Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Shipping & Two Free Gifts!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I think I forgot to mention that last Sunday was Father’s Day. I hope that even without my reminder, you had a terrific Father’s Day. Here on the home front, it was a little weird. Both boys are on the “continent” this summer, so the only boy at home was Bones. And, while he is a great dog, he’s just not that good at picking out Father’s Day cards. Bonnie did a great job of filling in for the boys. She slept really late, just like Aron does. And, she walked around the house singing Opera the way Lucas does (well, not the way Lucas does, but she does get points for trying.) Aron sent me one of the funniest cards I have ever received. It was from the Hallmark Hoops and Yoyo collection of fine eCards. Lucas left a card and a pair of True Religion sweat pants for me. The thought counts, really it does. Bonnie went to my favorite clothing store, Eddie Bauer, and bought me a couple of new shirts. Plaid of course. Bonnie took me out for brunch in the morning, and we had dinner with Bonnie’s parents later in the evening. In all, a wonderful day that would have been made better only by the presence of the boys.

This week has been a busy one. I have spent the week working on the new Summer EXTRA. It is now finished! As you remember, we do not send the EXTRAs out by snail mail any longer. However, you can find a full color pdf version of the Summer EXTRA by clicking here.
If you need a printed copy sent by snail mail, just let me know and I will be happy to get one off to you.
Oh, and if you wish, you can go directly to the Summer Extra by just clicking on the Extra Button at

Bonnie left for her summer on Martha’s Vineyard today. She even took Bones. Which leaves me alone in the house, at least for a while. It’s the perfect time for me to put stuff away where I think it belongs, and generally organize the place. A place for everything and everything in its place. Just don’t tell Bonnie.

And, that’s it for this week. Time to check out this week’s excitement!

FREE SHIPPING PLUS TWO FREE GIFTS! Until Friday, the 2nd of July at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping and two free gifts on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 2nd of July! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.
FREE GIFT: If you place the words FREE GIFT in the Customer Notes Box, we will also include two very nice magical gifts with your order! Something brand new, off the shelf! Count like The Count. One Free Gift. Two Free Gifts! So many Free Gifts!
So, you need to do two things:
Enter SHIPEMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box
Enter FREE GIFT in the Customer Notes Box.
Do both things and you will for sure be a happy camper!!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) CupWow: The long awaited CupWow is finally available! Ron Jaxon and Sean Bogunia have teamed up to revolutionize one of the oldest pieces of magic in history! Cups and Balls have been around for centuries, yet very few advances have been made with this classic. Until now!
CupWow allows you to do many of the classic Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines, but the vanishes, productions and color changes are now much more visible! And easier! Also, CupWow can do much more than just Cups and Balls!
With CupWow you can:
Make objects levitate and defy gravity!
Vanish, Switch, and Transform objects!
Stack Jaxon Cubes, and much, much more!
Watch the video to get an idea of the variety of effects you can accomplish with CupWow!
CupWow comes with everything you need to get started! Each CupWow is personally tested by Ron Jaxon or Sean Bogunia before they are shipped!
CupWow comes with:
* The CupWow Cup - With the new CupWow gimmick. The gimmick also contains a classic chop cup gimmick.
* Ron Jaxon CupWow Cubes - For an amazing dice stacking routine.
* Chop Cup Gimmicked ball - Can be used for classic chop cup moves, very visual color changes and final loads.
* Instructional DVD - Teaches all you need to know about your CupWow gimmick. Also teaches a variety of moves and routines that you can do with CupWow.
$129.00 (10.1575)

(2) Instant Everything DVD – Nathan Kranzo:
Ever want to pick your own pockets? More specifically, ever been looking for something in your pockets and couldn't find it? Watch as Kranzo searches for his car keys, cell phone, money and your selected card. BAM! In an instant he has produced everything. In one hand is his phone, in the other hand is his keys, in his mouth is a wad of money and now sticking high out of his breast pocket is one card.....your card....the Queen of Diamonds.
That’s just one possible routine with the Instant Everything system. Produce a playing card, marshmallow, flip-flop, popsicle, carrot, banana, wad of money, cigarette or just about anything you can think of in your mouth while at the same time make anything appear sticking out of your breast pocket as well as other objects in each hand!
There are thousands of possibilities. Once you learn the principle you can create your own miracles.
Make a card appear in your mouth, make the wrong card change into the correct card, make your mustache vanish or change, make a giant lollipop appear in your mouth and on and on....
You don't need a special jacket
No special clothes.
You can pick up the gimmick at any hardware store and Kranzo also teaches you to make it at home.
If that is not enough you will learn another effect that is worth the price of the DVD, Kranzo's Card To Mouth. This routine has fooled some of the best minds in magic.
Some of the top card men in the world have personally emailed Kranzo to try and get the work but he held out for years, until now
Up until now Nathan has only shared this with a small group of elite magicians. This is the trick that made David Copperfield say, "do it again."

