Friday, February 19, 2010

One Week Closer To Cape Cod!

Greetings from Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, home of this week’s Winter Wonderland. Last week, we were supposed to get socked with a big old Nor’Easter. So sad, it fizzled out before it got here and we got nothing. Not a flake. And then this week rolled around and we got a delightful blanket of snow, about seven inches in my backyard. The bummer is that the kids are away at school and the shoveling chores have been handed back to me. I am way to hold to shovel, and that’s the truth.

I have some Conclave news for you. We have just booked Australia’s Steve Walker. He will be MC’ing the Friday Night show and doing a spot. He is a fine performer, and we were really lucky to book him. With that addition, the talent lineup is complete.
I should mention that this year we are holding two very special limited attendance workshops. One by Dan & Dave and one by Mark Kalin & Jinger. Once you register, you will get special forms to sign up for these workshops. I hope you have already registered. If not, how come? The dates are April 9th – 11th, and there are still registrations available. To see what’s what and to register, here’s where to go:

There is all kinds of buzz about UltraCinese, the amazing nut and bolt effect. People have been waiting for them to arrive for quite some time. We’ve had our order in since the first week in December! The good news is that they are coming. Slowly, but they are coming. We have enough on order to fill all of our orders and then some. The young man who created the effect builds each one himself. Honestly, he was overwhelmed by the demand, and is doing his best to catch up. So, hang on and very soon you will be performing this amazing effect.

And, that’s all the news from here, so let’s take a look at this week’s rather large Hotlist!

(1) Probe: After more than 5 years of underground sales to a select group of Mentalists and Magicians, Rhinesense Mk 4, Probe is finally available to you.
Mentalism doesn't get much more direct than this. The spectator is handed a packet of ESP cards. They take any one and place it between their hands whilst your back is turned; the remaining cards are placed out of sight in their pocket.
When you turn around you, know instantly, electronically and every time, which one they have.
• No Forcing, No Fishing, No Set-Up, No Practice, No Hassle.
• You touch nothing before, during or after.
• Strap on like a watch and you are ready,in seconds.
• Instantly repeatable; no reset.
• Up to 12 different items can be identified.
• Professional, close-up and stage routines included.
• Many accessories available including custom printed cards.
Broadcast quality DVD with almost 90 minutes of detailed instruction on how to use Probe with Cards, Words, Pictures, Coins, Bills, Nuts, Matches, Candy, Envelopes, Food and many other items. Dozens of tips and ideas sent in by Probe users from all over the world.
Probe has been used on TV by professional mentalists in 9 countries.
Do not confuse Probe with crude consumer electronics converted for magic use. Probe is built ground-up by surveillance electronics expert and mentalist Dave Everett.
Routines and ideas from Sean Taylor, Richard Paddon, Edward De'Ath, Wayne Rodgers, John Archer and more. $500.00 (40.712)

"Just thought I would let you know that I bought a Rhinesense over here in the UK and I love it. Best effect I have come across in years."
- John Archer

"Dave Everett's Rhinesense is honestly as close to real Mindreading as you can get."
- Sean Taylor

