Friday, April 16, 2010

Buy Some Get Some Free!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. I must admit it. We are all still tired from last week’s Cape Cod Conclave. But, it was the best time ever. The new hotel was just beautiful. The lecture hall exactly the right size, and with the big screens to project the lecturers, it was perfect. All of the dealers were very happy with the new dealers’ room. It was a different configuration that seemed to make everything just flow perfectly. The only downside was that the close-up rooms were crowded. Easily fixed for next year. We will just add a couple of more rooms for close-up. I have to say that, considering everything was new this year, if that was the only glitch, I am mighty pleased.
Both evening shows got high marks from those in attendance. Some said they were the best shows we have ever presented. It’s hard for me to say, because we have presented some great shows over the years. I know, don’t break my arm patting myself on the back! In any case, both shows were terrific. My thanks to all of the talent for doing such a great job.
Of course, I also have to thank David Oliver and his crew of merry techno-elves. The hardest working tech crew in magic. Two shows. No glitches. What a team!
And then there’s Bob and Steve and Don and Erik, the glue that holds this thing together. In charge of the dealers. In charge of the close-up. In charge of the booth. They are the best. And, I really mean it!
I cannot leave out Ken Norris and Mike Howard, the lecture hall techno guys. They do such a good job making sure that everyone can see and hear all of the lectures.
Finally to Bonnie the wifely elf and Helen and Joe Miller and Denise Fleming, the crack registration team, a giant thank you. 100% for sure you guys are the greatest.
We are already working on next year’s Conclave. The dates are set. April 8th-10th, 2011. You can register now if you like. So many already have pre-registered. The most early registrations ever! Join the happy band!

My old pal Chuck Kirchner came out to visit from the great state of California. Chuck was the big kahoona at Magic City until he turned the reins over to his son Gerald. Of course, he still has his pudgy fingers in the Magic City pie, but that’s another story. Chuck and I have been friends for 35 years, and we love it when he comes to visit. He stayed in Aron’s room when we weren’t at the Conclave. And, he did mention that the room smelled a little like cigars. That Aron.

And, that’s all the news from here, now let’s take a look at this week’s excitement!

Buy Some, Get Some at 100% Off! I know it sounds crazy, but we have figured out a way to do this. For every order you place, we will send you some brand new, right off the shelf, magic equal in value to the merchandise you ordered. Whaaaaat? Crazy, right? Maybe not so crazy. Ask the folks who took advantage of this the last time around and got hundreds and hundreds of dollars in free magic!
Here’s how it works. If you buy $50.00 in merchandise, we will send along with your order another $50.00 in free merchandise. Same for $100.00 or $200.00 or $300.00 or more. However much you spend, we will match it with additional magic of the same value.
The magic we will send is really good stuff. There are some tricks and some DVDs, even some books. It is brand new, right from stock. Stuff you will like and use!
It all starts right now, the very second you get this email Newsletter. And it will run through Thursday, April 22nd at midnight. Seven full days. All you need to do is put the special code BUY SOME in the Customer Notes Box of the online checkout at so we know that you wish to participate in the promotion. If you call or FAX your order in to us, just mention the code BUY SOME.
There really aren’t many rules or restrictions. The only thing is, we cannot combine offers. So, Reward Points, Promotional Gift Certificates and Magic Of The Month Club pricing will not apply. Oh, and the minimum order for this promotion is $30.00. Makes sense, right?
Get your order in to us, and see what surprises await you!
Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist.

(1) The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series - Lewis Ganson:
Beginning in the late 1970’s, Lewis Ganson, one of magic’s most respected writers, produced a series of booklets that featured comprehensive, photo-illustrated instruction in many classic, time-honored effects. Ganson’s Magic Teach-In Series booklets became instant classics, providing both beginning and experienced magicians with step-by-step instruction that featured Ganson’s clear prose along with scores of clear and concise photographs.
Now, for the first time, all 17 of these remarkable booklets have been combined into an amazing new volume. You’ll find clear instruction in card and coin magic, stage and manipulative effects and much, much more. Plus, in many cases, the original photography was rescreened, making this collection the best these booklets have ever looked. And, even if you could find them all, you would spend much more than the price of this book, particularly at collector’s prices. (Even at their original cover price, this new volume represents a savings of almost 70%!)
Titles included:
Matching the Cards
Rovi Reveals
The Three Card Monte as Entertainment
Bernard's Lesson On Coin Magic
A New Look At the Okito Box
Colombini's Cups and Balls
Two in the Hand and One In The Pocket
Bernard's Lesson On Dice Stacking
The Hindu Thread Trick
A New Look at Card Fans
A Fantasy In Thimbles
Three Chinese Rings
Weston's Continuous Cigarette Production
The Floating and Dancing Cane
The Sympathetic Silks
Zombie: The Floating Ball
Colombini's Rings Supreme
Hardcover, 568 pages, cloth binding with gold-foil stamping, matching end sheets and full-color dust jacket. $79.95. Special Pre-Publication price: $69.95(BK01702)

