Friday, January 16, 2009

So much great new magic!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, and a fine winter’s day it is here in Boston! We have all resigned ourselves to the fact that winter is here to stay and we might as well get used to it. It could be worse, right?

On the home front, things have almost returned to quiet as usual. Aron is back at school, celebrating his birthday. I did mention that, right? Lucas is still at home and is doing an internship with Opera Boston for the month of January. Bonnie is needle pointing as usual. And, Bones is on the couch. Nice.

On the Conclave front, we have just booked Devlin, The Matador Of Magic. And, that’s no bull. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That rounds out the Saturday night show, and it looks oh, so, good. Laurent Beretta, John Archer, Martin Lewis, Devlin, Anna Jack and The Pendragons. Holy mackerel. What a lineup! You should plan on attending,. But, you already know that. For all the 411 (that’s information for those of you over 20), just click on the Conclave Button at

And, that’s all I know. Now, let’s take a look at this week’s excitement!

15 Days Of Savings Sales Event. There are 15 days left in January (give or take). In light of this, we present, for your entertainment pleasure: The 15 Days Of Savings!
Here’s how it works: No matter what day, from right now until Friday, the 30th of January at midnight, when you purchase from us at Hank Lee’s, you will save money. But, as you may have heard, the early bird gets the worm! For the first four days, from today, Friday, until Monday the 19th, you will save 25% on your entire order, subject to the rules below. On Tuesday you will save 24%. On Wednesday you will save 23%. And on it goes. We will reduce the discount by 1% each day until the 30th of January. All you need to do is enter the special code FIFTEENDAYS in the Discount Coupon Box of the online checkout at and we will automatically deduct the correct amount from your order total. If you are calling your order in to the Toll Free Order Line at 800 874 7400, FAXing your order to us at 781 395 2034 or emailing us your order to make sure to mention the special code so you can save!
There are a few rules that apply, as with all things in life.
• The minimum order to use this discount is $25.00.
• The discount is deducted from the retail price of the item. No intermediate discounts (such as HankoGram pricing) may be applied. In the case of sets, such as DVDs and Videos, the discount is deducted from the retail price of each item and not from the set price.
• Certain items, due to contractual restrictions, are not included in this sale. All Joe Porper items, Paul Harris Prime Time Magic items, Viking/CW items, Kennedy Enterprises items, Colin Rose items, Mike Caveney Books, MagicSmith, Martin Breese, Mikame Craft items, Greater Magic Teach-In DVDs, One Of A Kind Collectors' Items and a few other items are not included in the sale.
• If you place an order for an item that is not on this list or not noted in our online catalog, but is excluded from the sale, we will let you know before processing your order.
• Coupons and Reward Points will be deducted from the order total before the discount is applied.
• As the discount is automatically generated, you must put the special code FIFTEENDAYS in the Discount Coupon Box. You may have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the box, but it is there. If you are not sure how to do this, please phone your order in to our toll-free order line at 800 874 7400, and we will take care of you. We cannot offer discounts retroactively.
And that's it. It could not be easier. So, get your order together and save yourself some serious money! But, act quickly. The sooner you act, the more you save!

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s Hotlist!

Magic Of The Pendragons – Four DVD Set: Stage illusionists historically have been extremely secretive about their craft. Not just about the secrets to the illusions themselves— the mechanics are just a small part—but about the real secrets of what turns a stage illusion into a breathtaking moment of pure magic
Now, for the first time ever on video, Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon, the “First Couple” of magic and perhaps the greatest exponents of grand illusion ever to grace a stage, lift away the veil and show you the real secrets of stage illusion —the insider information that could only be gained by performing in over 50 countries for the last quarter of a century
Keep in mind that these unprecedented DVDs are not so much about the illusions as they are about the illusionists (in other words, there are no building plans included though the secrets are frequently disclosed and discussed). Jonathan and Charlotte share their personal philosophy of performing and the inspirations that led to the creation of their most famous illusions. You’ll also learn about the importance of transition effects, choreography, staging and a myriad of other details about how to stage a professional illusion show that only a handful of people in the world are truly capable of sharing. Electrifying live performance footage of the illusions is interspersed with discussions about them with both Jonathan and Charlotte. Included as bonus material is a fascinating interview with Jonathan by magician Patrick Martin
This four-volume DVD set will be fascinating for all who love magic. However, for those who actually perform—or aspire to perform—grand illusion, they’re absolutely priceless.
Volume 1
The Hindu Basket
History & Concepts
Why Not To Use Fire
Sword Choice And Safety
Basic Swordsmanship
The Foulard
How To Get Into The Basket
Placing The Swords In The Basket
Color Of Emotion
Introduction and Concepts
Materials, Preparation and Presentation
The Shadow Box
The Work
Clearly Impossible
History and Discussion
Bonus Material
An in-depth interview with Jonathan Pendragon by Patrick Martin (Part 1)

