Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Greetings from everyone here at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Before I go any further, I have to warn you that this Sunday is Valentine’s Day (unless you are reading this on Monday, in which case my advice may be too late). I have lived through a lot of Valentine’s Days. So, unless you want to be sleeping on the couch, in the garage, next to the trash barrels, do what I say.
Right after you read this week’s email Newsletter and place a nice order with us (even you deserve a nice Valentine’s Gift) go directly to your nearest shopping center, mall, or (do these still exist?) downtown. Head straight for the nicest candy store you can find. Godiva is a good choice. Buy a nice red heart filled with chocolates. Not too big. Everyone is watching what they eat these days, so you don’t want a two or three pound box. In this case, less is more. Do not go to CVS or Walmart or K-Mart to buy your chocolates. Trust me on this.
After the candy, head for the florist. If you had thought of this earlier, you could have ordered the flowers online and paid about a third of what you’re going to pay today. Ah, well. Plan ahead for next year. Get a dozen red roses. That’s red, not dead. Make sure they put some greens and some baby’s breath in with the flowers, and make sure they pack them for you so they will still be alive on Sunday.
If you take this advice, oh and don’t forget a card, you will not only be sleeping in your very own bed, but for one short moment, you will actually be King of the Castle. Thank me later.

The home front is very quiet. Lucas is deep in snow in Oberlin. Aron is complaining about the cold in Florida. Honestly, it is hard for me to listen to his complaints when I am shoveling snow to beat the band. Other than that, all is peaceful and quiet. It’s a good thing.

Magic 1: I promised that I would let you know about all the ways to save money here at Hank Lee’s. Silly me, I forgot to tell you about our newest money-saving plan. It’s called Magic 1, and it’s a goodie. Every week I personally select one item. Usually something brand new that I really like, sometimes a blast from the past that I really like, and I take a whopping 30% off that item. So, an item that sells for $100.00 can be yours for $70.00! Can’t beat that, right. The item is listed on Magic 1 for one week, then a new item is listed. To learn more about this super promotion, Click Here

And that’s it for this week! Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist

(1) Robin The Hood: Borrowed rings and antique coins are threaded onto leather restraints and tied around a sword. A cowbell is also threaded and secured. You place your hands around the entire ensemble while the ends of the restraints are held by audience members.

In a moment, the rings and coins are impossibly freed from the leather straps. The bell, still secured, rings as an alarm, warning a robbery has been committed. The audience demands, “More cowbell!”

The story goes like this:

Robin Hood is a hero in English folklore, a highly skilled archer and outlaw. In particular, he is known for "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor," assisted by a group of fellow outlaws known as his "Merry Men”.

The Sheriff of Nottingham holds the task of capturing outlaws such as Robin Hood, to ensure the safety of trade routes through Sherwood Forest. In some stories, the Sheriff of Nottingham is portrayed as having a lecherous desire for Robin Hood's lady, Maid Marian.

In an attempt to capture Robin Hood, the Sheriff of Nottingham placed a trap high in the trees. Upon a sword were draped and tied two straps of leather. Jewels and coins were laced through the straps and tied in a bundle. A cowbell was interwoven amongst the loot. If Robin Hood would dare attempt thievery, the bell would ring, alarming the sheriff's men who would capture Robin Hood and put an end to him.

As cunning as the sheriff was, Robin Hood was even more so!

You are provided with a replica of an old style sword. It includes a sheath to protect your sword and a cap to protect you. It measures 11” in length. You also receive a copper cowbell, 2 leather cords, and 2 coins of old and of course the instructions.

$47.50 (10.1562)


(2) Royal Command: Nick Langham's Royal Command is an easy to perform card rise that's like no other.

Your spectator creates an almost perfect poker hand in their mind (almost because they need a fifth card to complete it). They scan through the imaginary cards in their hand and for the first time name the missing card, suit and value (remember this hand only exists in their mind) You now draw attention to a deck which has been on full view throughout the performance. Four of the cards from their imaginary poker hand are removed from the deck and you ask your spectator to concentrate on the card that will complete their winning hand. The thought of card now eerily rises from the deck!

This is a sure-fire, commercial crowd pleaser!

Set includes gimmicks and a DVD with tips, presentations and bonus ideas. (Just add your own deck)

Easy To Perform

• No Sleight of hand

• Instant Reset

• Quick to learn

• Gets amazing Reactions

$32.50 (30.1470)


(3) Five DVD – Daniel Garcia and Marcus Eddie: After months of production and preparation, here is the latest project from Daniel Garcia and Marcus Eddie. 5 effects. 101 minutes of training.