(2) Killer Epic: Through special arrangement with ProCraft Illusions and Whit Haydn we have secured a limited number of Whit's renowned Killer Epic. If you've seen Whit's routine then you know the power it has. His routine blows the standard Mental Epic routine out of the water with its no-force killer finish!
Performer announces that his mentalism skills are actually somewhat limited, that he will be depending on the ESP of the audience members instead! Using the jumbo slate, he first writes a three-number prediction and covers it. Then he asks three audience members to choose a digit, each of which he writes down underneath his prediction.
Next, the performer makes a second prediction, writes it on the slate and covers it. He then tosses a coin to the audience. While his back is turned, the audience is instructed to pass the coin back and forth randomly until they hear him say “Stop!” The person who ends up with the coin is asked to toss it and call “Heads” or “Tails.” Performer again writes the results on the slate below his prediction.
Performer writes a final prediction, covers it, and throws a banded deck of cards to three audience members and has them each peek at a card, memorize it, and stand up. (They do not disclose their card!)
The performer then proceeds to reveal the covered panels on the slate. The audience is understandably impressed when the first two predictions match, right down to the initials of the individual who tossed the coin! But the audience is flabbergasted when the performer reveals the names of the three cards and says, “If any of you standing sees the name of your card, sit down!” –– and they all sit down!
Typically, the old Mental Epic had none of this kind of build-up, none of this suspense, none of this brand of routining, and no killer finish: The final prediction was revealed and that was that. With Killer Epic, Whit Haydn introduces his crowd-pleasing total spectator involvement and spectacular finish that leaves audiences breathless!
In addition to Whit's routine you also receive the best Mental Epic board on the market today! If you're looking for the ultimate dry-erase Mental Epic this is it!
The board measures 17"x26." It is easy to travel with and plays to a large audience. The jumbo-size slate can easily be seen from the back of the house and yet is perfectly suitable for parlor work. The slate features a Dry-Erase writing surface. The reverse side of the slate is a full-sized, ungimmicked writing surface suitable for any mentalism effects!
The slate is quality constructed using the finest materials available. The previous model has been improved in a variety of ways. For one, it is constructed with a 1/4" Baltic birch plywood core which makes it stronger yet lighter! The gimmick has also been upgraded with a more robust material that won't warp or bend in extreme temperatures. Even the dry-erase surface is made from a true dry-erase material for easy cleaning and marker removal. To cap it all off the entire board is framed in durable gleaming metal.
Whit Haydn's Killer Epic comes with the jumbo slate, colorful numbered frame covers, marking pen and Whit's complete Performance & Instruction Video that includes special tips on handling, audience involvement and patter.
If you're looking to add a Mental Epic routine to your show this is it! $350.00 (60.1652)

(3) Color Fusion – Nash Fung & Zenneth Kok: For the first time, the originator himself, Nash Fung, reveals the method of his original Color Fusion.
A card is selected, signed across its face, then a quarter containing part of the signature is torn away for the audience to keep.
With the remaining 3/4 card, you proceed to change the color on its back – one quarter at a time! This is done with pure sleight of hand. It is so visual you will swear it must be trick photography. At the end, you return the 3/4 card for inspection. The signature matches, the card matches, but 3/4 of the back is now in a different color!
This trick is performed stand up at chest height, which facilitates higher visibility for larger crowd of audience
Ideal for both strolling and banquet shows.
Everything is examinable, resulting in a truly impossible looking souvenir. This is a perfect trick to impress your spectator; they will keep this mismatched piece of art for years to come.
Package includes:
• 8 Special Bicycle Stock Gaff Cards for CNR-Color Fusion & restoration
• Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including multiple handlings, performance, handling tips and all the subtleties
• An interview with Nash Fung that explores more ideas and possibilities
$29.95 (DVD01104)

...the effect is a real eye popper... -Matthew Field, Magic Circular

...Nash Fung's Color Fusion looks so good that your audience might believe that you are a real magician. - Peter Duffie, Magic Magazine

(4) Japanese Fortune Box: Mikame Craft is reintroducing the Japanese Fortune Box - one of their very first products.
This newly designed and produced fortune box is a great addition to your mentalism routines.
The fortune box routine allows you to mentally predict the exact stick out of 40 numbered sticks.
Many variations to this routine can be incorporated into other effects, such as a spectator selecting any numbered card out of a deck and the magician then removing the same numbered stick out of the box as if it was the spectator's fortune.
Fortune Box measures 3 3/8" x 11" x 3 3/8" (8.57cm x 27.94cm x 8.57cm). $79.95 (40.711)

(5) The Ripper: Take your subject on a walk through Whitechapel with Jack the Ripper.
Using a map of Whitechapel and the back of an old Scotland Yards case file, you help your subject as they guide themselves to the exact location of the first Ripper murder.
Then in their minds eye, they describe in detail what the location looks like even though they have never seen it before!
At the end you flip the case file over to reveal an old photograph of the exact location they just described!
Your audience will be stunned and your subject will be sleeping with the lights on for a good long while.
Comes complete with every thing you will need:
• Full Color Booklet explaining the working of the effect as well as offering an abundance of Ripper information.
• Special Reproduction Map of Whitechapel
• Laminated Case File with Photo on The Back
• Bonus Routine
$29.00 (40.713)