(3) Magick – Bascom Jones:
An incredible set of books. Highly sought-after. Finally available in its entirety!
This publication is the talk of the mental world. The most anticipated publication in the last 10 years!
Bascom Jones is a name that conjures up mystery, magick, mentalism, pure effects designed to entertain and fool the masses.
Magick – The Complete Unabridged Set in five volumes. Available for the first time as a complete hardbound edition, complete with index, tip-ins, etc.
Over 2400 pages of dynamite material culled from thousands of contributions by the best thinking performers in magic and mentalism. More than 1400 individual effects!
All five volumes are magnificently executed in cranberry cloth, gold imprints with costly end papers, 60lb. paper and a beautifully embossed tip-in.
A quality production reflecting the high standards demanded by Collectors' Workshop.
The material contained in this five volume set is exactly as originally issued by Bascom Jones. Nothing left out. Over 23 years of accumulated genius. Limited to 500 sets.
$795.00 (BK01714)

(4) Complete Course in Pick Pocketing by Pierre Jacques Plus Borra DVD:
Now, one of the greatest books on stage pick pocketing is available in convenient epub format on CDRom, packaged with a DVD featuring the legendary Borra! Learn from the pros how to be the cons!
This book, with a forward by Ricki Dunn, is the first magic book designed for the new epub media. It's formatted to work on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android!
Included in this comprehensive volume:
Principles of Pick Pocketing.
Watches, wallets, cigarettes, handkerchiefs, glasses.
Five methods for expansion metal and buckled bands.
Inside Jacket Pockets-Four methods.
Pants Pockets-Three methods.
Outside Jacket Pockets.
Neckties-Two methods.
Bow Ties.
Suspenders -Two methods.
Eyeglasses-Lifting them from your "victim's" face without their noticing.
Exercises and Practice.
Selecting the “Victims."
The Barons.
Risks of the Trade.
The “Real” Pick pockets.
Renowned Pick pockets.
Over 90 pages and 80 photos in epub format.
Plus, get a DVD of Borra performing his famous pick pocketing act! Thirteen minutes with the famous Pick pocket Borra, stealing the audience blind, literally! He takes an audience member's glasses right off his face! He steals watches, wallets, notebooks, glasses and even gets a tie. Featuring rare footage of Borra performing in English!
$35.00 (BK01715)

"This book is good, DAMN GOOD! It really has all the inside info needed to do an act of this type." - Ricki Dunn

(5) Shoot Force DVD – Shoot Ogawa: A DVD full of amazing forces as taught by Shoot Ogawa.
Performance of Force
Cut Force - Slip Force - Dribble Force - Classic Force
Casualism - The Choice - Sync
Advanced Force
Spread Force - Other Hand Force - Estimated Classic Force - Mental Force
Theory of Classic Force
Mr. Yanagida Interview
$30.00 (DVD01164)

(6) Audio Coins DVD – Eric Jones: Eric Jones presents a full body close up illusion. This is coin magic at its finest.
Four coins are displayed on the palm of the hand. One at a time, the coins are rendered invisible and tossed into the air. As each coins falls, you hear an audible clink in the pocket indicating the moment the coin arrives.
This process is repeated until the hands are left completely empty, and all four coins are extracted openly from the pocket.
No extra coins.
No pulls.
No hold outs.
No gimmicks.
The magic is practical for virtually every situation, making this a perfect trick for the casual hobbyist or serious professional. You can even borrow four coins and perform this wonderful piece of impromptu piece of magic.
This is Audio. $19.95 (DVD01163)

(7) Through The Ranks: A visual card through deck like never before!
A freely chosen, signed card is inserted into the top of the deck and visually melts down passing every single card until it ends up at the bottom of the deck!
A perfect ending for any Ambitious Card Routine. $30.00. (30.1498)

