Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Shipping - Our Gift To You!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, where it is bright and sunny and seasonably warm, with temperatures in the 50s. Beautiful Spring weather. I am sure it won’t last.

This has been a busy week here at the Magic Factory. The new EXTRA is online, and people have been downloading it and checking it out and even placing orders! You should do the same! It’s so easy. Just go to this address, and presto, you’ll have the new EXTRA right on your computer!

Aron is home from college for Spring break, and we have had a really nice week. He has taken up smoking cigars, but it’s not allowed in the house. So, he goes out to one of the downtown Cigar Bars and smokes up a storm. When he comes home, he, his clothing and the inside of the car smell like a humidor. A major work-over with Febreeze solves that problem. Before you write to tell me that Cigar smoking is not healthy for him, I know. We tell him and send him emails and copies of articles from the newspaper. But, he’s 23. And, it’s his worst vice. One day he will wake up and realize what a smelly and gross habit it is. Maybe when he figures out that 23 year old girls really hate the smell of cigars. Maybe.

There’s one more addition to the Conclave talent roster, and then, I think we are all set. Our old (and by old, I mean for many years) friend Jon Stetson will be handling the Saturday Late Night Show duties. I have known Jon since he was a young lad, still wet behind the ears. Now, he is a legitimate magical star, and I for one am very excited that he will be with us this year. If you haven’t registered yet, good seats are still available. You can register online (and get all the 411) by going to this address:

One final exciting note. Ed Radtke, Frank’s son, has taken over the famous Fakini line of Billiard Balls, Golf Balls and Thimbles. This week, a very large box arrived from the Fakini Factory. We were thrilled! Right now, we are loaded with product. So, if you have been wanting a set of Fakini Multiplying Balls, now is the time to order. We have them in white, yellow and blue. Get ‘em while you can!

And, that’s it for this week. Lots of new items on the Hotlist, just waiting for you! But, first, check out this week’s excitement.

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Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) The Kaylor Option – Jeff Kaylor: TKO is a brand new utility device created for the serious magician. Vanish small objects instantly, and produce them effortlessly. Transform an average trick into a clean and extremely deceptive piece of magic. Roll up your sleeves, and step into the ring. This is the TKO by Jeff Kaylor!
With the TKO you will:
• Vanish a coin or virtually any small object you can hold in your hand. Completely gone. Exactly as it would look if you were doing real magic.
• Have the ability of the Topit, without having to wear a jacket.
• Begin and end completely clean, with sleeves rolled up!
• Do incredibly visual transpositions of small objects.
• Switch coins easily for mentalism effects, such as coin bends.
• Clean up nearly any close up coin trick that uses gimmicked or extra coins or cards.
• Do a one handed coin vanish into the spectator’s palm, with no magnets or pulls.
And so, so much more!
No pulls, No magnets, No strings, No coat, No sleeves, No problem!
High quality construction
The TKO lies dormant, and completely undetectable until you need to use it.
Great for all skill ranges because there are some effects based on misdirection, and others where the spectators can burn your hands and still see nothing!
The TKO real world utility device is a real fooler! $79.95 (10.1564)

(2) Micro Macro – Steve Fearson: Two decks of cards are displayed as a representation of our micro-macro cosmic universe. One is large, the other is exactly the same but small.
One of the larger cards is held face down, it's identity unknown.
The human participant is instructed to deal cards off of the small deck one at a time, onto the larger card.
They are free to stop at any time, ensuring a random choice.
When they do stop, there is one small card (micro) and one large card (macro).
As a distinct reflection of the macro-micro cosmic structure of our universe, the small and large cards are slowly and deftly turned over to reveal that they are the same value and suit, in the same space, albeit different sizes. There is no funny business here... this is real magic!
• No Forcing - They are free to stop at any card
• No Sleight of Hand - The gimmick does the work
• 100% Self Contained - Packs small plays big
• Can be Repeated! - With a different card each time
All cards can be shown to be different. They deal from a deck of 52 ordinary cards. They decide when to stop. All cards before and after the one they stopped on can be shown, to prove it was truly a free selection.
MicroMacro is a real gem. An astonishing effect with a fascinating presentation involving the true structure of our universe, synchronicity and coincidence that you will want to have with you all the time.
It utilizes an ingenious gimmick that is actually in full view during the performance. You could say it's hidden in plain sight! You can do it close up with a regular size deck and a mini deck, or do it on stage with a jumbo deck and a regular size deck. It's up to you!
$12.50 (30.1474)