A collaborative collection of five highly visual, practical effects straight from the repertoires of two of the most creative minds in magic today.

Features five original tricks utilizing everything from rubber bands to Tic Tacs to playing cards taught in complete detail with multiple real performances filmed on the streets of Las Vegas, NV.

In addition, the DVD also features an exclusive one-on-one interview session with Daniel and Marcus discussing everything from their unique creative processes, to being original and developing your magic. More than the magic, it's a lesson in creativity.


Fresh Scent - Marcus Eddie: A coin is borrowed and visually penetrates a solid, closed Tic Tac container. Included is a version that can be performed completely impromptu with no setup.

Mint Condition - Daniel Garcia: A concept that enables you to accurately predict the number of Tic Tac's a spectator pours into their closed hand... while in another room.

Raw Linkage - Marcus Eddie: One rubber band visually penetrates another, linking them together - then is pulled back through in the fairest manner imaginable.

Daley’s Revenge - Daniel Garcia: A card effect wherein the two red tens visually change places with the black tens twice - ending with a smooth final production of all four cards.

Stairway - Marcus Eddie: A borrowed bill is folded over the bottom of two rubberbands being held at the fingertips. One by one the bill travels up each band, even while the bottom of the bill is being pinched by a spectator. For the finale, the bill travels all the way down the bands visually and slowly, ending where it started. $29.95 (DVD01099)


(4) Cartomancy: The art of telling fortunes with playing cards. This method of giving readings has been used for hundreds of years and is still used to this day. In fact some people still believe that a single playing card holds the key to their luck and can influence their future.

Does the Cartomancy scratch card really know the future?

Peter Nardi's Cartomancy is a killer commercial effect for the close up magician!

Display a well mixed deck of playing cards.

Your spectator starts dealing the cards (face up) and stops whenever they please (free choice, or does the power of a certain card sway their decision?)

You state that whichever card they stop at will be their lucky card. You remove from your pocket a folded sheet of paper and the Cartomancy Scratch card. The sheet is unfolded to show a list containing each playing card and its meaning. After you read out what the chosen playing card has in store for your spectator you point to the scratch card and say there is only one way to really know if this is her lucky card. Your spectator scratches of the panel to reveal the very same card they stopped at only a moment ago!

Cartomancy is easy to perform, has an interesting storyline and makes a great giveaway and promotional item.

Cartomancy comes complete with:

A special deck (Bicycle brand cards)

40 beautiful full color printed Cartomancy scratch cards (refills available)

A full color Cartomancy index of cards and their meanings

An instructional DVD, including extra handlings, ideas and a printable PDF of the Cartomancy index sheet with room to put your contact details to make a great promotional giveaway!

$32.50 (30.1471)


(5) The Oops Deck & DVD: As introduced in Antinomy Magazine, it’s The Oops! Deck

A unique torn and restored card routine and much more. They will remember this one! Your spectator will be left with a signed and restored card unlike anything they have ever seen. Oops! is not limited to T&R effects. There are unlimited routine possibilities. Oops! cards will open up a whole new dimension in card magic.

Incredible, impossible, inspectable. Oops!

Effects include:

Oops! - The classic torn and restored card effect with a twist by Michael Paul. Uses a single Oops! card. Your spectators will remember this one!

MisMade - A card is selected at random by your spectator. The spectator folds the card into quarters, and the card is signed. After a moment of the card being held in the spectators' closed fist, it transforms into a "mismade" card, complete with spectator’s signature!

3Way Change - After a short explanation about card companies and mis-printed cards, you offer to provide an example. An entire deck is shown to be mis-printed, including the box. You correct the problem visually. A single card transforms to a normally printed card in your hands. Then the entire deck has been corrected. Finally the box has been corrected, too. All while the cards and box are sitting in full view!

$35.00 (30.1472)


(6) SLL Top-Up Kit: Spice up your existing Souvenir Linking LoverBands routine with this special, custom made top-up kit! Create the perfect SLL experience for Valentine's Day, weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, or just show this to the special lady you fall in love with!

The SLL Top-Up Kit includes a chrome polished Cupid's arrow specially designed for the Linking LoverBands, and twenty matching round red bands. Send the Cupid's arrow through two single hearts and apparently link them together in the hands of two lovers!

For the extra touch, start with the normal matching color round bands and morph them into hearts and finally link them together.
The SLL Top-Up Kit are accessories for the SLL routine which is sold separately. $15.00 (10.1561)


“The thing that made this my favorite effect to perform in 2009 is the look on a spectator's face when I hand her the linked bands, and tell her that she can keep them. As I watched people playing with the linked bands I actually felt, for a moment, that I had done real magic. And that's a pretty rare feeling." - Steve Marshall

Note: This kit does not include Souvenir Linking LoverBands or instructions.

