Friday, November 14, 2008

Free DVDs! Holey Mackerel!

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. It’s been a busy week here at Magic Central. I know, I say that every week, but this one has been particularly busy.

This week, the new EXTRA went off to the printer! While we will not be mailing four EXTRAs a year as we had done in the past, we felt that a Holiday EXTRA was important, especially for those folks who are not computer connected. Of course, if you’re not connected, you won’t be reading this email. Sounds like a Catch 22 or maybe just a Catch 21 and a half. In any case, we will be mailing the new EXTRA in about 10 days. For those of you who can’t wait, and I know that I am one of those people, the Holiday EXTRA is online right now! Just go to
( and you can download the Holiday EXTRA, print it out in full color or just read it online. It is also perfect to email to friends and relatives and let them know exactly what you want for the holidays!

Last weekend Bonnie and I visited Lucas in Oberlin, Ohio. We had a great time. We even got to see Lucas for a few minutes between classes, opera rehearsals, church choir (yes, he sings in the church choir) and the like. He is a very busy boy. College life seems to fit him well. He’s made some new friends, and has a very nice girlfriend (is that even word any more?). Bonnie and I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that was located about 18 miles from Oberlin. Some folks think that Oberlin is in the middle of nowhere. Compared to the location of the B&B, Oberlin is a thriving metropolis. 18 miles of cornfields is a lotta corn!

This weekend is Queen Bonnie’s birthday. I am not sure how she does it, but she somehow manages to stay 39, no matter what the calendar says. I can’t wait to see what exciting plans I have made for her birthday weekend. And, by that I mean I haven’t made any plans yet, but when I do they will be pretty exciting!

Enough jibber-jabber, let’s check out this week’s excitement.

DVD GIVEAWAY: With so many great new DVDs hitting the market, what could be better than a DVD Giveaway! For the next seven days, from right now until Thursday, November 20th, at midnight, you have the opportunity to get DVDs for free! But, you have to get them the old fashioned way. You must earn them.
Here's the way it works. For every order of $100 or more, you get one free DVD (your choice of any single DVD that sells for $35.00 or less). If you spend $200 or more, you get two free DVDs (again, your choice). $300 or more gets you three free DVDs. And on it goes. The more you buy, the more you get for free! It's an incredible deal when you figure that the average price of a DVD is $35.00! In order to claim your free DVD, just put the name of the DVD in the Customer Notes Box at the bottom of the second page of the online checkout (after you fill in your name, address, etc.) at If you phone your order in to our toll free number at 800 874 7400, just let the order-person know what free DVD(s) you want. If you FAX the order to us at 781 395 2034, same thing. Just let us know which ones you want. Remember, the giveaway ends on Thursday, November 20th, at midnight!

Now, let’s take a peek at this week’s Hotlist!

Cesaral Card Finale: The Cesaral Card Finale consists of a special deck of poker size cards with which you can create many miracles.
Here’s what makes it so special!
* It is a marked deck of cards, printed in high quality. The marks are really well hidden but then are very easy for you to see.
* Each card can be easily peeled in about 10 seconds by anyone and can be glued back very easily.
Effect #1: The magician performs his favorite trick with cards for Linda, one of the audience members. The selected and signed card then travels, for example, to the magician's wallet. The magician gets the first applause, but wait, there’s more! The magician peels the card apart in front of everybody, and between the two inner faces of the card layers reads, “Thanks Linda!” The magician’s business card information is also hidden in that place, and finally everything can be given out as a souvenir.
Effect #2: One spectator signs a coin. Te coin suddenly vanishes. Another spectator, for example, Cindy, picks a card. Cindy takes the card and feels something strange inside. The magician asks Cindy to tear open the card and the signed coin is found inside! Written in the inner layers or the broken card can be read, “Thanks Cindy!”
Important points:
* The magician can put any prediction or revelation inside any card. So it is a way to get a “double finale” to almost any card trick.
* A coin or small object (like a key, or a bill) signed by the spectator appears inside the selected card when the card is peeled apart.
* Can increase the power of any trick in which you use the “off by one” principle -- put this sentence inside the used cards!
* Can be used as a gag at any time
* Each card can be re-glued and reused again and again
* A must have to prepare any special card, such as flap cards
* It is a marked deck, so it can be used to perform any effect you now perform with a marked deck of cards!
Comes complete with:
* Complete deck of red cards (52 cards + 2 jokers)
* Complete deck of blue cards (52 cards + 2 jokers)
* User/password to access video instructions
* Bonus pack: Conference notes on how to easily gaff a digital watch
$39.95 (30.1389)