(3) Rubik’s Cube – Tora: Solve it with magic!
Plainly show a mixed up Rubik's Cube to the audience, then put it in an empty box.
Magic, magic, magic.
The Rubik's Cube is taken from the box the cube is now solved!
Each side of the cube has a solid color and you can show all of its sides to the audience.
For the finale, you put the cube in the box again and, when you take it out for the last time, the cube has changed to a solid yellow cube!
Can be shown before and after each change!
Easy to perform! Beautifully made. $129.95 (60.1655)

(4) Colaura: Cold reading in full color. Your spectator chooses a color and receives a brief reading based on their choice. Uncannily the aura color on their personal reading card, changes to match their selection.
Colaura is a modular cold reading system that allows you to make a personal color reading for the participant.
Colaura is perfect for intimate and strolling performances.
The simple system makes it easy to remember the meanings of the colors and areas of the head. The Colaura card is a disguised tick sheet to assist the performer.
A personal color reading can be tailored for the participant.
The Colaura card makes a great business card handout or keepsake for the spectator.
Colaura is extremely versatile as it can be presented in three ways.
Colaura is a fun routine that allows for a personal connection with the participant. Includes three bonus routines:
PsyCol - A chameleon-like method for handing out your business card. Also a magical way of tapping into the subconscious mind with a colrful prediction.
PsyTuition - Spectator uses her intuition to correctly divine an ESP shape.
PsyShape - A Banachek style psychological prediction.
You get:
· 4 Special Pens
· Over 70 Custom designed, personal reading cards
· Detailed instructional 75min broadcast quality DVD
· CD with 50 page e-book containing dozens of professional tips on cold reading, color readings and how to use them in these visual and colorful effects.
· Plus a bonus 20 page e-book that teaches a great playing card prediction.
Includes bonus files to make your own cards. - No refills to buy! Concept by Richard Paddon, ideas and routines by Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Dave Everett and Edward De'Ath
$50.00 (40.718)

(5) Psychological Subtleties 1 – Banachek: Back in print! This book offers subtle touches on handling volunteers and directing your audience. Advice, tips and tricks offered in this book allow you to maintain control over every situation, regardless of your volunteer's response. Includes contributions from Dave Arch, Dick Barry, Rich Bloch, Steven Brehe, Sam Dalal, Lee Earle, Phil Goldstein, Gene Grant, Docc Hilford, Bascom Jones, Ted Karmilovich, Craig Karges, Kenton Knepper, Kreskin, John Riggs, Teller and many more.
In the book's introduction, Teller (of Penn and Teller) writes, "Banachek is brilliant at subtle deception. My partner Penn and I have repeatedly called upon his vast knowledge, diabolical ingenuity and remarkable imagination and have never been disappointed. This man has the goods and now you do, too.”
Hardbound. 115 pages. $45.00 (BK01081)

(6) David Copperfield – A Magic Life – Benoit Grenier: David Copperfield is arguably the most famous magician in the world, as for decades he has dominated the world magic stage through his many widely seen TV specials, featuring some of the most staggering and memorable illusions of all time, and through his constant touring with his live stage show. In this book, author Benoit Grenier takes a close look at Copperfield, both the man and master magician, and gives a candid view of what it is that makes David Copperfield such a long-standing success. Although none of David's illusion secrets are revealed, the reader is nevertheless taken behind the scenes and is afforded a unique perspective and insight into the life of this magic superstar. Benoit traces the path Copperfield has taken from his childhood right through to his modern day iconic standing in the world of entertainment, and it makes for a fascinating and enlightening read. If you have ever wondered what it must be like to be the most recognized magician on the planet, this book will tell you and it goes a long way to explaining the Magic Life that David Copperfield enjoys.
Perfect bound. 142 pages. $39.95 (BK01700)

(7) New Relentless Ring And String DVD – Bob Miller and DJ Ehlert: This brand-new DVD includes the classic award-winning routine re-recorded and edited in a digital format with all of these great new features and extras:
• 3 live performances by Bob and DJ
• All 11 moves clearly detailed and demonstrated
• Super-close up review track
• Performance tips and ideas from Bob & DJ
• 11 Extra Moves submitted by magicians from around the world
• 2 Bonus Restaurant/Walk-Around Routines that are favorites of Bob & DJ
• 25 min. discussion about working restaurants
• Live web links to additional resources
DVD-ROM content includes 3 great files:
- The original RR&S Routine book
- Vest Topit pattern
- "7 Steps to Working Tables" essay
Plus, a free SuperSoft shoelace that works perfectly for this routine.
$29.95 (10.957)