(2) Phlye – Chastain Criswell: Three coins take flight one by one and land in the other hand! No Shells, No Flippers, and No Extra Coins!
• Show all three coins front and back, before, during and after routine!
• Cleanest "three fly" you have ever seen!
• Half Dollar set.
This gimmick is so maniacal and sneaky, that the visual effects are only limited by your imagination! Never before has this much power and ability been delivered in a coin set! Three ordinary looking coins will take flight and amaze them all! $225.00 (20.440)

(3) Twitter: Twitter is one of the most versatile mind reading tools available. It lets you perform the strongest and cleanest mind reading effects that you can imagine.
A spectator thinks of anything (a word, a number, a card, an ESP symbol, a shape, etc) and writes it on a business card which she puts in her pocket. This is done while the performer looks the other way. Finally, the performer faces the spectator and reveals the spectator's thought. With 100% accuracy.
Twitter is extremely easy to perform, yet your audience will believe they are witnessing a genuine mind reading test. It comes complete with instructions and everything needed to perform it immediately.
You are supplied with the special gimmick that can be used in many ways and it will surely become a strong hidden assistant in your arsenal of secret weapons.
• No forcing.
• No accomplices.
• No pumping.
• No pre-show work.
• No electronics.
• No refills required.
• Twitter uses state of the art material that with good care will last a lifetime.
Great for stage, street, close-up and impromptu effects. Resets instantly. $39.00 (40.721)

Pieras' Twitter is a revolutionary hit in Mentalism! Reliable and easy to do. A brand new technique - and I love it. - Lennart Green

(4) Hobson: Fabulous Mysteries –Two DVD set:
Featuring 15 commercial effects, this two DVD set notably reveals the secrets of Hobson's show-stopping Watch Steal techniques. These are the methods that Hobson has used around the world to floor audiences and generate frequent standing ovations!
The other effects are all solid and practical mysteries encompassing close-up, card tricks, stand-up, comedy, and manipulations. His Signed Silk in Apple and Double Salt Pour are just two of the many visual ingenuities featured in the set.
You also receive lessons in Hobson's personal arsenal of gimmicks like his Logical Match Pull and Simplicity Microphone Holder. As a bonus, Hobson's explanations offer you extensive valuable professional advice on performing in real-world conditions, routining, and showmanship.
Over three hours of footage
Full explanations of all effects
Bonus footage of Hobson's Salt Pour act from 1981
An exceptional value to any performer!
$50.00 (DVD01121)

(5) Sanitized – Will Tsai: For the first time, a multi-phase mentalism routine that fits in your pocket, and it’s not a card trick! A fresh taste in pocket mentalism.
This multi-phase mentalism routine is built in an extremely disarming everyday object: a Pocket Hand Sanitizer. And it keeps your hands clean, too! You can perform it Close up, Stand up, Stage. No problem
Altering Visual Perception: Audience sees the logo visually morph into their thought of card! Quick, strong, guarantee reaction, and perfect for strolling!
Secret of Code: The spectator divines the secret hidden in barcode with only their subconscious. After staring into the barcode, a color enters their mind. A color is named out of random, the spectator will find they've been influenced subconsciously from the very beginning.
Behavior Influence: With the performer's back turned, spectators' behavior has been mysteriously influenced. A very strong mentalism finale with all borrowed objects. Modern take on the classic three object test. This time, everything is borrowed.
One effect leads to the next, perform individually, for the most suitable moment or altogether as a mini mentalism act!
The Sanitized DVD comes with three piece special designed labels. All labels are professionally designed with durable and water resistant material.
$30.00 (40.720)

(6) Gotcha: Bob Sheets has fooled everyone – including the experts – with this staggering multi-phase version of Triumph.
Two cards are selected, noted, and returned to the deck. The cards are shuffled, some face up and some face down. Then, with the aid of a "divining rod" – in this case, a coin – the magician locates the first card instantly. Next, a spectator finds the second card, in the same, but more surprising way. Finally, the selections are reinserted into the deck and with a snap of the fingers, the entire mish-mash of cards rights itself, except for the two selections. It’s a kicker ending to an already strong, interactive trick.
Here are points to consider: Thanks to the special Gotcha deck, the trick re-sets almost instantly. It’s the perfect walk-around trick. The deck also makes the trick easy-to-do, allowing you the opportunity to focus on presentation. There’s no sleight of hand required.
Supplied complete with everything you need: the specially manufactured and printed deck, another full deck of microscopically-sized cards, and a DVD featuring Bob Sheets both performing and explaining his entire routine.
Gotcha? Get one!
$25.00 (30.1487)