(7) Ming Dynasty Chinese Sticks: These are the original Zanadu Ming Dynasty Chinese Sticks. Made of 100% bamboo; easy to operate, slick and silent.

The performer relates an unusual tale about two bamboo sticks adorned with red tassels. The mysterious effect is how one stick relates to the other and how the actions of one stick influence the actions of the other. Almost like Siamese twins.

Well made. Complete with instructions. Sticks measure 14.5 inches by 1 inch.

$75.00 (60.1651)


(8) Bendix Bombshell: The Bendix Bombshell wallet was invented by Dave Bendix and has long been unavailable. The good news is that it is being made once again, even better than the original!

The wallet is unique and ingenious and enables you to perform the Signed Card to Wallet without sleight of hand or palming and no stealing of a card from the deck.

The wallet is made to the highest standards and is much better than the original version first produced in the 1980s.

Comes complete with a large format book containing routines from talented magicians and magical creators such as the late Ed Marlo, Roberto Giobbi, David Solomon, Dave Bendix, Phil Goldstein, Bob Driebeek, Roy Roth, Peter Isaacs and Borodin. There are nearly 12,000 words of explanation and routines plus illustrations. Many performers rate the Bendix Bombshell as the best magical wallet ever! $120.00 (30.617)


(9) Time Zone – John Vincent: A three-phase mentalism routine.

Phase One:

Borrow a watch (or use your own), place it face down and step away from it. Then, tell your spectators that you can keep accurate time in your mind and know exactly to the second what the time will be whenever your volunteer looks at the watch. Proceed to demonstrate this uncanny ability with all the flair of the most amazing magician on this planet

"Ok, that was impressive but I'd like to take this even further..."

Phase Two:

Ask your volunteer to write down (or just name) any number between 1 and 6; lets say they name 16. Place the watch face down, step away from it and tell your volunteer that they can look at the watch whenever they like and that you will try and influence them to look at it exactly when the second hand is at 16 seconds past. Of course when they look at the watch the location of the second hand exactly matches the number they chose and your reputation grows... but there is more!

"This time, let's make it really impossible..."

Phase Three:

This time they secretly write down a number between 1 and 60 without showing it to you; let us say they write down 47. Again, you are able to influence them to look at the watch exactly at 47 seconds past.

$19.50 (40.710)


(10) Palm Reading Secrets DVD Set: This Two DVD set contains three hours of video instruction supported by various animated segments to make learning Palm Reading as easy as it can be. Dean has taught many to read palms and knows how to teach a unique system that prepares you for almost anything you may come across and readies you to interpret it, even if it is the first time you have seen that particular line or symbol. In addition, there is DVD ROM bonus content, and a support page to add continued value in the form of articles, downloads and Q and A's for purchasers of this set.

You will learn about the two different schools of palmistry, The Mountains of the Hands, Elemental Hand Shapes, The Lines, Fingers and more. In addition, Dean teaches advanced material about the significance of shapes, and unusual things one might see in a hand, as well as the significance of jewelry when word on the hand or fingers, material rarely taught in Palm Reading classes.

Dean has been a professional reader for years in entertainment and serious reading environments, and will discuss some of the business ins and outs of what it means to be a reader and how to do what you do from a place of sound ethics; whatever you believe about doing readings. $75.00 (DVD01100)


(11) Dusheck’s Vest: A real blast from the past! Leave it to Steve Dusheck! He has come up with what has to be one of the most practical and useful utility props ever!

The vest is worn unseen under your jacket (any jacket or coat) One side has pockets for producing doves, coins, balls, cards, etc.

The other side contains an improved no-miss Topit-type vanisher.

Plus you receive an ever-expanding book of tips, ideas, and routines for the Dusheck Vest!

Perfect for close-up, club, or stage. A device that can be used by anyone who performs magic, no matter what the situation!

An amazingly low price for this ready-made gimmick. No pattern to cut out or sew ... ready to use moments after you I receive it!

Two sizes are available, medium or large (please specify).

Complete with detailed instructions. $30.00 (60.364)


And that’s this week’s Valentine’s Day Hotlist. Something for every sweetheart in Hank Lee Nation! And, you are all my sweethearts, aren’t you dahlings? Right.

Anyhoo, thank you as always for taking time out from your busy schedules to spend with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street. Either way, we love the company!