(6) Harlan: Live! DVD Set: Dan Harlan's first DVD release in over 10 Years! From the creator of wonderful effects such as Card-Toon, Band Shark, and Hover Card, Dan Harlan is proud to release his newest DVD. Harlan: Live! was filmed live at Haines' House Of Cards located in Cincinnati, Ohio. All of Dan Harlan's A-Show stand-up material is finally revealed in this brand new, 2 DVD Set. Following Dan's show is an in depth interview with Dan (by Floyd Collins) and you will hear Dan talk about performing, creativity, and staging.
Disc 1: Dan's Full Stand-Up Show
Two Left Hands- Harlan's audience-pleasing warm up which gets everyone involved in the fun!
Hold It, Buster- The pun-filled, jumbo card monte updated with all the jokes and bits of business
Crazy 8- Harlan's ingenious signed, torn mis-made and restored masterpiece...finally on video
The World's Saddest Trick- Producing tears of laughter as a sad little hanky vanishes forever.
Ritual Necklace- A new presentation and handling that blows the dust off grandma's necklace.
My Word- The crossword puzzle book test that seems like mind-reading and requires no memorization.
Tightrope- Finally on video, Harlan's charming silent rope routine that tells a story without speaking a word.
Cheez Whiz- Harlan's hilarious, show-stopping routine performed entirely with groceries! First time on video!
Starcle- Creating magic with a paper napkin, Harlan captivates with a full presentation of his classic effect.
Every routine on this 2 DVD set is explained in full detail. Also, you'll learn how Harlan uses structured scripting techniques to achieve maximum entertainment.
Disc 2: The Interview
In this interview Harlan talks about his background in theater, his major influences, the business side of magic and much more. Some of the topics include:
Detail about how to properly use a ditch bag.
Dan explains his creative thought process and how he applies it to magic.
Various staging and theater tips.
Questions to Dan from local magicians.
Much, much more.
Also included on this DVD are the Crazy 8, Crazy Cash, and My Word templates for you to download and use. Everything you will need is included on this 2 DVD set.
$49.00 (DVD01101)

(7) Extreme Burn 2.0: The most visual bill change system ever; and now completely examinable!
Extreme Burn is back with a vengeance!
Extreme Burn 2.0 includes all the same incredible material from the original Extreme Burn DVD, plus 75 minutes of brand new material.
• Hand Out Techniques
• Advanced Underground Changes
• Magazine To Money Workshop
• New Moves, Fresh Concepts
• Subtleties, Psychology and More!
• New Ultra-Thin Gimmick plus
• Comes With The Extreme Burn Wallet/Holder
• Immediately Repeatable; Nothing To Reset
• Works With Any Currency
The Effect:
Show 4-5 bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides. Lay them flat out in your hand. With no cover whatsoever, shake the bills.
Instantly they change. That's it. No folding. No funny moves. Nothing.
The bills just change!
Your spectators will swear they just saw a Hollywood special effect!
Richard Sanders has reinvented the multiple bill change. Working from the ground up he has transformed the visual impact of the effect and revolutionized the entire technique. Extreme Burn is a devious recipe combining one part technique and one part gimmick that will allow you to visually change bills with no cover.
The best part about Extreme Burn, besides the hyper visual changes is the fact that it is dead easy to do. The gimmick does most of the work for you so that you can concentrate on devastating your audiences.
Extreme Burn is not just a variation; it is an evolutionary leap forward in technique and effect. $34.95 (10.1114)

(8) Mind Work – Richard Mark:
Richard Mark, Psychic Entertainers Association Creativity Award Winner, Twice winner of Best Mental Effect IBM and noted author presents Mind Work, a new book of: Mindbending mental methods and mentalism - Hypnosis-ideomotor phenomena and muscle reading; a neuropsychological explanation of how the Mind Works.
$45.00 (BK01697)

"...It is with grave disappointment that I find that Richard has virtually broken the code. Granted that these are his secrets...but to make them available to readers is almost unforgivable. They are that wonderful and awesome. He has burned a room full of trained mentalists. His envelope work is original and daring, his Q & A daunting, and his work on which hand has what has blown many away." - Marc Salem.