(7) Pirates of the Rising Tide DVD - Curtis Kam's Palms of Steel 5:
Firing a shot across the bow of conventional coin magic, Curtis "Captain Morgan" Kam leads a crew of cutthroat coin effects in a broadside attack on the overworked classics. Join him as he rides the tide of bold new magic that shows no mercy and takes no prisoners. Coins Through the Table, Flurry, Hanging Coins, Copper/Silver Transpo, Coins Across-prepare to be boarded!
Laser Coins: Three coins vanish as they become suspended in a beam of light. When the light's turned off, they fall from the sky. Finally, a new and compelling effect in coin magic. The edge grip technology used here is twenty years beyond what you're doing now. Plus there's a moment where you actually show the coins to the audience, but they just can't see them. That will make you smile, which is good, because the rest of the moves will make you cry. Man up to the miracle, lads.
Standing Coins Thru Table: A swashbuckler's handling that allows you to pull up broadside to a table and push three coins right through it. No gaffs, no wax, no extras, no counting or fooling around. Each penetration is better than the last and everything builds to a surprise ending.
Copper/Silver Flurry: Only a pirate would cross the Flurry, the classic one-coin routine from Davey Roth's locker, with the copper/silver transposition. Now, instead of ending the Flurry like everyone else, you can end with a memorable miracle in the spectator's hands.
Table Hopper's Jumbo: Straight from the Captain's working repertoire, a lesson in how and when to produce a jumbo coin, and more importantly, what to do with it once you have.
Table Hopper's Trio: Mindless repetition walks the plank in this, the first routine to embrace the pirate's love of anarchy. Free your coins from the tyranny of having to all do the same thing.
BONUS: International Silk & Silver (Reed McClintock). Who says pirates can't be givers? A ruthless revision of Dai Vernon's classic, and it's yours just because we like the cut of your jib.
$35.00 (DVD01122)

(8) Comedy Thumbcuff Escape – Steve Lancaster: Steve Lancaster has performed thousands of magic shows over the past 32 years. Lancaster has worked in every type of venue and setting, from Home Parties to Las Vegas Conventions, Close-up, Stand-up, Major Stage Illusions, TV Shows, and even on the Radio. Steve currently performs at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa.
Become an entertaining performer with Steve Lancaster's Thumb Cuff Escape routine. It is a great addition to any show.
This comedy routine is simple and basic. The time-tested routine use a standard pair of Thumbcuffs (available separately) and the “regular” method of escape.
Packed with funny time tested patter/routine, the real work, and helpful tips. $30.00 (DVD01120)

(9) An Extraordinary Exhibition Of Seeing With The Fingertips (DVD and Deck) – Luke Jermay:
Phase 1: Your spectator shuffles the deck. With the cards held face down, you identify the cards as "red" or "black" simply by running your fingers along the face of the cards. Remember, the cards are face down!
Phase 2: Your spectator shuffles the deck once more. You identify the cards as "red" or "black" simply by waving your fingers underneath the cards.
Phase 3: You determine the color and identity of a card that is sealed inside the card box.
No mirrors
No wax
No chemicals
No magnets
No wires
No strings
No counting
Not a stacked deck
Not a marked deck
Not a peek
Not a pull
Not a new gimmick, but a surprising new way of using a gimmick you probably already have!
You get:
Luke Jermay's surprising new method for this classic effect, the most effective and free we've ever seen.
Several classic ways to accomplish this effect.
Luke Jermay's handling of Out of This World, the perfect effect to follow this demonstration.
A copy of the original manuscript Luke Jermay shared with a small group of friends while he was developing the routine.
$29.95 (DVD01123)

(10) Gazzo’s Tossed Out Deck DVD: Wrap the deck in rubber bands and throw it out to a punter in the audience.
As your back is turned, instruct him to open the deck anywhere he likes and remember one of the cards.
In turn you instruct him to throw the deck to anybody in the audience. That person is instructed to do the same thing. This is done to five different punters.
With Gazzo's routine you will have six people standing. You proceed to name each person's card and five of the people who looked at a card will sit down.
As a climax you will still have one person standing, and he will say that you have not yet named his card--which makes for a tricky situation. So you ask him, "If I name your card out loud, will you sit down. You name his card, and he sits down. You get a standing ovation Gazzo style.
A total miracle. Not hard to master.
Comes complete with gimmicked Bicycle Deck and instructional DVD. $35.00 (30.1196)

(11) Mathematical Wizardry – Harry Lorayne: Your audiences will think you're a genius. Jaws will drop in amazement! You are going to love the things this book will teach you. Absolutely no gimmicks to carry. These are anywhere, any time number miracles.
Visualize this: You're given any 6-digit number. You immediately write four 5-digit numbers that add to that free selected 6-digit number! Wow!
And, that's only one of so many amazing, jaw-dropping feats of lightning calculation.
As you would expect, presentation is stressed. Harry's selectivity is key. Only entertaining feats are included.
All you need is paper, a pen, a calculator, this book, and you're the "life of the party" in minutes.
Harry has collected this stuff since childhood, and culled out only the best of the best. You'll instantly square any 2 digit number; add columns of numbers at a glance; prove that your mind is the best and fastest calculator of all by multiplying and dividing faster than a calculator can! And, it's all a trick! $45.00 (BK01456)

And that’s this week’s magical maelstrom. Such great magic, but yikes it seems to be spinning so fast! Perhaps I need a nap. I do. So, while I am taking my afternoon nap, why don’t you check out all this great stuff. It all here just for you!
And, as always, whether you visit us in person at 102 North Street in Medford or online at, we love your company!
Hank Lee