keep gimmicked bills separated.
It functions like a normal wallet, which means you can keep money in it as well as credit cards. All-in-all, this is a mentalist's valet. The gimmick is kept inside the wallet until it's needed. Nothing odd to see while you're using it in daily activities. But when you want The Serpent to work, it automatically snaps into position.
Includes a CD with a digital 34 page manuscript of instructions explaining many tricks. $79.95 (40.758)

(4) Watched! The perfect signed Coin to Watch:
Watched is the next generation Coin To Watch. It is totally new. Watched is a specially designed fully functional timepiece. The watch is revolutionary in its design and ease of use.
This effect can be performed anywhere, anytime.
Imagine, taking a borrowed coin from an audience member. Have them initial one side and you the other.
The coin vanishes only to appear under the crystal of your wristwatch.
There have been other attempts to create this mystery. However, they use a non-functioning watch and gymnastics to get the job done. Not Watched!
$72.00 (20.444)

(5) Painting – Mickael Chatelain:
Change the color of any card or the color of the whole deck!
Never has a color change been so easy and so visual!
• No preparation
• Instant reset
Make any card disappear!
• No force
• No manipulation
The selected, signed card is immediately examinable by the spectator.
Three complete routines are included on the instructional DVD.
Several tricks are possible with the included gimmick.
$45.00 (30.1544)

(6) UFG Pro: As the name suggests, the ultimate fire gimmick!
With Jeremy Pei's new and improved UFG Pro, you can instantly produce a blast of flames from your palms after showing your hands completely empty!
Incorporate it into many of your existing stage routines. Comes complete with custom crafted UFG gimmick and an instructional DVD featuring:
Bare hand fire production
Double hand flasher
Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Silk Appearance
Flash Candle Vanish
Jeremy Pei's Self-Contained Flash Streamers Production
And many more tips and tricks
UFG Pro requires the use of Flash Cotton which is not included.
$30.00 (60.1695)
Note: This item uses real fire, and cannot be sold to anyone under 18 years of age.

(7) Sub-Zero – Spidey: Imagine having the ability to instantly freeze water at your fingertips!
Sub-Zero is a revolutionary technology that allows you to perform mind-blowing magic using the most basic element of life. With this DVD you are provided with a gimmick that will turn any ordinary glass of water into a powerful instrument of deception! The effects on this DVD range from visually stunning vanishes, appearances and transformations to mind-blowing demonstrations of mental ability.
Instant repeat
Easy to do
Completely clean vanishes
Use any glass of water
Manipulate the consistency of water on command!
$40.00 (DVD01202)

(8) Gift Magic: Performances that leave people with a souvenir!
Would you like to perform magic that leaves people with a special gift? This book is your doorway into one of the most exciting ways to perform magic.
Authored by Jeff McBride, George Parker, Lawrence Hass, Eugene Burger, Rich Bloch, and Robert E. Neale and edited by Larry Hass, Gift Magic includes 11 performance pieces, 5 interviews, and 4 essays on gift magic by world-leading performers, teachers, and philosophers of magic.
All the profits from this book go to Rich Bloch's Encore Foundation, a non-profit foundation that assists magicians in times of terrible need. In purchasing this book and/or giving it as a gift to others, you are directly helping people who are suffering and you are strengthening the world-wide community of magicians.
184 pages with 57 illustrations by Jay Fortune.
Special Bonus: Each book comes with a free set of cards specially created by George Parker to perform his effect, "Tehis Re Erom."
$25.00 (BK01736)

(9) Liqui-Stop – Harold Voit: More than just another method for stealing and producing a glass of any type of liquid. It enables you to carry a wine, beer, or champagne glass filled with liquid securely upon your person, in order to produce it at any time you wish during your performance
Hundreds of these have been sold to working performers and Harold has solved the problems of carrying a glass of liquid around during your shows until you are ready to produce it.
You are able to bring out the glass quickly with a single, simple, one-handed move! This is unquestionably the most secure locking system we have ever seen, so you can relax pre-performance without concern for leakage, even when moving and walking.
Comes complete with a special glass, but you can also use your own glass, as long as the diameter and shape are approximately the same. $65.00 (60.1704)