(8) Squished: The newest release from close up magician and creator Ben Williams.
How would you like to be able to borrow a penny and, inches from their faces, squash and stretch the coin into an impossible magical souvenir?
Everyone has seen the machines where you insert a penny, pay your fifty cents or quarter and then crank an arm around which forces the penny through a stamp that 'squishes' the penny with some sort of image, maybe the logo of the particular theme park or public attraction you are visiting.
With Squished, you can perform this process for your spectators without the need to carry around a giant heavy squishing machine!
Ben Williams brings you his latest killer coin effect. Ben teaches you in detail everything you need to know to start amazing people. You get his detailed routines and handlings, but best of all, Ben has taken away all the hard work and complex sleights by including a cunning gimmick that does all the hard work for you.
• No threads or shells
• No tricky angles
• No complex sleight of hand
With Squished you receive a detailed guide packed with photos illustrating different routines and ways of squishing pennies in performance.
In addition to the guide and your double sided squished penny you receive three more special squished pennies, each with a different card image imprinted on them. These three different card values allow you to perform a card reveal with the squished penny.
Squished is fun and easy to perform and is enjoyable for the spectators. What more could you want! $22.00 (20.438)

(9) Frankenstein Book Test: Mary Shelley was a British novelist, dramatist, and essayist best known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein. She was not related to Mike Shelley. Frankenstein has been made into countless movies. It's an easily recognizable classic novel that's now a book test!
Here's what you get:
192 pages, perfect bound, printed on heavy white paper stock. The size of the book is standard 5.5 x 8.5, and will fit nicely next to other books on your shelf. It is designed, in every way, to look and feel just like any other book sold in the market. You'll not be able to tell the difference, any more than your audience will. And best of all, the gimmick is woven into the text itself in such a way that it is entirely readable, from front to back, before and after the show. In our view, it's 100% examinable.
It's also incredibly easy to use, right out of the package. Open it up, read the directions, and watch the downloadable instructional video, then try it out.
The method is based on the original associative and opposing word concept, and has been strategically placed to work with the Flashback principle throughout the entire book. There are no other book tests this easy, this affordable, and this recognizable on the market.
The presentation is just as simple as using the book. Have someone casually examine the book. Take it back. Riffle through the pages and have them stop when they want. Peek the opposite page and you know the word they're looking at. It's that easy. It only takes a fraction of a second and you're all set. Hand it back out and go into your routine. Done.
You look like a genuine mind reader. They can't believe it. $59.95 (40.717)

(10) Sick DVD – Sean Fields: Sean Fields is back with one of the most disturbing close up illusions ever!
Borrow a coin. Swallow it. What happens next can be described in one word
Take a knife, and slice your arm wide open. The spectator can see the wound open, and the blood flow.
With no movement or cover, the spectator can see the coin slowly emerge from within your body! This looks unbelievable! And a little nauseating.
Remove the coin. Hand it back.
Sean has kept this effect to himself, until now! For the first time ever, Sean is sharing this incredible piece of geek magic!
Using items you already own, Sean walks you step by step through the deception; from preparation to performance, no detail is overlooked.
This is Sick. This is magic. Redefined. $19.95 (60.1656)

(11) Harbin Chair Suspension – Deluxe Steel: From the brilliant mind of Robert Harbin, the finest Chair Suspension ever produced. Rarely is there an illusion that will mystify when performed completely surrounded; on a fully lit stage; clear of all drapes.
The Harbin Chair Suspension is just such an illusion!
Place two chairs face to face. A board is next placed on top of the chair-backs.
A volunteer from the audience reclines on the board and is covered with a cloth.
Remove the chair from her feet, leaving her and the board suspended in air!
Now, remove the board!!
Still, the spectator remains suspended in the air!!
Everything is returned to its original place, the spectator returns to the audience and you get a tremendous round of well-deserved applause!
Note these important features:
• Due to the steel reinforcement of the chairs, this model can support 170 pounds!
• You can walk entirely away while the person is suspended
• No assistants required other than the spectator from the audience
• Almost no rehearsal; absolutely no set-up!
• The whole illusion fits in the back seat of your car, even if it's a small car!
• The chairs are normal looking lightweight Samsonite folding chairs, which have been reinforced with steel.
• The board measures 45 inches long and 13 inches wide. The velour cloth is 43 x 53 inches. The support on which the spectator rests has been made extra large to give them a feeling of stability.
This amazing illusion packs flat and can be sent or transported anywhere in the world!
The price will really floor you!
Due to the size and weight of this item, additional freight will be added.
$750.00 (60.529A)

And that’s this week’s Something Big, Something Small, Something To Read and Something To Watch Hotlist. This time, I know we got it right. There is really something for everyone So, check and it out and, remember, we’ll ship it free!
As always, I personally want to thank you for spending time with us, whether it is online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company.