Volume 2
Trunk Props
Costume Change
In And Out Of Bag
Trunk Switch
Split Foulard
Bonus Material
An in-depth interview with Jonathan Pendragon by Patrick Martin (Part 2)

Volume 3
The Linking Rings
The Linking Rings Explanation
The Linking Rings Timing And Safety
Sands Of Egypt
Sands Of Egypt Explanation
The Kellar Rope Tie
The Kellar Rope Tie Explanation
Head Twister
Demonstration And Explanation
The World’s Greatest Feet Of Magic
Performance And Explanation
Bonus Material
An in-depth interview with Jonathan Pendragon by Patrick Martin (Part 3)

Volume 4
The Broom Suspension
(Sword Suspension)
Harness Explanation
The Hoop
360 Degree Levitation Discussion
360 Degree Levitation Demonstration
360 Degree Levitation Hoop Passes
The Impalement
The Election
Introduction And History
Blammo And Explanation
Leg Drop Switch
Interlude History
All four DVD at the special price of $120.00 (DVD00962A)

Gold Seal Bicycle Playing Cards:
Richard Turner's new Gold Seal Bicycle Cards are now available to the professional magician, gambler, card mechanic, and every playing card aficionado in search of a great deck of cards. You asked for it, you've got it!
Magicians and cardmen from around the world have asked Richard many times to create a top of the line deck of the most popular playing cards ever produced, the trademarked 808 Rider Back Bicycles. The magic community also asked that Richard include two traditional matching Jokers in his deck, as well as a blank card with the Rider Bike back to use in reverse fans.
Each deck of Gold Seal Bicycle Cards is constructed using Bee stock, world renowned for its flexibility, yet long-lasting durability. They are stamped to a caliper/thickness that facilitates classic moves like bottom and center dealing and are embossed to a depth that does not break down the structural integrity of the card, yet still allows each card to breathe properly, thereby reducing the gum-up and hangers often caused by finger moisture.
But, most importantly, since these cards were manufactured to Richard Turner's demanding personal specifications, they are Traditionally Cut!
Unlike most of the cards manufactured today, the cutting blade used in Traditionally Cut cards starts at the face of each card and punches through to its back. As a result, a sharp edge is created on the backside of each card and a rounded edge, which facilitates a flawless weave during each shuffle, is formed on the card's face.
Traditionally Cut cards ensure that card men and magicians can easily interlace the cards to produce crisp, clean shuffles, especially with some of the more intricate shuffling techniques like the one-handed shuffle and the faro shuffle.
For over 100 years Traditional card cutting was the norm, but the process was changed about fifteen years ago. Casinos demand Traditionally Cut cards, and so does Richard Turner. Shouldn't you?
If you demand the very best, be sure to look for the Gold Seal and gold label certifying that your deck is "Traditionally Cut for the Professional." Available in Red or Blue back. $5.00 (30.1404)

T•3 - Christopher Taylor:
The ultimate long-range electronic mindreading device! T•3 is a set of three small transmitters (1 3/8" x 3/4" x 5/16") which can be concealed in objects such as a lighter, pack of gum, key fob, deck of cards, etc. The transmitters are movement activated. That means, when one of the objects is handled, the transmitter hidden in it will signal which object is in play.
You will know which one of two, three or four items are in play: which door is opened; which jewelry box is opened; which paper bag is picked up; from which deck a card is removed; which cup is a participant is drinking from; which spice is being tasted; which book has been opened. The possibilities are endless!
Here are just a few of the effects which this sophisticated electronic device will permit you to perform solo from across the room:
• PK-Taste: Imagine four flavors of breath candies, four cups of different beverages, or shakers of salt, sugar, cinnamon and cocoa. You can instantly tell which taste the participant is experiencing.
• Remote Viewing: While the performer’s back is turned, the participant places three ordinary objects, such as a pack of candies, a lighter and a key fob, in a line of any order. The performer can instantly reveal the order with no fishing. The effect can be repeated as often as you like.
• Which Pocket? A participant picks up three ordinary items from the table and places each one into a different pocket (or three participants pick up one object each). The performer instantly reveals the location of each item. The performer can then show he predicted where each item would go.
• Which hand is the object in? Do it from across the room!
Points to remember:
• Small transmitters are easily concealable.
• Reception range of over 30 feet.
• No special table or mat to transport.
• A sophisticated RF device, not a miniature metal detector or short range chip reader
• The performer works alone
• No need to ever come close to your participants
•Complete with special transmitters, receiver, and plug-in vibrator.
T•3 comes in its own special instrument case with DVD including routines created by Marc Spelmann, Peter Nardi. Andrew Gerard, Patrick Redford and others. $350.00 (40.665)

