Thursday, April 08, 2010

At The Conclave!

Greetings from all of us here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. As I write this week’s email Newsletter, we are all at the Hyannis Resort and Convention Center for this year’s Cape Cod Magic Conclave. The facility is nothing short of fabulous. Everything is new and modern and, if you are a golfer, this place has your name written all over it. There’s a gorgeous 18 hole course right outside our window! There’s a health club and a gorgeous spa. I suspect that Bonnie will find her way there for a mani and a pedi before the weekend is over.
The talent all arrived on schedule, as did our fearless tech crew. Bob Riordan and Steve Kradolfer and Don Konick and Erik Rochelle spent the entire day Thursday setting up the mighty Hank Lee Dealer’s Booth. It looks amazing, as always!
I know that we are in for a fabulous weekend. And, I really hope that you are going to be here with us!

As you might have guessed, our retail store in Medford will not be open today or Saturday. Also, we will not be shipping today, since we are all here at the Conclave. But, fear not. We will be back on Monday, ready to ship your orders will both speed and accuracy!

On a different note, there is news from Tenyo of Japan. Many of the items that had not been available for some time are available again. The best thing to do is just type the word “Tenyo” in the Search Box of the Online Catalog at You will see all of the Tenyo items that we are currently stocking. And, there’s plenty of them!

And, that’s all I have for this week. I’ll be back next week with all kinds of inside info from this year’s Conclave.

Now, let’s look at this week’s excitement.

FREE SHIPPING EXTENDED AGAIN: The final week for Free Shipping! Next week, a brand new excitement! But for now, until Friday, the 16th of April at midnight, we are offering free ground shipping on any order over $30.00 to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! Just enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box at the bottom of the first page of the online checkout at We will happily pick up the ground shipping charges on your order. Of course, if you want your order sent Fedex Three Day (Express Saver), Second Day or Next Day, you will just have to pay the difference.
Note: Your email confirmation from our online system will still list the shipping as free, but we will charge the difference when we ship your order.
Overseas customers will save as well! We will pay one-half of the Air Post shipping charges on your orders until the 16th of April! Just remember to enter the special code SHIPMEFREE in the Discount Coupon Box, or let the person taking your phone order know when you place your order at 800 874 7400.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Bee Erdnase Playing Cards: Printed using the same color green as the original 1902 book on premium Aristocrat stock using the Bee® back design with white borders. Each deck includes two custom jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, and two ad cards printed to look like pages from the book. The box looks exactly like a miniaturized version of the book with the same textured finish! $5.95 (30.1484)

(2) D’Mug: You are going to love this!
The Miser's Dream done with D'Lites and a mug! What a great idea! What a concept! Produce up to six bright red spots of light, using your D’Lite gimmick.
One by one, toss the spots of light into the mug. The audience sees the lights fall into the mug one at a time! The lights settle into the mug, until the audience sees six bright lights shining through the mug! You can pretend to “drink” the lights, or with just one puff of your breath, blow all of the lights out!
This wonderful effect takes the D'Lite concept to a much higher level. Big enough to play in the largest theater, yet it works really well in a living room!
Imported from Europe.
Note: The lights show up red, just like your regular D’Lite. I know. The lights in the photo are yellow. But, in real life they are red.
$49.95 (60.1662)

(3) Mani Spoon and Fork: You’ll be the star of the dinner party!
Begin with one spoon, but with a quick flick of the wrist, you suddenly have two spoons.
Before the audience can even scratch their heads in amazement, you make another spoon appear, and suddenly a fourth and a fifth!
You then perform the same effect with forks!
Why, (10.1567 it’s enough silverware for a banquet!
No sleight of hand required.
Comes with:
Special spoons and forks, a special gimmick, and an instructional DVD in English.
Imported from Japan. $37.50 (10.1567)

(4) Electronic Gambler’s Holdout: The perfect device for Gambling Demonstrations. This item is sold for entertainments purposes only!
Place one card at the edge of this Electronic Holdout and it will automatically switch it for another card!
The Electronic Gamblers Holdout is the ultimate switching device, combining technology and magic. Using this device, you can perform a card switch in one-tenth of a second with no sleight of hand.
Hiding inside your sleeve, the Electronic Gamblers Holdout is completely at your command; when you push a card inside, it will automatically switch to another card. Just that simple. The gimmick does it all for you!!
Hi-tech electronic device.
One-tenth of a second super fast switch.
New improved, super quiet switch.
Will work with either poker-size or bridge-size cards.
Two modes: auto switching or button switching.
Work on 4xAAA Batteries.
$120.00 (30.1485)