Prophet: Five one dollar bills visually change into five hundred dollar bills, in the blink of an eye. No strange motions. No folding. No delay. And, nothing but finesse. From creator Tom Isaacson comes Prophet, featuring 32 minutes of in-depth instruction on every nuance of the effect. It's the most visual, fluid bill change handling to date-- and now it's yours.
An effect that cannot be explained, only shown. An effect that inspires a primal, visceral reaction in spectators as it touches the most basic human emotions and depths of material desire: cash. A new handling of a classic plot. A revolutionary twist on an age-old concept. Special thanks to Patrick Page for his permission and blessing to utilize the Easy Money concept. Prophet is the only bill change effect in recent years to be authorized by the original creator, Patrick Page. Shot in High Definition. $24.95 (10.1488)

Scoundrels Touch (2 DVD Set) - Bob Sheets, Whit Haydn, and Chef Anton:
In this two disc set, Chef Anton, Whit Haydn, and Bob Sheets outline their advanced system for the shell game and teach routines complete with patter and alternate endings for walk around, as well as demo the methods used by hustlers to work the scam for money. The psychology and philosophy of the game are explained and demonstrated.
On Disc I, Bob's complete instructions for handling the Sheets Acquitment and his Absolutely Nuts system for working the shells is amplified and expanded, with new and more detailed explanations and a live performance of the routine for an audience in the Magic Castle's Close-Up Gallery. Bob has added a number of new ideas and deceptive ruses, but more importantly, you’ll see the whole thing up and running. Whit adds some maneuvers and moves, along with some new devices that make the system unassailable.
On Disc II, Chef Anton performs and explains his own routine. Whit discusses psychological outs while contrasting two very different live performances in the Magic Castle's Close-Up Gallery of his shell routine. Incredible video of a street hustler working his craft at a music festival is shown and explained, with Scoundrel Member Giuseppe Aliotta discussing the props and betting cycles used by the contemporary street hustler. Whit shows how the Maneuvers can be very useful for working with a hand held board. New shells and props for the game are demonstrated. Whit and Chef discuss the idea of "Thinking like a Scoundrel" and how it is applied to magic performances. The Escobar Move is demonstrated along with some variations by Chanin. Several versions of the Kick Steal are demonstrated.
Both discs also contain a number of pdf and other files that can be used as a further resource and several training aids that make learning the moves easier.. $55.00 (DVD00941)

A Lifetime of Magic & Art - Edd Patterson: This book tells the story of Edd Patterson, The Magic Artist. During his career his programs were endorsed by literally thousands of school administrators and parent teacher groups in the eastern United States.
He probably presented live school shows for more young people than any other performer of his time. With a record of more than 18,000 shows, he was considered an entertainer with an educator's point of view.
Now retired, this book brings Edd Patterson alive to a new generation. Apart from his life story, there are included some 33 time-tested routines for children's shows along with ideas and thoughts from his life as a master school show performer.
Included is a bonus DVD with footage of Edd Patterson on stage. $39.95 (BK01615)

Spin Doctor – John Bannon: Why twist when you can spin? The doctor is in.
Author and creator John Bannon remixes a classic Ace trick. Four red-backed Aces, held face-down, are spun. After each revolution, a different Ace turns face-up.
Then the Ace of Spades vanishes - it turns blank - in your spectator's hand, and reappears among the other Aces.
Finally, each ace has a different back design and color - four different colored backs. Everything is clean and examinable!
Includes DVD instructions, all the necessary cards specially printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company, and a bonus PDF instructional booklet! $14.95 (30.1388)

Magic, The Complete Course – Joshua Jay: Magic is everywhere, from the big spectacle celebrity of David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy to the quirky Penn and Teller to the spooky David Blaine and Criss Angel to the endless material on YouTube. Until now, learning it has not been easy. That's all about to change with Magic. The book combines expertise, photographs and step-by-step directions showing how to perform 100 tricks, and a DVD that demonstrates 35 of them.
Each trick is broken down into the Effect, Secret, Set-up, and, most important, Performance, with lessons on what to say, how to direct the audience's attention, where to keep your hands, and so on.
Here are the ten greatest card tricks; tricks to dazzle a dinner date; tricks to perform for the boss (poke a hole through his shirt, then magically mend it); tricks especially for kids; and even tricks for an audience in another state—with "Australian Self-Help," you can find a participant's chosen card over the phone. It's the Aha! book for a subject whose time has come. And, it makes a fabulous holiday gift for the beginner on your list! 288 pages. $19.95 (BK01613)

Sextet - Jack Kent Tillar: This is the complete collection of Jack Kent Tillar's telephone, fax and email routines all under one cover:
* Over two dozen new long distance performance pieces!
* Insider professional tips on maximizing impact and entertainment value!
* Three private routines: E.T. Call Home, Coast-to-Coast Telepathy, and the JKT Extension!
* Two effects originally slated for individual commercial release: My Favorite Picture Code and Psychic Hot-line
* Plus a new unpublished bonus routines by Michael Weber and an additional hilarious routine by Ross Johnston.
154 pages. Softbound. $49.95 (BK01614)