(9) Coin Balloonacy: A hybrid of two classic tricks combined with some extremely clever misdirection. A marked borrowed coin is placed on the surface of a balloon, then visibly pushed thru the side of the balloon. The coin circles while inside in an elliptical manner then comes to rest inside. The balloon is popped & the marked coin is returned to its owner. Created in 1978 by Magic-Ian and Received 4 stars in Genii Magazine.
There are hundreds of attempts on YouTube to perform a coin thru balloon. This is the original and still the best. The trick they all try to do, and try to imitate.
This 55 minute DVD includes balloon lecture material for unique routines, plus alternative handling. Signed coin in balloon, actual signed bill or playing card as well. Bonus ideas include Pen Through Balloon, pins, coat hanger, plus original new method for Silk in Balloon Penetration, all from the innovative mind of Ian Garrison, Magic-Ian.
Uses any #11 clear balloons available at all magic shops and party stores. We supply you with 6 balloons to get you started.
$20.00 (20.100)

(10) Weekend At The 4F With Obie O’Brien, Volume 2: In this second volume, you will see and learn unbelievable magic while being part of magic's most prestigious convention!
• The Amazing Adam - Adam teaches his version of Paul Harris' "Reset".
• David Acer - Gets Mad! That's not the name of the trick. A nice card routine that you will have to watch carefully as he does not teach it.
• Jon Born - Teaches an amazingly easy to do Cop. Steal away a card off the top of the deck anytime anywhere.
• Justin Style - A great stand-up coin routine using the Downs Palm.
• Garrett Thomas - Teaches a great Pop-Out move.
• Scott Robinson - Willie in Your Pocket. Scott teaches what might be the coolest thing on the DVD. A Cards To Pocket routine using three cards.
• Reed McClintock - Dai Vernon's Travelers. A four signed Cards To Pocket.
$30.00 (DVD01105)

(11) Mind Warp – Richard Mark: If you are one of those who hasn't yet discovered the ingenious, almost diabolic, manner in which Richard Mark approaches his craft, then you are in for a surprise.
You show a sealed envelope (from the "Fantasy House Clearing Sweepstakes") which remains in full view. An audience participant freely selects and names aloud a celebrity and three sweepstakes prizes. He is given the envelope - no switches - to open and read the contents. The letter inside announces, in typical advertising 'hype', that the participant is a finalist in the sweepstakes and that the celebrity named will present one of three prizes - the very same prizes selected by the participant!
You tear a page from the daily newspaper into dozens of pieces. A participant indicates which of the pieces is to be used, takes that piece, and points to a word on it. He opens an envelope, in view before he selected his piece of newspaper, and reads the letter inside which perfectly predicts the selected word!
Secret celebrity identities are assumed by three audience participants. While your back is turned, each helper freely selects, from a box containing a large assortment of plush stuffed animals and gag gifts, a present for himself and conceals it in a paper bag. Without asking a single question, you can name not only the celebrity personality assumed by each helper but also each particular gift chosen!
These routines (and many more) are revealed in this volume. Many of these impressive and creative presentations have previously been available only to Mentalism insiders, who often paid more than this book's price for a single routing!
Pages: 176 – Perfect Bound. $45.00 (BK01068)