(8) Darwin Ortiz Second International Lecture DVD: "Two years ago, International Magic in London released my first lecture DVD, which was favorably reviewed. They have just issued a brand-new DVD of my latest lecture. It contains six new effects that have never appeared anywhere else.” - Darwin Ortiz
Darwin's new lecture is entitled, "Practically Impossible". The lecture achieved the intention in that title. A lecture by Darwin Ortiz operates on a multi-sensory level: The impeccable execution of sleight of hand card magic along with superb presentation and a high standard of explanation and teaching. This DVD represents a wonderful record of Darwin's performance and features ground-breaking routines which delight and most importantly, educate.
On this DVD you will learn:
Fast Company: A wonderful interpretation of "Triumph" with a surprising climax.
Sudden Impact: Pit Hartling’s original effect, "Finger Flicker" receives an impromptu make over with no loss in effect or audience impact.
Card Sense: This routine is a wonderful study in how to maximize audience impact when using The Memorized deck.
Calculated Risk: A routine which is a proposition bet and could win you a lot of money; it is Machiavellian and ingenious in its methodology. It appeals on many levels because your audience will feel the odds are in their favor.
The Uninvited Guest by Mark Ennis: This routine has been audience tested by Darwin and the effect is a miraculous vanish and reappearance of a playing card under test conditions.
Fast and Furious: Darwin's love affair with "Triumph" has been expanded in this fantastic presentation. This routine exploits a well-known principle and audience participation to extend the possibility of the classic plot. The climax to the routine is an impossibility which takes this effect into another dimension.
$34.95 (DVD01161)

(9) Magic Menu – Spring 2010: For more than ten years, from 1990 through 2001, The Magic Menu was a continuing and trusted source of practical information for close-up magicians, particularly those who performed in restaurants, bars and night spots. Each issue brought real-world advice, information, reviews of the latest magic and audience-tested effects from some of the best magicians in the world.
After an eight-year hiatus, The Magic Menu is back with a renewed vision and a brand new staff for another generation of professional and semi-professional close-up magicians.
Some of the columnists and contributors you'll meet include Paul Green, Al The Only and Mark Zacharia (all held over by popular demand from the original staff), in addition to Richard Osterlind, John LeBlanc, Diamond Jim Tyler, Paul Gordon, Scott F. Guinn, Christopher Lyle, Dan Doyle, Mark Byrne, James Prince, Tom Frank and, of course, founder and editor Jim Sisti.
And, unlike the newsletter format of the original, the new incarnation of The Magic Menu has a magazine-like look with a full-color cover. Inside, however, is the same quality of information, insights and original magic that made The Magic Menu one of magic's most unique periodicals.
24 pages - Published quarterly. Full-color stock cover. $10.00 (BK01716)

(10) Sanitized For Your Deception – Jonathan Levit: Written By David Regal - From the repertoire of Jonathan Levit comes his audience tested routine. He has used this routine as a staple in his act, for close-up and stage settings, as well as on television.
Sanitized for Your Deception comes with all the props you need to perform this routine right out of the box. This can easily be learned by anyone with minimal practice, yet is sure to receive big laughs and applause.
After a humorous demonstration of magical forensics, a selected card appears inside the package of a moist towelette.
Remember, when you buy this, you are getting Jonathan’s full professional routine. It is not just about the props in the box, but the years of routine development.
$75.00 (60.1674)

"This piece is that rare thing: a stand-up trick that can be successfully performed for a group of twelve of twelve hundred, one that requires nothing in the way of expensive props yet delivers many minutes of entertainment capped by a deeply baffling event." - David Regal

"Sanitized for Your Deception should have been called Perfected for Your Performance. It's all there, the magic, the comedy, the situation: a brilliant routine direct from Jonathan's professional act. This practical little jewel is a great opportunity for any working magician." - Jim Steinmeyer

"Jonathan gives you all the work on his feature routine. I have seen this piece live and on television... In the right hands this is a thoroughly entertaining and amazing piece of magic." - Jeff McBride

"A modern presentational premise, funny audience participation, and the opportunity to kiss a spectator through a pane of glass. Plus wetnaps. What more could you ask for?" - Max Maven

And, that’s this week’s Hit A Minute Hotlist! A perfectly wonderful collection of magical goodies.
As always, we appreciate your taking time from your busy schedules to spend some time with us at Hank Lee’s.
Whether you visit us online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we love your company!