(10) Opening Minds – 4 DVD Set - Colin McLeod:
Combining his very modern sensibilities for cutting-edge prop-free methods with a clarity of performance that leaves audiences speechless with wonder, Colin McLeod has developed a repertoire of contemporary mentalism which is the envy of all who've seen it.
Now for the first time, Colin reveals the methods, techniques and thinking behind some of his most incredible effects. This is stand-up and close-up material that will empower you to mystify your audiences with some of the most compelling mentalism you will ever learn.
Bookless Test
Colin's brilliant opener where he predicts a thought of word from an imaginary book.
Quite Wordy
A clever new psychological word-force for the whole audience, leading into what will become the standard impromptu book-test handling.
Chair Test
An exceptionally clean and direct chair-test, where process is kept to an absolute minimum. It features three distinct climaxes, which build to an incredible finale.
No gimmicks, no sleights, no pre-show, no stooges. An anytime, anywhere, any deck method that has to be seen to be believed. One number + one card = one miracle.
Where's the Money?
A bank-note and serial number divination effect, which introduces Colin's innovative hands-off system for identifying which one of five spectators is hiding an object.
Will ESP Cards Match
Becker's classic 'Will The Cards Match' reworked for stage and incorporating a sure-fire prediction.
Colin's favorite effect! A purely psychological influence effect, which is the perfect answer to the question, "Can you predict the lottery?"
Winning Numbers
Following on from Lo$$ery, this revolutionary handling of 'Sneak Thief' turns the effect on its head by allowing you to reveal every spectator's chosen number!
Newspaper Tear Routine
A stunning prediction of a single word from a freely chosen piece of newspaper.

A stack of un-gimmicked billets become an accessible and totally practical tool which can be used to easily and openly predict anything.
Furtive Switch
A one handed, invisible billet switch that drags billet switching into the 21st Century and makes it completely practical for the real world.
Bolder Business
Colin teaches his handling for a drawing duplication which uses no more than a stack of billets, a pen and chutzpah.
Serial Prevaricator
An entire close-up routine for revealing who is holding a borrowed, folded bank note and which hand they are holding it in.
A powerful extension of Knepper's 'Kontrol,' which Colin has developed over hundreds of performances. He correctly predicts the actions a spectator will make, even though they are given lots of opportunity to change their mind.
Double Card Thought Projection
This routine is the main reason Colin uses cards in mentalism. The spectator reads the performer's mind and the performer reads the spectator's.
$62.00 (DVD01203)

(11) DeLorian: A show stopping Signed Card to Impossible Location effect that can be performed at any time during your act with any freely selected card! And, it's just as easy to do as it is absolutely stunning to watch!
The DeLorian gimmick allows you to apparently remove a folded card from under the cellophane of the card case in a natural and completely deceptive way. There's no awkward gaffs or suspicious moves. The illusion of the card coming from the cellophane is clean and clear and at the end of the effect everything may be thoroughly examined. There is nothing to find!
Effect: A spectator freely selects a card and signs their name across the face. The magician takes the card and demonstrates how certain magic effects can create the impression that time is being manipulated. Time and again, the signed card seems to jump suddenly back in time into places and positions it was seen just moments before. Finally, the spectator shuffles their signed card back into the deck, but when they look through the cards they find it is gone!
The magician draws attention to the card case which has been in full view throughout the entire effect. Under the cellophane on the front of the case is a folded playing card. This card is cleanly removed and handed to a spectator who unfolds it to discover it is their signed card and everything can be examined.
The DeLorian will walk you step by step through the entire DeLorian routine, leaving no stone unturned. Everything you need to know is covered in detail - every move and sleight including the brilliant Mercury Card Fold (a method of secretly folding a card in quarters) is fully explained. The gimmicks, included inside, take only minutes to set-up, then you're good to go, again and again.
DeLorian combines simple gimmicks with a totally convincing optical illusion, arming the modern magician with a mind numbing Signed Card to Impossible Location effect!
$30.00 (30.1545)

And that’s this week’s Hotter Than New England In October Hotlist! Something for you, no matter what kind of magic you like! So, read all about it, and then order up some tricks as treats (get the Halloween reference?)
As always, we thank you for taking the time to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we do love your company.