Expanded Morgan Dollar Shell – Tango Magic: A precision-made expanded shell. Made from a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar. Fits perfectly over the real thing. Available in head or tail side. $150.00 (20.408)

Flipper Morgan Dollar - Pro Gravity:
The finest Flipper Coin on the market, using a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar.
Show two coins in his left hand, take one of the coins with your right hand and close the right hand. When you open your right hand the coin has disappeared.
$200.00 (20.409)

Shattered Hearts – Chris Brent:
A card is chosen (the 4 of Hearts) and returned to the deck. The deck is shuffled and you attempt to find the card. After a few cuts, you show the spectator the 8 of Hearts. The spectator immediately informs you of the error.
Look at the card and say, “Are you sure? What was the card?” The spectator says, “The four of hearts.”
You thump the card and 4 hearts visibly fall from the card, leaving only 4 heart shaped holes in the card. When the spectator looks at the front of the card, it is now blank with only 4 hearts punched through the card!!
Comes complete with:
• Instructions
• Special deck of cards
• Unique card punch to make unlimited refills!
Easy to do, but an amazing effect!
$20.00 (30.1405)

CD MagicBase Pro 3.1 - Bob Miller:
Since it's release in 2005, part-time and full-time performers in ten different countries are using MagicBase. This new 2009 version is even more powerful and useful.
Let MagicBase Pro take you to the next level!
MagicBase Pro Integrated Marketing Software is for all types of specialty performers: Magicians, Jugglers, Ventriloquists, Hypnotists, and others.
* Keep customers for life!
* Any number of customers, events, shows, routines, and campaigns.
* Print contracts, letters, envelopes, labels, and more.
* 20 different screen views give you lots of options
* Over 15 different Marketing and Financial reports
* Keep a permanent history of shows and routines
* Keep a complete contact history
* Keep a Trick List of every routine you own
* Collector's inventory list
* Categorize and assign customers to multiple newsletters and Advertising Campaigns
Manage like a Pro!
Market like a Pro!
Earn like a Pro!
$250.00 (CD0034)
Link 2.0: Imagine borrowing two real rubber bands from your spectator and, with no sleight of hand at all, link them together, just by tossing one band onto the other. With Link 2.0, you can do just that!
Based on the hugely successful DVD, "Link!" by Nabil Murday, the gimmick has been pushed to new heights. With this new and improved version of the linking gimmick, you can set-up very easily and quickly transfer to different ties and clothes. No sewing or alterations needed.
Another advantage to this new system is that you are completely clean before and after the link has happened. The new features also make it more useful in walk around situations. $30.00 (10.1495)

Expert Coin Magic Made Easy – Boxed Set: Would you like to learn coin magic? Who better to learn from than David Roth, the greatest coin manipulator in the world? This is a complete three volume video course on coin magic supplied in a beautiful boxed set!
Volume 1: Basic Coin Magic – Everything you need to know to start on the right road to coin magic. This volume gives you a solid working knowledge of the basics of Expert Coin Magic. David Roth then teaches you some of the greatest classics of coin magic ever created. Material includes The Classic Palm; Classic Palm Vanish; Palm Finesses; Utility Switch; Coin Switches; Copper & Silver; Finger Palm; Finger Palm Vanish; Palm Transfers; Shuttle Pass; Vanish & Reproduction; Coin Change; Thumb Palm; Thumb Palm Vanish; Fingertip Rest Position; Loads & Productions; Winged Silver and Chink A Chink. 84 minutes.
Volume 2: Basic To Intermediate Coin Magic – Now that you know the basics, further your schooling with intermediate sleights, moves, tips, subtleties, finesses and more classics of coin magic. David strives to impart all of his knowledge on each and every item, giving you the special tips and insights that took him decades to learn and devise. Material includes: The Retention Pass; David Roth’s Hanging Coins; Coins To Cup; Spellbound; Click Pass; Multiple Coin Production; Coin Through Hand; One-Handed Spellbound Change; Curl Palm; Wild Coin; Coins Through The Table. 60 minutes
Volume 3: Intermediate To Advanced Coin Magic – After mastering the material David teaches you in Volumes 1 & 2, you will be ready to learn still more advanced sleights and routines, including effects devised by some of the top coin magicians in the world. Together, all three volumes form a lifetime of invaluable reference material. Material includes: The Cardini Steal; Milliken’s Transposition; The Magical Filtration; Advanced Coins Through The Table; The Metamorphosis Change; Tenkai Pennies; One-Coin Routine; T.V. Surprise; Advanced Chink A Chink; Silver & Copper Extraction; Advanced Copper & Silver; David Roth’s Purse & Glass. 60 minutes.
All three DVDs presented as a boxed set. $49.95 (DVD00963)