(12) TelekiNefesch – Nefesch: Making mentalism visual and meaningful. Imagine a book filled with hundreds of pages talking about the method, script, psychology and thinking behind some amazing routines.
A borrowed crushed water bottle which contains an unseen word that has been written by a spectator visibly uncrushes itself, the spectators breathe their thoughts into the bottle and the performer inhales those thoughts and reads their minds!
A spectator tries to crush an aluminum can with strength by pressing on the ends of the can (Nearly impossible if you ever tried) and it proves futile. The performer without touching the can or the spectator's hands, concentrates and causes the can to begin to crush in the spectator's hands. They feel and hear the can moving and twisting all the way!
During a mind reading routine, a pen that the spectators has held and used to write with, and which became a mental link between performer and spectator, is shown to have exploded inside the clear barrel due to an overload of thought! In the meantime, the performer reads the spectator's mind regarding a symbol and a word! A triple effect with a visual kick!
Another bottle effect where the bottle visibly crushes itself and restores itself as well!
A metal bending effect where a paper clip bends and unfolds itself and then bends into the shape of a spectator's thought!
A wad of cotton reveals the initial a spectator is thinking of!
A serial number reading effect where the performer is able to divine the number on a borrowed folded bill, and then cause the bill to unfold by itself.
All this and much more. 384 pages. Perfect Bound. $85.00 (BK01696)

(13) An Extension Of Me DVD Set With Gimmick Coin Bonus – Eric Jones :
"Eric Jones is the real deal!" This is what top magicians from all around the world are saying after seeing Eric Jones perform his stunning close up magic. Eric has long been known to the magic underground, but now he is catching on like wild fire. Eric is smooth as silk and his magic truly looks like magic... slow, beautiful, stunning. For years, Eric has closely guarded his material and refrained from making DVDs or sharing his work in detail. He has finally decided that now is the time to share it with you in his new three-DVD set.
Eric will take you through effects using cards, coins, and sponge balls in painstaking detail. Every piece of Eric's magic is thought out to the nth degree. It looks and feels like real magic.
The project has been in the works for over two years with multiple shoots as Eric wanted to ensure that everything from the production to the teaching to the material was top-notch. The teaching takes you through each piece in tremendous detail, from various angles. The performances are pure magic. The thinking is superb. You will use the effects from this DVD set and you will also find wonderful ideas, handlings, and sleights to apply to your existing magic.
Included as a bonus is a special gimmick coin so you can immediately start working on Eric's stunning version of The Karate Coin that has been hailed by coin experts from around the world as THE best version of this now classic effect.
Effects presented within this 3 DVD set:
Impossible Production
Eye Candy
Impossible Coins Across
Hellbound Remix
El Cambio Nada
Swirl Production
Standing Room Only Collectors
Elevator Cut
Oxy-Clean Coin Routine
Flash Coins Re-Lit
G.O.D.H.A.N.D. Move
Ishkibble Sandwich
Tai Chi Penetration (two versions)
Ambitious Force
"An Extension of Me" by Eric Jones will change your magic, your thinking about magic, and will simply motivate you to be a better magician. $89.95 (DVD01102)

(14) Reel Magic Episode 15 – Dan & Dave Buck
Dan & Dave Buck
John Lovick talks with the Buck twins about how card flourishes have changed their lives and what they're going to do next!
Small Things, Big Difference - Jon Armstrong
More gambling moves - the Second Deal.

Try This At Home - Garrett Thomas
What to do with a gaffed card.

Kid Show FUNdamentals - David Kaye a.k.a. Silly Billy
Pours his heart out about the Milk Pitcher.

Be My Guest – Roy Kueppers
How to repair a flipper coin

Tricks of the Trade - David Regal
Tricks that I didn't think I'd like

Choice Cuts - Wayne Kawamoto
Wayne reviews Paul Romhany and Wayne Houchin's new DVDs

"French Kiss" - Wayne Houchin
"8 Ball Production" - Paul Romhany
"Custom Coin Box" - David Roth
"Okito Box Routine" - Jason Wethington

Move Monkeys:
"The Shifter" - Jimmy C
"The Blow-off" - Pete Macabe
"Muscle-Pass Coin Production" - Yenick LaQuoix
$9.95 (DVD01103)

And that’s this week’s hotsy-totsy Hotlist. I hope that you will find some stuff that will really tickle your fancy!
And, as always, whether you come and visit us online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford, we always love your company!