(5) Head Off: Ask your assistant to sit down on a chair, onstage, cover her head, and take it off. Just like that.
No props on stage. Absolutely clean. And, very easy to do! It’s perfect for television shows!
Whether you perform this surrounded or very close to the audience, it will be one of your strongest pieces.
Please allow four weeks for delivery, as these are all custom made.
$1199.00 (60.1663)

(6) Virtual Magic Pro – Benjamin Vianney: Perform some magic with your iPhone, and open the door to brand new and imaginative magic. Do you own an iPhone or iPod Touch? Then turn it into your own assistant, and let your audience experience effects that were impossible before.
This DVD will allow you to combine yesterday's magic (so attractive) with brand new technologies, going a step further. iPhones or iPods are at the core of this modern technology, and millions of people have one in their pocket.
So why not use it to entertain, surprise and amaze your spectators with magic that will make them laugh and leave them totally amazed.
In this DVD, Benjamin Vianney demonstrates and explains 10 great effects that he uses professionally.
10 complete routines and 8 applications that can be configured freely to fit your style, only requiring an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad.
$35.00 (DVD01118)

"When Benjamin first showed me some of these effects with his iPhone, I left him with total surprise and had no idea on how the effects were achieved... I still have this feeling when I think of it, because the effects are so pure and unbelievable. This is high level magic, using brand new techniques. The applications are so far away from what can be found around. This is pure wonder!" - Mickaël Chatelain

(7) Close Up!Up!Up! DVD - Lu Chen:
Lu Chen is currently the most celebrated magician in China. He is the first Taiwanese magician who has been invited to perform at The Magic Castle and the star of numerous magic T.V. shows in Taiwan, China and Japan.
This DVD was first released in 2007 for Lu Chen's Chinese National Lecture Tour, and is now a worldwide release with English subtitles. Included in this DVD are some extremely visual Four Ace revelations, routines with cards, coins and rings. All of them are published here in this DVD for the first time.
4 Aces Production 1 - Flash
4 Aces Production 2 - Flourish
4 Aces Production 3 - Mirage
4 Aces Production 4 - Ace Maker
4 Aces Production 5 - Manipulation
0% Possibility
Non Coincidence
Turn Over
Don't Blink
Invisible Assembly
$25.00 (DVD01119)

(8) Cards Know – Henry Evans: A spectator selects a card, which is left face-down on the table, unknown to everybody.
Explain that, “the cards know which one is missing from the deck, and they will tell everyone.” You need only to snap your fingers to make them "speak".
Snap your fingers and spread the cards face-up, showing one card magically appearing face-down in the center of the spread.
This process is repeated three times and the Ace, Two and Three of the same suit appear.
However, the Four does not reveal itself when called, so you flip the deck over and snap your fingers many times, then spread the deck to show all cards from 5 to King magically face-up. Finally, the face-down card on the table is shown to be the missing Four. $30.00 (30.1486)

(9) Freak 2.0 – Will Houstoun: Freak out your friends
Distort your finger in unbelievable ways!
With this incredible finger bending trick, no matter who you show, you're guaranteed to amaze, disgust and just freak them out! And believe it or not, Will Houstoun's Freak is only an illusion, which anyone can learn - it's that easy! Once you know the secret, you'll be getting great reactions in no time.
On this DVD, Will goes into intricate detail revealing the secret to all four phases of the routine providing you with 20 minutes of expert instruction, and performance tips. Add Freak to your repertoire now!
This is one freakish effect that you and your audience will never forget! $14.95 (DVD00929)

And that’s this week’s Here We Are At The Conclave Hotlist. It’s everything you could want in a Hotlist. It’s Hot. It’s a List. What else is there? Except that this particular list is full of fabulous new magic!
Any-hoo. I want to thank you all for taking time out to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, or for this weekend only, at the fantastic Cape Cod Magic Conclave in Hyannis, Massachusetts!
No matter which way you visit us, I want you to know how much we love your company!