Entertaining on Cruise Ships - Paul Romhany:
The most comprehensive book ever produced for entertainers who want to work in the cruise ship industry. No stone is left unturned as Paul shares the inside secrets to becoming a guest entertainer on board a high-end luxury cruise liner.
Learn how to secure a job working in the cruise industry, life on board a ship, what to expect, how much money you can earn, how to get your DVD in front of the right agent or cruise line, and a bonus chapter of some of Paul's pet magic routines from his act. Learn facts about ships and ship life and details about day-to-day life as a guest entertainer on a ship.
In a further effort to share the richness that a career in cruise ship entertainment can offer, Romhany has included beautiful photos from around the world, and excerpts from his personal journal, which draw the reader into this fascinating world and illustrates the author's life on board ship.
Included are up-to-date web addresses, a glossary of ship terms and cruise ship contact information that will help those with the desire and talent to pursue a career as a successful cruise ship entertainer. For more seasoned entertainers, this guide should also prove both interesting and informative.
The book is also interlaced with stories and advice from other veteran cruise line entertainers and valuable lessons they have learned. 270 pages. $29.95 (BK01628)

Jerry Camaro On The Bottom Deal DVD: Jerry Camaro teaches his technique for the Bottom Deal which is easier than most. You will learn his grip, rhythm, removal, snap, and how to eliminate sound. He also teaches how to practice and gives many routines for you to experiment with.
Routines performed and explained:
The Lie Detector: A selected card is lost in the deck. The spectator answers three questions by lying or telling the truth. Her answers are spelled with one card per letter. The cards spelled to reveal the correct answers and the next card is her selection.
The Poker Deal: A gambling demonstration where the four aces are lost in the deck and four poker hands are dealt and played with the spectators. The finale gives the dealer a Royal Flush.
Spectator Finds The Card: A shuffled the deck is cut in two. A card is selected and lost in the first pile. A card from the second pile is used as an indicator to spell or count to the selection.
Happy Birthday: A card routine geared toward Birthdays. A card is selected and lost in the deck. As everyone sings Happy Birthday the cards are dealt to the rhythm -- the final card dealt is the selection.
The Ace Assembly: A quick and direct assembly where aces vanish from three different packets and assemble with the leader packet.
Any Number: A card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator names her favorite number and when it is counted (or spelled) to the selection is found at that location.
Say Stop: A selection is lost in the deck and as the cards are dealt to the table a spectator says stop. The value of the stopped at card is used to count to the selection.
Four Selections: Two or four selections are lost in the deck and are spelled to after they are named.
Under My Spell: A selection from a shuffled deck is lost and then spelled to.
A Tribute To Richard Turner: Five questions are asked and the answers are spelled from the deck. The top card of each packet is turned over to form a full house. As a kicker ending the five packets are turned over and the bottom cards form a Royal Flush.
Double Poker Deal: Five poker hands are dealt from a shuffled deck as the dealer gets the four aces. The deck is then handed to a spectator to deal five hands and she deals herself a Royal Flush.
If you have not found your favorite technique for doing a bottom deal this DVD could be for you. If you already mastered the bottom deal but don't know what to do with it this DVD will show you eleven routines to choose from. $19.95 (DVD00958)

And that’s this week’s spectacular Hot List. The best ever. Better than any Hotlist we have ever listed before. Nothing will ever compare to this week’s Hotlist. You have never before, not will you ever see again magic of the quality to be found in this week’s Hotlist. Sorry, I am in the middle of my writing course, and this week’s topic is Hyperbole. I apologize. It won’t happen again. Or will it?
As always, we are very thankful that you take some time out of your busy schedule to visit with us either online at or in person at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love the company. And, that’s no hyperbole.