"I envy Jack, he has so many talents, it seems unfair. His new work Sextet carries with it his trademarked search for perfection, historical, context, and a beguiling simplicity (though not simple). Maybe I should take up music." - Marc Salem

The Whispering Buddha - Docc Hilford: An amazing classic brought to life!
The Whispering Buddha is one of the greatest and strangest classics in magic. Greatest because of its simple and direct effect, yet strange because probably no one has actually performed it!
That's about to change. Fifteen years ago, Docc Hilford developed a workable method with his friend the late German mentalist, Punx. The result was a routine that maintained the clean directness of the original effect and made performance easy on the entertainer.
The mage shows a beautiful 5 inch, antique statue of the Buddha from Thailand. A participant writes a wish, the name of a person, and a location where they could both enjoy the wish on a prayer paper. They also think of a question and write it on the paper. The prayer paper is burned and in a whisper the idol discloses the wish, the person's name, the destination of joy and answers the personal question. The spectator actually hears the whispers!
How rare are simple, direct tricks that completely baffle magicians with clever methods while emotionally affecting an audience? This is one of those rare gems. A true reputation maker.
Here's what you get:
* A beautiful, 5" Thai Buddha
* A velvet carrying bag
* A pad of special billet papers
* Scripted story and instructions $55.00 (40.656)

Bicycle 100% Plastic Cards: Durable, washable, plastic playing cards. These red-backed Bicycle cards are 100% Plastic and are officially printed by the U.S. Playing Card Company. They can be used in any number of card routines. Plastic cards spring back to their original flatness and are very hard to mark or crease. Get more mileage out of these playing cards than a standard deck. $15.00 (30.1387)
It Was You – Bruno Copin: A delightful new close-up routine from France’s Bruno Copin.
A signed picture postcard magically travels to a sealed envelope.
It Was You is an original no-palm-card-to-wallet style effect with a romantic French touch.
Comes with Instructional DVD, 32 postcards, 2 envelopes, Special box and Copin's I.T.
Postcard Dimensions Approximately 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" (9cm x 5.75cm) $95.00 (10.1487)

Magic For Older Kids – Pat Fallon: Many magicians are happy performing for younger children and know how to get the best out of both the material they use and their audience.
Older children can be more difficult: if you try to adopt the same approach that you would for little ones, you’re in trouble!
One of Ireland’s foremost magicians, Pat Fallon, has a wealth of experience in dealing with what some would see as a problem, and, on this DVD, points out the potential pitfalls, as well as stressing that the market for entertaining older children is a lucrative one.
There’s no substitute for seeing theory put into practice: on this DVD you will see Pat giving a live show to a group of 8-11 year olds. Afterwards, he talks about some of the issues that need addressing with this age group and Pat also talks about his approach. You don’t need to perform the same tricks he does, but you can certainly learn a lot from his good advice.
In the show you’ll see complete routines for:
* The Warm Up
* Twentieth Century Silks
* Tricky Bottles
* Needle Through Balloon
* Cut and Restored Skipping Rope
* Match That · Magic Painting
* Anti Gravity Glasses
* Houdini Séance
* Selected Cards Across
* Die Box
* Fantasy Crystal Blendo.
$25.00 (DVD00940)

"Pat Fallon has the enviable ability to develop intriguing 'hooks' for every effect he does. His routine for Tricky Turvey Bottles alone is worth the price of the DVD and I predict it will find its way into many a working repertoire.” Quentin Reynolds

The Bat Magazine CDRom: Every issue of Lloyd Jones' classic magic magazine!
— Over 450 effects!
— Nearly 800 pages of material!
— All 86 issues from 1943 to 1951
— Contributors include Charlie Miller, Dr. Jaks, and other top names
— A rich source of articles, columns, memorabilia, and news
— Historic illustrations
— Convenient searchable PDFs on CD
Lloyd Jones' The Bat flew its charming path through the magic world for eight years and then vanished from sight, until now!
Packed with close-up and stage effects of every kind, The Bat brings you magic by top names like Charlie Miller, Dr. Jaks, Bert Allerton, Charles Jordan, Frank Chapman, T. Page Wright, and many more prominent pros of the era.
You get all 86 issues with complete indices plus our usual handy searchable PDF format. In all, almost 800 pages of classic magic with over 450 effects for you and your audiences! $49.95 (CD0062)

And that’s this week’s ever closer to Thanksgiving Hotlist! No turkeys on this list, if you catch my meaning!
As always, we hope that you will find some time in your busy schedule to spend with us either online at or in person at our fine showroom at 102 North Street in Medford. Either way, we love your company!